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Activating SunRail in Win ter Par k, Flor ida SUNRAIL TRAIL


Designing a rail trail for better bikeway access and connectivity in the city.


IN WINTER PARK effectiveness

of bike share for Rollins and Winter Park mobility.




Proposing a complete street to add safety and promote health on Denning.

Implementing new Rollins entrance to strengthen connection to Winter Park.

Suggestions to keep focus on sustainable character & environment by SunRail.

This booklet was produced in collaboration by the efforts and research of Rollins students.

Under the primary

supervision of Dr. Bruce Stephenson, the key student contributors are as follows: Nadine Avola, Taylor Brock, Trevor Fraser, Erin Josephitis, Kathleen Shannon, and Geovanna Torres.

Copyright Š 2014 by Rollins College. All rights reserved. This booklet or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the director except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Rollins College 1000 Holt Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

CONTENTS Introduction ! !


Bruce Stephenson Richard Foglesong

SunRail Trail ! !


Kathleen Shannon Geovanna Torres

W.P. Bike Share!


Hana Feldman Caitlyn Glatting Jenny Salchunas Kathleen Shannon

Denning Drive !!


Nadine Avola Kathleen Shannon

Interlachen Gateway ! 16-19 Taylor Brock Trevor Fraser

Suggestions ! !


Erin Josephitis Courtney Banker

Sources !

Rollins’ newest entrance from Interlachen Ave.



SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE: Activating SunRail in Winter Park, Florida Introduction Over the past 60 years, Central Florida has been one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, with population accelerating from less than 300,000 in 1950 to nearly 3.2 million in 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau). The region accommodated the

unprecedented population growth over energy use, and over-reliance on cars the last half of the 20th century by

for transportation. Fewer than half of

developing in a sprawling, low-density

the region’s residents lived within cities

pattern. The costs of this pattern are

in 2007, a share that has declined

evident: rapid conversion of open

since 2000. The region’s transportation

space to build more houses, loss of

investments have reinforced this

agricultural land, encroachment on

sprawling pattern but have not been

sensitive environmental areas,

kept pace with the growth in demand.

significant increases in water and

Vehicle-miles traveled more than

Rollins Graduation down Interlachen

WinterPark, FL


Rollins Colllege

“Over 90 percent of regional trips use automobiles, with public transit accounting for 1.4 percent in 2008.” doubled between 1990 and 2008,

systems built in Salt Lake

while total road mileage has increased

City, Charlotte, Minneapolis,

about 25 percent. The public

Nashville, Austin and

transportation alternative today usually Phoenix. Central to each means spending hours on a bus and

city was developing

making connections to use the transit

strategies to (1) activate the

system. This is particularly true for

potential for transit-oriented

low-income populations making trips

development; 2) improve

between affordable housing

connectivity to other

opportunities and lower-wage jobs.

(alternative) transportation

Over 90 percent of regional trips use

modes; and 3) attract ridership.

automobiles, with public transit

The key to these strategies was

accounting for 1.4 percent in 2008.

aligning stakeholders to foster the

The result has been a continued

utilization of rail systems. From this

degrading of travel time and safety. In

research, Dr. Foglesong organized a

fact, the Orlando-Kissimmee

working group drawn from

metropolitan statistical area has been

representatives of the Winter Park

ranked as the nation’s most dangerous Chamber of Commerce, Winter Park area for pedestrians. Using SunRail

Health Foundation, the City of Winter

will require a rethinking of the region’s

Park, and Re-Think, an affiliate of the

auto-oriented culture. It is essential to

Florida Department of Transportation

develop a strategy to utilize SunRail

to activate SunRail. Their efforts to

and set a foundation for sustainable

identify the barriers to ridership and

growth, and Winter Park, a historic

actionable “next steps” will be

transit-oriented community, will serve

presented January 30, 2014 in a

as a model for such efforts.

Campus-Community Conversation at


The Alfond Inn.

Under the direction of Dr. Richard Foglesong, Professor of Political Science, Rollins students concluded a preliminary study on the rail passenger

Dr. Bruce Stephenson has helped coordinate a series of projects to activate SunRail and spark a sustainable synergy between Rollins and Winter Park.


Dr. Bruce Stephenson, Director of MPCU


1000 Holt Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 407-646-1587

PROJECTS The SunRail Bike Trail Bike Share Programs for Winter Park A Gateway Connection Making Denning Drive a Model Complete Street 15 Suggestions to Accelerate Sustainability at Rollins by Accessing SunRail









Project Goals: • Create a wellvetted and safe network • Connect to schools, culture, commerce, & parks • Provide bike access for all ages.

An efficient, healthy bike network expanding the length of SunRail

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP According to The City of Winter Park Green Resolution, it recognizes

accessibility for all users of roads, trails, and transit systems.

enable the City of Winter Park to become a complete street leader in

the importance of environmental

Pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders,

Florida and the nation.

stewardship that enhances local and national energy and protection of

motorists, commercial and emergency vehicles included. In the

natural resources. Florida Green Building Coalition’s “Green Local

development of these accommodations, the best standards

Government Standard,” focuses on

and design will be used.

municipal performance improvements through cleaner energy and

In August 2011, Public Works Director implemented “Complete

environment as steps towards improving and advancing

Streets Policy” in the city’s transportation plan. Assessing the

environmental quality and energy

impact of complete streets including:

security. The City of Winter Park and The

linear feet of sidewalks, pedestrian accommodation through mid-block

Green Resolution affirm the implementation of complete streets

crossing and refuge islands, crosswalks, curb extensions, miles of street bike

that are designed to operate and

lanes, routes and off-road multi-use trails.

assure safety, comfort and

Implementing these actions will


A SISTER LOGO A logo concept to help market the SunRail Trail to show partnership between the bikeway and SunRail tracks.

TRAIL 路 TRACKS 路 TERMINALS 1 Covered Bike Parking





Bike Locker Facilities & Concessions

Morse Complete Street

Bike Share Facilities

SunRail Station

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COVERED BIKE PARKING Sheltered racks provide an even higher quality of shortterm parking. Shelters offer weather protection and can help protect bicycles from accidental damage by providing greater separation from a sidewalk or parking area.



LOCKER FA C I L I T I E S Bicycle lockers are weatherprotected, enclosed and operated by a controlled access system. On average, two standard car parking spaces can accommodate 10 individual bicycle lockers.



Convenient bike facilities will offer cyclists a place to rest, reboot, and revitalize. Bike locker facilities and concessions at the Winter Park SunRail Station would offer cyclists an array of

restrooms, and shower stalls that would be available with membership. Other aspects of these rest stops encompass

conveniences. Trek Stop centers provide on-the-go

secure bicycle parking, bicycle repairs, rentals, bicycle and

vending products; information, maps, and advertising; and light maintenance capabilities with compressed air, water,

segway sharing programs, guided tours, education and encouragement programs, and commuter retail products

and shelter. The facilities would also include lockers,

such as water bottles, helmets, and ponchos.


MORSE COMPLETE STREET A road diet on Morse will create a more communal atmosphere, encouraging pedestrian activity.






Below are renderings of the Winter Park SunRail Station with Orlando Bike Share implemented into its site plan. The proximity of Bike Share would promote ridership.

Bicycle sharing system is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short-term basis. The main purpose is transportation: bike share allows people to depart from point "A"

SunRail coming May 2014!

and arrive at point "B" free from the worries of bike ownership. Bike-share has seen explosive, global growth over recent years. In May 2011 there were around 375 bike share programs. As of April 2013 there were around 535. These figures show a doubling in bike share programs in just two years. Many bike-share systems offer inexpensive shortterm subscriptions, encouraging casual riding over several hours or days. The reasons people use bike-share vary considerably. (See Sources)


Rollins & Sunrail Booklet 2014  
Rollins & Sunrail Booklet 2014