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Ruan van der Kuil

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Ruan van der Kuil


"Been workin' so hard I'm punchin' my card Eight hours, for what? Oh, tell me what I've got" This is the first verse of Ruan van der Kuil's favourite song, Footloose by Kenny Loggins, and conveys Van der Kuil's feeling of youthful positivity and enthusiasm towards life through his music. 5


Nineteen year old Ruan van der Kuil began his musical career at a very young age. His grandfather was a musician and this influenced Ruan greatly. He started singing using a light bulb from his grandfather's drawer as a microphone. His parents recognised his talent and entered him into local competitions. He won all of them! He continued on to win the Eastern Cape's biggest competition, the JIP BayFM Singing competition, for two years in a row in 2008 and 2009. He also achieved the SA Singing and SA Performing Awards again for in 2009 and 2010. 7


Ruan van der Kuil is mainly a solo musical act. He plays three instruments, the guitar, the piano and the drums. Van der Kuil has been singing and performing for nine years and is highly influenced by the musical talents of Michael Jackson. Music genres covered by Van der Kuil inc lude pop, alternative rock, gospel, and Afrikaans pop music. His act is energetic, fun and contemporary, aiming at audiences of all ages. Van der Kuil writes some of his songs which are inspired by his day to day life. His favourite theme to write about is love. When inspiration hits, Van der Kuil grabs pen and paper and starts writing down whatever emotions he might be feeling. 9




The instrument that describes Van der Kuil the best is the guitar. The instrument comes alive in his hands, drawing the audience in as he does what he does best, performing, but he is an avid sportsman, who enjoys playing rugby as well as cricket in his spare time. Ruan performs at festivals throughout South Africa and has appeared at the Splash Festival in Port Elizabeth, the Anibrand Festival in Uitenhage, the Richmond Hill Street Music Festival in Port Elizabeth. the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival in Oudtshoorn, the Biltong Festival in Somerset East and the Northern Art Festival in Nelson Mandela Bay. The world is his oyster and his biggest goal is to reach the international market in the next ten years by basing everything he does on his motto: 'Love life'. 13


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Richmond Hill Music Festival  
Richmond Hill Music Festival  

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