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Testimonials… “I have experienced skin issues all my life. I’ve tried everything from extremely harsh medications to mild over the counter products. I really have never been completely satisfied with the results especially because the harsh medications that gave me the most effective results actually made me feel like I was doing damage to my body. I have been working with Laurisa for about 1 year now and it has made an extreme impact on my skin. I feel truly healthy from the inside out. My skin is clear and clean! The glowing skin I am experiencing has a deeper meaning for me because I know the route of this outward appearance is actually inner health! I’m so satisfied with Laurisa’s advice and her program that I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Laurisa!!!” –Lady S., New York, Designer “I am seeing overall improvement and even had somebody say that my skin looked radiant. Thanks for all the great help!!! I am really enjoying it!!” –Laurie D., Executive

“I'm only on week 4 of your 12 week program, and the changes I've seen in my skin are amazing!!! I've seen a major decrease in the amount of oil my skin produces during the day.” –Liz H., Teacher

“I am changing my unhealthy lifestyle, and I couldn't be happier about how much will power I never thought I had. So thank you for giving me this goal. I feel like I can do anything now…one step at a time.” -Devon R., New Jersey, Student “Thank you for applauding me and putting me on the path to celebrating me and my life and with your guidance and eye opening tidbits and helpful hints I'm not just learning how to eat well but to be aware of the balance of all aspects of my life which when put into play is an expression of love for myself. And I love all the compliments I’m getting on my skin- that has NEVER happened before!” –Denise B, New York, Business Owner

“I was at a point where I couldn’t even remember my skin being clear. I was also 20 pounds overweight and had zero confidence. Within 2 weeks of working with Laurisa, I lost 5 pounds and my skin started to clear significantly. I also felt REALLY GOOD! Everyone should have a health coach. And I’m so grateful that I decided to invest in myself and do her program.” –Kelsey M., Denver, Vet Assistant 2

“As my health coach you gave me a safe place to talk about my really bad eating habits and my life stressors. You gave me concrete ideas, articles to spark my interest in healthy eating and opened my eyes to a variety of new foods that I love. It’s easy to say you want to be healthier, but taking the steps to do it is so hard. I am so thankful you were able to give me life long information that I can use in everyday situations to make chooses to feel good. Thanks for all support, dedication and information to help me take care of myself.” – Jamie S., Houston, Manager

“Laurisa was very helpful in keeping me focused and talking me through any questions that I had. At the end of the cleanse my skin looked better, I had more energy, lost weight, and I felt healthier overall. I have recommended Laurisa and her program to several friends and co- workers. Having her amazing energy and positive attitude helped make the whole experience that much better. Thanks Laurisa!” -Danielle S., New York, Fashion Executive


My Story… How I went from…

My breakout nightmare began when I was 12 and went from a few zits to my face being fully covered with painful cysts, whiteheads. It’s hard to look at my 21st birthday photos as this was my skin at its worst. I went to countless dermatologists, was on antibiotics for endless months in my teens, and spent so much money on appointments, prescriptions, cortisone shots and acne cleansing products. I’m sure you can relate to some or all of what I’m sharing. My last stab at a “cure” was when I went on Accutane for 7 months when I was 28. I thought I finally had the clear skin I always dreamed of! But as soon as I went off birth control a couple years later, welcome back adult acne.

Then I finally discovered the secrets no one had told me before. My dermatologist never mentioned these options to me. How did I not know how easy it can be to get on the clear skin train? That is what I’m here to teach you. Some recommendations may be familiar while others may be brand new to you.


We’re all coming from different places with our breakouts. But I ask you to keep an open mind, follow the recommendations even if they seem simple and silly, push yourself if they are challenging and keep your clear skin intentions in mind at all time. I was willing to do anything for clear skin. And what I will be teaching you isn’t that hard but it does take dedication, perseverance and the willingness to push forward every day. Your skin will get clearer. It will glow. You will feel better. Let’s get your glow on!

Days 1 - 10 Change What You Eat Chapter 1: The 3-Day Quick Start Transformation… Powerful yet Simple Morning Tricks to Supercharge Your Skin & Awaken All-Day Energy… Let’s get your glowing and clearing up now with 2 simple and easy to incorporate steps! By following these ‘Glow for Life Rituals’ for just a few short days, you will see a difference in your skin! In 2 easy steps you will look better and have more energy instantly.

What this is all about... Our bodies go through a clean up mode while we sleep. Sometimes when we eat late at night, our system needs to finish the digestion process which takes about 4 hours before it can get busy cleaning and detoxing. This is why it’s important to allow 12 hours between eating dinner and breakfast.


If you interrupt the cleaning process with a meal that has to be digested, it doesn’t finish and those toxins are left inside to cause trouble. Regardless of when you last ate, this little morning trick can double your energy for the day!

Step 1… Step 1 is what I call it my Morning Water Trick. We are very dehydrated first thing in the morning. So we need to rehydrate and help flush the cleaning job our body performed all night. First… You’ll want to keep an 8oz glass of water next to your bed, and before you even get up, throw that room temp glass of goodness back. Next… Once you’re done, make yourself a cup of hot water with a half of a lemon squeezed in. Lemon is very cleansing and detoxifying, so it acts as a great flush for the system and stimulates cleansing of the liver. Drink this while getting ready, and if you have time have another cup. Now you’ve had almost 24oz of water! You want to aim for half your body weight in ounces every day. So if you’re 150 pounds, you should drink 75oz of water. The body is made up of 70% water- it is an essential fluid that must be continually replaced. It is crucial to our survival, good health and clear skin.


Room temperature water is less shocking to the system, try and avoid very cold water if possible. Another fact many people don’t know about is not drinking water during a meal. It can interfere with the digestive juices- and we need all those juices flowing to do their job!

Rule Of Thumb… A good rule of thumb is to avoid water 15 minutes before eating and an hour afterwards. You can still sip water throughout the meal to help wash food down, but keep moderation in mind. If you tend to get thirsty during meals, drink a glass or two about 30 minutes before you eat. Just a friendly reminder that coffee, black tea, bottled juice, vitamin waters and soda does not count towards your daily water intake.

But guess what…green juice, raw veggies and herbal tea does count if consumed on a regular basis!


tricks to get your daily dose of


1. Buy a pretty or colorful glass bottle or BPA-free plastic cup with a straw. Keep it next to you at work or carry it with you on the go. Create playful reminders on your phone or calendar to drink throughout the day. 2. Recruit a water buddy at work! Keep each other in check and refill your cups for one another throughout the day. 3. Add any of the following: fresh squeezed lemon, cucumber or berries to liven it up. Try Stevia for a sweet treat; it is a non-calorie, sugar and chemicalfree sweetener made from an herb. It’s available in convenient packets or liquid. 4. Add a little bit more each day to work up to your goal. You can do it! Remember each sip gets you closer to a clearer complexion.


Step 2… Step 2 is incorporating a ‘Green Beauty Sm oothie’.

This is my absolute favorite breakfast ever invented and will single handedly have you glowing in no time! Because the body may still be cleaning and detoxing in the morning, we don’t want it to have to refocus that energy on digestion. The Green Beauty Smoothie blasts you with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are already predigested by the act of blending. It will also increase you energy and encourage your natural ideal weight. Plus the vegetables and fruits you will be using are full of fiber that will act as little brooms to sweep away the toxins that have been released overnight that need to be properly eliminated. I know we’re all busy! When your ingredients are prepared and ready to go in the fridge, it will take 2 minutes or less to make breakfast. I even show you in this video! I like to buy and prep enough ingredients for the week and get them ready Sunday night. This way I can aim for 4-5 smoothies a week. But again, the more the better- you can’t overdose on green smoothies! Try one for dinner if it’s a bit too late for a full meal. It is best to drink your smoothie alone and wait about 30 minutes before eating. There are endless combinations, so feel free to have some fun with your mix. Just be sure to aim for a 3:1 veggie to fruit ratio.


I make a big glass and sip while getting ready or put it in a to-go cup for my commute (I love when people check out my bright, beautiful green drink!). If you make a double batch, store in an airtight jar up to a day in the refrigerator. Here is m y favorite recipe:

Original Green Beauty Smoothie • • • • • • •

1 c. coconut water or filtered water 5-6 handfuls of spinach or kale or romaine…blend then add several pieces of frozen pineapple or apples or pears or banana ½ avocado (this keeps the smoothie from separating & makes it creamy) fresh ginger (optional) stevia (optional) scoop of Super Greens powder in fruit flavor for an added green and sweet bonus (optional)…blend again and serve!

Chapter 2: How Food Intolerances Cause Skin Problems and What to Do About It… We’re going to focus on correcting any food allergies or sensitivities you may have, which could be one of the contributors to your breakouts, dull complexion and tired-looking skin. Delayed food allergies are among the most common causes of acne. Delayed food allergies are much more common, but most people are unaware of them. This is when a symptom doesn’t appear for about 24 hours, sometimes even a couple of days.


So most people don’t ever relate their everyday issues with something they ate, and definitely not something eaten 2 days ago. If we do associate a physical response with something that we ate, we are usually trying to think of something unique or different that we consumed, not realizing that we are most likely sensitive to something we are eating all the time.

Many day-to-day complaints are also unknowingly caused by delayed food allergies: • • • • • • • •

acne brain fog inability to concentrate fatigue headaches migraines joint pain rosy cheeks

• • • • • • •

muscle weakness depression chronic sinus issues plugged ears chronic ear infections weight gain dark circles

And strangely enough, cravings for the food you are actually allergic to, these are all common food allergy reactions.

It may be some of your favorite foods or foods you consume frequently that are causing your symptoms.

Dairy… Some of the most common food allergies are wheat and dairy! How often are you consuming these on a daily basis? I know I was having at least 6-8 servings of foods containing these


two things every day! Research has learned that acne is triggered by HORMONES and FOODS THAT CAUSE AN ELEVATION IN INSULIN . Milk just so happens to contain an average of 60 different hormones and can spike insulin levels 300%. That is a lot elevating! What is known is that cow’s milk is meant to grow baby calves very rapidly. I don’t think any of us want to be large and slow like cows. Here’s a little science… milk is full of anabolic hormones, mostly androgens like testosterone and growth hormones (IGF-1). Androgens and insulin both stimulate the skin to produce acne. These 60 different hormones that are in milk, many which researches have found a direct link between them and acne, are present in non-organic, organic, raw and bovine growth hormone-free milk. No cow m ilk is safe! Hopefully I’ve given you enough information to encourage dropping milk from your diet. At least for the time period of the ‘Embrace and Eliminate’ diet I’m sharing with you next. There are plenty of non-dairy milk options out there now. I love coconut, hemp and almond milk for my smoothies and oatmeal. Every time I’ve removed something from my diet, much better options that make me feel so much healthier have been introduced to me. So, don’t feel like the eliminating portion of this experiment means your favorite foods are gone from your life.


Gluten… I also mentioned gluten as another skin offender. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Having a gluten sensitivity can cause skin rashes, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, fatigue and achy joints. How do you know if you have sensitivity? Stop eating it and see how you feel. Chronic problems clear up when gluten is knocked out. Be careful- gluten hides in interesting places. It’s found in every single form of wheat, including durum which is used for flour, semolina which is used for pasta. It’s in bread, cereal and most processed foods.

Processed Foods… Processed foods (anything that isn’t a whole real food) have hidden gluten in the form of food additives, preservatives and stabilizers. An example would be frozen French fries- who would have thought. So you have to be a careful label reader if you are going to continue with processed foods. The safest bet is to stick to whole, real foods- things that grow in a tree, in the ground or found in the ocean. It’s the “no-label rule”. You’ll find this food on the outside aisles of your grocery store or at a farmer’s market. So what is this Embrace and Eliminate diet I’ve been speaking of? I like to associate it with hitting the reset button.


It’s a tool used to identify food sensitivities or allergies that may be causing digestive issues, acne, rashes, fatigue, headaches, etc. You are going to become your own food detective and empower yourself to discover what effectively fuels you and what doesn’t. Everyone is different, and this could be your answer to a nagging symptom you’ve been dealing with. So let’s get excited about this experiment!


What to do... For 7 days eliminate the foods in the Eliminate column below and focus on foods in the Embrace column. On the 8th day introduce one food that you eliminated and answer the questions below. Keeping a journal is essential in order to keep track of food and reactions. Two days later on the 10th day introduce the next food on the list (avoid the food you introduced on the 8th day if you had any symptoms from it- if nothing happened and you’re sure there is no sensitivity or allergy, you can keep it in your diet). Keep introducing the next food on the list every two days until you have covered all of them.

Example: Day 8- Citrus fruits Day 10- Dairy Day 12- Eggs Day 14- Wheat Day 16- Peanuts Day 18- Sugar Day 20- Soy Day 22- Caffeine Day 24- Alcohol (this order of reintroduction is helpful as the main sensitivity culprits are spaced out in order to avoid overlapping reactions) As you test each food, you’ll journal answering the questions on the handout which are…

Elimination Diet Questions (to journal about): •

Right After: Does anything happen shortly after eating it, such as a runny nose or mucus in the throat (typical of milk), or fatigue, bloating, or a headache (typical of wheat)? Energy: How are your energy levels? A bowl of wheat pasta at night, for example, may make you feel very tired immediately after eating it or upon waking the next morning.


• • •

Bowels: How are your bowel movements the next day? As frequent and as easy to eliminate as they were during the Elimination period? Sleep: Did you sleep poorly? Did you have intense dreams or nightmares? Did you wake up in the middle of the night? Em otions: How do you feel emotionally the next day? Are you angry, moody or irritable?

Since we’re focusing on skin, make notes on your breakouts or flare-ups usually the next 1-2 days after the food. It may be helpful to photograph your face or area of your body that is affecteduse your phone- to keep track. It can also make a great before and after picture!

What Next? If you did experience a more severe allergy, that food should be permanently eliminated from your diet as it doesn’t serve you or your skin in a positive way. If you had a mild sensitivity, you should eliminate that food for a couple of months and then if you still really want it, eat it on what’s called a Rotation Diet (only consuming it every 5 days). This experiment does take some time, but it is worth it and you’ll have valuable information to take control of your health and skin once and for all. Continue to have green smoothies for breakfast along with a lot of water during this process.



tricks to make it easier to find your




3. Shop for your

4. Avoid dinners

First buy a small notebook or journal to keep with you at all times or create a note page in your phone.

Plan ahead with your meals & try to get rid of any ‘eliminated’ temptations.

foods Sunday night & plan your meals & snacks so you don’t get stuck in a situation of having to resort to one of the eliminated foods.

or drinks out to lessen temptation. But if you do go out, order from side dishes & be sure to ask your server how the food is prepared and what is in it.





Eat a variety of veggies and experiment. Try something new every few days!

Or if it’s easier, pick a few meals you really like and rotate those during the week

Take daily pictures to track breakouts during “diet”

Do the best you can. If you slip up, just make note of it & if any symptoms pop up. Then go back to the embrace foods.

Enjoy the process! You are learning so much about yourself, and I’m pretty sure you’re fabulous and lovely to know!

Chapter 3: Nutrition for Beautiful Skin Breakthrough All the Nutrition Noise and Finally Learn What Foods Makes You Look Years Younger… Unsure about including all the info below- might be too much?? For being the same species, we as humans vary drastically from person to person on what is the best food for us to thrive and be healthy. One person’s healthy food is another person’s poison.


Because we are all so different in what fuels us, it becomes up to the individual to empower themselves to find out what works and what doesn’t in order to cut through all the nutrition noise. So what do we eat?? Michael Pollan answered this incredibly complicated and confusing question with his famous nutrition quote “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Let’s break that down. Eat food- well he means real, whole foods. It’s whole if it comes from the ground, a tree or the ocean. Unfortunately 90% of the grocery store items are food-like substances that have labels, nutrition facts and health claims. If it has a health claim, you can bet some major marketing funds are backing that so claim. The “not too much” part relates to the incredible large portion sizes of the Standard American Diet which has the acronym SAD. We don’t need to eat this much. One of the reasons why we may feel hungry all the time and overeat is because our bodies are not getting enough or not fully absorbing the nutrients it needs. When we are not getting enough nutrients, our bodies tell us to keep eating even if we have just eaten.


We are also up against the prevalent addiction of sugar, fat and salt which is hidden in almost all of our food-like substances. If you tend to consistently overeat and are always hungry, it is most likely because you are not eating the RIGHT foods for you. And then onto the “mostly plants” portion. Again, everyone has an opinion about what we as humans should eat. But here is what I think about it... If you compare humans to vegetable eating primates and carnivorous animals, our bodies are most closely related to primates. Our teeth are flat most appropriate for grinding plants. We do have front canines which can be used to help open harder shells of some fruits. Carnivores have sharp fangs and molars better used for tearing and eating raw meat. The difference in the digestive tract is also very interesting. The human liver has a low tolerance for uric acid which is a by-product of digesting animal protein. While a carnivore has uricase which is an enzyme meant for breaking down uric acid. The human stomach contains acid for breaking down protein, but the carnivore’s stomach contains about 10 times as much acid- this high concentration is suited for animal protein. And lastly our intestines are very long- about 30 feet- so there is adequate time to absorb minerals and nutrients from plants. Animal protein takes a very long time to make its way through this tunnel and will sometimes begin to putrefy and rot before it goes all the way through causing unhealthy bacterial growth and toxicity. Carnivores’ intestinal tract is short, so it’s designed for getting rid of the byproduct from animal protein quickly.


How This Affects Your Skin… For clear skin, the condition of our liver, blood and colon need to be in tip top shape. When we breakout or suffer from eczema it is a message from the inside that toxicity, bacteria and possibly yeast is overwhelming our body. Our liver eliminates toxins by pushing them into the colon. If the colon is clogged, backed up, and filled with unfriendly bacteria, the liver gets clogged and backed up as well and pushes toxins through the skin- and there’s your breakouts! I’m not saying we all need to become vegetarians or you should never eat meat again. But to maintain ideal weight, beautiful skin and slow the aging process keeping toxicity levels low is a must. And eating “mostly plants” is the easiest way to achieve that.

Sugar is giving you wrinkles! Another epidemic plaguing our country and maybe you are experiencing personally is sugar cravings and addiction.

To begin with a bang, sugar can give you wrinkles.

Sugar reduces collagen and elastin which keeps are skin firm and wrinkle free. Also, refined sugar is one of the most toxic foods you can eat.


A few not-so-pretty results of having this in your diet are energy fluctuations, intense cravings, binge eating, weight gain, heart disease, depression, anger, anxiety and skin problems. Sugar is highly addictive. It releases the feel-good chemical serotonin in the brain leaving you in a lovely state of euphoria. But that “high” wears off and you experience the much talked about sugar crash. The more you eat the higher your tolerance is, therefore the more intense the craving is. Sounds a little bit like an illegal drug right? Well, it isn’t that far off. When sugar was first introduced to France, they referred to it as “crack” due to its highly addictive quality. Because refined sugar is not a natural food, in fact it’s 100% a chemical that our body doesn’t recognize…it produces extra hormones that place stress on the liver, creates a hormonal imbalance and over stimulates the oil glands- which can lead to acne. The liver also converts sugar into long chain fats that contaminate your blood and can intensify acne as well. Sugar cravings can be frustrating- even more so when you know they aren’t good for you, but you do it anyways. This can be linked back to the addictive nature of sugar, the feel good state it temporarily provides and the fact our bodies are “starving” for nutrients. Kicking this addiction can turn your health around. The average American is eating 150lbs of sugar a year or 3lbs a week- yikes! Let’s empower our bodies and minds to overcome this. And we have a very good reason to cut this out of our diets…clear, glowing, radiant and beautifully healthy skin. Yes, a very powerful motivator. In three short weeks of eliminating sugar completely, your addiction can be done with.

Beauty Foods… Now let’s switch over to talking about all the glorious and delicious foods that fuel us and make us feel good every day. Because we should be feeling amazing every single day!


I’m including an amazing ‘Clean Beauty Foods’ shopping list filled with valuable information on the skin-saving food categories we should include into our diets. If you aim to include more real whole foods into your diet, you will see a huge difference in your skin. And keep in mind, skin is last place to get nutrition, when it is glowing. So when you’re glowing, you’re doing something right.

Greens & Vegetables

Nutrient dense, full of alkaline minerals, chlorophyll and amino acids. These are key to clear, glowing skin and stable energy. • • •

Eat all colors of the rainbow; go organic as much as possible Be adventurous and try new veggies consistently Recommended Veggies: artichoke, arugula, parsnips, asparagus, peppers, endive, radishes, beet greens, escarole, romaine lettuce, frisee, scallions, bok choy, green beans, shallots, broccoli, spinach, Brussel sprouts, swiss chard, cabbage, lettuce (not iceberg), celery, okra, chives, dandelion greens Recommended Dark Greens: kale (all kinds), collard greens, chard, mustard greens


Sweet Vegetables

Assists in stabilizing blood sugar and decreasing unhealthy sugar cravings

• • • •

No soft spots, blemishes or holes Winter squashes are best from fall to early winter Can be roasted: cut into bite size chunks, toss with olive oil and sea salt, roast in oven 400 until tender Recommended sweet vegetables: carrots, onions, beets, yams/sweet potatoes, winter squash (butternut, acorn, pumpkin)



Fruits are excellent cleansers filled with vitam ins and nutrients. It has super high water content . • • • • •

Chose Vitamin C filled fruits. They will help defend your skin against damaging free radicals Eat fruit alone for maximum nutritional benefits Avoid cooking fruit as it increases the fruit sugar Minimize sweet fruit consumption to 1 per day to avoid candida overgrowth: banana, melon, oranges, star fruit, pineapple, papaya, guava, dried Recommended fruits: avocados, acai berries, cranberries, plums, apples, cucumbers, raspberries, grapefruits, grapes, peaches, tomatoes, pears, cherries, watermelon, persimmons, figs, mangoes Recommended lower sugar fruits: blackberries, grapefruit, limes, blueberries, green apples, lemons, cranberries, kiwis, pomegranates, currants, kumquats, strawberries

Gluten-Free Grains

• • • •

Organic: look for intact, whole grains with few broken or deteriorated grains Rinse grains, cook one part grain to two parts water, boil, reduce to simmer, cover and cook without stirring until water is absorbed Toast grains lightly in bottom of pot before adding water, to enhance flavor Recommended gluten-free grains: brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, polenta, millet, quinoa, wild rice


Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes should be vibrant, bright, and well formed, with few broken or chipped. Inexpensive protein source! •

• •

Beans and legumes must be cooked: soak overnight, discard water and rinse, cover beans with water and boil uncovered for 10 minutes, slim foam, cover and simmer until tender, season with favorite spices- do not salt until done cooking Add a piece of kombu seaweed while cooking to ease digestion Recommended beans and legumes: lima, kidney, mung, great northern, mung, split peas, adzuki, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, fava, lentils (green, red, French)

Nuts and Seeds


Healthy beauty fat! • • • •

Buy nuts and seeds whole, raw and unsalted Should always be soaked first and rinsed to remove inhibitor enzymes which makes them hard to digest Recommended nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, coconuts, pine nuts, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, cashews Recommended seeds: pumpkin, sesame, chia, sunflower, hemp

Eating really can be simple, easy AND delicious.

Days 11 - 20 Fix Your Body’s “Skin Response” Chapter 4: Discover How Your Insides Are Causing Your Skin Woes Skin health begins and ends in the digestive tract… This is our root cause- everything else we do to treat acne, eczema, aging is just treating the symptoms. And we are done doing that as it doesn’t solve the core issue! I’m going to introduce 3 steps you can take to heal your gut and make sure it remains happy so you skin stays clear. Let me give you a very basic lesson of digestion and the gut, as we should all get to know this very important part of our bodies. Digestion is a process of extracting nutrients from food and preparing the leftover


waste for elimination from the body. It begins in your mouth, then onto the stomach, and then off to the small intestines where break down continues and nutrient absorption occurs. The next stop is your large intestine also known as your colon. Its job is to reabsorb the remaining water and turn the leftovers into, well, poop. And here’s the crazy thing, if you’re not eliminating this waste after each meal or at the bare minimum once a day, it stagnates, rots and hardens… this causes many problems including constipation, upset stomach, cramping, weight gain, depression and a weakened immune system. If this system stays clogged, the body begins to break down. And that can happen in the form of skin eruptions…your breakouts and rashes. When you have a healthy inner ecosystem (your gut), you get clear, glowing skin. If things are out of whack on the surface, it is extremely likely that it can be traced to something out of whack in the gut. So let’s get you started with 3 ways to get your gut happy and healthy!

Step 1…Take Probiotics Daily What they do: These must become a part of your supplementation and diet. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria and mean “for life”. They contain good beneficial bacteria by the billions to restore and maintain balance in your intestines. Benefits include: helps white blood cells fight disease, controls bad bacteria in the intestines, assists in digestion, prevents diarrhea and constipation, aids in BM’s, and helps maintain a healthy gut…which leads to clear skin in the end! What to buy: Look for a brand high in lactobacillus and bifidobacterium (in the billions). You also want a vegetarian “enoteric-coated” capsule to survive the trip through the stomach.


This is a case where the higher the price, the higher the quality. FOS is a natural fiber that enhances growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. You can find that addition on some brands. For example, I’m currently taking Jarro-Dophilus+FOS 3.4 Billion. It’s a relatively inexpensive option found in the refrigerated section.

Brands I trust: o o

Dr. Ohhira’s (doesn’t have to be refrigerated which is great for traveling) Jarrow Formulas (also has one for traveling plus refrigerated options)

Step 2…Eat Fermented Foods Fermented foods fight yeast and other unhealthy pathogens in your intestines and provide you with beneficial microflora to re-colonize your inner system with the good stuff! They also improve digestion, increase longevity and can even relieve morning sickness. Definitely incorporate more fermented foods into your diet. What they do: Fermented or cultured foods fight yeast and other unhealthy pathogens in your intestines. They provide beneficial microflora. These foods are very healing, enzyme-rich, mineral-rich that aids in digestion, eliminates toxins, improve liver function, improve resistance to allergies, increase energy, control sugar cravings and maintain a healthy gut. All things we want for overall health and beautiful skin! What to buy: Look for the words “raw”, “unpasteurized” and “organic”. These foods include sauerkraut in the refrigerated section (avoid pasteurized and salted!), kimchi, coconut kefir water and apple cider vinegar. How to take: I recommend at least a ½ cup of fermented/cultured veggies a day.


I add sauerkraut or kimchi to my kale salad at lunch everyday. Raw apple cider vinegar is amazing! Make salad dressings with it or add 1 T to water and flavor with fresh squeezed lemon and stevia. This is another cleansing way to begin your day.

Step 3…Cleanse! Cleansing is an important process for a healthy gut- and luckily you’ve already started that process with the Embrace and Eliminate diet from last chapter. So keep up the good work there!

Chapter 5 - How Blood Sugar Can Ruin Your Skin and My Solution for It It is time to get your blood sugar under control to achieve glowing clear skin. In the process you will also eliminate fatigue, afternoon crashes and end your coffee addiction. You may have heard a lot about blood sugar in regards to diabetes or hypoglycemia. You may think it’s something you don’t have to worry about because you don’t have either of these. On the contrary, it’s actually extremely important in regards to your health, skin and preventing obesity and diabetes as many of us our pre-diabetic and don’t even realize it. I mentioned in chapter 2 that research has learned that acne is triggered by FOODS THAT CAUSE AN ELEVATION IN INSULIN and HORMONES. Let m e break blood sugar down in relation to your skin issues first.


Sugar in your blood will raise Insulin. Insulin is a hormone that lowers your blood sugar when it is too high. When there is too much insulin in your blood for too long, your body will produce more “male hormones.” These male hormones cause your skin to break out in acne! Here are 2 ways you can keep your sugar levels stable and horm ones happy.

Step 1…Balance Your Whole Foods A balance of good carbohydrates and fats along with fiber and protein keeps everything in check. Eating foods that are blood cleansers will balance the hormonal activity in the body. They protect the liver, speed up metabolism, fight toxins, burn slow so sugar levels remain balanced and stable. Foods high in fiber fall into this category and will help clean up toxins and remove waste. These are som e of m y favorite skin-liberating, blood sugar stable foods: (a * indicates super fiber-infused options) • • • • • • • •

Fruit* (especially avocado & berries) Sprouts Non-starchy veggies* Organic non-GMO edamame* Non-gluten grains like brown rice and quinoa* Beans* Nuts (especially walnuts, Brazil nuts & almonds) Seeds* (especially pumpkin, flax, sunflower, hemp) o Chia seeds* (This is rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids (contains more than salmon!, easy for your body to digest and assimilate, high in antioxidants, a complete protein, high in calcium, iron, potassium and FIBER, Help keep you hydrated) Cinnamon


• • • •

Garlic: (A great blood cleanser and acts as an antibiotic- you can even cut a clove and rub it gently on a breakout) Sustainable fish Matcha green tea Maca (I add this root veggie powder to my smoothies which can make a big difference on your skin condition)

Step 2…Eat 3 Meals a Day with No Snacking Switch over to three solid meals a day. This can take some getting used to, but once you do you’ll reap the benefits of stable blood sugar which means clear skin! Have a green smoothie along with some protein shortly after a meal if you need it. Make lunch should be your largest meal as our digestion is at its strongest. Then end with a lighter dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. Once you get used to this schedule of eating your life and skin will change.

Chapter 6 - Get the Right Supplements for Your Skin Learn the Beautifying Benefits of the Right Supplements & Which Brands to Buy… Let’s get you supplement savvy to further enhance your health and skin! There is a lot of talk out there if taking supplements is really necessary. Some say it’s not, and some say it’s a must in any healthy regiment. Everyone has their opinion and I will encourage you to form your own.


I was never much of a supplement or vitamin person. I didn’t want the hassle or responsibility of taking pills every day. But knowing what I know now about nutrition, our food and the power of supplementing, I am totally in! I think it’s very important to get our vitamins, minerals and nutrients from whole food sources. But I also know our food and the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they have are compromised even when they are organic. Agriculture has changed drastically even over the past 10 years. Food is shipped across the world so we can have any fruit or vegetable our heart desires even if it’s not in season or local. As soon as produce has been picked or rooted from its original source, the nutrition value begins to decline. By the time it travels from around the world to your supermarket, it’s not bursting with the same amount of nutrition it began with. So that is one reason to supplement- our food is losing nutrients. Another is that our soil has become depleted of nutrients that are necessary to the produce being grown in it. Our plants are polluted with pesticides and herbicides along with our water and air. These toxins add up and strip our food- so our fruits and veggies can be lacking in the nutrients department because of this. And to be totally honest, we’re not getting the amount of whole foods we all wish we were. So again, supplementing can come in handy. Now I’m not about popping pills for nutrition. When it comes to skin conditions and you need an extra boost, I think it’s great to have supplement options that target these particular issues. And if it will help you get over the skin problem hump, then by all means supplementing is great.


For example evening primrose oil helps regulate hormones- and if you just got off birth control pills, this could be a helpful crutch. And recent research has shown that the skin reacts well to certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish the skin, making it appear youthful and healthy.

How & When to Take Them… Here are several pointers on how and when to take your supplements. This is just as important as what you are taking.

Aim to get vitamins, minerals & nutrients from foods first…then supplement the rest! • • • • •

Take fat soluble A, D, E, K and EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) with fat Take them late afternoon or split between morning & afternoon Can take 10 minutes before eating Never take on an empty stomach with coffee first thing in the morning! Apply 30-day rule if taking a supplement for a specific health concern; if doesn’t seem to help stop taking it after 30 days, but notice if there are changes when you stop as benefits may have been subtle. Follow dosage instructions & watch for cross-over in multi-vitamins and single supplements

These are m y basic skin-saver supplem ents to get you started. There are a lot of options out there which I go into m ore depth in m y program s.

Multi-vitamin – “Health insurance”, whole food high potency is best Favorite Brand: New Chapter Multi-mineral – Taking this separately from multi-vitamin will give you more bang for your buck; should have chromium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc Favorite Brand: John Douillard’s Life Spa Essential Minerals Cod Liver/Fish Oil – Anti-inflammatory; one of the best things for overall health. Definitely take 3g/day. Favorite Brand: Barlean’s & Nordic Naturals


Probiotics – Infuses the intestinal lining with beneficial bacteria to restore balance that helps with candida, digestion, overall gut and immune health Favorite Brand: Jarrow & New Chapter Zinc – Needed for absorption of vitamin A in the blood, heals wounds, aids in skin collagen formation, boosts immune system and utilize vitamin E. Helps the healing and prevention of acne. Controls the production of oil in the skin and may help regulate some of the hormones that create acne. Favorite Brand: Jarrow Keep track of what you take, when you started and how you do in your journal. Sometimes changes are subtle and you may not notice unless you’re paying attention. Protect yourself from the loss of nutrients and vitamins in our foods with a supplement regime you can use and evolve for never-ending health and beauty.

Chapter 7 - Get More Sleep Why Your Skin Is Craving Sleep & the Dangers of Deprivation… If you could lose weight, be energized and clear, productive, creative, emotionally stable, rarely get sick and have clear glowing skin all from getting some shut-eye…you would probably do it. Maybe you’ve heard the sayings “sleep is overrated” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Well, both are so far from the truth as sleep is one of the most important factors to achieve clear, glowing and younger looking skin. Some think this component is even more important than diet! Really, it’s all integral to a well-balanced lifestyle for clear skin and healthy well-being. I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I want you to get some rest!


This is the one activity you can do for your skin that has so many benefits and takes barely any effort. It’s already something we do everyday, we just need to get more and make it better quality if it isn’t already. Poor sleep cycles can dramatically affect digestive function and the healing process within the gut. And you now know that your gut affects your skin in a big way, right? It affects hormone levels that can result in overstimulation of sebum glands which can lead to breakouts, not to mention the increased amount of stress which will lead to inflammation as well, and by now we know this is not beneficial to health and achieving clear skin. Are you getting enough quality sleep? Some people say they are fine on 6-7 hours of sleep. Well, how does your skin look? Do you need an alarm clock to wake up? Do you have a close relationship with your snooze button? Do you get drowsy in a meetings, lectures or warm rooms? Do you sleep in on weekends? Do you get tired after meals or driving? If any of these resonate, you’re probably suffering from sleep deprivation. One hour less every night will take a toll on you.


Here are m y top 3 beauty sleep tips to help you get those absolutely, 100% necessary hours of good quality sleep in every night.

Tip 1…Create a Sleep Sanctuary • •

• • •

Bedrooms are for sleep only; remove the tv, computer, desk & distractions Complete darkness is ideal as light can disrupt your internal clock and production of melatonin and serotonin that promote sleep; watch out for the glow from an alarm clock or phone- keep them faced the other way and at least 3 feet away from your head Ideal sleeping temperatures are 60-68 degrees Opt for cozy, organic sheets & pillows Use white noise to drown out distractions of traffic or silence

Tip 2…Limit Food and Beverage Consumption • • • • • •

Finish eating 3 hours before bedtime Avoid late night snacks as it will raise blood sugar and delay sleep Avoid alcohol as it makes entering deep sleep difficult and will hinder healing Avoid caffeine Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea- it contains a natural sedative and reduces stress & anxiety Avoid drinking a lot of water if you deal with nighttime trips to the bathroomthis interrupts your sleep cycles. Go to the bathroom right before bed.

Tips 3…Let the Day Go • •

Create a relaxation routine with a warm bath, gentle yoga or stretching, meditation, soft music or a non-stimulating book Keep a notebook next to your bed for a nightly ‘Brain Dump’- write out your todo lists, any worries or stress from the day, anything that would keep you uplet it all out of your mind If not paying that bill is going to keep you up, leave the bedroom to complete the task and come back when you’re ready for sleep Sweet dream s!


Days 21 - 30 Reduce Stress for Clear Skin Chapter 8 - How to Reduce Stress For Beautiful Skin Save Your Skin, Your Health & Your Life with a Single 5-Minute Stress Reducing Trick… We hear the word ‘stress’ probably every single day. And we probably feel stress every single day. So what exactly is this stress that has taken over our lives? •

• • • • • •

It can be defined as thoughts, feeling, behaviors and physiological changes that occur when the demands placed upon you exceed your perceived ability to cope. These are ultimately influenced by demands and perceptions. The average person experiences about 50 brief stress response episodes per day! When we experience a stressful situation, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released to prepare us for “fight or flight”. Your body basically amps up all responses to help you, but also takes away from other major body systems like digestion. This response saved the lives of many cavemen being chased by wild animals! But is not meant to be triggered as often as it does in modern days. This chronic stress begins to alter our physiology, health and skin Even small levels of stress elevates stress hormones, including the ones linked to acne

Not only does stress show up all over your face and skin, it can also: • • •

Cause memory loss, weight gain/loss, hair loss, reduced immunity, insomnia, skin conditions, irregular menstruation, and most chronic diseases It has also been shown to negatively impact and decrease the beneficial bacteria in our guts and increase yeast overgrowth therefore feeding candida The absolute basics are that stress increases inflammation, chronic inflammation causes disease. And this chronic stress will appear as a call for help on your skin.


We cannot always control the outside factors that cause stress. But we can control how we react to them. And in order to clear our skin and keep it clear, controlling and managing stress is just as or even more important than what we eat and the quality and quantity of our sleep. Think about it, if we have the perfect diet and get a decent amount of sleep, but have stress surging through our bodies all day long, that toxic flood is going to drown out the good. So it’s time to take a very deep and relaxing breath, and we’re going to begin walking the stress-free path going forward.

5-Minute technique to manage and bust the stress: Our bodies are over-stimulated which leads to the mind being over-stimulated. Most people need to calm the body and energy system first, then the mind will naturally follow. First you m ust inquire and determ ine what is causing stress in your life: 1.

Are there particular situations, people or events that make you feel nervous, anxious or fearful? 2. Look at the relationships in your life- are any of them draining? 3. Journaling is a great tool for asking these questions and a way to vent about them

Dr. Andrew Weil’ 4-7-8 Breathing Technique that takes 5 short minutes… 1. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound 2. Close your mouth, place tongue on ridge of tissue behind teeth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four 3. Hold your breath for a count of seven 4. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight 5. This is one breath. Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths.


Here is a directional video: You may feel a little lightheaded, but as you continue this practice, it will put you in a state of euphoria and relaxation. Dr. Weil has cured cold hands/feet, helps with cravings and it physically neutralizes the negative effects of stress. Do this twice a day. After a month of practice it can be done up to 4 times a day- use when you’re in “a moment”.

And here are a few bonus SLOW DOWN EXTRAS…

• • • • • • •

Turn off your cell phone Step away from the computer Learn to say no Ask for help Let go of perfectionism Create a gratitude list Forgive and forget

Chapter 9 – Effortless Life Habits for Beautiful Skin A Practice that will Change Your Life & Keep Your Skin Clear Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished, everything you’ve experimented with from this book and everything you were open to. It’s so important to celebrate your accomplishments! As you go through the chapters and begin implementing my recommendations, write down everything you accomplish in a journal. Changes might include clearer skin, fewer breakouts, compliments on your skin, eating more vegetables, more energy, more clarity and vitality, reduction in health


concerns, weight loss, change in tastes, cravings under control, and fewer symptoms related to health concerns, etc. Remember, small changes are just as important as the big ones. So don’t leave anything out. Even if there is only one thing you got out of this book that is still one thing. Celebrate! Now that you are walking the path in life as a health conscious person, you now have the awareness and clarity that every day you can feel energized, strength, empowered, clear inside and out. You are in charge of your health, not the other way around. As you continue to improve your diet and lifestyle, you are going to feel more balanced and in turn more present with yourself and your surroundings. This consciousness will inevitably steer you away from foods and choices that are harmful to your health and glow. And what is amazing, is we have control over the foods we put in our mouth that create fuel for our body, skin and mind. It’s amazing power! Making changes in your life and habits, continuing to clear your skin or keep it clear all boils down to self-care. You’re the only person who can do this for you. I have given you a jump start to practices, information and tools. And I am also here personally to take you to the next level if that is your desire. But it is up to you to use them and take care of yourself. The Morning Practice is an essential practice to keep you on the beautiful track you have established yourself on. This is one of my favorite things to make self-care a habit! A morning practice sets the stage for the day. It is a time to set your intentions whether that is around health, your skin, your attitude, anything your heart desires for the day.

Step 1… Upon waking (and of course after drinking your room temperature water) read an inspirational or happy book for 5 minutes.


Step 2… Then proceed to journal for 5 minutes about anything that comes to mind. There are no rules here. It could be affirmations, a dream you had, a struggle you’re dealing with, what you want in your life- anything!

Step 3… Then meditate for 5 minutes. This is a time to get quiet and be present. If a thought comes up, acknowledge it and then let it go. You can imagine your favorite color flowing up and down your spine as you breathe in and out. Just keep the mind clear and quiet. It’s best to be sitting, but make sure you’re comfortable. Set a timer for this 15 minute practice and do it for 30 days. By then it will be a habit and you’ll see so many positive changes in your life you won’t even think about stopping! It has been an absolute pleasure delivering this content to you. This is now your time to truly shine and reveal your healthiest self! Please email me and let me know how you are doing with guide and what results you are getting!


Getting More Support… Get Glowing Skin Now complimentary consultation… If you are ready for radiant, clear, beautiful skin and the health & happiness beyond that as well, let me show you how. We will determine what has been standing in the way of your perfect skin and find the best program for your lifestyle. Click the link for easy online scheduling of your 30-minute complimentary ‘Get Glowing Skin Now‘ strategy phone call:

Clear Your Skin Naturally Online 90-Day Intensive… I strive to create a loving relationship between you and your skin. It’s a messenger for what’s going on inside and when we experience a breakout, excessive oily or dry skin, rashes, redness or premature aging, these are all signals from your body that something is going on internally and it’s crying out for help. I help you interpret those unique messages and with a plan that will finally work for YOU. This online program is perfect for the on-the-go woman ready to embrace her health on her own time. Click the link to learn more and get started:

Beyond Beautiful Skin One-on-One Coaching with Laurisa… For those of you ready to go beyond just beautiful skin and you desire true transformation of mind, body and complexion I offer private coaching for a select number of clients via phone or Skype. If you are someone who thrives on accountability and support, email me to set up a free consultation to discuss your skin, beauty and health goals. Email to apply Glowing Health!


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