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Hatch MultiTouch Table

Improve social-emotional development while capturing authentic data

Hatch MultiTouch Table… • The Hatch Multi-Touch table is an interactive device with 32 touch-points, allowing up to 4 children to play on it simultaneously.

It comes programmed with over 275 games that are designed to encourage collaboration as opposed to exclusive and parallel styled games.

These games develop math, literacy, social studies and science skills for cognitive ages 3-6 is visible from all positions around the table to ensure that no child is left out, or unable to participate in an activity. The system captures authentic audio of peer conversations so that teachers can review, assess, and report on socialemotional development.

Improve Social & Emotional Skills • • • •

275+ learning games for 2-4 children. Four different theme areas. Capture authentic audio of child interactions Report on improvements in social emotional skills over time

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Nadia Hanson Integrating Technology into the Inclusive Classroom Professor Stefanski

Why should I use this device? According to the Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences,“Children who struggle with self-control as preschoolers are 3 times as likely to have problems as young adults.” Being able to listen to the social interactions of children will help teachers pinpoint any emotional and social behavior problems and eliminate them before they become an issue as the child progresses into a young adult. Also the games on this device will improve teamwork and cooperation as well as develop the children’s math, literacy, social studies Where can I get this device? and science skills. Place an Order at: 800.624.7968 http://hatchearlylearning .com/technology/weplays mart/

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