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Nothing is closer to you than your skin. It is a loyal friend that goes with you through life´s journey. It protects you and lets you savor the pleasures of living. It shares your every emotion... Joy and sorrow Love and anger Comfort and pain Thrill and fear To the wise it reveals... The things you have done The times you have passed The places you have been The life you have lived Be good to your friend, It tells the world who you are!

CHOLLEY is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end Phyto Dermocosmetics. Our history begins in 1972 when Dr. Jules Masset de Vallefort started his Laboratory in Switzerland to focus on the development of superior cosmetics, using his extensive research and experience in the Swiss pharmaceutical industry. CHOLLEY was founded in 1989 with the aim of producing the best Professional Phyto Cosmetic Treatments. In 1990 CHOLLEY acquired the Dr. Masset Laboratory as its research, and manufacturing arm, which paved the way for nearly 5 decades of Innovation of high-end Phyto Dermocosmetics. With close to 50 years of uninterrupted research, development, and testing, CHOLLEY adheres to the highest standards of the Swiss manufacturing industry, and it collaborates with many research facilities and suppliers of raw materials and active ingredients in Switzerland. CHOLLEY delivers superior and unsurpassed results for those who want to turn back the biological clock and improve their skin health.

CHOLLEY Professional Phytobiotech System presents a breakthrough in Swiss anti-aging cosmetics. This system is specifically formulated to address 3 major processes of the degenerative cycle of aging, namely: These processes create a vicious cycle that accelerates aging.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Products help fight oxidation and inflammation caused by exposure to environmental factors, as well as certain metabolic functions. They also protect the skin against glycation, which weakens collagen & elastin fibers through the attachment of circulating blood sugars. Glycation is a major cause of sagging, formation of wrinkles, and yellowing of the skin.

What is Glycation? Glycation, is a spontaneous natural reaction resulting from the attachment of circulating blood sugars to proteins in the body. It causes the formation of harmful compounds called A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation End-products). In the skin it affects the dermal proteins, especially collagen and elastin fibers, causing these reticulated fibers to lose firmness and elasticity. As a result, the skin sags and wrinkles form. Glycation also affects intracellular proteins, disrupting their metabolic activities. It causes an alteration of the complexion, leading to the yellowing of the skin and the formation of brown age-spots. Glycated proteins are susceptible to oxidation and generate Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS=free radicals) that are very damaging to the skin. The skin has no defense system against glycation, for this reason it was considered an irreversible process for a very long time. Fortunately the discovery of a new molecule, ARGININE PCA, with significant de-glycation action, now offers new opportunities to fight and reverse this aging process.


An advanced technology anti-aging and lifting mask, specifically developed to resolve the aging process associated with glycation of the skin support fibers. It performs important dermatological functions as follows: Anti-glycation, firming & smoothing actions Detoxifying & clearing (de-yellowing) actions Antioxidant action Soothing & anti-inflammatory actions Intensely hydrating & film-forming actions 6



A cutting edge anti-aging cream, with a silky texture and a very stable vitamin C, in high concentration, to perform important dermatological functions as follows: Intense skin firming & clearing actions Antioxidant & scavenger actions against free radicals (ROS) Intense deep hydrating action Emollient & soothing (anti-inflammatory) actions



A powerful plumping and lifting filler that contains three different types of hyaluronic acids which react in different skin layers, to perform important dermatological functions as follows: Anti-aging & firming actions through increased production of new collagen and elastin fibers Instant anti-wrinkle & long lasting lifting actions using advanced natural polymers Hydrating & smoothing actions for a plumping and fuller looking skin Natural antioxidant, free radical scavenger, DNA protective 10



An excellent skin healing cream for men and women of all ages, that demand a superior post stress product. It performs important dermatological functions as follows: Skin repairing action against photoaging Post stress normalizing action to reduce swelling or redness Reinforces the skin’s strength and its natural defences Softens & smoothes the skin Intense hydrating, emollient & protective actions Antioxidant action 13


A highly effective anti-stress urban mask and cream. It performs important dermatological functions as follows: Soothing, decongestant, and normalizing actions to relieve irritation/redness Anti-wrinkle & antioxidant actions Hydrating & emollient actions Protective & anti-pollution actions 14


An exceptional fluid cream, rich in micro-nutrients, natural moisturizing function (NMF), and amino acids with prebiotics properties. It is specifically formulated to: Bolster cellular repair and replacement processes Fight the skin’s stress hormones produced by pollution or injury Intense detoxifying & antioxidant actions Soothe the skin and relieve swelling and redness Boost the skin’s barrier protection Nourish and fortify dermal and epidermal cells 17


No parabens, no colorants, no allergens. Dermatologically and clinically tested.

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