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T he Celebration of

Sunrise March 19th, 1965 Sunset May 3rd, 2006

Donovan Maurice Orlando Senn

Hi Donovan, It is so true time waits on no one or on no man. We can hardly believe it's now eight years since you physically left us, but spiritually you are with us daily. God has given Daddy and Mommy wings to rise above the sorrow we felt eight years ago, and has revealed the sunshine on your face to us. The memories, our imagination, and your pictures are more than enough to keep us linked in. Your children are all grown, Julian entered the service and is serving in Afghanistan. Nadia has really, really made us proud. She stayed the course, finished her studies, is married to a very handsome and respectable young man who is loved by all. I am sure she wants to give you her story too. —Dad & Mom I first met Donovan in 1990 through my husband Donald. From the moment I met him I fell in love with his contagious personality and beautiful smile. I know I had found the older brother I had always wanted. Donovan was always there, the best man at our wedding and the God father to our daughter . He was even at our closing. When the attorney asked Donald and I if we had any question we said no but Donovan piped up about having questions about the contract. I laughed so hard. When major events happen in our lives Donovan is still the first person I want to share them with. I miss my brother and I know as long as I live I will never meet someone who embodies all the elements of a true friend —Kimberly Benjamin Donovan, I miss your loving presence. I continue to be grateful for the time I spent with you when you visited Florida. From our many interactions, I have learned how to be spontaneous and live life with purpose. —Cousin Jackie Time has really passed. I’m doing incredibly well. Just a little update on my life, I got married to an awesome man, Jude, in September 2013. So many people came to support us. We wish you were there. Just recently, Jude was able to see you in an old video. It was so great seeing you in movement. It was a video from 1989! There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about all of the great memories we shared. We always had a blast!! I know you are doing well in heaven and you watch over the family all the time. Love you and miss you much Daddy! — Nadia Senn Alcide

Although no direct bloodline, Donovan and I grow up as cousins. Donovan was known to be high energy, humorous, mischievous, and interesting. So much could be said of Donovan, but will give my most memorable story about my Cus. All the cousins were at Aunties house during summer vacation, and Donovan decided to turn the bed in a trampoline, but ended up on a hospital trolley in the emergency room with a split tongue and blood all over him. For days he went about with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a panting dog because of the swelling. Donovan migrated to the US at the age of twelve, and did not have much contact for several years. On his last trip to Jamaica we spent much more time together than we had in years visiting him, and taking him places he had never been before. I remember taking him back to his old neighborhood where he surprised many of his old friends with his unannounced and unexpected visit. He had a great trip, at the time we never knew it would be goodbye, but I sometimes wonder if he knew, because the trip was so perfect, so surreal that it could not have been any better if we had known it was the last time we would be blessed with his presence. Cus you will always be remembered, you are missed. —Georgie

I met Donovan through my friend Richard over twenty-five years ago. Donovan had just gotten out of the Navy. I remember him having this nice red BMW so we all drove down to Coconut Grove to chill out. Being with Donovan was always an adventure. Donovan moved from Florida to live and work in New York where we became even closer, and continued to enjoy some good times together. Donovan's posh new shiny red BMW was stolen, but that did not stop our adventure. A lady on his job felt so sorry for him that she gave him a big, old American car, it was a gas guzzler. One night we were on the expressway coming home from a party and the car ran out of gas. We got off at the next exit to put $3 gas, but no sooner than we drove off the car broke down. We were getting excited, but all Donovan said "Cool Nuh Man”. He was always a cool guy. Donovan was always fun to be around, short chiney bwoy, He had a good heart and would give his last dime to you. Its funny if he could only see me now, and I wish I could see him too. —Kevin Thelwell

We Miss You!

Donovan's Memorial 2014  
Donovan's Memorial 2014