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Family Lawyer Fairfax At the Law Offices of Nader Hasan, P.C. in Fairfax, Virginia, our attorneys provide advice and representation in matters involving: Divorce: No matter how complex or simple, divorces are stressful but it is important not to let emotional or financial pressures to guide your decisions. Our attorneys will evaluate your case and guide you in the right direction. Child Custody and Visitation: When a divorce or break-up of a non-marital relationship involves children it is necessary to determine a custodial schedule that would be in the best interests of the children. Spousal Support and Child Support: We will evaluate the earning history and earning potential of both parties, as well as several other important factors, and insist on a fair support arrangement. Property Division: Our attorneys have the experience to evaluate a couple’s assets and debts and advise our clients regarding the laws governing the division of property. Protective Orders: Often divorces begin with protective orders. Regardless of which side of the protective order you are on, we will fight for your desired outcome. 

A key to our firm’s successful representation is education. Whether you are in agreement on all, some, or none of the issues. It is important to know your rights and your options and make informed decisions with the advice of experienced counsel.

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Fairfax family lawyer  
Fairfax family lawyer  

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