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l began their road to success back in November of 2006. Before that Nino and Saul were two very good friends who grew up in the hard streets of Boston Massachusetts living the typical urban lifestyle, both with dreams of becoming major stars in the Urban Latin Music industry. *Nino Dinero (Artist/DJ), born March 18, 1985 in Boston Massachusetts and raised in both Spanish Harlem New York and Boston Ma. is the Lyricist of the two. Nino style is a blend of Hip hop and Reggaeton music, a style which he likes to call Reggae-HopŠ (better known as Spanglish lyrics). Not only is Nino a good lyricist but is also a DJ and an Entrepreneur which makes him very well rounded. Nino was born into a big musical family which makes no surprise that pursuing music would be the goal that Nino wants to achieve. *Saul, born September 22nd 1988 in Moca Cibeo, Dominican Republic and raised in Boston Ma. is the Vocalist of the two. Unlike Nino, Saul does not have a big musical background but he does have a huge passion for music. Saul's style is unique with inspiration from pop rock, R&B, Bachata (music from the Dominican Republic) and Reggaeton. Very determine and dedicated to his work, its more then just music with Saul, its the love of his life. *Ever since they became an official duo back in November of 2006, Nino y Saul have accomplish many things independently and has created a

movement that is undeniable. The genre of music they mainly focus on is Urban Latin music, but they also tend to go back and forth, testing the waters of other music genres such as Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Bachata and much more. Nino y Saul strive to become the meaning of Total Talented and hard working artists. The name Los Underdoggz or Los Subestimados came from the people underestimating their musical abilities in a generation where music is something that more than half of the population in this world are trying to pursue, making the competition deep and heavy. Even though they are going against all odds, Nino y Saul still tend to find a way to take two steps further from their competition which making the name Los Underdoggz (Los Subestimados) a perfect fit for them. Nino y Saul went from becoming nothing to something by independently getting themselves played on the Radio like 94.5FM(Jam'n), 91.5FM, 1330AM(El Kan Show), 540AM(GRLZ Radio), 92.9HD(RadioYouBoston), Power 800am and more. They were also (with help from management) booking themselves shows, opening up for major artists, being featured on Local DJ mixtapes, DVDs and they even perform in front of thousands of people at Boston's Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) 3 years in a row for Comcast TV in 2007, 2008 and 2009. They are leading by example

and showing people that even though the music game may not be so easy to pursue during these hard times called "Recession", with hard work and dedication anything is possible. As a duo their goal is to become future pioneers, Icons in the Urban Latin Industry and become the next big thing in music. In order to make it big in the music world Nino y Saul believe that you must provide the following- Good Quality Music, Personality, Image, Unique and Performance, which is what they strive or in order to satisfied their audience. They are the missing element to the Urban Latin Industry. They are the Underdoggz, a new breed of talents, a new wave of music, a new era of sound, they are Nino y Saul

DON JANDRO Alejandro Astudillo Alayo, conocido en el ambito artistico como ''Don Jandro'', nace un 21 de agosto en la ciudad de Montreal, Canada. Para el ano 2007, Don Jandro conoce en su escuela a Mathieu Jomphe, un joven productor local. A partir de ese momento, nace una buena amistad y Mathieu le ensena su estudio de grabacion, este le sugiere a Don Jandro que comienze a componer canciones debido a sus buenas caracteristicas al cantar. El joven talento decide emprender carrera en la musica pues su motivacion y sus ganas de progresar fueron siempre grandes factores en su vida. Muchas de sus amistades lo apoyan por sus temas tales como: ''Dale'', ''Tu mirada" y ''Bailando'', canciones que se convirtieron en exitos entre sus seres cercanos. Despues de un tiempo, Don Jandro concluye que la musica es algo que quiere hacer debido a su pasion y respeto por ella. ''La creatividad es darle a si mismo la oportunidad de cometer errores y el arte es saber cuales guardar''. Poco a poco creciendo pero siempre manteniendose derecho y con la frente alta, este joven artista busca poner su nombre en evidencia a nivel mundial

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