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A Reverence for Nature Maritime Garage Gallery

A Reverence for Nature June 15 - September 28, 2018

Maritime Garage Gallery 11 North Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” — Aristotle

35 pieces of artwork have been selected to be featured in the exhibition A Reverence for Nature at the Maritime Garage Gallery. Nature provides us with such a vast wealth of inspiration and each artist has found a way to express it. From the smallest and most intricated things to the most magnificent views, this exhibition shows a variety of visual forms. Some are capturing Nature’s beauty and power and others are an awareness of our relationship with it.

Nadia Martinez, Curator


Al Coyote Weiner Tsunami Acrylic 24 x 30 inches 5

Nancy Breakstone A Phoenix in the Sand Photography 22 ž x 19 inches 6

Steve Kaplan African Crowned Cranes Photography 20 x 16 inches 7

Deborah Rauh Rites of Spring Found object sculpture 42 x 36 inches 8

Eric Chiang Ode to Life 1 Oil on canvas 72 x 36 inches 9

Audrey Klotz The Dive Acrylic 40 x 40 inches 10

Carol Battin Butterfly Photography 23 ½ x 27 ½ inches 11

Eric Chiang Ode to Nature Oil on canvas 12 x 12 inches 12

Grace Kaplan Mother and Baby Rothschild Giraffes Photography 16 x 20 inches 13

Grace Kaplan Sea Nettles Photography 18 x 20 inches 14

Gregory Presley Morning at Dune #45 Photography 24 x 34 inches 15

Gregory Presley Morning Vista Photography 20 x 27 inches 16

Helen Roman Breathless Interlude Oil on canvas 24 x 30 inches 17

Ann Laczko I Am Nature I Photography Composite 10 X 10 inches 18

Heidi Lewis Coleman Dragonfly Mandala 2 Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas 36 x 36 inches 19

Pamela Ann Iannaccone Clootie Well Photography 8 x 10 inches 20

Roger Duffy Genesis 1: 11 Pen & Ink (limited print) 21 x 31 Âź inches 21

James Irvine Untitled 97 Pastels 20 x 16 inches 22

Joanie Landau Guanacaste 2 Digital Collagraph 30 x 30 inches 23

Judith Bacal Late Bloom Clematis Photograph, Face-mounted to Plexiglas 22 x 30 inches 24

Jeanette Compton Whelk Egg Case Ink illustration 20 x 16 ½ inches 25

Mary Ann Biehl I Want to Communicate with You Digital Photo Montage 12 x 12 inches 26

Lauren Clayton Swim Good Pencil on paper and cyanotype 9 x 12 inches 27

Milan Chilla Morning Reflections Oil on canvas 18 x 24 inches 28

Monika Camillucci Sky, Earth and Water Encaustic on wood and wire 25 x 19 inches 29

Alison Palaia Coal Is King Mixed media - recycled metal and leather 6 x 5 inches 30

Rosa Colon The Line Mixed media 11 x 14 inches 31

Stephanie Manzi Walk (February III) Colored pencil, marker and ink on paper 17 x 22 inches 32

Stephen Smith Hippocampus - Seahorses wrap their tails around reef reeds Archival pigmented print photograph 18 x 24 inches 33

Steve Kaplan Feed the Birds Photography 16 x 20 inches 34

William Iannaccone Letting off Steam Photography 8 x 10 inches 35

Victoria Hackman Costa Rican Hummingbird Photograph 17 x 20 inches 36

Lisa Stretton Coral n Reef Acrylic 20 x 16 inches 37

Julia-Rose Liptak Desert Dreams Oil Pastel 11 X 14 inches 38

Mark J Schiff Lilies in a Small Window Acrylic on plywood 28 x 28 inches 39

ARTISTS Al Coyote Weiner Alison Palaia Ann Laczko Audrey Klotz Carol Battin Deborah Rauh Eric Chiang Grace Kaplan Gregory Presley Heidi Lewis Coleman Helen Roman James Irvine Jeanette Compton Joanie Landau Judith Bacal Julia-Rose Liptak

Lauren Clayton Lisa Stretton Mark J Schiff Mary Ann Biehl Milan Chilla Monika Camillucci Nancy Breakstone Pamela Ann Iannaccone Roger Duffy Rosa Colon Stephanie Manzi Stephen Smith Steve Kaplan Victoria Hackman William Iannaccone


The Norwalk Parking Authority's Art in Public Places is part of a broad effort to support the arts and make use of city facilities, while providing inspiring and thoughtful works for the public. Art in Parking Places currently has two venues. The South Norwalk Train Station has two permanent art installations celebrating the heritage and history of Norwalk. The Maritime Garage Gallery, an urban art gallery located at the Maritime Parking Garage, features juried art shows and community exhibits.

Maritime Garage Gallery 11 North Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 www.norwalkpark.org/public-art

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A Reverence for Nature - Maritime Garage Gallery  

Exhibition A Reverence for Nature at the Maritime Garage Gallery, Norwalk, CT

A Reverence for Nature - Maritime Garage Gallery  

Exhibition A Reverence for Nature at the Maritime Garage Gallery, Norwalk, CT