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Issue 21 February


I-Checkit, an innovative solution to enhance border security

Travellers to seek new experiences in 2016

GDRFA Dubai honours 20 law abiding companies

Super-agers’ secrets to staying young

Honoring GDRFA Dubai’s strategic partners in Hatta

Dubai to host AccessAbilities Expo 2016 from February 9-11 AccessAbilities Expo

Now, rent a Robot for customer care

Reducing fraudulent payment transactions

Smart choice for a smart living

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Welcome Message

100 % disabled friendly department P eople with disabilities are on the top of the priorities of the government, which has taken numerous initiatives in the last few years to enhance their lives and integrate them in the society to ensure that they can give their best and contribute to the progress of the nation.

The ‘Dubai Government Excellence Programme Award’ now has a new category to award the best department supporting people with disability. This is to increase awareness on making the disabled more self-dependent, integrating them in the society, empowering them and making them happier. In line the government’s vision and with the objectives of this award, the GDRFA has formed a special team to frame a strategy that will make the GDRFA Dubai a 100 per cent disabled friendly department, both technically as well as in terms of our services. This, in addition to the existing facilities to ensure easy and smooth services for the customers with disabilities including free car parking for over 20 GDRFA employees with disability, employees trained in sign language to communicate with the customers and disabled-friendly counters.

Our staff, who will represent us at the Expo, which is being under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), Chairman of Dubai Airports and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, will get an opportunity to see the latest technology and best practices that can be implemented to further enhance the level of services for our customers with disability. The UAE once again leads the Middle East in this noble ambition which is also in line with the UAE’s aim of making everyone happy and offering a comfortable living.

Our participation in the AccessAbilities Expo 2016 is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, to make Dubai the world’s friendliest place by 2020.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri Director General GDRFA-Dubai

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 1

GDRFA Message


in History


October 1971 Pursuant to an order promulgated by the then Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, two departments were established: Central Immigration Department and Ports and Borders Department


October 1972 The two departments were merged with the UAE’s Ministry of Interior and Federal Law No. 17 concerning the naturalization and passports was promulgated.


1973 Federal Law No. (6) concerning Immigration and Residency was promulgated as the first law regulating the entry and residency of expatriates in United Arab Emirates.


1977 The two departments were merged and the new Department shifted to a building in the ministries complex


1982 The Administration shifted to the present building during the tenure of Colonel Mohammad Al-Ghaith


2003 The building was completely refurbished during the tenure of Brigadier General Saeed Bin Belaila


1999 Naturalization and Residency Administration, Dubai, established a branch at Hatta Fort


1995 Jebel Ali Port branch was inaugurated

2 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

Our Vision: To have the UAE as one of the most secure and safest countries in the world.

Our Mission (MOI):

To work efficiently and effectively towards enhancing the quality of life in the UAE community by providing security, traffic, reform, residency services and ensuring safety of lives and properties.

Our Mission (GDRFA):

For the happiness of the people, we offer excellent and fast naturalization, residence and ports services.

Our Values:       

Justice Team-Work Excellence courtesy Integrity Loyalty Social responsibility

Strategic objectives:  Promote safety and security.  Promote public confidence in the effectiveness of services provided.  Optimal use of intelligence.  Ensure all administrative services are provided based on quality, efficiency and transparency standards.

To communicate with GDRFA: Location: Aljaffilya - Bur Dubai PO Box : UAE – Dubai 4333 Email: amer@dnrd.ae Toll Free Number: 04 3139999 - 8005111 Working Hours: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM GDRFA-Dubai http:// www.dnrd.ae Dubai Airport Freezone http://www.dafz.ae Dubai Public Prosecution http://www.dxbpp.gov.ae Dubai Municipality https://www.dm.gov.ae

Department of Economic Development http://www.dubaided.gov.ae Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing http://www.dubaitourism.ae Land and Property Department http://www.dubailand.gov.ae


GDRFA News GDRFA Photographs by: Abdulrahman Abdullah Sanjeev Kochan

Honoring GDRFA Dubai’s strategic partners in Hatta


UAE News

GDRFA external Naif centres relocate to bigger buildings

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Shurooq completes Phase 1 of Mleiha Archaeological and Ecotourism Project

P8 Government departments to showcase latest initiatives, facilities for the disabled at AccessAbilities Expo 2016

Honorary President Major General Mohammed Ahmed Almarri Director General

General Supervision Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor Deputy Director General

General Coordinator Major Khalid Al Rahma Editorial Consultant Ghassan Suleiman Creative Manager Mohammed Al Jarouf Executive Editor Shveta Pathak

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Super-agers’ secrets to staying young

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Robots for your customer service?

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| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 3


Honoring GDRFA Dubai’s strategic partners in Hatta M ajor General Mohammed Ahmed

Al Marri, Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, honoured the GDRFA Dubai’s strategic partners in Hatta including the Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Customs, Hatta Hospital, Civil Defense and ambulance staff and employees who had special achievements in terms of detecting forgers and smugglers. Al Marri appreciated their focus on achieving fruitful and constructive cooperation between different sectors of society with a view to advance the services provided to the

public in all areas and meet the challenges successfully and continue on the sustainable path of growth.

The honouring was done during Al Marri’s inspection tour of the port Hatta border. 

GDRFA Dubai provides friendly work environment for the disabled T he General Directorate of Residency

and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai recently held a brainstorming session with its employees having disabilities at the Administration Officers’ Club meeting. Colonel Khaled Salmeen from the Institutional Support department, listened to employees with disabilities, to the career and training needs. He said that the GDRFA seeks to provide a suitable working environment for people with disabilities and provide them with the necessary training in their career progress. Salmin also commended the efforts of employees with disabilities work-

4 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

ing in various sectors of the administration and said the GDRFA makes continuous efforts to enhancing their skills and attaining excellence. The GDRFA Dubai created a forum ‘Making people with disabilities happy’ in the presence of GDRFA employees having disabilities, other officials and staff members. During the forum, Captain Faisal Balila, Director of Corporate Excellence Department in institutional support sector, explained the vision and mission of the GDRFA in Dubai and its strategic plan and institutional values. Sign language translator Abeer Zaid Al Shehhi from the Ministry of Social Affairs, translated the highlights of the meeting to the employ-

ees with hearing impairment in sign language. Lt. Col. Abdul Samad Hussein Suleiman, Deputy Assistant Director for Quality and Excellence, said that the establishment of Dubai seeks to enable the integration of disabled workers in the administration and involving them in all activities and events. Manar Al Hammadi, visually impaired GDRFA Dubai employee, said she faced challenges and difficulties because of her disability but was successfully able to meet these challenges with the support of Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA Dubai. 



Al Marri: GDRFA seeks excellency, quality M ajor General Mohammed Ahmed Al

Marri, Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai and Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor, Deputy Director General, GDRFA in Dubai, chaired a twoday brainstorming session which included assistant general managers of all departments within the GDRFA in Dubai, to discuss the most important projects for the Dubai government for the year 2021, highlight important achievements of 2015, future projects, strategic indicators for the sectors of the GDRFA in Dubai, and also to discuss the challenges. Marri said that the first brainstorm-

ing session for 2016, which included the participation of representatives of the respective departments, led to idea-exchange, development of work, and will lead to achieving the best results at different levels and provide high-quality services to the public.

Al Marri added that the GDRFA Dubai works under the guidance and directives of the UAE’s visionary leadership, which always seeks innovation, excellence and quality, and asked all officials in the Directorate to exhert all efforts to attain excellence in work. 

Chatting for the hearing and speech impaired T he General Directorate of Residen-

cy and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has introduced ‘Aamer’, which will help its customers having disabilities to communicate with the Directorate. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of the GDRFA Dubai said the Directorate disabled friendly as it provides dedicated services for people having disabilities, such as chatting for those with speech and hearing impairment to communicate with the directorate through its ‘A’amer’ service. The GDRFA’s services facilitate inclusion of people with disabilities in the society. The Directorate has organised special training courses for people with disabilities presented by Manaar Al Hammadi, an em-

ployee of the GDRFA in the Human and Financial Resources Management. Al Hammadi, who is visually impaired and has been conducting these courses in the GDRFA for over 9 years, said the goal of the courses is to train the employees and enhance their communication skills in order to directly deal with the customers, in addition to educating them about the special laws for the disabled in the country. She added 2 courses were organised last month at the Dubai Airports and were attended by frontline staff who have direct interaction with the public. Al Hammadi, who is trained in the art of dealing with people who are visually impaired, not only within

the scope of their work, but in all the affairs of life, is the first Arab visually impaired woman in the world to hold a certification as an International Trainer from British Institute of Leadership and Management. Through voluntary programmes, she has been educating the community of how to deal with those with visual disability. She said that during the training, the employees are given details about the UAE and Dubai’s vision and laws related to the disabled as well about the international laws related to rights of people with disabilities. She said she has presented another training course this week which was attended by the employees of the GDRFA from across all departments.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 5


GDRFA external Naif centres relocate to bigger buildings T he General Directorate of Residency

and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has announced the relocation of its external centres in Naif area to new locations in the same area. The new centes are bigger in space to accommodate the rising number of customers. Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor, Deputy Director General, GDRA D, said: “We now have 22 main GDRFA Dubai centres, in ad-

dition to 9 branches, which play a vital role in providing high quality service to our customers. The new centres are wellequipped with the latest smart technology to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the best customer services. “ Lieutinent Sultan Ahli, Director of Naif external centre of the GDRFA Dubai, said : “The new centre is located close to the previous location.

We moved it to a bigger building in order to cater to the growing needs of our customers. “We are greatly thankful to His Excellency Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri for providing us a strong support and direction to perform our duties in the best manner.” The new Naif centre is located in Souk Naif near Al Manal Centre. To contact, call toll free number: 800392267 or 04-2715555. 

GDRFA Dubai honours 20 law abiding companies T he investigation department in the

GDRFA Dubai honoured 20 companies that did not have any violations related to the residency and foreigners affairs law since their establishment. Captain Majid Mohammed Khamis Al Shair Al Suwaidi, Head of Investigations Department, said: “The department honoured companies that set an example by fully abiding by the law and not having even a single incidence of violation from the time they set up.” He added that the department visited these companies as a part of an initiative by the GDRFA Dubai titled ‘Honouring you is our duty’. Capt Majid said these entities are those who hold old trade licenses

6 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

and been working in Dubai since the 1960s and 1970s. This is in line with the directives of Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General, GDRFA Dubai, to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. He added that companies need for follow specified standards related to entry and residency of foreigners such as ensuring there are no delays in issuance or renewal of licenses. He said the investigations department conducts regular inspections to ensure companies ensure they adhere to the specified laws. The company’s commitment to follow the rules is a must so as

to enhance safety and security in the country. He said the department will continue to developing this initiative and encourage more companies to obey the laws. The companies were honoured by Capt Majid in their respective headquarters. 



Race to excellence T he approval of His Highness Sheikh

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, to the services suggested by the ‘Grey Team’ during the 2nd edition of the City Makers Race, is another milestone on the road to enhancing the services offered to the UAE visitors at the Dubai Airports. The ‘City Makers Race’ initiative brings decision makers from the Dubai Airports, Dubai Police, the GDRFA in Dubai and the Emirates ID Authority on a single platform to brainstorm and create a pathway to improving recent services and creating new ones, not only to make the journey for the passengers memorable but also to implement Dubai’s vision for 2021 to make it the world’s first city in this category of services. This ‘Race’ holds great importance particularly as the Dubai Airports have witnessed a large growth in the number of passengers, dealt with more than 78 million passengers in 2015 retaining the number one position in terms of international passenger traffic for the second consecutive year, and expect to receive 100 million passengers by 2020.

Our colleagues in the ‘Grey Team’ spent three days brainstorming in a healthy and competitive environment with the goal of improving the quality of services while ensuring they keep up with the pace of Dubai and contribute to making it the best place to visit and live. I would like to thank my colleagues and encourage them to boost efforts to the creative ideas generated during the Race to reflect our values and the UAE as a unique destination that welcomes all its guests. I am confident of their ability to do it.

The ‘Race’, which started as a smart idea, has become a creative hub within a short span of two years to improve the quality of services throughout Dubai.

Major General Obaid Moheir bin Suroor Deputy Director General GDRFA-Dubai

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 7

UAE News

The historically important site offers insight into civilizations from hundred thousands of years

Shurooq completes Phase 1 of Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project


he Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) said the multiphase project will create a new tourist attraction in the UAE and the wider Arab region with an estimated AED 250 million expected to be invested in Mleiha over the next few years. The Mleiha tourist destination, one of the most important archeological sites in the UAE, has been created in the vicinity of various ruins and burial sites that date back to ancient times, some more than hundred thousands of years. Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Shurooq, 8 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

said: “I am very happy to be here to announce the launch of the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project. I am particularly delighted because I know that this project will add value to Sharjah and the UAE generally.”“Launching this project reflects the keenness of our leadership to protect our heritage

and preserve our Emirati identity. In this way we preserve our cultural history and ensure its place history. We intend to work towards promoting this important historical site in order to both protect it and bring visitors to it,” she added.

UAE News

Giving details of the Project, HE Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of Shurooq, said that the development of the project is in line with His Highness’ determination to develop the Central and Eastern regions. It also forms part of Shurooq’s commitment to developing world-class tourist projects by improving investment opportunities with the aim of achieving social, cultural, environmental and economic development. This follows the Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021 set out by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA). The first phase will see the opening of the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, designed to allow visitors to gain a deeper insight in a fun and interactive manner. The building is designed to cater to the needs of tourists and provide them with information about Mleiha’s landmarks. The centre will have archaeological finds on display, informative and educational displays with historical facts about the region,

a café and lounges, interactive screens that display documentaries about Mleiha’s history, signboards with details about the area, a store for the brand “I Love Sharjah”, service facilities and administration offices. According to Al Sarkal, the centre will be a starting point for people visiting the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project will offer guided tours. Al Sarkal also said the project will house a range of archaeological sites, such as the Umm an-Nar Tomb, the Valley of the Caves, the Mleiha Fort, historic horse and camel graveyard, the ancient farmhouse with kitchen, the pre-Islamic Mleiha Palace. “The project includes a variety of natural terrain, such as mountains and desert, and there is also considerable diversity of rare plants in the region. We are currently conducting a host of studies and research with relevant bodies to find ways to increase and protect the plant diversity, which characterizes the area.

The project is expected to attract thousands of visitors, particularly nature and heritage lovers, to introduce them to the region’s rich archaeological heritage,” Al Sarkal added. There will be various sporting activities such as the Adrenaline Adventures with dune buggies and quad biking activities. Visitors will also be taken on tours to seven main tracks around the site including the Fossil Rock, Camel Rock tour and the Valley of the Caves. Visitors will have the opportunity to camp out and undertake environment friendly off-road activities in 4X4 cars. Among other activities there will also be guided walks on camel trails to see the paths ancient civilizations took to cross the desert. “The project will provide a range of exploratory sporting activities, such as the “Struggle for Survival” camp, Horse-riding Tours, Walking and Bicycling trips and the “Stranded Family” camp. Special programme of visits will be allocated for archeology lovers and college students.”

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 9

UAE News

Second Phase

Al Sarkal revealed that Shurooq will soon embark of phase two of the Mleiha project in collaboration with relevant partners. The second phase will involve the construction of Mleiha National Desert Park over an area of 450 square kilometres. The park will serve as a wildlife reserve that will see the release of a range of animals such as the Oryx, gazelles and the mountain deer, in collaboration with the Sharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA). Shurooq allocated three areas within the project to be designated for resorts and bed and breakfast style hotels which will be offered to investors who want to benefit from promising opportunities

10 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

available in the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project and the Central Region. The second phase will also include the setting up of the Night Camping Park, which will be fully equipped to cater to the needs of camping lovers, in addition to a motel for overnight stays. Development work is underway to renovate old buildings at the site to serve as a motel within the project. Phase Two will also see the establishment of an astronomy observatory in cooperation with the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences, allowing for enthusiasts to enjoy the stars and sky from the center of Mleiha. Telescopes will be installed on the roof to allow tourists to get a glimpse of the stars and the wonders of space from Mleiha’s location.

Eng Khalid bin Butti Al Muhairi, Director of Planning and Survey Department, said, “Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourisml Project is the fruits of the efforts deployed by Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi. It is a very important addition to the tourist sector and we relied on our partners to make this project successful. This follows the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah who first defined provisions for the Emirate in 1969, including an archeological provision. The most recent plan was issued in 2006, from the Directorate of Planning and Survey to secure and promote Archeological finds and all projects in Sharjah.

UAE News

Tourism Development Authority (STCDA), stated: “The Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-Tourism Project plays a key role in Sharjah’s diversified projects to boost its tourism sector. Additionally, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre will offer both visitors and tourists a new and unique experience to Sharjah as one of the most significant tourism destinations in the region. Finally, the project will play an influential role in leading the region’s eco-tourism and archaeological tourism sector.”

We are very pleased today to see this plan develop and we wish everyone involved great success because Sharjah deserves all our efforts.” Dr Sabah Jassim, Director of the Sharjah Directorate of Antiquities who is overseeing the excavations said: “Mleiha was the cradle of rural life, and an essential part of trade routes. It was in contact with other civilizations in the Mediterranean, South Asia and Mesopotamia, as well as with the southern northern and eastern parts of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Eastern Arabia,” he said. Dr Jassim explained the reason for the strategic location of the findings may be due to its route towards the trade network. “Some findings date back more than one million years, and to the pre Islamic times. It is located between the sea of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, on a strategic route towards trade routes,” he said.

“We have found more than 300 skeletons including those of horses and camels. There have been very many significant relics found in the burial sites that are the remains of daily life including some pottery and iron tools. In the caves we found antiquities that back 125 thousand years BC. This coincides with human immigration from Africa.” Highlighting other aspects of site Dr Jassim spoke about some of the ruins found at Mleiha. He said, “In 1991 the fort was discovered and due to its very thick walls we know this was a building designed for defense. Here we found molds for coins and many coins indicating this was an important administrative building and suggests it was the centre of governance for the region. We are working tirelessly to bring more attractions and findings for tourists.” HE Khalid Jassim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Commerce and

The Mleiha Archaeological and Ecotourism Project is a collaboration by Shurooq with the Planning and Survey Department, the Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah, and the Directorate of Antiquities at the Sharjah Department of Culture and Information. It is unique tourist destination due to its natural beauty, diversity of rare wildlife and its archaeological discoveries which has seen it nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The project will also help preserve the outstanding archaeological sites that date back to the third millenniums BC, and also protect rare wild animals, such as the Arabian Tahr, the Arabian Oryx, sand gazelle (Al Reem), and Damani gazelles and ostriches. It also gives tourists an opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure from one of the three luxury hotels that will be set up there, and to explore archaeological treasures and rich ecological and biodiversity in Mleiha and its surrounding areas.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 11

UAE News

MoI makes its UAE-MOI smartphone app available in 16 languages T he

Smart Government programme at the Ministry of Interior has announced that the UAE-MOI smart phone app is now available in 16 languages for all types of smart phone operating systems. The multilingualism contributes to increasing usage ratio and enables a larger segment of customers from various backgrounds to browse the application and easily review its services. Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of

the MoI’s Smart Government programme, explained that the list of languages now includes German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Bengali, Indonesian, and Tagalog in addition to the main ones of Arabic and English. The initiative endeavours to bridge the language barrier and facilitate use of the ministry’s smart application, regardless of education or cultural background, he explained.

He said, “The Smart Government programme at the Ministry of Interior continues to develop and implement smart services in line with international best practices. The programme supports the government’s goal of becoming one of the best governments in the world by 2021, in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee 50th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the UAE.” 

Passengers to enjoy world-class baggage services at Sharjah Airport S harjah

Aviation Services will introduce new automated baggage management and communication systems at Sharjah International Airport. The new systems, provided by global air transport technology specialist SITA, are aimed at further improving the reliability, security and speed of baggage delivery at the airport.The implementation of the new systems is under way

12 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

and will go live in the first quarter of 2016, said SITA. More than 4.5 million departing bags are handled at the UAE’s third busiest airport every year and SITA’s new technology will provide the airport’s ground handler with state of the art baggage reconciliation services and full visibility and tracking capabilities within the airport. It will also

simplify the exchange of baggage-related information between the airport and airlines. Mohammad Al Zaghlawan, General Manager at Sharjah Aviation Services, said: “Having significant transfer traffic, automation of our baggage processes and reconciliation became fundamental to our business as it can easily make or break a passenger’s travel experience. For this reason, we chose SITA’s baggage technology; it is proven and tested worldwide. These new systems will give us an assurance that every passenger and their bags are on the same flight as well as the ability to identify issues before they result in a delay. This technology investment is critical to delivering the experience our customers have come to expect at Sharjah International Airport.” 

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 13

Cover Story

Safe borders: Interpol I-Checkit for Security

I-Checkit, an innovative solution to enhance border security


n November 2015, INTERPOL’s member countries endorsed the I-Checkit Airlines solution as a key component of the organisation’s global border management strategy.

14 14 |Manafez |ManafezDubai Dubai|February | February2015 2016||



This decision by Interpol’s member countries followed a 16-month pilot project with AirAsia which demonstrated the value of I-Checkit in mitigating the criminal risks that are behind identity fraud and gathering police intelligence, especially in countries without fully integrated border solutions. I-Checkit is an innovative solution that complements and enhances national border security systems by allowing the law enforcement community and trusted partners to conduct advanced passenger checks in real time.I-Checkit could eventually become a global tool that fills the gaps in identity management within the private sector, thus removing the advantage long held by criminals. While the freedom of traveller movements and the interconnectedness of global business have produced unprecedented opportunities, it has also increased security threats in recent years. The threat of organized criminal groups and terrorists using stolen travel documents to conceal their identities and cross borders undetected, alongwith with increasing volumes of international passengers, is leading countries to increasingly focus on heightening their border control and identity management measures. It has become imperative for countries to find innovative ways to detect and obstruct transnational criminal activities, which can be violent and detrimental to society and I-Check it could be the answer to it. Working with airline partners I-Checkit enables airlines to submit travel document information

To be piloted in the maritime transportation sector during 2016

for screening against INTERPOL’s database of stolen and lost travel documents. The data screened does not include names of individuals. The solution enhances the scope of the SLTD database and its value to law enforcement by providing trusted identities to private sector partners in the transportation, banking and tourism industries.

The extraction and submission of information takes less than half a second and includes only the travel document number, type of document and issuing State. The process has been developed in line with INTERPOL’s standards and regulations, and is implemented in accordance with national legislation. The technical solution itself is held to the same high security standards as INTERPOL’s I-24/7 secure global police communications network.

With this tool, INTERPOL can enhance its crucial role as a central disseminator of information while identifying threats and combating all types of crime.

A database match triggers an instant alert so the situation can be investigated. Notifications are sent to the INTERPOL General Secretariat, INTERPOL National Central Bureaus in the countries concerned, and other relevant national law enforcement entities.

To achieve this objective, I-Checkit facilitates the transfer of passport or identity document information that is sent via INTERPOL’s secure channels and compared against the SLTD.

In some cases, this highly secure screening process will alert security teams within the airline company to enable them to carry out a secondary check of the document in question at the boarding gate. | Manafez ManafezDubai Dubai||February February 2016 2015 | 15

Cover Story

Piloting I-Checkit in other industries

Future plans for I-Checkit include testing in other industries that are exploited by the criminal use of stolen identities and illicit transactions. Over the course of 2016, the I-Checkit solution will be piloted in the maritime transportation sector. Current testing with a small number of companies in the hotel and banking sectors will continue. As part of this, I-Checkit will be assessed in line with the concept of Smart Cities (the use of digital technologies to improve traditional networks and services for the benefit of citizens and businesses). Since the June 2014 launch of the I-Checkit test with AirAsia, a major low-cost airline, millions of travel documents of AirAsia’s passengers have been screened against the SLTD database. With the vital contributions of law enforcement agencies in the region, these screenings resulted in positive hits which led to passengers being stopped and even arrested.

16 16 |Manafez |ManafezDubai Dubai|February | February2015 2016||

I-Checkit has the game-changing capability of identifying misused travel documents to stop their carriers from potentially committing crimes. Criminals opening bank accounts to fund terror groups can be identified and investigated. I-Checkit to mitigate criminal risks behind identity fraud

Travellers concealing their identity with a stolen passport can be stopped before they board a plane. I-Checkit an achieve this without any negative impact on police operations. For the first time in history, a centralized communication link between INTERPOL, law enforcement and the private sector will offer unprecedented opportunities for the identification and prevention of major threats to society, significantly enhancing public safety and reduc-

ing the success of those who would threaten it.

Advice for travellers

Do not attempt to travel with a document that you have reported as lost or stolen. Once you have declared your travel document as lost or stolen to your national authorities, it is cancelled and considered invalid. The details of the document are passed on to INTERPOL and entered into the database of stolen and lost travel documents (SLTD). Border officials in INTERPOL’s 190 member countries can screen passenger information directly against the SLTD database. Selected airlines can submit the document details through I-Checkit for screening. If you try to travel with an invalid document, entry or boarding is denied. The travel document is seized to prevent its future use and you cannot travel. 



Do not attempt to travel using a document that you have reported as lost or stolen. Why not?

You declare your travel document (passport, ID card, etc) as lost or stolen to local police.

01 02

The details of the lost/stolen document are passed on to INTERPOL.

03 04

Border officials can screen passenger information directly against the SLTD database. Selected airlines can submit the document details through I-Checkit for screening.

Your country cancels the document. It is considered invalid.

05 06

INTERPOL records the document in its Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database, which is accessible to its 190 member countries.

Entry or boarding is denied. The travel document is seized to prevent its future use. You cannot travel.

| Manafez ManafezDubai Dubai||February February 2016 2015 | 17

AccessAbilities Expo 2016

Government departments to showcase latest initiatives, facilities for the disabled at AccessAbilities Expo 2016


ver 750 million individuals with disabilities and special needs worldwide, 50 million of whom are in the Middle East, get an opportunity to explore world’s latest and best smart solutions and services as Dubai hosts AccessAbilities Expo 2016, the first-of-its-kind expo aimed at enhancing the quality of life for disabled and special needs people, to be held from February 9-11, 2016, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

18 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

The exhibition is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to build hope, build life, build the future and make people from all walks of life happy. AccessAbilities 2016 is driven by the goal set by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, to make Dubai the world’s best city for individuals with special needs by 2020. His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation AuthorSmart Gates for the ity, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of disabled, ease of wheelchair Emirates Airline and Group, who access, guidelines in Braille, special healthcare among is the Patron for AccessAbilities, services, goods exempted said: “The UAE has a visionary from taxes and duties leader in His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is committed to providing unparalleled opportunities His Excellency Hamid Mohamed for special needs individuals and Al Qatami, Chairman and Direcprove their abilities in a friendly tor General of the Dubai Health and flexible community environ- Authority (DHA), said Dubai has ment. proved itself to be a successful universal model in dealing with The expo will contribute to real- people with disabilities. It also izing this vision by bringing in completed a set of regulations that the best of solutions, services and ensure full support for people with products from across the globe on disabilities, integrating them in a common platform.” the society and areas where they can be gainfully employed and AccessAbilities Expo has a strong contribute effectively in the develsupport from Government Bodies, opment and prosperity of Dubai, Education Centres for the disabled in line with the vision of His and exhibitors from healthcare, Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin technology, telecommunication, Rashid Al Maktoum UAE’s Vice aviation, hospitality, tourism, in- President and Prime Minister and frastructure, facilities management Ruler of Dubai, and within the diand other areas from more than 30 rectives of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin countries. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mak-

toum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, in making Dubai a friendly city for people with disabilities by 2020. Al Qatami said: “The DHA will spare no effort in providing the highest level of medical services for people with disabilities and the Authority’s strategy includes a set of advanced programs that ensures health and happiness for people with disabilities including programmes for early detection of disability, child health programs and specialised services for different types of disabilities.” The DHA offers diagnosis and early intervention services and has opened a specialized center in the Al Jalila Hospital, which offers a bouquet of smart applications and services for the disabled. He added that the Authority is working on a policy of inclusion, to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities, and giving them a pri| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 19

Hamid Mohamed Al Qatami

Hussain Nasser Lootah

Mattar Al Tayer

Sami Al Qamzi

friendliest city for the disabled by 2020. The Expo is being organised by Reed Expo and Nadd AlShiba PR & Event Management. The expo will bring more than 100 exhibitors from 30 countries to showcase the latest smart technologies in the field of disabilities.

ority in accessing various medical services. Meanwhile Dubai Municipality, which has been actively working towards providing facilities such as floating wheel chairs at beach areas, easy access to public areas and its service centres, will highlight community initiatives and the facilities it has introduced toward attaining the Vision 2020 at AccessAbilities Expo as well. DHA and Dubai Municipality are amongst a number of Dubai Government Departments which will showcase their initiatives and services for the disabled during AccessAbilities Expo 2016, the Middle East’s largest expo for individuals with disabilities, taking 20 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

place from February 9 to 11, 2016, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Other Departments showcasing the latest services and technologies include Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Community Development Authority, Department of Economic Development, Dubai Customs, GDRFA and Roads and Transport Authority. AccessAbilities Expo 2016 is being held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, to make Dubai the world’s

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said the Dubai Municipality is keen to meet the government’s vision in supporting people with disabilities and providing them the necessities of a decent life in line with the ‘My Community… a City for Everyone’ initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, that aims to transform Dubai into a disabled friendly city by 2020. “Dubai Municipality is on the forefront in supporting individuals with disabilities. Our initiatives go beyond our services and include the community.” The municipality offers easy and comfortable access to its services for the disabled at its service centres and trained staff members are available for assistance of those

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer

Mohammed Ahmad Al Marri

who need it. The civic body takes feedback from the residents regarding its services and develops its plans based on these views and requirements, constantly evaluating its initiatives to ensure maximum benefit to different segments of the society. The municipality has also built its service centres in a way that these are easily accessible for people with disabilities. Electronic doors that ensure ease of entry, special counters with low height, staff that knows sign language, ipads to show procedures related to service applications and important documents for hearing-impaired customers, and an alarm system with red lights to inform the customer

Khaled Al Kamda

Exhibitors from more than 30 countries in case of any untoward happening are a few of those facilities. Lootah noted that the Municipality has been taking numerous initiatives towards integrating persons with disabilities with all segments of society, enhancing their potential and developing the community’s commitment to persons with disability. The civic body is actively working in this direction by making its employees and residents having disabilities participate in events, forums, exhibitions, voluntary activities, sharing

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

best practices with them, providing a friendly work environment, providing them easy access to its services, enhancing means of effective communication and raising awareness about the rights of people with disabilities. He explained that the Dubai Municipality’s efforts to making Dubai disabled-friendly include focusing on specifications for buildings and facilities such as parks, streets, markets, service buildings, to ensure that these are disabled friendly. His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) confirmed the authority’s keenness on providing all projects and facilities and mass transport services to be friendly to persons with disabilities as a commitment by the authority to implement the terms of the Federal Law concerning the Rights of people with disabilities, according the law, “It’s necessary for roads, public vehicles, land and sea transportation to have the technical specifications required for the use and need of the disabled, it also comes as an implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 21

UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in making Dubai a role model by promoting the participation of persons with disabilities, as well as the implementation of the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, which aims to make Dubai a fully friendly city for people with disabilities by 2020. Al Tayer added: “RTA gives special attention to people having disabilities and all means of mass transportation from the metro, buses to water/marine transport and taxis have been designed to meet the needs of the disabled. The Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram offer services and facilities for people with different types of disabilities, stations and metro carriages have audio and visual announcements for guidance, notifications and display of information for people with hearing and visual impairment, floor signs that facilitate the movement of people with visual disabilities

22 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

where it keeps track of movements that guide them to the gates or to their designated locations in the carriages, also providing elevators and escalators with audio and lightcustomised systems for people with visual impairment and hearing disabilities. In public buses, the bus’s hydraulic system enables the driver to tilt the bus so it reduces the altitude/rise with the pavement in order to enable the elderly, sick, or disabled passenger to get on the bus easily. The middle door of the bus is provided with a crossing ramp which serves as a bridge between the sidewalk and the floor of the bus to enable easy wheelchair access without lifting it. Water bus, water taxi and Dubai ferry too have seats dedicated for people with disabilities, while the Dubai Taxi Corporation has allocated seven vehicles equipped to serve people with disabilities. These vehicles have hydraulic lifting that can lift high weights and the drivers are trained to deal with the disabled. The RTA also provides free services for the elderly and disabled

card holders (Sanad), exempting disabled from paying tariffs when using public transportation by giving them free NOL Cards which allows them to use all transportation facilities which include Dubai Metro, buses, water bus, as well as being exempted from paying the Salik tariff, fees of registration and renewal of one vehicle. Other benefits include a 50 per cent discount on the tariff of driver’s license services, in addition to exempting the disabled from paid parking tariffs with the allocation of free parking spaces for the disabled in various critical locations. His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General, Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, said: “Our participation in the AccessAbilities Expo 2016 comes within the framework of our strategic plan to achieve Dubai’s vision of becoming a disabled friendly place by 2020. We have formed a special team to make DED and its institutions disabledfriendly entities in order to ensure that the design and facilities inside

the buildings allow people having disabilities to use the services and move around with ease. We also provide an environment that encourages innovation and creativity among our employees having disabilities, alongwith developing customer services and offering smart e-services for the disabled such as websites that can be used by those who are visually impaired and smart channels to serve customers round the clock. Al Qamzi noted that DED’s frontline staff is well equipped to deal with persons with disabilities, and have been trained in sign-language and trained staff assists people having disabilities at all customer service centers. Al Qamzi added: “DED is working on enhancing work opportunities, career growth, summer and personal training opportunities to ensure higher inclusion, flexible work hours for those with disabilities, give promotions and empower them in the area of their functioning without any discrimination.”

His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and Chairman of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA),  said: “In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and the initiative ‘My Community, a city for everyone’ launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, DEWA is committed to promoting integration of people with disabilities in the community by launching social projects and initiatives.” “DEWA has launched the ‘Ashir’ service, a live video chat service using sign language that enables people with disabilities to communicate directly with DEWA’s call centre staff. This pioneering service is available on DEWA’s smart app on iOS and Android, which offers over 150 services and features round the clock.  In addition, we have trained staff to use sign lan-

guage to communicate with people having hearing and speech disabilities. DEWA also supports and sponsors numerous social initiatives including Sanad cards for the disabled in Dubai,” he said. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has introduced Smart Gate Special Counter for the disabled to enhance the airport experience. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, said: “In line with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, of making Dubai the friendliest city in the world and strengthening the image of Dubai as a ‘City that Cares’ for people with disabilities, the GDRFA in Dubai is committed to making the lives of individuals with special needs and disabilities comfortable by ensuring easy and quick access to our services.” | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 23

“We have introduced the Smart Gate Special Needs counter, which allows any passenger on a wheel chair a smooth access and a convenient airport experience. GDRFA Dubai offer jobs to special needs individuals, trains its staff to learn sign language and provide many smart services for those with special needs and disabilities so that they do not have to visit GDRFA centres and can conduct transactions online,” he said. Talking about the initiatives taken by the Community Development Authority, Khaled Al Kamda, Director-General, CDA, said: “CDA is a member of the higher committee for the protection of the rights of people with disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai. We are not only responsible for empowering people with disabilities and protecting them but also to create eligible environment to empower them and allow them to access their rights in working and enjoying social activities. We will present our latest initiatives for people with disabilities such as Sanad Rely centre, Sanad Card and SanadRV during AccessAbilities Expo 2016.» He added that CDA will utilize the AccessAbilities Expo platform to find out about the latest solutions, and the finest success stories in this regard. “We are directly involved in improving the quality of lives of this segment in addition to other 24 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

vulnerable groups, and we need to benefit from the best examples that AccessAbilities Expo from February 9-11 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

could help our goal. “ “AccessAbilities Expo is an important platform to gather all the concerned stakeholders about empowering the disabled regionally and internationally. It will allow us to sharpen our thoughts and learn the latest techniques that could improve our programmers in a new space. Having a dedicated event to discuss how to leverage the abilities of Persons with Disabilities marks a new era for a community who aims to be fully disabilityfriendly.”

His Excellency Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, director of Dubai Customs, said: “We are delighted to be partners in this important event which provides a perfect chance to know and inform about latest technologies and solutions to serve people having disabilities at both local and international levels. It will contribute to enhancing the role of government bodies in achieving the directives of our wise leadership by ensuring high level of client satisfaction through services that cater to all segments and are directed to providing the best level of humanitarian care.” Musabih added: “In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, of making Dubai a friendly city for people with disabilities by 2020, Dubai Customs is keen on making its services, customs ports, and facilities in its headquarters friendly for people with disability, as they are a key component in any society.” “The department provides many services for the disabled, begin-

ning with its headquarters which is disability friendly, with ease of accessibility to the building, along with dedicated parking slots near the main entrance.” The Dubai Customs also has employees with disabilities in different departments. “Passengers who use the Dubai Airports have been taken into consideration too, where the department made dedicated tracks for people with disabilities in Customs Outlets in order to ease their movement. In recognition of these efforts and initiatives, Dubai Customs recently received ‘Grand Idea of the Year 2015’ award in the category of people with disabilities for an idea by two of its employees to provide dedicated gates for people with disabilities in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of completing their customs transactions. A working group of Dubai Customs with different departments is involved in field visits to other entities to view the best international practices in the field of disability services.” “The Dubai Customs exempts goods and materials used by people with disabilities from customs duties in accordance with the Law,” he said. He said the Dubai Customs announced last year exemption of eight goods and materials catering to people with disabilities, such as educational, medical tools, machinery, wheelchairs that have an engine or another mechanism,

along with cars made specially to be driven by people with physical disabilities, crutches, devices for the hearing, speech and visually impaired. Leading centres for individuals with disabilities including Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Autism Trust Foundation, Dubai Autism Centre and Mawaheb for Beautiful People are among the Event Partners in addition to local and international companies in technology, telecommunication, healthcare, aviation, hospitality, tourism, education, infrastructure and facilities management sectors who are exhibiting

their products and services at the Expo. AccessAbilities Expo 2016 will feature a ‘Knowledge Centre’, where experts will discuss and present the latest technologies, issues related to disabilities, tools, products and services in the field. An exclusive ‘Activity Area’ at the Expo will offer an array of sport and recreational programmes including table tennis, archery, basketball, boccia, yoga, dance, martial arts, art, and easy cooking, with a view to provide a wide range of options and educate parents and families on engaging their family member having disability in physical activities for optimal physical functioning and overall well-being.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 25

Middle East News

IOM: Bahrain a global model for best practice for foreign workers


he Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), William Lacy Swing, has said that the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered a global role model for its practices in dealing with foreign workers.

The Director General also praised the Kingdom’s efforts in guaranteeing fair recruitment, protection of foreign workers and combatting Trafficking in Persons. The statement was made in his letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain’s Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Chairperson of the National Committee for Combatting Trafficking in Persons, Ausamah bin Abdullah Al Absi. He added that the IOM was honoured to attend the recent launch of Bahrain’s Expat Protection Centre and shelter, and noted that they are an excellent example of best practice. The IOM was also represented in a forum on “fair recruitment and its role in the development of the private sector”, which provided a wide-ranging and valuable plat-

form for the exchange of innovative practices. The Director General praised Bahrain’s creative and innovative efforts to raise community awareness around Combatting Trafficking in Persons, as well as the “Human Too” campaign, which is aimed raising awareness regionally. Lacey praised the various workshops at the opening of the Expat Protection Centre, which were supported by the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes. Mr Lacey also welcomed the attendance of representatives of 14 Arab League states that organised the workshop on “Identifying Human Trafficking Victims” for a number governments, NGOs and member od the judiciary.

He pointed out that the recently launched LMRA Centre for Protection of Expat workers and shelter, which can accommodate up to 200 people, is considered among the first of its kind and offers valuable safety and security for victims or vulnerable expats who could fall prey to traffickers. The shelter also houses a 24/7 hotline call centre in 7 different languages, a clinic that provides medical and psychiatric care, legal counselling, social services, and a training centre that aims to work with civil societies, schools, universities and clubs and resident expat communities to spread awareness among citizens. Al Absi said he was honoured to receive the IOM Director General’s letter of commendation, which is international recognition of the endeavors of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Al Absi confirmed that the Labour Market Regulatory Authority has already begun a collaborative process with the IOM to put in place an action plan for technical cooperation in the field of training government officials to support the national centre. He added that the LMRA is also putting in place procedures and informational materials to ensure these issues are handled effectively by all. 

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| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 27

International News

By 2018, 77 per cent airports to offer kiosks for self-bag tagging

Self-service key to managing more passengers at China’s airports


hina’s airports are using self-service and other leading technologies to manage increasing passenger numbers which rose by 11 per cent in 2014 and continue to rise. This is according to the 2015 SITA/ACI Airport IT Trends Survey.

According to the survey, 100 per cent of the airports surveyed now provide self-service check-in kiosks. By 2018, 77 per cent will offer kiosks for self-bag tagging and 68 per cent will offer unassisted self-service bag drop and boarding. This indicates a strong progression to an end-to-end self-service passenger experience in China.   The research results represent the views of major airports in China which together serve more than 60 per cent of all Chinese airline passengers. In this year’s survey, 77 per cent of Chinese airports rated passenger processing their number one priority, up from 53 per cent last year. This demonstrates a greater emphasis on improving the

traveling experience for passengers at the airport than seen previously. May Zhou, Vice President, SITA China said: “Rising passenger numbers continue to present a challenge to China’s airports in terms of infrastructure and resources. There is of course much construction and expansion underway but it will take some time to match the growth in traffic. Meanwhile, technologies such as self-service, mobile and business intelligence can improve the passenger experience today. “These technologies can help airports provide faster check-in, realtime updates, reduced queues and faster aircraft turnarounds. All of

100 per cent of China’s major airports now provide check-in kiosks the airports surveyed expect IT budget increases in 2016 which indicates that passengers in China will enjoy the benefits of investments in smart technology for smarter airports over the coming years.” Having a smarter airport means that operators must collect and use data to make better decisions. A majority of leading airports in China expect to put in place business intelligence initiatives over the next three years, particularly in areas such as passenger flow monitoring (82 per cent) and airport operations (72 per cent). This focus, mostly around passenger flow, once again shows the priority that airports in China are putting on passengers. Improving the allocation of resources by tracking vehicles and other mobile assets around the airport is also set to become standard operational practice over the next three years and 90 per cent of leading airports will have introduced this by the end of 2018. 

28 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 29

International News

More than 2,000 passengers per day processed at the airport’s ABCGates

Naples Interantional offers fast track for biometric passport holders N aples International Airport is offering

passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport, a fast track through the airport with the introduction of self-service immigration control technology from air transport IT specialist, SITA.

The Automated Border Control Gates (ABCGates) confirm that the passenger has an authentic, valid passport and is authorized to enter the country while fingerprint verification is also provided to further enhance security when required.

Using world-leading facial recognition technology to confirm that the passenger is the passport holder, SITA’s iBorders BorderAutomation ABCGates provide a smooth “walkthrough” experience.

With an average processing time of only 20 seconds, this process enables eligible passengers to use selfservice facilities to reduce wait times and optimize passenger flow through the airport.

30 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

The ABCGates (departures and arrivals) allows more than 2,000 passengers a day to clear immigration at the airport using this latest technology. Alessandro Fidato, Director of Infrastructure & Operations at Naples International Airport said: “The new technology has helped improve the passenger experience at Naples Airport by speeding them through immigration while ensuring that we meet the highest security standards at Italy’s borders. The ABCGates are really a win-win technology for airports.” 

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 31

Exclusive Interview

Saeed Mubarak Al Marzoqui, Deputy CEO, Bait Al Khair

Bait Al Khair has helped over 20,000 needy families in UAE


ait Al Khair Society has been playing a highly important role in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through its numerous charitable and humanitarian initiatives.

The society has helped more than 20,000 families, including 5,300 who have monthly assistance, widows, students, disabled, those in need of financial assistance and also those who require medical help. Saeed Mubarak Al Marzoqui, Deputy CEO of the society says the visionary leadership of the UAE has inspired Bait Al Khair to continue its work with enthusiasm. “We aim to help as many people as we can,” he said.

Excerpts from an interview: Bait Al Khair Society was set up in 1989. Can you please share with us how the society has been assisting those who need help? The society was started with the goal to help people whether they are in need of medical treatment, widows, and families of prisoners, debtors, orphans or disabled. The founders gave the utmost priority to cater to those in the UAE. Through various projects, Bait Al Khair Society has helped more 32 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

than 20,000 families of which 5,300 families receive monthly financial assistance. Bait Al Khair’s activities, programmes and projects have been focused on charitable work across the country and it has been awarded several times for its contribution to humanitarian causes. Among our projects are Household wares and maintenance project, Zakat Elfitr project, Students project, Orphans project, food stuff project, special needs care project, debtors project, Eid Kisswa project, Elaj project and many others. Over the years, Bait Al Khair has become exemplary when it comes to planning and executing humanitarian projects. The Society has four branches in Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and a newly established branch in Ajman which cater to all areas across the UAE. We have around 370 employees and volunteers to implement our projects. We are blessed to have the guidance of our visionary leaders His

Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zaid Al Nahyan , President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who have always inspired us to be sensitive to our brothers and take humanitarian and charitable initiatives and we will continue with more such initiatives in future. Which are the prominent establishments and private companies that support the Society? Bait Al Khair collaborates with various organizations, which are keen to assist as a part of their social responsibilities. Al Maktoum Charitable Authority, Dubai Islamic and Humanitarian Authority are among the most important ones who share the goal of contributing to the humanitarian causes and we also get support from Ministry of Social Affairs, Al Faraj Fund, Ministry of Home, Dubai Police, Awgaf Authority and Palace Affairs, Dubai Health Authority, Community Development Authority, Fujairah Housing and



Areas Development Authority, Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, Mohamed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment among others. What are the most important charitable projects carried out by the Society and how do you decide on a project? Our goal is to help the families and people who are truly in need. Through a social research, the areas where help is needed is decided. We visit the targeted families and evaluate their economic and financial status to decide their eligibility for the assistance. We have data base consist of around 40,000 families, which include around 10,000 expat families. The programs and projects are usually approved after being studied and identifying the number of families that need help. We ensure the fund is available and the Society is able to meet its obligations toward the targeted categories in the project or the activity.

This chart represents the Society expenditures during 25 year, the chart approved and published in 2014 in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Society, the chart represents the kind of the expenditure and the beneficiary of the same


Project Name

1 2

Monthly assistances project Lump sum assistances project Foodstuff assistances project 172,750 Orphans sponsorship project 103,136

3 4

The Society has various permanent projects, the main ones being the monthly financial assistance project, monthly foodstuff project, orphans families care project, individual of special needs families care project, student project which provide the student with stationery and other assistance that may help them in schooling till graduation from the university.

5 6

We have recently started, in cooperation with Dar Al Ber Society, a project to house families who cannot afford. ď‚…


7 8 9 10 11 12

Student project Eid Kisswa (Clothing) project Zakat Elfitr project Kafarat Alyamin project Household wares and maint. project Debtors project Elaj project Individuals of special needs care project Expenses on programs and projects

The total amount spent on the charitable projects in 25 year

Amount/ AED 413,888 306,809

Amount/ Million 414 307 173 103

37,050 8,646

37 9

7,567 5,924 6,262

8 6 6

3,859 2,463 19,396

4 2 19




| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 33

New Technology

Reducing fraudulent payment transactions


ayment fraud costs the air travel industry an estimated $858 million a year nearly 75 per cent of which is borne by airlines, the rest by other participants in the travel value chain, including travel agents.

With a view to prevent payment frauds in air travel industry, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is cooperating with Ypsilon Net AG to make IATA Argus Fraud Manager (IATA Argus) available to airlines and travel agents. “IATA is committed to helping the industry fight fraud. Our partnership with Ypsilon Net AG brings a modern fraud prevention solution that meets the needs of both airlines and travel agents to reduce fraud and increase the confidence in generating new sales via all available distribu34 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

tion channels,” said Aleks Popovich, IATA’s Senior Vice President Financial and Distribution Services. Airlines already use a range of systems to reduce fraud activity in their direct sales, IATA Argus offers a unique, fully-integrated and automated payment fraud detection and management solution for both travel agents and airlines. By accessing information available in global distribution systems, IATA Argus is able to detect suspect transactions from as early as the booking request stage, and

flag them or even cancel them as appropriate. It can notify the agent or airline of a suspicious booking, and automatically take action to void, suspend or cancel a ticket. “You cannot segregate fraud occurring on airline direct channels from fraud generated through travel agency or online travel agency channels. IATA Argus combines ease of implementation and cost efficiency in a system that protects all channels effectively and provides full automation,” said Hans-Joachim Klenz, CEO of Ypsilon Net AG. 




AccessAbilities Expo 2016 is the UAE’s premier event which aims to add value to the lives of persons with disabilities.

Held from 9-11 February 2016 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, AccessAbilities Expo will provide a high-level platform for stakeholders from across sectors such as infrastructure, aviation, tourism, hospitality, facilities management, technology, consumer electronics, public transport, education, healthcare and others. Global suppliers will be showcasing the latest technologies to address the growing demands of the disabled communities across the Middle East.

750 50


million people with disabilities worldwide

million of whom are in the Middle East

Exhibit new products and services to more than 3,000 buyers from over 30 countries New business opportunities with the Middle East’s leading decision-makers Connect with professionals from a wide range of industry sectors from across the world Face-to-face meetings with local healthcare and disability experts Build stronger relationships with existing clients, source new contacts and increase your ROI

To understand more on how you can make the most out of AccessAbilities Expo, get in touch with Alex Shalagin via email: alexander.shalagin@reedexpo.ae or via phone: +971 50 662 6371 Strategic Partners



Organised by

Event Partners

Information Partner

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 35

36 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 37


Super-agers’ secrets to staying young 38 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |


30 years younger, to keep to young this year! Mary Helen Abbott, 77, paints her lips bright pink, still smokes the occasional cigarette, keeps up on all the gossip at the retirement home and wears a short skirt to fitness class. She giggles as the aerobics instructor shouts -- “Swagger! Like you are going to meet someone famous!” -- then she and a dozen seniors throw shoulders back, lift their knees high and strut around the exercise studio. Abbott is what scientists refer to as a “super-ager,” and she is taking part in a $3.2 million study that aims to uncover the secrets to staying sharp and healthy into old age. What could be a better time than the beginning of the New Year to firm your resolve to stay fit. We have for you secrets from none other than super agers, people in about their 80s who have memory performance -- and brain size about

While some hunt for medications to treat or prevent dementia, others, like University of Miami neuropsychologist David Loewenstein, are interested in why some people are spared altogether. “I study Alzheimer’s disease, but if we want to unlock the mysteries of

Stay busy, socialize and follow Meditteranian diet, say super agers

the brain we also have to know why some people age successfully,” said Loewenstein. The five-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health is open to people age 63 to 100 who have not been diagnosed with dementia, and who are either in good mental shape or have early signs of memory failure, known as mild cognitive decline. Loewenstein is particularly intrigued with how some people seem to be able to fend off memory loss, whether by genetic, environmental or other means. He cites studies involving autopsies on people 85 and above -- a population in which about one in three suffers from dementia. Nearly another third of this age group have post-mortems that re| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 39


veal significant hallmarks of dementia -- known as plaques and tangles in the brain -- but seemed just fine while alive. “How can people function at these higher levels? Science has not been able to answer that,” said Loewenstein. “And that is what we are trying to figure out.”

Staying busy

Of the 100 people enrolled in Loewenstein’s study so far, more than 40 live at East Ridge, a retirement village that resembles a typical sub-

urban neighborhood in south Florida, with wild peacocks roaming beneath the palm trees, people driving around the manicured grounds on golf carts, and rows of single-story homes divided into multiple apartment units.

Soon after arriving seven years ago, Gwen North, a retired kindergarten teacher who appears decades younger than her age of 85, took on the responsibility of running the thrift store.

Mary Helen Abbott, 77, is what scientists refer to as a “super-ager,” and she is taking pa …

At age 86, her husband Art is known as the go-to-guy around town -- perpetually ready to chat, share information, or fix electronics that have broken.

Such tranquility does not come cheap. Residents must pay $111,000 up front, then a monthly rent of $2,700 or more, depending on the size of their living space.

“I work probably six days a week,” she said, happily.

Art and Gwen have already taken memory tests and are giving samples of their spinal fluid so that it can be studied for the earliest biological markers of aging. They have even arranged to donate their brains for further study after they die.

‘Exercise in a pill’

“Epidemiological studies show that people with a lifetime of cognitively stimulating activities … So what has kept them young? “Staying busy. And good genes,” said Gwen. 40 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

Health “Just working. And my wife,” added Art. It turns out, there is scientific data to back up their claims. “We have known for a long time that people in the workforce are better than people out of work,” said Laura Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford University Center on Longevity, addressing a forum on aging at the National Academy of Medicine last month in Washington. “Work -- paid or unpaid -- may improve cognitive functioning.” With cases of dementia in the United States set to triple, reaching 132 million by 2050, some expert … Regular exercise and a Mediterranean diet are also known to help foster healthy aging. “Geriatricians I know say that if we could put exercise in a pill form it would be the most sought-after drug on the market,” she said.

Social connections

Abbott confesses that prior to entering the retirement home, she was not doing so well. After her husband died, she lost weight and felt lonely. “One of the big reasons I like being here is I got tired of eating by myself,” said Abbott. She clearly thrives on social contact. Now, she plays golf every Monday and rides the bus to church on weekends.

Abbott leads the welcoming committee and knows everyone, from the gay couple who just moved in, to the woman in her 90s who nearly died but is now lifting weights again in exercise class, to the woman with the raven hair who had a tryst with a doctor 20 years her senior, then married him, and has stayed married to him for some 40 years.

tive decline as they age,” said Loewenstein.

She recounts these vignettes without malice, exuding pure delight at knowing the details of others’ lives.

The poor are often more prone to the ravages of aging. Research also shows that African-Americans and Hispanics suffer disproportionately higher rates of dementia than the country’s whites.

There’s some science behind this, too. “Epidemiological studies show that people with a lifetime of cognitively stimulating activities and social connections are much less at risk for cogni-

Economic burden

Of course, it is impossible to ignore the economics of healthy aging. Many of the residents at East Ridge are educated and white. They saved their earnings, invested well and benefited from the boom in real estate prices.

With cases of dementia in the United States set to triple, reaching 132 million by 2050, some experts warn the disease could bankrupt major world economies and cripple health systems.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 41

Special Study

Worldwide Halal food and lifestyle market to reach US$ 3.7 trillion by 2019: report


orldwide spending on global Halal food and lifestyle products could rise 10.8 percent a year until 2019 to create an international industry worth US $3.7 trillion, according to the latest Global Islamic Economy Report. Commissioned by the Government of Dubai and produced by ThomsonReuters in collaboration with strategy and research advisory firm DinarStandard, the report says that the past year has seen major advancements in the global Halal food and lifestyle sectors. These include investments by a Brazilian Halal food provider in a UAE production plant, new Halal testing technologies from France, Malaysia and the UAE, and international marketing of Dubai as a new Halal and Islamic Economy hub. At the same time, the Halal tourism sector, a huge driver of food, beverage and hospitality sales, has also advanced following product investments in the UAE, the Maldives, Spain, Japan, the Philippines and Russia, amongst others. The lucrative Halal tourism market now represents 11.6 percent of global tourism expenditure, excluding the busy Hajj and Umrah seasons, and is expected to be worth US$238 billion by 2019. 42 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

According to the report, the Halal food sector alone will grow to a valuation of US$2.537 trillion by 2019, up from US$795 billion in 2014, equating to 21.2 percent of global food expenditure. The top countries with Muslim consumer food consumption are Indonesia, with a market worth US$190 billion, Turkey, where the market is valued at US$168 billion, Pakistan at US$108 billion and Iran, where the market equates to US$97 billion based on 2013 data. Meanwhile, Malaysia, the UAE and Australia lead the report’s Halal Food Indicator, a gauge that focusses on the health of the country’s Halal Food ecosystem in relation to its size. The UAE’s advancing status as an international centre for Halal food trading is evidenced by Halal World Food, the world’s biggest annual Halal food sourcing trade event, featuring more than 800 certified suppliers in only its third year. The segmented show-within-a-show concept at Gulfood 2016 returns to Dubai World

Trade Centre (DWTC) from February 21st-25th. “Adding more than 100 new Halal food companies highlights a leap in demand as major local, regional and international Halal food producers explore new areas of business opportunity and investment,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions and Events Management, DWTC. “The increase in our Halal exhibitors and companies is being driven by investment opportunities across the Halal food value chain, Halal food


SMEs seeking Islamic financing for working capital, trade financing and expansion needs, M&A opportunities, organic, pure and wholesome new products, Halal ingredients and co-operation on building global or regional brands that deliver on Halal integrity.” Becoming a trusted name and solutions provider in the global Halal food sector and a destination of choice for Islamic families are among the seven strategic objectives of the ‘Dubai - the Capital of Islamic Economy’ initiative launched in ear-

ly 2013 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. “Halal World Food’s growth is helping the initiative attain some of these overarching objectives,” added LohMirmand. “With an anticipated visitor turnout of over 85,000 from more than 170 countries including international heads of state, ministers, government officials and national trade associations from five continents, I think we can confidently predict an increase in the emirate’s


share of year-round trading in Halal foods.” Following successful editions of Halal World Food in 2014 and 2015, scores of major international retail buyers are already using the specialised Gulfood event as their preferred Halal food sourcing platform. With Muslim populations rising across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, major food retailers in Europe and the Americas are also exploring new avenues to augment stocks of Halal certified products on supermarket shelves.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 43

Customer Service

Businesses can rent robots for customer care

Robots for your customer service?


ccording to reports, businesses in Japan could soon be testing robots for their customer service. SoftBank Robotics Corp., sold out its first stock of Pepper robots within a minute of the humanoid going on sale online in June, according to reports.

The company is making an enterprise-level version of its personal robot available in Japan. The version of the gentle-looking humanoid machine will be available for pre-order this year, and businesses in the country can rent one directly from SoftBank. ‘Pepper for Biz’, the business-focused robot is designed to come loaded with applications that allow it to handle office reception tasks and even approach potential customers. It also has what the company is calling a Pepper for Biz platform that should

44 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

A robot could soon be the solution to all your customer care concerns.

let users customize applications and visualize data. One, for instance, is being geared at helping the robot be a salesperson; it starts work as a sales clerk next year at Yamada Denki, a major electronics retailer, said a report in ComputerWorld. The robot, now being pitched for more general customer-service

work, will be available for rental at a monthly cost of 55,000 yen or about $443 U.S. dollars. The rental plan is a binding contract for three years. The company’s initial personal robot, called Pepper, sold for $1,600. Customers also agreed to pay a $120/ month cloud connection fee and $80/ month for insurance. That initial robot received a lot of attention around the world as SoftBank reported that Pepper is world’s first


Pepper for Biz is a model that comes with standard pre-installed applications for use by enterprises, including ones for office reception and approaching potential customers.

robot that can read human emotions. It will generate its own emotions also. The robot, for example, reportedly can read people’s facial cues and will be happy to be with people it is familiar with and afraid when the lights go out. The robot might sigh when sad or bored, and it will display different colors on a display screen depending on its mood. Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, said Pepper for Biz could be a good starting point for businesses interested in using robotics . “These robots do very simple chores. They do presentations, meet and greet customers and ask and answer questions,” he added. “Robots are already in companies in manufacturing roles. These kinds of robots are used in softer environments. I think it’s a good idea. These robots are just the beginning.” Robots in the not-so-distant future could be used in companies to do bigger jobs, like clean, deliver mail and refill printer ink and paper in office copy machines. That kind of robotics work could just be five years away, according to Moorhead.

Robots for retail

Lowe Innovation Lab announced last year its plans to come out with a retail-ready, multilingual robot. The project is designed to help shoppers navigate stores quickly and easily, said a report in adage.com. “People want to come in and find exactly where they want to go,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “And they want to have a conversation instead of trying to find a map.” The robot’s primary goal is to improve in-store navigation, but it has a number of other features as well. For example, its telepresence allows shoppers to connect with off-site experts who can consult on projects. Customers can talk to the robot, OSHbot, like they would speak to a typical sales associate, and it recognizes and responds in multiple languages. It’s equipped with a screen that shoppers move through “Minority Reportstyle” -- it recognizes hand gestures made in front of the screen and can be used as a typical touch screen as well. OSHbot is also mobile and will roll up to customers to greet and escort them through the aisles.


World’s first robot staffed hotel opens in Japan Japan’s fist robot staffed hotel opened in July this year. Hennna Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, replaces people with pretty, lifelike lady humanoid receptionists and a bow tie-wearing, dinosaur concierge. Guests at the hotel check in, check out, get their rooms cleaned and their luggage conveyed by a fleet of blinking, beeping and rolling robots. Aside from its novelty factor, the use of robots will lead to savings in labour costs, energy, reduce waste and develop a selfsufficient hotel powered by solar energy and machines.

Outfitted with a 3D scanner, OSHbot can help shoppers locate items, even if they don’t know what they’re called. For example, customers can scan a screw or nail brought from home, and OSHbot will search its database to locate it in the store or online. The robots were born out of the Lowe’s Innovation Lab, an experimental department that works with science-fiction writers and startups to solve consumer problems with technology.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 45


6 key travel trends for 2016


survey of around 45,000 travelers and hoteliers on their travel plans for 2016 has come out with interesting findings on spending priorities, activities and other preferences.

The TripBarometer study conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm Ipsos, indicates a high number of travelers are keen on trying something new, over one-third are willing to spend more than they did in 2015 and destination choices would be impacted by culture as well as by special offers.

1 in 5 global travelers said they would try a cruise for the first time next year.

planning to spend more on travel in 2016 than they did the previous year.

17 per cent will try solo travel for the first time in 2016; 15 per cent will try adventure travel for the first time.

Among those who plan to increase their travel budget, 49 per cent said they will do so because “because I or my family deserve it.”

1-Seeking new experiences

2-Spending more because it’s “worth it”

Worldwide, travelers are open to spending more in 2016 than they have in the past—and not just because of rising costs.

31 per cent said they would spend more on travel because “it’s important for my health and well-being.”

In the coming year, travelers of all ages will seek out things they haven’t tried before, from cruises to solo travel and more. Globally, 69 per cent of travelers plan to try something new in 2016. 46 |Manafez Dubai | February 2016 |

3-Choosing destinations based on culture, special 1 in 3 travelers are planning to offers spend more in 2016 than they did in 2015.

1 in 3 travelers (33 per cent) are

Today’s travelers choose destinations for a number of reasons, including special offers from accommodations.


destination because they saw it on a TV show.

say they’re optimistic about profitability in 2016.

4-Staying cool and connected

3 out of 4 business owners are optimistic about profits in 2016.

Among the amenities that travelers will look for when they book an accommodation in 2016, air conditioning and WiFi stand out. Globally, 63 per cent of travelers said air conditioning is a musthave when choosing a place to stay. That makes it more of a deal-breaker than breakfast (40 per cent) or a swimming pool (26 per cent).

Globally, 47 per cent of travelers say they have visited a destination because of the culture and people of the specific country. 1 in 5 travelers (21 per cent) have chosen a destination because a hotel had a special offer or package. “TV tourism” is on the rise: 1 in 5 global travelers have visited a

46 per cent said free in-room WiFi is a must-have amenity— meaning that, if an accommodation did not provide it, they would look elsewhere. 26 per cent of travelers said that they require an accommodation that has super-fast WiFi; 11 per cent are willing to pay extra for this service.

5-Rising room rates (and optimism)

Nearly half of hoteliers globally plan to increase room rates in 2016 (47 per cent). Most accommodations are increasing rates to compensate for increased overhead costs (65 per cent), although more than a third are increasing rates because of recently completed renovations (37 per cent) or because of increased demand (35 per cent). 3 in 4 business owners are optimistic about profitability in 2016. The majority of those who are optimistic say it’s because of local events and conferences taking place in their markets next year (65 per cent). 91 per cent of hoteliers see increasing direct bookings as key for the future of their business.

6-Managing reputations Many accommodations plan to online raise their room rates next year, while the majority of hoteliers

Online presence remains important: In 2016, businesses will be keeping a close eye on what people are saying about them on the web. 93 per cent of hoteliers said that online traveler reviews are important for the future of their business. Online reputation management is still the biggest area of investment for accommodation owners in 2016, with 59 per cent investing more in this area than they did the previous year.  | Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 47

opinion column

‘European aviation industry needs to aim higher’ T he landscape of global aviation is changing.

The number of passengers is growing and new players are entering the global market. It’s crystal clear we need to give it our best to compete in this game. The European aviation industry must become more competitive, more innovative and more sustainable. Sharon Dijksma, Dutch Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Environment

Aviation is highly important to Europe’s economy, with two million jobs, a direct contribution of €110 billion to our GDP, and an indirect contribution of €510 billion. Aviation has special importance for Europe. It not only links our regions and peoples, and promotes tourism and commerce. Europe was also the birthplace of global aviation. Today, Europe is still a major player in the industry. The challenge is now: how can we keep it that way? Studies show that the number of air passengers will double over the next 15 years. While the largest share of this growth is expected in Asia, there is potential for growth in Europe as well. Let’s seek out the best opportunities to benefit from working together within the European Union.

(Excerpts from the speaking notes for Sharon Dijksma at the opening of the European Aviation Summit) 48 48 |Manafez |ManafezDubai Dubai|September | February 2016 ٢٠١٤||

We need to become more competitive. We can achieve a lot with smart regulation and lower costs, from ticket prices to taxes.

We need to tackle some dilemma’s on our external aviation policy. Proposals have been drafted for negotiating mandates with a large number of countries. Which markets are important for us? Which third countries have expressed interest to negotiate with the EU? Fresh opportunities and fair competition: these are our aims. We need to increase our capacity to innovate. Take drones, a new factor in our airspace that is literally demanding more space. Introducing EU rules for drones will clear the way for further development of this innovative market. We have to enlarge airspace capacity, cut costs and reduce environmental impact. Personally, I think we need to aim higher. The world is demanding ever quieter and cleaner aircraft. Investing in clean, quiet planes now will save a lot of money later, and is essential to reach our climate targets. This is one clear way we can prove that we are still trendsetters in aviation. Aviation matters now and it will still matter 10 years from now and 20 years from now. Above all in Europe. So we’re setting to work now to ensure its future. 

opinion column

‘Our borders are not open to illegal immigration’ said repeatedly, our borders A sareI have not open to illegal migration; if

you come here illegally, we will send you back consistent with our laws and values. In the spring and summer of 2014 we faced a significant spike in families and unaccompanied children from Central America attempting to cross our southern border illegally. In response, we took a number of actions in collaboration with the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and the numbers declined dramatically. In recent months, however, the rate of apprehensions on our southern border has begun to climb again. In November 2014, I issued new priorities for immigration enforcement as part of the President’s immigration accountability executive actions. These priorities focus our enforcement resources on convicted criminals and threats to public safety and on border security, namely the removal of those apprehended at the border or who came here illegally after January 1, 2014. We must enforce the law in accordance with these priorities, and secure our borders. Accordingly, the Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with our domestic and international partners, is undertaking multiple actions.

Since the summer of 2014 we have removed and repatriated migrants to Central America at an increased rate, averaging about 14 flights a week. We are continuing to enhance our border security resources and capabilities, working closely with state and local counterparts and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has greater capability to identify and interdict illegal crossings than at any time in our Nation’s history. This includes the largest deployment of vehicles, aircraft, boats, and equipment along the southwest border in the 90year history of the Border Patrol.

Jeh Johnson U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

In 2014, we announced “Operation Coyote” to crack down on those involved in the criminal smuggling of migrants from Central America and elsewhere. Since then, 1,022 smugglers and their associates have been arrested, and hundreds of bank accounts have been seized. We are also expanding our cooperation with Mexico in dealing with illicit migration. I know there are many who loudly condemn our enforcement efforts as far too harsh, while there will be others who say these actions don’t go far enough. I also recognize the reality of the pain that deportations do in fact cause. But, we must enforce the law consistent with our priorities. At all times, we endeavor to do this consistent with American values, and basic principles of decency, fairness, and humanity. 

(Statement by DHS Secretary Johnson on southwest border immigration and security)

| Manafez Dubai | February 2016 | 49

Profile for Nadd Al Shiba PR & Event Management

Manafez Dubai | February 2016  

21st Issue of the Monthly Newsletter issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai

Manafez Dubai | February 2016  

21st Issue of the Monthly Newsletter issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai