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Name : Nadia Islam Nitul Address: 165 sky view park city (13th floor) Shanti Nagar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh Contact no : Personal: +8801717205986 Email: Photo 1

: TITLE: SOCIAL EQUILIBRIUM STORY: Robiul (Rickshaw puller) : some people come to the world for luxury, some people meant to be there to build the path of that luxury. This is the dentistry of nature no one can change this!!! Translation: দুনিনিয়াতেতে কিকিছুন কমাতনিুনষ কআসেসে কআসরাতেমর কলাতইগাত, িকিছুন কমাতনিুনষ কথাতেকি কতোতেগর কআসরাতম কেদওনেনির কলাতইগাত। ক এইডাতই কআসল্লাতহর কদুনিনিেয়র কিনিয়ম, কিপাতেলর কিলখনি কেকিউ কবদলাতইেতে কপাতের কনিাত। Moral: When we talk about social equilibrium it will never come. Reason is the claimers are not meant to believe that they could make the change. So more climber will rise and twice more claimer will bear

like a never ending circle. But one day may be that chain could be break. And we will find the SOCIAL EQUILIBRIUM.

Photo 2: Title: Black Clouds And Silver Linings STORY: In our country 70 percent of total population lives in the rural site. Among them 55% is woman. They usually called the housewife. Who worked all day long for their family and surroundings. As they are making balance in the home everything goes fine his husband and children can do their work properly. Rural growth is a big influence for the development of urban consequence. All the developments of the country is nearly connected with each other. But we ignore the fact of woman contribution in the sector of development. Specially the village woman as they are not concern about the fact due to their illiteracy and social bindings. They are the black clouds with silver linings in our society.

Photo 3: Title: The flower of war STORY: Born in this country as a girl is like explore yourself in a war field. Now a day urban girls are in quit a balance in their life but the fact with rural girls are just opposite. Early marriage, primary level drop out form school, conservative social evaluation make their life packed in the house of single window. They are the flower of these social war who were born for Wearing fall.


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