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Gladiator Gleanings Creative Writings in the Science Fiction Genre 2018 Ms. Davis Language and Literature Grade 7 Green One SHAPE American Middle School Belgium

Science fiction encourages us to explore‌all the futures, good and bad, that the human mind can envision. --Marion Zimmer Bradley

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The Light of New Life Shawn Jakob

The crunch of my steps on the rocky sand on Twin, my planet, is like the sound of crushing paper. With each step, I get closer to the lovely smell of fresh flowers, to the tall and shiny buildings, to home. During night time, you can see the northern lights shine from the tallest building, and imagine the vista. I get closer to the wall of the city, Trash that protects it from outsiders. I, Shano Kahei, show my identification card to the guards, and finally step into the city. Modern, I think, like the postcards you see of earth on shops and the letters you get. Except, we the people from the city of Trash, are free. They aren't. We gained our independence from The Empire. They didn’t. The sound of people chatting away makes me happy. It is night time, so you see the beautiful artificial northern lights. I head to the big assembly, my mood changing, now not that happy. I was hoping for some time outside of the office, and I did get it, a couple minutes to look outside of the city. Not much, but it was something. I walk on the tiles, as clean and smooth as a polished diamond, heading to the meeting place. I see the plaza where the assembly is being held, and my stomach does a summersault inside of me. I get there, not knowing how my whole life was going to change. Actually, with my luck, I kind of knew this was going to happen. It usually does. I sat down, waiting for the assembly to start. I pass the time twiddling my thumbs. A couple of minutes later, a man with a coat as white as snow comes up on the stage, and mumbles nervously, “I, uh, have come here for a very important announcement to make,” Announced the man. I shift around in my seat, a fancy looking chair, but not really that comfortable. “With our very hard working scientists, we have finally found the cure!” He yells, with a burst of enthusiasm. I was starting to get confused. What cure? There was only one problem in our world… and that was the one for the poisonous air. That is nearly impossible to have a cure for. But we had one. I jumped, with my hands pumped in the air. Finally, I thought. I hoped I wasn't blushing. I looked around me. Many people were doing the same. Hugging each other, and giving each other high-fives. After thirty years, we have finally found a solution. The man with the white coat announced again,


“We’ve got it!” I was shaking. Many people were crying for this moment. I felt the wetness of my tears streaming down my face slowly, my eyes burning. This had to be the best moment of my life. It turns out I was wrong. It was the worst. The man in the white coat smiled in a cruel way. I saw it. I waited for the catch. It happened, just like I thought it would. “Now… we have the volunteers that will go to on the journey to save the world, ” He said slowly. Some people laughed. “Seriously. What we don’t have is another person to go. Someone special. ” Everyone shifted in their seats nervously. “We’ll do it like they did in the Hunger Games. Has anyone seen that movie?” A couple of people raised their hands sluggishly. I had seen the movie. In the movie, they pick a random child from a lottery, and that person has to go on a journey where they usually die. The man in the white coat smiled again. Cruelly. I was shaking. I couldn’t move any part of my body. The northern lights were a bright green color, like a mint chewing gum. The skyline of our city, my city, Trash, was breathtaking. In a state like this, I would have crumpled to the ground if I wasn’t looking at the lights, flycars, and the people. I was still shaking, thinking about myself and how I would survive the next couple of hours of this day. A plane passed by, with a sign in the back saying, “Be Happy”. Commercials. That was my dad. He always wants me not to be nervous. Being the president of our people, it is easy for him to say. I’m his son. I’m the one who is always being pressured by him. Always. The man in the white coat smiles at me reassuringly. He does not know what I am going through right now. No one does. He announces to everyone, “Everyone quiet!” Everyone hushes immediately. “I will now announce the lucky, (or unlucky, however you feel about this), winner!” Everyone cheers. “Hush!” he yells. Silence. No one could hear anything. A small baby starts to cry. It sounds so loud compared to everyone. “Now...The winner…” “Shano Kahei!” He announced. That was me. Everyone started cheering. My stomach did a flip inside of me. I crumpled to the ground. About a week later... My dad wanted me to be better than him. I told him more than a million times that that is impossible. He’s the president. The richest man. One of the smartest. Too bad he didn't want to be a scientist. That would have been way better for all of us. For me, too. My dad told me a lot of times before, not to be nervous. All of the times, I responded, of course I’m nervous. I’m going on an adventure that no one has ever done before. Me and a couple of other guys who had volunteered out of prison are going. A chance for glory, they say. Now we are walking with our breathing masks, into the unknown desert, and the poisonous air. I wish I was in a deserted island right now. A place with no trouble, listening to soft music. But no. I’m here, in the sweltering heat. My whole body is still shaking, my hands are now sweaty. The man to my left, Swalloo, says, “Guys, what’s that?”


We all try to look at where he’s pointing at. I see it. In the horizon, a gang of Boglarks, an enemy tribe, is driving up to us. We don’t run. We know they will eventually get to us. We stay where we are, let them point their guns at us, let them grab us, haul us into their trucks. One of us, the one called Slammy, tries to punch a Boglark. The Boglark immediately side steps, and pushes him to the sandy floor. Then, they take us and we ride farther into the dessert. We arrive at their fortress just as the sun starts to set. They take us into their jails, and lock us in. Luckily, they didn’t search us, or they would have found the cure for the poisonous air in my pocket. We’ve gone through the procedure about a million times. Stick the tube with the cure in the a lot where it is supposed to go, in the machine where they are making the virus. Then, run away, since we only have five minutes until the clean air takes over and explodes the air all over the planet, making it pure. The downside, though, is that there will be massive destruction all over a square mile. We have planned this already, I think to myself and nod to Slammy. We both get up to grab our breads, and at the same time, hit the first Boglark, unconscious. “Now!” I yell. The other prisoners get up just as the other three Boglarks pull out their guns. I jump on the first one, and bring him to the ground. I take his gun, and shoot him twice. At the same time, the other Boglarks are fighting Slammy, and the other prisoners. I go and help out Slammy, who is now getting beat up by the Boglark. He crumples to the ground. “NO!” I shout. I shoot every Boglark at least three times out of rage. I run up to Slammy, but I cannot help him. For him, it is over. I cry, not knowing the alarms were on, not even caring. I run, tears spilling down my face. I dash into the other jail cells, freeing all of the prisoners. I can now hear the alarms, loud and clear. I hear the Boglarks coming, and something tugs in my gut. I shoot some of the Boglarks, along with the other prisoners. They are all super mad, knowing what the Boglarks have done to their families. I see the machine, where the virus is being made. It is guarded by two Boglarks. I shoot them both, and stumble to the machine. I insert the clear vile of clean air into the lot, then return to the battle. I face a Boglark, and shoot at him. I miss. He doesn’t. He hits me square in the chest. As I stumble backwards, I see blood seeping out of my chest, the pain overcoming me. I crumple to the floor. I don’t think about the pain, though. I think about the timer. 10 seconds. 9… 8… I can feel myself dying slowly. I smile, though. I take off my air mask, to breathe in fresh air. Nothing. It is still the sour, gassy air. More seconds pass. I don’t know how many. I look back at the timer. 4… 3… 1… I see my dad’s face, him telling me over and over again, whispering, our favorite quote, “Dying is inevitable, so make your life worth living” I hold my breath, waiting for the moment. It came. I breathe in one huge breath of fresh air, no virus. Then came the explosion. I smile, for the last time. Now people would be able to leave the city without the air masks. We would be normal, for once. We were all saved. Finally.


The Mountain That Shadowed the Earth Liam

There was a piercing screech that rang through my ears. My eyes came into focus to see the crowd, dressed in all black, silenced by the mourning. Everyone knew how everyone else felt. The words, “May he rest in peace,” and, “Truly loved,” faintly drifted through my mind. I turned to my side to see my own face through the tears in my mother’s eyes. I just stood there, not a thought in my mind. Then my reflection was gone with a blink of an eye. I watched as the tear fell from her cheek. It fell as slow as a feather. I listened as the drop hit the top of the polished casket; it hit as loudly as a drum and with it I was awoken from my disbelief. “It’s gonna be okay, James, “my mom said softly as she could. I didn’t feel that sad at all actually, even though I knew I was sad, I just didn’t feel it. I yet to shed a tear for him. I always thought losing my only brother would lead to a life of misery. To be truthful I didn't want to come, I thought that burying an empty casket into the ground was a little pointless. I thought about it for quite a while before realizing that everyone had left the cemetery long ago. On the way home I reflected his death. The most painful part was, I didn't even know how he died. I wondered if he knew it was coming, or if he was okay dying doing what he loved. Was it part of his journey? When we arrived home I was afraid to go in the house as if my dead brother would still be there. I took a breath and closed my eyes and crept silently inside. I didn’t fully open my eyes until I had firmly grasped the hand railing leading up the stairs. When I was at the top, I peered into Kyle’s room. It felt so empty even though nothing had been moved since he passed. I sat on the side of his bed and listened for the oddly soothing sound of his squeaky mattress. Staring at the wall made me feel so naive, so puny, like I was missing life’s bigger picture. His wall was covered with maps, pictures, and drawings of all sorts of things. His “Path of Spiritual Enlightenment,” as he called it, was this journey across the Alps to the steepest peak in the world. It was based on the idea that the only way to be truly free was to be able to connect your mind and body by pushing through mental barriers. I never really gave it much thought; I just labeled it plain stupid. Now looking back I now think it is brilliant. I was in a loose sleep thinking, something I often did, when I heard a faint ping. At first I ignored it, but the pings continued. It took my eyes almost a minute to adjust to the light. I had to swing myself out of bed. I walked over to my window carrying the blanket on my back. When I peered out the window I saw Will standing in the grass with a handful of rocks. I had known Will since before I could walk. My parents decided to look after her after her parents died in the


mountains skiing. They were late to the bottom and missed the last lift up and froze to death. That was until she decided to go live with her uncle who needed some company after his divorce. She and I have been best friends ever since. “Well, it’s about time,” she humored. “You are aware I have a door,” I retorted. I opened my window and crawled across the side of the roof. “Hey, I heard there’s gonna be a party down near the falls, you should come,” she urged. “Yeah, I don’t feel up to it right now; maybe later,” I responded. “C’mon, Kyle would want you to,” she quipped. Every time someone said my brother’s name a chill shriveled down my spine. “I dunno,” I replied. “So, it’s settled; you’re going,” she smiled. That’s the thing about Will: she was very daring, but I wasn’t. So naturally she often forced me out of my comfort zone. “See you at 10,” she confirmed. I was sitting on the roof across from the porch when Will ran up to the door. On cue she checked her watch for the time, which was the usual for her. Will was never late because she didn't want to miss the last lift up like her parents had. “You’re early,” I said as stared off into the sunset. “Come on, James,” she mocked. As we walked along the dirt path I took a particular noticing to the tall pine trees that line the horizon. The moon light glared into our eyes off the reflection of the small mounds of snow and slush that scattered the trail. When we arrived I made one last attempt to change her mind but, she didn't budge. When we walked in, Will was given a warm welcome from a group of girls as I maneuvered around the crowd. I found myself all alone sitting with the food and such collecting looks from people who didn't know how to talk behind people’s backs all that well. I decided to relocate to the roof for some solitude only I wasn't alone. There was this group of boys who were just your everyday frat boys just with dark and ratty clothing. One of them walked up to me and ask me if I was Kyle’s brother. “Yeah, why?” “I wanted to know if you wanted to live up to the name and do Kyle’s favorite jump,” he asked. “I think I'll stay right here if that's just fine.” “Ok, I guess chicken is a family gene,” he laughed. “Fine what’s a little jump gonna do, right?” “Well depends if death also runs in the family,” He snickered. I don't really know what happened after that; however, I do remember there was a lot of running and rage. When I got home that night I dashed upstairs and into Kyle’s room. I fell back onto his bed letting out a deep sigh. That's when I got the idea, I was going to finish Kyle’s journey. I have to snowboard the mountain. “And I’m coming too,” Will agreed from outside of the room. I hadn’t slept that night. I suppose I was to worried and scared. I remembered letting thoughts fly through my mind like flies on dead carcass. The thought of flies and a dead carcass made me even sicker to my stomach then I had already been. I watched as the hands on my clock ticked and ticked all the way until it was 12 o'clock. I had taken the liberty of starting to pack my bags during the night. I listened to the sound I was oh so familiar with of Will walking on my roof. She shimmied down the gutter attached to the wall securing my window. She then knocked on


my window the beat of an old tune.By the look of Will’s face I don’t suppose she slept either. We gave each other looks as if we understood the others situation. When she entered my room she greeted me pretending to be cordial then dove straight for the couch in my room. “I see you packed without me,” she said. “Yeah,” I replied quietly. “Don’t worry,” she said as she glanced over to her packed bags. “Alright then what are we waiting for.” “You I guess,” she said. “Were actually doing this” I thought to myself. I got up without saying a word and walked out of the room grabbing my bag on the way. “Ugh!” She complained as she rolled off the couch onto the floor. I stumbled down the stairs trying to control the heavy bag strapped to my back. At the last few steps I slowed trying to make sure my mom didn't hear me. “Hon is that you,” she called. I froze in place as I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do. I gestured with my hand to tell Will to stop. She crept down and asked, “What is it.” “My mom can't see us.” “What!” she yelled as I motioned for her to keep her voice down. “You didn't tell her!” “No not really,” I wheezed hiding my face in shame. “Well I'll see you outside or I won’t, figure it out.” She walked outside the back half disappointed in me. I put my bag under the stairs so she couldn't see it. She made breakfast for me two waffles with sausage. I walked over to my mom awkwardly distant with my eyes all teared up. I looked at her and she asked me, “What’s wrong?” “I-I-I ugh I’m going on a… a journey and I won't be back for a while.” “What are you saying, hon,” She asked concerned and distraught. I ran out of the door bursting into tears as my mom came after me. She suddenly stopped. As I rounded the corner I also stopped peering back to see her. She was crouched on the first step leading up to my house holding a small piece of paper almost like a brochure. I was quick to check my back pocket where I was missing one of the maps. It didn't take her long to put the pieces together. She sat there crying even harder than before. I knew this was what I needed to do and going back wouldn't help. I rubbed my eyes clean and walked up to Will. “Ready to go?” she asked. We had been walking for days or weeks I had honestly forgot at this point. Not that the walking wasn’t exciting. In all we did see a bear and every other animal I could think of and there was the time when Will fell in the river or when she swallowed a fly. I think this stuff was getting to my head. I started feeling old and primitive like some kind of animal. When I reached in my bag to pull out the map out with it came a little piece of paper. I kneel next to it and peered inside, “Obstacles do not block the path they are the path- Zen Proverb,” was written on it in Kyle’s hand writing. It brought a smile to my face and encouraged me to push on. Based on the maps we were almost there but yet again I said the same thing about three days ago. I was looking at my feet when Will ran past me almost knocking me over. She clipped off her bag and let it fall to the ground opened her arms out and let her head sag back in awe of the beautiful view. There it was. The mountain. 1000 feet of pure primordial rock. It towered over everything else in sight. Will randomly ran down towards a lake and as it came around the corner to follow


her I saw a cabin. Will of course was already in it. By the time I reached the door Will was already getting dressed for the mountain. “Now or never,” she egged before I could protest. “Fine, but if I die I will resent you for the rest of my death.” Probably the steepest walk ever we were on the side of this big rock for 12 hours before reaching the peak. Once we got to the top and looked down it was nothing but black and white. We could only see five feet in front of us. Will was to the right of me strapping in her boots giving it not a thought. I looked to my left and there he was standing looking over the edge. “Follow my line bro.” He turned his snowboard 90 degrees relieving the pressure from the back edge as slid down razor sharp rocks. I did the same and as was told followed his line. I could hear Will yell after me but it didn't matter then. As I followed him he would gradually 1 disappear into the fog and when he did I was so distraught I slipped on a angled rock and hit I my head, or so I was told when I woke up the next morning in the cabin. That night I pondered for a reason why I was even out here. I had lost most all motivation. Doing this wouldn't bring him back. The next morning I woke up with it all figured out. That’s where most of my thinking, in my sleep did. I wasn't doing this for him or anyone else I was doing it for me and me only. At that moment I knew it was as Will said, “Now or never.” I pulled myself out of my bed. I then made a beeline for the door when I accidently knocked over the old oil lamp next to Will. Lucky for both of us it wasn't lit or had any oil in it for that matter. When she hopped out of her bed she seemed both offended I would leave without her. We exchanged looks before she said, “Go on what are you waiting for.” With that piece of encouragement I bolted up the side of the mountain often taking breaks between sprints. I had shaved off around two hours or so from the original time it took to scale the monster. When I reached the top I fell backwards into the snow in relief. I started to buckle in my boots to my board. I had one of those moments in my head like you see in the movies where it's a flashback of all the memories I have that brought me to this mountain. I looked to my right again there he was just like last time. I firmly closed my eyes then opened them and he was gone. I looked over my feet as I sat in the snow. I then pulled the goggles over my eyes as they silenced all the whistling from the wind. The only thing I could hear was my heart beat and my brother’s voice, “Obstacles do not block the path, and they are the path.” I stood up and put all weight on my front foot and leaned over the edge. I dropped in slid over the rocks trying to keep my focus. Traveling at a speed like this is like nothing I've ever felt before. It felt as if my insides couldn't keep up with my body and were trying to escape. I weaved and twisted between daggered outcroppings of rocks. I was shaken around as i was launched from mogul to mogul. I vision went blind as everything became white. When my vision cleared I had already reached the bottom. I unstrapped my boots and fell to my knees as I screamed his name, “Kyle!” When I got back to the old cabin I dropped my board to the floor and closely listened as it rung out against the wood deck. I reached for the door knob just as Will opened it to greet me. When she opened the door she sprung on top of me congratulating me. This place was so amazing. I think that was why I never left. Will didn't leave either. Our newborn son stayed as well.


A Fish's Day of Glory Giacomo

Wwwwwwwwwooooooooooosssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A spaceship drops down from the outer atmosphere; gorgeous glowing algae rising from the ocean appears in view. Finally, it breaks the surface of the water, and some small fish swim around it. The water is as breathable as the air. It tastes of strawberry. Then, as the spaceship gently floats down, someone that looks like a clownfish, and someone looking like a frog appear in view. As the spaceship lands on the soft sand, the passengers notice that there are no smells, but sound travels seamlessly. The frog is riding a whale while scribbling on a seashell. The fish jumps over a crater and slaloms around a coral reef while the frog is concentrating on taking notes. He tells the fish to stop ruining the reef and steps off his whale to examine a little starfish. The fish snorts in annoyment just as a small bomb appears and blows up the whole coral reef. They see a spaceship with a sign that says: We will conquer the world and destroy everything cool- Darth. Instinctively, the frog runs to the nearest building and hides while the fish jogs to follow him. Then a shower of bombs hits the reef, which disintegrates in one instant. After the bombs stop, the fish and frog go out to investigate. From where the bombs came, there are strange wheel marks on the sand. They follow the tracks that then turn into footprints. They seem fresh. Near the tracks, the buildings are scarred, burned and filled with holes. After a certain point, the footprints fade. The buildings are not damaged anymore. The fish and the frog know that this is not normal and try not to freak out. While going back home to tell their parents about the “attackers”, the fish and frog pass a sign that says: courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. But when they finally arrive, they are stunned to find their houses wrecked. The whole neighborhood is empty. The fish and frog enter their house and they find the same footprints that they had found outside and get scared. Later they hear heavy footsteps coming from the top floor of their house towards them. They immediately hide sliding under the couch and watch the attackers come down. The attackers are wearing white metal suits and are carrying four people: two fish and two frogs. Their parents are being kidnapped! The fish and frog follow the attackers into a gray spaceship that immediately leaps off the ground. The ship plunges into the darkness of space while the fish and frog hide. The attackers walk by and go in the “Stormtrooper dorm.” The fish and frog guess that the attackers are called 8

Stormtroopers after they go in the weird room. Then the Stormtroopers suddenly turn around and see the frog who immediately runs away in the “Darth only” room. There he finds a Darth (a commander of the Stormtroopers who is much more evil and wears a black leather cloak) who throws him on the floor and into the cell holding his parents and locks him in. The fish follows the Darth and hides outside of the cells. He goes into a small room that contains a metal tube with buttons and switches on it, and a few old rags. The fish picks up the tube and flips a switch and a blue blade of light appears on it. He tries the sword on the rags that dissolve into black ash. Now that he is armed, he goes out to the cages and cuts the metal with the sword and lets the frog and their parents escape. But right at that instant he sees a red light coming towards him. The frog then throws a piece of metal from the cage and deflects the light that goes back and hits the Darth. The frog winks at the fish and goes into the pilot cabin and turns the ship towards home. Meanwhile, the fish confiscates the weapons from the Stormtroopers and locks them up. The wounded Darth escapes with an escape pod and gets lost in space. The fish and frog then return home and life goes back to normal. The fish tries the “lightsaber" but finds out that it doesn’t work underwater, while the frog gets back on his whale and continues his interesting research.


The Phandics Marcos

Everything was quiet in Aquaplane, the water planet. They had been at war for a long time, but they had finally recovered. There was a city underwater, Crus and another one floating above the ocean, Surc, for those that worked in the airport, and for those that were astronauts. Surc wasn’t very big, it just had a few houses and an airport for spaceships and airplanes. The rest was just trees and bushes. If you wanted to go from Crus to Surc, there was a little tube that took you to Surc and vice versa. Crus was made of a very strong crystal. Crus was like an atom and each bubble was a little village. The scientists from Crus had developed a suit that allowed the citizens to breathe underwater with nothing attached to their mouths or noses. They could be underwater for as long as they wanted, but luckily, they didn’t need those when they were inside Crus. Knox was having dinner with his mom, sister and brother in the house they owned in Crus. His dad had passed away the year before, the only thing Knox could remember from his dad, was the last thing he had said before he closed his eyes and never opened them again: “Son, you may not be there yet, but you are closer than yesterday.” That had encouraged Knox a lot, thanks to that, he was the person he was today, a very smart young boy. His dad’s favorite dish was Macalani, which was what they were eating now. Macalani was a very typical dish from Crus, and Knox really liked it. He devoured food like a monster. Knox’s arms were so strong that they looked like the paws of a bull. He was one of the fastest in his school, and he was also one grade above the kids his age, even though he was only 15. He really liked science and math. His pet, Ockor was a cornus, which was like a dog but with really beautiful fur, two small horns and with the ability to walk only on his back hinches. Ockor, as well as Knox, really liked to eat. He stayed under the table, and waited for something to fall so he could eat it. Ockor and Knox were really good swimmers, every day, they went outside and swam in the surface for a really long time. One day, Knox and Ockor swam up to the surface with their wetsuits. Knox threw the ball so Ockor could fetch it, Ockor swam there to grab it, but on his way back, he got distracted and started following a fish. Knox told him to stop but he didn't. The fish escaped but Ockor followed it, then, faster than the blink of an eye the fish and Ockor disappeared. Knox looked for them underwater but couldn’t find them. He swam in the direction they had disappeared and then, he also vanished. When he opened his eyes,


he realized that he wasn’t surrounded by water anymore, he was in a desert. Ockor was there, and so was the fish. Knox ran back to see if could somehow get back to Crus. He kept doing this but he finally gave up. As time went on, the fish stopped moving, and started to get dry. Knox was very confused about how he had gotten there. Maybe he was still on his planet, maybe not everything was water, what if… there was an island that no one knew about. He knew that that couldn’t be possible, the scientists had searched everywhere, but they didn’t find any land. They didn’t find anything, so, they could only live underwater and on a floating island. Knox walked around to find some shelter so he could survive while he waited for help. . When Knox woke up for the seventh time that night, he saw a light in the distance. He got up, and walked that way. It was really cold and he was shivering because he only had his wetsuit on. Once he was closer, he was able to identify the three bodies. Two of them were sitting separated from the others, and the other one, who was bigger than the other two, was sitting next to a fire. All three creatures were green and very muscular, especially the big one. They also had really long tails and very sharp teeth. Knox heard a bark from behind, he had just enough time to lie down before the big creature looked behind. Once Ockor got there, Knox covered the cornus’ mouth in case he barked again. Knox had no idea of who those people were. He suddenly remembered what Mrs. Sivad, his teacher had told him about different alien species. These aliens were called Phandics, also known as the Phandic Empire. They owned a lot of planets and some of them were deserts. Knox just wanted to run because the Phandics were also known for killing and eating humans. He waited there a long time, and they finally fell asleep. Once they did, Knox started running towards his shelter. As he ran there, he felt something on his neck… a dart. He couldn’t feel his limbs or any other part of his body, he tumbled to the floor and passed out. At least he wasn’t going to wake up for a while. Knox woke up a few hours later in a cave, but he was surrounded by metal bars so he couldn't escape. His neck really hurt from the sleeping dart. He checked if he still had it but it wasn’t there anymore. He heard footsteps approaching and he looked that way. It was the giant Phandic alien he had seen the night before. “Who are you?” Asked the alien. His voice was very loud, and it echoed everywhere. Knox didn’t answer, instead he looked down. “Who are you and how did you get here?” repeated the alien. “This is Precuso, our most well protected planet, and we have satellites everywhere, but, they didn't see your ship entering. How did you get here?” asked the alien, a little louder. Knox looked up and saw the alien holding a gun. He had a uniform with a name tag that said Olap Fu. “Give me back my cornus and then I'll tell you,” whispered Knox. Olap left the room, a few moments later he came back holding Ockor. “Now tell me, how, did you, get here?” repeated Olap very frustrated. “I was swimming with my cornus, and I suddenly disappeared.” answered Knox. “Yeah, and you expect me to believe that? You are going to be executed for entering without permission in a couple hours, so it doesn’t really matter,” replied Olap. Knox petted Ockor while he waited for the end of his life to arrive. As he did that, he started thinking about Crus, his family and everything he had back there. Then, everything happened as fast as the first time, he vanished and reappeared back at his


house. He looked out the window and saw a group of people looking for something, it took him awhile to realize that they were probably looking for him. He wanted to go and tell them that he was alright, but first he had to try something. He thought about the cave he had been. In a few seconds he appeared there again. Knox went to the police station in Crus and told them what had happened, in case the police didn’t believe him, he thought about the cave and teleported there one more time. Knox thought about Crus and hoped that he wouldn’t have to teleport ever again. After that, he went to see his family and told them everything that had happened. He soon realized that for some reason, Ockor had been teleported to Crus as well. Maybe it was because they were both in physical contact when he had been thinking of Crus back in the cave. Everything went back to normal in a couple of days. He learned how to use t¥his powers and the government knew about it so they were helping him. He went back to school, started doing homework again and all his daily routines. The only bad thing was, that he couldn't tell anyone else about his ability. But, everything was okay now.


The Day Everything Changed Sofie

I thought this day would be a normal day, but now I know. My guess wasn't even close. “Berso Majia, wake up!!” my friends shouted from outside my small, oval window. “Stop yelling!” I screamed back as I simultaneously opened my blue eyes. I put my plain, black clothes on and reluctantly strolled outside. “What are you doing?” I asked with a frown on my face and my eyes half closed. “We’re playing in the middle of our planet Slalavia. Do you want to play with us?” Sidos responded straight away. “I don’t know if I want to play,” I whined. “Boy, stop behaving like you’re 120 moon days, when you’re only 30!” Sidos yelled back irritated. “Whatever,” I muttered back. Sidos is my best friend, but we don’t play together as much as we did before. We used to play by the colored trees where it smelled like roses. Sometimes we played soccer and danced under the yellow moonlight. Those were good times! My seven friends and I ran and screamed on our way to the middle of our blue-red colored planet. I brought my jacket in case we crossed over and jumped in the snow. “Did you bring your jackets?” I asked inquisitively. “No, I’ll run over to the grass when it gets too cold,” Sidos answered affirmatively. My friends and I jumped in the blue, heavy snow. When we got cold, we crossed over to the green grass and faced the blue-green sun. On the spur of a moment, I got tired. I wanted to return home. My friends didn’t want me to leave in such haste. Of course, I ignored them and ran back home as fast as a sailfish. When I got home, I wasn’t tired anymore. I knew my friends kept playing by the snow. My neighbor Tang was the only one left to socialize with. I don’t like him because he's always asking personal questions about my dad. Put simply, I didn’t want to be with Tang. When I got ready to eat, I looked out the window to pray. Just as I started my prayer, I saw black machines flying around and dropping black stones. The loud sounds from the machines were horrifying. I ran to my room and hid under my red, high bed. My face was as pale as a ghost. My heart was pounding as hard as a brick. “Berso, where are you?” roared a worried but familiar voice entering our house.


“I’m here!” I whispered with a worried accent because I was scared. “There you are Berso! I worried about you!” Papy, my dad cried. “No wonder, you weren't home!” I argued angrily. “Stop! Our planet is under attack by the planet Fizz. I want you to fly to Fizz and beg for peace,” Papy begged. “Me? Have you lost your mind? Are you going to send your only relative to a planet declaring war?” I disrupted resentfully. “You’re the only one I can trust. What if my colleagues are the Rebels behind this attack?” Papy insisted. There was an awkward silence for a while because Papy’s words made me upset. So, I ran out of my room. I was going to obey my Papy. First, I had to use Papy’s flying machine to get to Fizz. Luckily, I found the keys to the flying machine in a small, red flower pot. The flying machine is the newest machine on this small planet, and it can fly 800 km/hour. Now, I had to take off. The best place to take off would be by the snow. If I failed the taking off, I would land in the snow. I rolled the heavy, red flying machine across the grass. After five minutes, I saw the snow on the horizon. Now, I had to put in the coordinates of my destination. Said and done, I started the engine and jumped into the flying machine. I clicked on the start button. One Hour Later “Where am I?” I asked out loud. “You’re with me. Can you hear me?” a dark, soft voice answered. I opened my eyes, and I saw a Minging in front of me. He looked like me but in a larger version, red skin, red hair and red eyebrows. Then I asked, “What am I doing here?” The Minging responded, “You crashed your flying machine in the snow! When I was on my way to the fields, I found you! But why were you using a flying machine?” “So, nice Minging, I’m out on a secret mission. I can’t tell you where I’m going, sorry!” I replied with an honest voice. “It’s fine! But next time, try to fill up your flying machine’s tank before you take off. I’ve filled up your tank for you,” the nice Minging answered. “Oh, thank you so much nice Minging. I will always remember what you did for me! What’s your name?” I asked. “My name is Ming!” “Ming it is,” I declared back. Ming and I raced out to the snow, and it surprised me when my flying machine wasn’t broken. I started up the engine and pushed the start button. After I had been closing my eyes for five minutes, I opened them. “Ah, this is so beautiful, it’s unbelievable and amazing!” I shouted. “It is!” someone behind me responded. Who, what was that? I thought to myself. Later, I forgot about my speculations and instead kept enjoying the beautiful view. As I got closer to my planet’s neighbor, Fizz, there was a Minging standing upright. As I got closer, he refused to move. I slowed down and stopped. “What are you doing here?” the Minging asked. “I’m on my way to the planet Fizz,” I answered back. “I can tell,” the Minging replied. “Can I pass your little inspection and get to Fizz?” I asked. “Do you have an ID, little Minging?” the Minging asked.


“No! I left that at home, on my planet Slalavia!” I responded. “That’s a pity! My leader told me to not let anyone pass without an ID card,” the Minging replied haughtily. “Well then, I’ll disappear back to my planet. Thank you for the friendly welcoming!” I replied angrily. As I started my engine, I heard a new machine coming closer. “Who are you, Minging?” the Minging asked. “I’m here to let this young Minging get into Fizz,” declared the driver who had a familiar voice. “Show me your ID,” the Minging stated. “Here you go, sir,” the familiar voice answered politely. “Looks good, welcome Mingings!” the Minging welcomed us as his face changed from mad to happy. The familiar voice and I passed the Minging and drove toward Fizz. As we had landed on Fizz, the familiar voice took his helmet off. He walked toward me, and that’s when I recognized his face. “Are you the one I believe you are?” I asked amazed. “I don’t know who you believe I am. My name is Ming!” “Why did you do that?” I asked amazed. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible,” pronounced Ming proudly. “Dalai Lama came up with that quote, a wise man!” “Why is a quote so important?” I asked irritated. “Why don’t we talk about that later? Let’s go to the Headquarter where the Fizz’s leader is sitting.” Ming suggested. “Yes, sir!” I replied, surprised. Ming and I walked towards the Headquarters. There were many signs toward the Headquarters, so it was easy to find our way. As we got closer, I saw an impressive glass building as high as the Eiffel Tower. Ming and I walked into the building and to the elevator. Inside the elevator, there was music even my favorite song was played, Macarena! I wanted to stay, but I remembered my mission. I pressed the button that said 127. I hurried out of the red elevator and knocked on the door. Ming decided not to go inside with me, so he went down immediately. I was about to ask why he didn’t want to go with me. Fizz’s leader opened the door for me and shook my hand. I wandered into the room. The first thing I noticed was her exquisite red dress and her beautiful, red eyes. “So, my child, who are you?” the leader asked curiously. “I’m Berso Majia, and I’m 30 moon days. My Papy, who is the leader of Slalavia sent me,” I replied. “Okay! But why did your Papy send you all this way?” the leader replied softly. “You are declaring war on my planet? You’re even sending machines!” I replied upset. I was trying to control myself, but it was hard. “Oh, no! I haven’t declared war on your planet! It’s probably the Rebels who did that. The Rebels want me gone, and they have sent messages to my soldiers to send warships to different countries,” the leader replied in a serious and scared voice. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Is there something I can do for you?” I replied.


“Yes, there's something I would like you to do. I’ve had some advanced robots searching for the Minging or Mingings that are the Rebels. I’ve found out that there's a family named Ting with a son named Tang. They might be the Rebels responsible for this act of war. Do you know him?” the leader asked in a nice voice. “Yes, I do! And I shall stop that family!” It was my neighbor who was attacking my planet! It seemed like Ming had left, so I had to go back to my planet by myself. I followed the signs back to my flying machine. I changed the coordinates my destination. This time, it was my planet, Slalavia. I pressed the start button. After I had been closing my eyes for two minutes, I opened them. Everything seemed fine. The flying machine was working, and I was heading back to my planet. I was driving at 800 km/hour and my screen's calculation showed that I would be back on my planet in 15 minutes. Now, there were only 30 seconds left until I would land on my planet. I landed in the perfect location. I left the flying machine in the snow and ran to the White House where my Papy was waiting. “Where have you been? I’ve been so worried,” Papy asked worriedly. “I flew to Fizz! Listen to me now, collect all your guards as fast as possible and head to my ridiculous friend, Tang. He and his family are the ones responsible for this fake war!” I declared in a serious but proud voice. My Papy and his Minging guards headed towards my friend Tang’s house. I knocked on the door while Papy and his Minging guards were hiding in the bushes. Tang opened the door and replied, “What’s up?” “Tang, is your family the Mingings responsible for these machines flying on our planet?” I asked. “What?” Tang replied. “Don’t lie, I have proof. Gather your family together and admit it!” I told him in a mad tone. “If you have proof, it’s true,” Tang told me. I could see how his eyes started filling with tears. “Why did you do it?” I asked. “Someone on the internet tricked my family! The Minging on the internet told us we would get money if we filled out an application. It wasn’t until yesterday that my family figured out that the application was an agreement to give funds to the Rebels. Yesterday, my dad’s bank account was emptied. My family would have told your Papy about this, but then we found out that there would be an attack on Slalavia. We made up a plan of how to solve this conflict, but it didn’t work out. So, my family is sorry for everything!” answered Tang. The emotional words touched me because they came from his heart. Tang’s family told my Papy about everything. Fizz’s leader and Slalavia’s leader thereafter worked together to find the real Rebels and to punish them. Today, Slalavia and Fizz have a better relationship than ever. Yesterday, my Papy built a tunnel that went directly to Fizz. I found a new best friend there named Pierto. He’s so nice! I keep living my normal life, and I now call Tang my friend. Ming received a compensation for the fuel but refused to accept it.


The Magic of Friendship Melisa

Winter Star is one of the coldest planets in the universe. It is also one of the most gorgeous planets in the galaxy. There has never been a single summer on Winter Star. It’s always winter there. The Capital city of Winter Star is Luna city. Luna city is a really, really beautiful city. If you would take a walk in the streets of the Luna city, you would see many amazingly elegant Ice sculptures and many fabulous statues. The roads of Winter Star are made out of ice and glass. The buildings are made out of silver and gold. It is also one of the most visited places, after earth. Many people have been trying to buy this city, but they never were meant to succeed. There were not many wars fought on Winter Star, but just like the other planets Winter Star has its dark past.. The Evil King, was once the Ruler of Winter Star. All the people who live on Winter Star now were once slaves of the Evil King. Until the New Rulers came along with their army and rescued Winter Star from the Evil King. Then they freed all of the slaves and built a new city. It was the most stunning city in the universe, it was Luna city. The Evil King and his army flew back to the Death Star. And the Evil King has never been seen again. The heroes of the story are Lesme. Lesme has blue eyes and light brown hair, she is really brave and will never stop until she gets what she wants. She is not rich but her family does own a small house in Luna city. The next hero is Bella. She is born in a really wealthy family. Her parents became rich when they brought Winter Star from the old owners, Lord Jafar, and the Queen, Jasmin. They brought Winter Star 5 years after Queen Jasmin, and King Jafar had defeated Winter Star from the Evil King. Bella has blond hair, and she is also really smart, and gifted. The third hero of the story is Persij. He isn't as wealthy as Bella, but he's parents own a pretty Big house, near the Great River of Winter Star. He is the only child in his family, just like Bella. He is really confident, and adds humor to everything, which is why he doesn't have a lot of friends. The forth hero of the story is Amanda. Amanda isn't rich. She is really brave, and is always trying to be kind to everyone. She has dark curly red hair and green eyes. She goes to the official high school of Luna city. The fifth hero is Peter. He is just as rich as


Bella. He is selfish, and cares a lot about money. He has blond hair and brown eyes, he is also homeschooled. He is the cousin of Bella. Peter’s parents own ¼ of Winter Star. A horrible thing has happened. The Evil King of Death Star is trying to buy Winter Star from Bella's parents. Bella's parents really love Winter Star and won't give it up easily. The King offered them two planets, the Jorga Star, and the Famous Malibu Star. Both of these Stars are really beautiful, but Bella's parents didn't want to change their mind. The Evil King is not amused with their decision, and he is ready to fight to get Winter Star, and be the King again. All the heroes of the story became friends. They got to know each other because they all live on the same street of the Luna city. All of the children know that the Evil King will try to take over. They came up with a plan of how to defend Winter Star and the city of Luna from the Evil King and his army. They tried to make a power field, but, unfortunately, they failed. On an accident Peter’s water bottle that he had left next to the power field had exploded when they activated the power field. If you would put electricity together with water will create an explosion, well that is the exact thing that happened. When the water exploded all over the electric power field, the power field exploded. Nobody got hurt, but it did create a small fire. They tried the new technology was just brought t with a spaceship from Eden to Winter Star. It's called the Electric Field. They brought it from the local store in the city of Luna. The cost of the electrical field was $90.99. As soon as they brought it. They read the instructions and went to an open field just like it was said on the instruction sheet. As soon as they got there, they activated the Electric Field and the entire field caught fire. Because apparently they forgot to use the protective glass over the Electric Field activator. They had to call the fire fighters once again. Amanda had an idea of going to the official Wizard of Winter Star. She wanted to ask the Wizard to make a power field so that nobody other than the friends of Winter Star could enter. He Dreadful King could not take over or destroy Winter Star. She asked her friends if they wanted to come, but they refused because. They had all lost hope of Winter Star being safe. Amanda was on her way when Bella caught her and said that she will go with her to the Wizard. As soon as they got next to the Wizards house, they did not knock. They ran inside the Wizards house, and found him reading the book of magic. They asked him if he could help them make the power field, so that Winter Star would be protected from the King and his terrible army. The Wizard agreed to help them and found the magic words for the power field in the book. As soon as they got to the open field, they all read the magic words together as instructed. . They saw the electricity reaching towards the sky and circulating the planet. This time they did not fail, they succeeded. Winter Star was now safe. The Evil Kingship was now next to Winter Star. He told all his troops to get in their shooting positions. He counted down for them when to shoot. He shouted, “ONE, TWO, THREE, AND SHOOT!” All the troops fired to Winter Star at once. But then a miracle happened. As soon as the bullets reached the surface of the power field, the bullets turned the King and his troops away. Most of the troops and the king got shot only some saved themselves. And all the heroes of the story lived Happily Ever After. “Good Friends, hard to find, harder to leave, impossible to forget.”(Anonymous)


Enemy of the Good Julia

Could you imagine what it would be like to visit another planet? A planet where there are aliens and no humans? Just imagine‌‌. My name is Jenju Kamis and I live on the planet Fireball. It is as hot as the sun. You would not believe the extreme temperatures we endure on our planet. During the day temperatures can reach as high as three-hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Our plants are growing, but we have to water them six times a day or they will shrivel up and die. Most people are wearing shorts and t-shirts and some people are wearing bathing suits. Everybody is playing and having a good time, but we are about to go inside because we are reaching our time limit for staying outside. We can only go outside for five to six hours at a time or our skin will burn from the sun. Everything was going great on our planet until the day my people were attacked by our neighboring planet Julun. Julun was beginning to run out of space and wanted our planet to expand their population. We didn't know it, but our lives were about to change forever. We were now at war because Julun wanted to take over our planet. However, Julun underestimated our will to survive and how long we would continue to fight for our way of life. We have been fighting the Julun military for over a year now. They have gun blasters and knives and have been fighting well, but they are beginning to tire. I can tell they are ready to win, but that won’t happen because we have a better army. We are better trained with more superior weapons and leaders who know how to fight. Although we can only stay outside for five to six hours at a time, our largest advantage is that we can endure much greater temperatures than the Julun military. In addition, we are more familiar with the landscape of our planet. It is just a matter of time before the Julun military surrenders or begins peace negotiations. I am hoping that my newly established high ranking position within our military allows me the opportunity to negotiate peace. This is my greatest wish.


I have been trying to end this war ever since it started. I need to find a way to end it before my planet is destroyed. I am seeing more and more of my people die every day. We are running out of water and most of our crops have been destroyed. There has to be a way to end this war. Is it possible that we could live together in peace on Fireball? I must find a way to make this happen. Desperate for a solution I go outside, unarmed, to find a Julian to speak with. There is so much fighting and killing going on. I grab the first Julian and ask him, "Können wir Frieden machen," which means, “can we make peace.” I was almost stabbed, but I had a feeling this would happen so I was prepared. I juked him out and ran back to my headquarters as fast as possible. I talk to my clan about how to make peace with the Julians but most feel like it is hopeless. However, I will not give up because like my father always said, “Wenn etwas Schlimmes passiert, hast du drei Möglichkeiten, du kannst dich entweder definieren lassen, dich zerstören lassen oder dich stärken lassen," which means, “If something bad happens you have three options. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” I finally came up with an idea; we will help the Juluns build up instead of out. One of the Julian’s weaknesses is in engineering and architecture which has resulted in a lack of space on their planet. The Julians have been developing outward instead of upward. What if they were to begin building upward with skyscrapers allowing more room for their people? Engineering and architecture are one of Fireball’s greatest strengths. We could teach them how to build skyscrapers so that we have more room for the both of us. I am not sure how yet, but we need to find a way to get their attention without getting killed in order to find a solution to our problems. I have a plan but it might be a little risky. My clan and I create a scheme to make the Julians believe that we want to surrender. As a result, the Julian Prime Minister agrees to meet to discuss the terms of our surrender. Once we arrive at our meeting location my Fireball clan presents our ideas on how to increase their living space. The Julians agreed and we all went to work. There were some challenges along the way but we got through them. We eventually developed a very strong relationship with the Julians, which further developed into an alliance. The moral of the story is when something bad happens you can let it define you, destroy you, or let it strengthen you. In this case, it strengthened us.


Dragons Don’t Like Changes Lidia

They say that changes are good. But is it true? I sighed at this thought, letting my eyes wander off at the walls and the buildings of the city nearby. I could hear birds singing their morning songs and see forest animals hopping in front of me every now and then. The green blades of grass rustled quietly as I stepped on them. Around me there were bushes full of edible fruits and trees that climbed high into the sky. Above my head, the clouds floated like boats on a lake, and the chill breeze slightly touched my shoulders. Although I loved the forest and the creatures in it, I grew fond of the city life too. The morning bell ringing and the kids playing in the sun like there would be no tomorrow always made my day. I smiled to myself at that. Magic made everything seem more alive and happy. Suddenly, I heard something. I looked above. Unfortunately, it was something I expected- a spaceship brought by humans who always stick their noses where it’s not needed. I frowned, thinking about they plan to do next and slowly went back into the city. As I walked out of my home in Doonatei, I could see the dawn coming. It was still dark, but I didn’t mind. I slid into the shadows that covered half of the street. I didn’t like to be noticeable, even though I did not do anything bad or unlawful. It was just easier to hide and not be seen, especially now, when our “visitors” from another planet always questioned everything. This day I thought about taking a small night walk in the city. It wasn’t exactly allowed, but it wasn’t forbidden either, so I was good to go. The guards didn’t like when someone left their home at night because it looked suspicious for them, but I just couldn’t help it. Night walks always calmed my mind and soul. I walked, making no noise at all. On the wall beside me hung a poster. I looked at it, interested in its content. In the middle there was a quote, “Not all those who wander are lost,” written in a fancy font. Well that matches me, I thought. Suddenly, I heard and saw two figures. Humans. I furrowed my brows, distrustful about their actions and walked a little closer. Suddenly, my traitor foot stepped on a little twig and made a loud cracking noise. I cringed and looked at them again. They turned their attention to the sound, although I wasn’t sure if they saw me or not. A second later they ran away, leaving my mind confused, my legs eager to run after them, and my brain and


common sense saying, “No, don’t do that.” I sighed deeply, planning to change my night city walk into a night forest walk and maybe a little exercise with my magic abilities. Sometime after the morning sun rose, I stormed into the town frustrated, making a few people turn their heads toward me with startled expressions on their faces. This week, so many of my spells didn’t work that I felt like a novice who just began her journey with magic. It really killed my ambition and made me angry. Outdoing myself was my primary goal, it didn’t matter in what discipline. I feared that I would not be good enough for everyone and that I would let them down. Or even worse- that they would be mad at me. I planned to go back to my home and take a nap. Then, I thought that I could go to our city’s huge library and maybe read something that would calm me. Discovering new things and reading were two of the few activities that could relax and soothe me. In the library, I began looking for something interesting to read, which an easy task wasn’t. Why? It’s because most of the books here were encyclopedias. Boring encyclopedias about boring stuff even I didn’t want to learn about. After a long, non-flourishing search I sighed deeply and took one of the boring bricks of text someone called books. The title was All About Magic and Why is It Important to Our World of Elves. The title basically said I’m Boring, Do Not Read Me. It was heavy and seemed to be very old. From the reading, I learned that all of our magic comes from the dragons on our planet. Of course, I knew that already, but I kept on reading anyway. Dragons were rare, beautiful, and respected but deadly creatures. If they would become extinct, then our whole magic world would collapse and we wouldn’t be able to live the same life anymore. This fact I also knew, but I never thought about it much. I quickly connected the dots in my head, realizing something horrible. All of our current problems with magic must be connected with humans. Before their arrival, nothing like that ever happened. They somehow must’ve disturbed the dragons to...gain something? All I knew is that it must be them! What elf would want to harm these precious creatures? I slammed the book shut and rushed out of the building. My footsteps silently echoed through the forest as my mind was trying to digest all the new information. Come on, Gryli, after all you should have a brain in your head somewhere. I was studying at the Jedi Academy and was supposed to be pretty smart, so finding a solution shouldn’t be that hard. I tried to gather the facts- we have humans on our planet. These humans are driving me crazy. We also have dragons roaming in our wildernesses. We learn about these creatures in schools, although not much. Our teachers only want us to know that they’re unpredictable and dangerous, and that we should never get close to them. Someone probably interfered with them, so our magic weakens. No elf on our small planet would ever do that- it would not give him or her any profit, nor would it make his or her life better. My previous moment of feeling like a genius seemed to disappear completely. As I wandered further and deeper into the forest thinking about anything that could help, I did not notice a large shadow silently following me. I was too overwhelmed with my own thoughts, so my conscience and the sense of fear faded for a while. Finally, a loud sound of a cracking tree branch woke me up. I rapidly turned my head towards the sound. The thing I hadn’t noticed earlier was a huge dragon. I held my breath and tried not to freeze- this was the first dragon I ever saw. Although it looked terrifying, it was also beautiful. Its slim body was covered with emerald-green scales that resembled the trees’ leaves, and the eyes were deeply blue, just like seawater. The creature came closer, “Greetings, Gryli,” it said with a powerful voice. “H- hello, I guess, “ I uttered awkwardly, surprised that the creature didn’t plan to eat me at this point.


“A beautiful day we have,” it stated, its head mightily looking at things far, far away, “But we shall not have much time to talk. You need my help.” “Wait, what?” I exclaimed with my high-pitched voice that indicated my fear,” You just emerge from the shadows and begin to talk to me about me needing you? How do you even know that I have a problem?” I asked, crossing my arms. “A little bird told me about your little elven problems,” he stated, seemingly careless. “I’m not sure if you know, but ‘our little elven problems’ are also your problems,” I remarked and frowned my eyebrows. “Calm down. One looks ugly when angry,” he snickered. “As for a dragon, you seem a little sassy,” I muttered, “What do you want from me?” “Me? Nothing. I’m just so generous and offer you my help with getting rid of the humans,” the dragon said. The creature really wanted to help me. After some time we figured out the whole story behind the problem on our planet. By we, I mean mainly him. It was obvious that he was the one smarter and more experienced with beings other than elves. At first, he seemed careless about our world or us, but I felt that he actually did care and wanted things to turn out well. We now had the evidence that it was, in fact, humans who disturbed our world. We saw them doing things they surely should not do being here just as visitors. Few times we saw people creeping out of the forests, holding tools that looked like they were meant to kill a very large thing. I even eavesdropped a little, and the things I heard disturbingly matched our hypothesis. They wanted to claim our planet and rule us! They knew that we would be defenseless without our magic. Finding out about that was like a dagger in my back. We were so hospitable to them! They were our guests! And they were saying that, “they just wanted to explore and learn about elven culture.” How could we be so naive? I will never let anything like this slip by again. By our investigation, we figured the secret location of where they have their hideout. The building stood at the edge of the world- quite literally, because it was by the Serih Oceana freezing body of water, probably the coldest place on our planet. Besides, the hideout was masked by massive trees growing so close to each other you almost could not go in between them. It was a place where no one walked to or even wanted to go to. When we arrived there, it looked abandoned, but maybe the humans were just hiding. No, that’s impossible, I thought. How would they even know about us? We were as discreet as possible. I was just about going in, when someone grabbed me. I tried to scream and break free, but the person holding me was much stronger. I heard a whizz. My fellow dragon was shot with something, probably a very strong sleeping dart because he fell on the ground and was immediately chained by a group of people. Our situation at this moment seemed hopeless. I internally cursed my stupidity and the lack of planning. Bravo Gryli, you messed up again. Humans were not that dumb! We should have thought about it more, so it wouldn’t be a complete disaster. I didn’t even acknowledge when I was put into sleep and taken somewhere deep into the building. I woke up in the cold, damp room alone, and for a moment I didn’t know what had just happened, but I knew I had to do something. Suddenly, an idea came into my mind. Sure, it was a desperate idea, but I had nothing to lose at this moment. I focused my mind on calling to the few magic elements that remained. In their current state, they could either not listen to me and kill me, do nothing, or help me, although the third option had the least chance of happening. I tried to cast ice and used it to freeze off the chains. For a moment I really thought I would be stuck here forever. Now I was free, and I needed to watch what I was doing very carefully so I could escape with my dragon friend…Easier said than it’s done.


I left the basement in silence and carried on. I noticed a faded light belonging to a torch and a man holding it. Thankfully, his attention was turned the other direction. I tried to cast another spell. The magic was too weak to cast anything other than a temporary spell, so I used a small freezing spell. It wasn’t too elaborate, but what can I say? I ran as fast as I could outside, but someone caught me and dragged me into the basement again. Suddenly, my head exploded with pain. My vision blurred and darkened, and I passed out. “You really thought you could just storm into our place, kill us all and solve your little dilemma?” an arrogant voice said, harshly waking me up. “You will never rule us!” I tried to scream, but I was exhausted and all that came out was a hoarse whisper. The sinister voice laughed evilly “You stupid rabbits! Your place is either in the forest or in a king’s castle, but serving as slaves!” he exclaimed, ”Do you even know who I am and what I can do to you? What I already had done was just a small portion of it! My name is Lucius Jinx, one of the greatest humans of the Empire, and someone like you won’t stop me from claiming your planet!” he shouted. That was all I could take. Anger boiled in my veins, literally. Fire began to pour from my fingers, burning some hay straws under my feet… But I reminded myself of something. The words of my Jedi Master about the Dark Side. I was close to becoming a part of it, almost letting the anger rule over me. I held my anger and cleared my mind- because of the Jedi training it took me less than a blink of an eye. I closed my eyes and opened my mind to the Force. Next to me- behind the wall- I felt a strong source of it, connected to my fellow dragon. I’ve made a mental connection with him, and strengthened, I combined Magic and the Force into one, marvelous blend. Lucius and his people were caught into a trap built from the magical elements, powered by the Forcewhich they certainly weren’t prepared for and could not resist. I went back to my hometown victorious. I paid a visit to the governors and told them about my success. At first, they were skeptical about one girl saving the whole planet, but I told them about my companion- the dragon. They were shocked, but after all they had respect in me because I studied in the Jedi Academy, and they were happy. We celebrated for 2 days, and then our city started a campaign that was meant to restore our magic and the dragon population. It was not an easy task, but everyone worked really hard and we weren’t giving up. After a time, our magic started to come back to normal, as well as our lives. We made the humans go away off our planet. We still had some issues, but they were not as problematic as before. The dragon and I became very close friends. Soon after our adventure, he found a wife for himself, and I continued my Jedi training. Finally, the dragons weren’t treated as the “bad guys.” I knew, that the fight for power is like the universe- never ending, but I was happy for my new friend, and I hoped that the future will bring to us brighter days which we would be glad about. After all, some small changes aren’t that bad.


The Rise of the Master Jaelin

Once upon a time in a galaxy far away…… I have been dropped on to my planet, the Baska Golden. It is a nice and sunny tropical planet with a lot of sand and oceans. It smells like the ocean. Then I see a pizza tree and I get a slice and start eating it. The ground was super-hot it was also very humid there. Then I see these blue and yellow people coming up to me. They asked me: “Are you okay?” I replied: “Yes, I’m fine.” The people were very kind to me. I want to become a Jedi Master because I want to help my planet be safe. I am young and always wanting to help people. I know so much about everything because I went to a very good school when I was young. I am a great student determined to become a Jedi Master. I am always determined to learn and do a lot of things like too train and fight. I want to save our planet from war against our enemy, the Cav Thunder. They have been attacking our planet for many years Baska Golden is a planet that is rich in gold. We mine the gold, and we use it to make basketball asteroids. The basketball asteroids are used to defend Baska Golden. We also build our houses out of gold. The basketball asteroid are basketballs with asteroids inside and when you shoot them the asteroid comes out of the basketball. The Cav Thunder attacked us last year and we were defeated. They were able get our supply of basketball asteroids. We had to make more. We had to mine a lot of gold. Kevin became our new leader and everything changed our old leader had passed away from a lack of food. “There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you. You'll fight for it and you won't win. But what really matters isn't the war you're waging, it's that you don't lose the person you are in the midst of the battle.”

I'm under attack by the Cavs Thunder. They brought their asteroid basketball. Kevin is our leader, and he is sleeping at the moment he sleeps a lot because he is old. We can't get to his house because we're under attack. Kevin is like a god on our planet he is the Jedi master. Kevin is always sleeping so now I have to be the hero.


As I'm running to Kevin’s house the Cav Thunder catch me. They grab me; then I pull out my lightsaber and slash them. Then they are dead. I start running to Kevin's house. Finally, I make it to his house and I start banging on the door. He opens the door and replies with tiredness: “What do you want?” I reply: ’’Let me in; we are in trouble. We are under attack by the Cav Thunder and you and I are the only ones who can stop them. I can't do this alone. I'll need your help.” When Kevin and I come out of the house, they shoot a basket asteroid at us. I tackled Kevin to the ground. He said: “You saved my life, young man.” “It's what I do, since I was born to be a hero.” Kevin and I slashed through all the Cav Thunder army then we got to their commander. The commander swings. Kevin blocks him then, and I slash the commander but he's still alive. He swoops to the spaceship and flies away and saying: “This isn't over.’’ The next week, late at night Kevin is sleeping. The commander has sent assassins that sneak through Kevin's window. They put a pillow over Kevin’s face, which wakes him up. He grabs his blue lightsaber, and then he slashes them back. Then someone behind him chokes him to his death. Life is better because we defeated the Cav Thunder. Now we can live in peace. We don't have to worry about the next time we are going to be under attack. Now I am the Jedi Master because i have fought and defeated the other planet. We live in peace and no more fighting on the Baska Golden planet.


Finding the Bounty Hunter Timothy

It was almost a safe day at Coruscant. Cargo being unloaded, trades being made, and decisions being made. The temperature was perfect and all the buildings were functioning perfectly. The airspeeders in the sky fill the roads, which weaved through billions of skyscrapers. One of the only bad things is the amount of pollution in the air, but people eventually got used to the smell. The only things without color were the buildings. Some towers were looking so sharp that they seemed as if they could pierce solid planets with ease. The Jedi Temple stood out more than anything else because of its unique design like a castle. Many of the ships in the air were only for business and would sell their items to locals. All was normal except hired assassins hiding in the shadows, called bounty hunters. Ha’Ti Da’Ar cares about others. He would give away food to people who need it instead of throwing it away. If he didn't like an item, he would have given it away. Other times when he needed money, he sold his items for cheap prices. He did to prank people a lot, but he couldn’t do any pranks that affected the entire planet due to the planet’s recently upgraded security. He didn’t always choose the right idea, but he always made it up by trying his hardest. He liked being original and only liked his own ideas. In response to his refusal to use other’s ideas, people told him to watch out for bounty hunters who might be hired against him due to his stubbornness, but Ha’Ti Da’Ar didn’t think they existed because he had never seen one himself. He only followed his ideas and almost nothing would change it. That same day, Ha’Ti Da’Ar & his friends are reading a book about legendary battles in the Clone Wars, when they heard a blast that nearly knocked them off their feet. When they all gazed upon what they heard, they all found a ball of fire falling straight toward them. They all ran through the narrow alleyway as quickly as they could, and thankfully, they all escaped unharmed. After they got the courage to come back again, they found the remains of an airspeeder in flames. They all knew only a bounty 27

would shoot a speeder and send it into an alleyway. Quickly, they all ran to the airspeeder dock that he had used and entered the driver’s seat. They just were wanting to get the reward money for capturing a bounty hunter which was generally high, depending on the skill of the bounty hunter. By then, they all knew they would get a reward if they caught him, so they all continued to pursue him. They all saw his slim and gray airspeeder, so it wasn’t too hard to find him. On the chase, they eventually all got close enough to see his face, but his face was under a helmet. The helmet was shaped like a red “T” surrounded with bold gradient gray metal. He kept going for a long time and eventually Ha’Ti Da’ar and his friends started becoming interested in the beautiful view from above and stopped paying as much attention to the speeder, and before they knew it, he had already disappeared. They now knew that he was very slick, smart, and had experience with being chased. They landed safely and started searching for clues, but the bounty hunter had completely covered his tracks. After that, they all decided to investigate and search for clues. Nothing more than junk. After hours of searching, but they all gave up. It seemed finished as if this is a wild goose chase, which the bounty hunter had turned this chase into. Except Ha’Ti Da’Ar, who was determined to beat the skilled bounty hunter due to the honor he would get if he caught the bounty hunter. He continued to search, but his boredom clouded his concentration and started listening for music to cure his boredom and help him concentrate, but the only thing that was on was mysterious music, which he didn’t like. He eventually found how to get all the information he wanted after a few hours. In the speeder dock, all the information that he wanted was given, including the location of the bounty hunter’s base and a secret back door for evacuations. Next, Ha’Ti Da’Ar instantly went home and told his friends how the speeder dock given him as much information as it could of where the base of the bounty hunter was and his secret entrance. They all wanted to take a rest and relax from all the stress, but they knew this was important, so they all went in through the secret back door for evacuations they had just learned about. They found many more bounty hunters, and each one was unique in its own way. However, they adventured too far in, and they all were caught by a sharp-eyed bounty hunter. All of Ha’Ti Da’Ar’s friends lied and said that they knew nothing and blamed it on Ha’Ti Da’Ar that he started this entire chase, and they were all released except Ha’Ti Da’Ar. Now, Ha’Ti Da’Ar felt anger and sadness rushing through him because he had just been betrayed by his friends. The bounty hunters interrogated him. Ha’Ti Da’Ar talked, and now the bounty hunters all about his pursuit of the bounty hunters. The bounty hunter who seemed to be the commander, demanded, “Don’t let him give all our information away! Destroy Ha’Ti Da’Ar!” An instant later, clones started pouring in from all the openings of the bounty hunters’ base. Seeing that they were clearly outnumbered, the bounty hunters put their hands in the air as quickly as they would go. His friends came through the army of clones after the arrest and told him that they had immediately called the authorities and then collected one million credits as a reward! Later, one of the clones came through the arrest, and said, “A message from General Kenobi, ‘Patience is the companion of wisdom. I know that you have been impatient. This should help you become successful.”


After that, at the hangout zone, they upgraded the alleyway with luxurious items. The other half was given to the group, who saved their money for later. Now all of them are rich and well known for catching the bounty hunters. Many new members are joining their group hoping for a share of the reward on their next adventure. Then the bounty hunters were imprisoned on their home planet of Mandalor. Their weapons, vehicles, and anything of value were taken to the Republic and used for the army, and now the Republic’s army is much stronger than before. Now Ha’Ti Da’Ar & his friends are much more popular and well known from their adventure.


The Empire’s Death Harry

As I looked around, the hot sun was beating down on my skin making me sweat. In the distance I heard the cry of a Draceon calling for food. I quickly scanned the area, hoping to find something, but all I could see for miles was desert. Suddenly I could see a town in the distance. I walked towards it. When I reached it no one was there. Suddenly the town was alive with people bustling about greeting each other. I saw market stands being put up. I went to one of them and bought a strange fruit and when I bit into it, the juicy cream inside made my mouth melt with flavor. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there. I should introduce myself to you. I’m Harle Leeng. What! You've never heard of me? Well don’t worry. I have a ballard for a reason. Music, maestro, storyteller and action!” Harle Leeng would jump into danger without a second thought. He would climb the tallest mountains and swim the deepest seas if it meant helping his friends. He would find clues no one else could and solve the case. He could solve the toughest problems and would always find a way to save his friends. In battle he was unchallenged for no man could beat him. “So do you think you know me now? Huh? You want to learn how I became a Jedi? Well let me tell you …” As the pod screamed through the atmosphere, it grew slowly warmer like a creeping disease. When it grew so hot that it was about to melt the pod, when it smashed into the ground creating a wave of dust covering everything around it. Two intrepid explorers saw the pod and went towards it not knowing what horrors awaited them. “What? It still didn’t tell you how I became a Jedi? Patience, I’m getting to that bit.” As the clouds swarmed the sun, we hung our heads in silence for the loss of our two greatest explorers. But as we piled the dirt on top of them, we didn’t realize they weren’t dead. Not yet. In the black of the night they rose crawling towards a single house. Soon more were infected with the disease, their flesh rotting. See, it turns out, they were un-dead. I saw them and shouted, “Run!” to everyone and ran. Soon, the former neighbors, butchers, stylists, and farmers shambled after us decaying. 30

Soon we realized we were getting tired while the infected didn’t. We began to lose hope but with a flash, a missile streaked towards them and hit the middle of the hoard hurling and scattering them everywhere. We turned to see who it was and were surprised when we saw the military. As we talked with the leader of the military, a cry arose. “They’re coming!!!They’re coming!!!!!” Someone screamed suddenly and was silenced. We quickly ran outside to see what happened. It was chaos. Our men were shooting at the zombies shambling forms but nothing was happening. The zombies shuffled closer and started to infect our men, killing them. So I let out a guttural cry summoning my animal companions to my aid. A Draceon swiped its paw bashing many zombies, while others ate the zombies. But soon the animals were overwhelmed and fled. I thought we were dead but suddenly a Stone Sloth appeared and crushed many zombies. I saw the answer to our predicament. I told the general my plan and he heartily agreed. So I asked the Stone Sloth if he would carry a sample of the virus to our sister planet. He agreed and went into a carrier. All we had to do now was survive. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. I struggled trying to break free but it was no use. I was stuffed inside a stasis pod. Just before the stasis pod’s icy gas froze me, I saw the general’s face… The next few days were a blur. The scientists had told me that the stasis pod I was in was very easy to unfreeze. All they had to do was heat me up which was easy in the desert. I was also told that the Stone Sloth had managed to get the virus to the scientists on our sister planet. They had found a vaccine and a cure for it. They had also found out that the pod was sent by the Empire to test out a new bio weapon. They had dubbed it the Empire’s Death. It turned out the general had stuffed me in the stasis pod because he wanted to save me from the zombies. After that, everyone was asking how I succeeded. All I said was, “Success is no accident.” (Pele) As I fell asleep that night with the book on the Jedi in my hand, I promised never to let this happen to another planet.


Star haven 3047 Roman

Today is the day the Emperor visits our city to talk about a peace treaty, so he would leave us out of this squabble with the Republic. Our people had no quarrel with the empire nor did we want it. It was my job to make sure that everything was in the clear after hearing what had happened on a neighboring planet, Alpha Centauri B. They were hit with an alleged bioweapon. Being the Royal Scientist Cilro Mawas the 3rd had to inspect the empire cruise ship and weapon holsters and all the compartments. Other than that, this was a day of hopeful rejoice knowing that we would be safe from the Empire. The emperor arrived followed by an entourage of two shadow troopers and a platoon of regular troopers. Here we do not allow cloning, so everyone is scowling upon these abominations of nature is present. Being the royal scientist had some perks like getting to sit in on the treaty being made. History in the making! But this would take a couple hours, so I should get comfortable. Five hours later the King must have said something to upset the Emperor. He got this dark look on his wrinkly face, and I saw an odd glowing coming from under the table. I realized he was going to attack the king! I screamed for the guards, but I was too late the Emperor shot a horrible burst of purple lightning at the King blasting him to the wall. I screamed and ran to him. I tried for a pulse, but there was nothing. The blast must have stopped his heart. But there was still time to save him. I summoned an old relic from a nearby planet called Earth that could maybe restart his heart. It was teleported quickly, and I attached it to the King hoping to the gods that it would work. I counted to three and ZAP! He flew a foot off the ground, but nothing happened. No pulse. He was gone. The Emperor had murdered our King in cold blood. Suddenly the King's wife burst in screaming, “WHERE is HE. WHERE is THE ONE WHO Killed MY HUSBAND?� The queen had been on a mission on the other side of the planet when this happened. She acted as an emissary of our planet, now she was reduced to a crying widow wailing upon her dead husband. We had to have a proper burial for him full of honor and respect. Our King was righteous, great and beloved by his people. He will be greatly missed. May he forever rest with the spirits of our past and may the gods smile upon him. People cried and wailed as he was lowered into his grave to be laid to rest.


As he was laid in a golden coffin with an inscription in an ancient language, it said, my ancient wings be unfolded upon you to rise to the place of forever. We are now at war with the Empire. I decided to travel to a monastery on a neighboring planet that is said to be inhabited by a race of monks called ‘Jed’. A people of peace and prosperity. Maybe they could help. I have also learned from legends that they have a group of people called Jedi Knights who are great warriors with a spirit of fire and hearts of gold. These were the same values our King upheld, and I wanted to honor his memory by learning their methods of battling the dark side. They fight with something called the force. I think that's what the Emperor used to murder our King. I had to know how to combat the dark powers of the Empire. It was a long journey to this planet, but there was a great reward in the end. There were the monks. Maybe I could ask someone about the Jedi, but everyone I asked either gave me an odd look like I was insane or just ran in a hurry like what I was asking was something horrible. Then I saw what I needed: a giant temple with the symbol of the Jedi Knights on it. I ran up to it slowly realizing it was almost deserted except for one old man. He seemed to be whispering something at an altar with a single small candle. I slowly crept forward trying to be as silent as possible. Then the man raised his head slowly. He seemed to know I was here. The real thing that shocked me was when he looked at me and said my name. “Cilro Mawas I have been waiting a very long time for you to come. ”I almost screamed in surprise! I asked him, “How do you know my name?” “I have been around for a long time. I have seen many things. The past, the future. It is not kept from me. I have been waiting for years. This altar has been waiting. I feel that you have also been waiting. Maybe not consciously but in spirit.” “But how? I have only just learned about this planet. It is very hard to find. How?” “With the Force Cilro.” “I am confused the Fork? “The Force. The energy that runs through all things. That rock, this candle, you and me. Some can even harness this energy to do wonderful and powerful feats. Have you ever heard of Luke Skywalker? “Yes in the legends of the old wars.” “Did it mention anything about his great power and affinity with these strange powers?” “Yes, but only a little.” “That power was the Force.” “Wow.” “Yes but the Force can also be used for evil. “Is that what the new Emperor used upon my King?” “Most likely he is related to the past Emperor so maybe. “I need to learn the way of the force if I want to avenge my king “If you are seeking revenge, then dig two graves. That is a saying from the old planet earth. “If you do this you will never be the same. Master Yoda said, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. Do this and suffer the consequences”


“Fine then what will I have to do to learn the Force. “You do not learn the force. You learn the way of the Force.” “What?” “The Force is not like the sword. The sword can be wielded and put can be dulled and weakened. The force is like water, it is fluid and ever-changing slowly carving out canyons with years, you cannot hold this power; only feel the way it flows, the way a river erodes at the stone until the stone is no more.” “But how do I learn this ‘force’’ “You do not learn the force. You feel and learn the way of the force.” “But how?” “By training your mind, body and soul until you understand the power of the force.” “It will not be easy. For if it was so it would not be training. You will struggle and feel like the stone in the river being worn down by the power of the water.” “Then you will know the way of the force.” “Then when do I start?” “If you truly believe in this follow me.” The old man immediately stood up and when in a small door behind the altar. When I passed through though I realized it was an exit. Behind was what looked like a training area. There were stone stacks in one area, tables with machine parts in another and what really interested me were the odd amount crystals growing on trees and stones. These crystals were oddly colored from pulsing green to shifting purple. Like nothing, I have ever seen. In my awe, the old man had reached the stone stacks and was waiting for me there. “Now, I want you to reach out with your mind, and soul, try to feel these stones and the force flowing within them and through you.” I closed my eyes, trying with every fibre of my being to feel these stones from outside my body. I tried and tried but to no avail. I did not understand how to do this. It was beyond all science and was just beyond me. I was at a loss. “How do I do this, this is not possible.” “You are forcing yourself upon the stones. You must feel the stones. Try again.” So once again I reached out to the stones. This time I tried not to think about how to do it but just doing it instead. And then I felt it. This wonderful feeling came over me. It rushed through me like a river filling me with power. I could feel the force. I reached out to grasp the stone with my mind. Like it was an extension of my arm. And I opened my eyes to see a floating stone. It was amazing to think such amazing feats were possible with such little exercise of skill. But in my elation, I lost focus and dropped the stone. The old man looked at me with an ancient disappointment. “You let your emotions catch you off guard and sweep you off your feet in a swift move. You must learn to control your emotions like a misbehaving Bantha. You must hold the reins and not let go or they will break free and wreak havoc upon you and others.” “I understand.” “This way” “Okay”

34 33

The old man walked towards the part of the area that was not walled. It led to a grove full of songbirds and flowers. “This is the meditation area. This place is where you will clear your mind and look to the future.” “What do you mean?” “This is where you will think ahead and ready yourself for the many challenges in your future. You will come to this place many times in the years to come. 12 years later… “Master, should I go get water?” “Yes” I went to fetch some water but then I collapsed in pain. There were a screaming and fire and my chest felt like it would burst with all the screaming. It was of children and women. Innocent people. My master noticed that I was taking a while and came to find me on the ground shaking. He put on a wall and tried to speak to me but I couldn't hear him. Then my master started to put his hands on my head. Then the screaming stopped. My master's voice was in my head. “Cilro this is a vision. Clear your mind.” “But I was unable to this vision felt so real I could not block it out. It was tearing me apart and then silence but this time I could not hear my master. Then there was another voice. “Hello Cilro, I am Emperor Xanthous. I felt your power. My-my, you sure have been working, haven't you?”


Knights of Ren Diego

In a galaxy far far away... I was so relieved that I can go back home after the Jedi academy, I said goodbye to all my friends and I told them that I'll see them later. I start heading home (Endor). As I got off my spaceship, I smell old mud, trees, and mechanic oil from the at-at that have rusted over the years. I forgot the smell of this beautiful planet. I walk down to the village hoping that the Ewoks were there. I get to the village and no one was there, but I walk more and I see my friend wickets ear. Suddenly I heard Ewoks running at me. I thought they were going to attack me and eat me, but they were just trying to get a hug from me because they miss me a lot. I noticed that this was a surprise. Later that day, I started building an X wing model kit from the hobby store When I was done building, it I heard EXPLOSIONS! and saw TIE FIGHTERS. I ran outside, and grabbed my light saber and out of nowhere I see Kylo Ren's Command shuttle across the lake. I run to the Ewoks and tell them to pack their things and leave. The FIRST ORDER was here and that they were taking over the planet. I forgot this was an Imperial base and that Kylo Ren's grandfather (Darth Vader) died here. I ran into the forest so Kylo Ren couldn't find me but as soon as I stop to take a breath. He was right there in front of me and declared, ‘’Why do you have the same lightsaber as me?’’ ‘’Because it's a cool hilt design.’’ Kylo Ren’s says in his dark voice, ‘’I’m the only person that can have that design.”


We had a full on lightsaber fight. He swings his Lightsaber and cuts my hand off, I scream in pain. Kylo Ren says, ‘’Join me Lopgo Dimarpue, and we can rule the galaxy together with the other Knights.’’ All I was thinking of was the Ewoks because I could hear them screaming from far away. I didn't really care for the Resistance. As long as the Ewoks were ok I’m fine with it.’’ ‘’Yes, but as long as you leave the Ewoks alone.’’ I replied Kylo Ren commented ‘’Fine. I'll leave the Ewoks here. Welcome new Knight!’’ He walked me down to his shuttle, as we leave, I see stormtroopers scouting the area. I asked Kylo Ren where he was going to put the Ewoks, and Kylo Ren responded, “Ahch to.’’ I told Kylo Ren that it’s probably not a safe planet because there barely any animals other than the caretakers, But Kylo Ren says,’’ I know you’re lying. I can sense it, and I already know that Luke Skywalker was there but he died during the battle on Crait’’. Next thing he exclaimed’’ were here now let me show you around and your room and other stuff.’’ He tells me the policies and shows me the Knights of Ren room.About 20 mins later he show me my new uniforms and across the corner I can see the other Knights and Kylo Ren tells me’’ I’ll see you later.’’ And one of the Knights greet me to the other Knights for some reason one of them look familiar. Next day I hear the garrison alarm and I wake up and put on my uniform and start running to the other Knights and the main one tells me that a resistance team is here and so i run to my post and I see finn (fn 2187) running and so we take down his team and run after finn. He gets on a tie fighter and I tell the others I’ll take him down. During that he makes a call to the rebels. The resistance is trying to destroy the supremacy, and I get a hit on his wing. Finn explodes in space, and a bunch of x wing and tie fighters come and we take them down like if a Wampa fought an Ewok. A few minutes later Kylo Ren tells me, ’’You now you have a tie silencer you know that right’’. I was so mad because I wanted to use it but at least I got it. I was in my room when anther alarm went off I ran out of my room with me lightsaber. This time we found the new resistance base. We were in yavin 4 which was an old rebel base from the old days. I went to Kylo Ren to ask him where my tie silencer was. He announced, ‘’It’s in bay 6 I’ll head down there with you. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't contain myself from the joy. I’ve always wanted to ride a tie silencer. I hopped in it and flew away. A bunch of bombers and x wings came in. Boom! The supremacy was hit by the bombers. I was so shaky to the point I was light headed from the battle. I got myself to get myself together and I continued with the fight. About an hour later and we still couldn't manage to take down the bombers this was a difficult battle. Finally we took them down and they left but I saw something. It was the Millennium Falcon. They distracted us so they could get in. I Announced to Kylo Ren ‘’ dispatch all divisions we need to get those rebel scums. All divisions scanned through the massive ship and there was nothing to be found. I went back to my room and I heard crawling in the air vents.


I ignited the lightsaber through the air vents and there was a resistance trooper. I checked the security room and looked at the monitors they were all broken which means they were in there. As well I announced to Kylo Ren ’’There in the air vents’’ He announced the first order that they need to check the air vents because the rebels were in there but again there were nowhere to be found. I checked the bay were the millennium falcon was but it wasn't there but one of the storm troopers said, ’’Hey we found one.’’ We put him in the interrogation chamber but the problem was I couldn't go in people's minds but it was simple. I tried and I finally I got to know where the rebels were at. They were at Cantina it another rebel planet from the imperial days. I headed down there and there it was the Millennium Falcon but it looked different. They tricked us again. I was so angry I destroyed the fake model. But we had them tied to an end of a string. I head back and all the rebels but Chewbacca, Rey, Poe, and Leia. But I didn't want to kill Leia. She came to my school ones and she was pretty funny and nice. I told them, ‘’Get the executioner troopers’’ “Also get the janitors and tell them to put them in the trash compactor’’. I walk down to my room. I black out on the floor. I don’t know what happened but I felt better. I sprinted to the bathroom, and I didn't see anything different about me. I check what the date was and I’ve been in a comma for a month. I go to the Knights and walk up to them next they said was, ‘’Where have you been we.’’ I reply with’’ I think I had a comma’’. ‘’Oh ok do you feel better.’’ ‘’Yeah,’’ Oh yeah we've almost wiped out the resistance,’’ he announced Knight 1 . ‘’Cool does that mean where done.’’ He replies with a, ’No.’’ ‘’What else do we have to do.’’ ‘’There's more rebels around the outer rim so we are going to go there now.’’ We start packing up and went into our ships and hyper speed to the outer rim and guess what we saw a shield generator around three planets which means that the resistance is here. We tried to take those things down and we do and I call for a dreadnought and it blast the two planets ‘’but there one that I didn’t say destroy .Endor the rebels were over there. ‘’I tell them don't destroy that one that's my home planet.’’ Just destroy the rebels by getting on the planet. I wonder if the Ewoks are here and I see them with the rebels so I pull out my lightsaber and blaster and start to head over by the rebels and destroy them one by one .I head over to the Ewoks and tell them ‘’It's me Lopgo remember.’’ They look like they don't remember me but I take off my mask and they had surprised faces and I give them hug but after 5 min I head out and say goodbye to the Ewoks and tell them I’ll come back to see them again and I saw rey over by the my tie silencer and tell her, ‘’Back off that’s mine.‘’ I put on my helmet and ignite my light saber and she does to, and we duel it out and I push her down a small cliff with her being injured. 38

I announced ‘’ you’ve lost’ ’in a dark voice.’’ She replies with, ‘Why did you turn to the Dark side’’ I exclaimed with, “To save the Ewoks.’’ Right after the invasion, I brought Rey to a jail cell in the Supremacy. We didn't finish off the Resistance but we will soon. (Ending star wars music)



Green one, 2018  
Green one, 2018