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Technologies that will transform customer care in next 5 years

Taqdeer Certified Assessors start evaluating construction companies


Issue 26 August


Emiratis asked to renew passports six months before expiry

503 fake passports seized over six months

Mohammed bin Rashid visits Dubai International Airport

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Ready for challenges


t is during challenging times that our real strengths come to the fore. This is the lesson we learnt from the recent operational incident involving Emirates Flight EK521 upon landing at the Dubai International Airport, where all concerned departments and stakeholders were able to handle the incident efficiently and ensured safety of passengers as well as resumed regular scheduled activity within 48 hours and re-opened the runway in 29 hours of the incident. This achievement has been possible due to the vision of our leader His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who has always guided us to adopt the latest and best technologies, smart solutions and train our staff in handling these technologies and be ready for any challenging situations that might come their way, especially in the highly challenging environment such as that of the aviation sector.

Dubai surprised the entire world and was highly appreciated from all corners and also by the media due to the efficient handling of this incident. The GDRFA’s role was very vital in handling this situation. Our officers and employees, who work at the Dubai International Airport, dealt with the situation in a highly professional and efficient manner – especially the passengers who lost their passports and helped them get out of the problems they faced, smoothly. I would like to express my thanks to all my colleagues involved and would tell that this is exactly what we expect of them and that they should always be ready to face any challenges that might come their way. 

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 1

GDRFA Message


in History

October 1971 Pursuant to an order promulgated by the then Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, two departments were established: Central Immigration Department and Ports and Borders Department October 1972 The two departments were merged with the UAE’s Ministry of Interior and Federal Law No. 17 concerning the naturalization and passports was promulgated. 1973 Federal Law No. (6) concerning Immigration and Residency was promulgated as the first law regulating the entry and residency of expatriates in United Arab Emirates. 1977 The two departments were merged and the new Department shifted to a building in the ministries complex 1982 The Administration shifted to the present building during the tenure of Colonel Mohammad Al-Ghaith 2003 The building was completely refurbished during the tenure of Brigadier General Saeed Bin Belaila 1999 Naturalization and Residency Administration, Dubai, established a branch at Hatta Fort 1995 Jebel Ali Port branch was inaugurated

2 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

Our Vision: To have the UAE as one of the most secure and safest countries in the world.

Our Mission (MOI):

To work efficiently and effectively towards enhancing the quality of life in the UAE community by providing security, traffic, reform, residency services and ensuring safety of lives and properties.

Our Mission (GDRFA):

For the happiness of the people, we offer excellent and fast naturalization, residence and ports services.

Our Values:       

Justice Team-Work Excellence courtesy Integrity Loyalty Social responsibility

Strategic objectives:  Promote safety and security.  Promote public confidence in the effectiveness of services provided.  Optimal use of intelligence.  Ensure all administrative services are provided based on quality, efficiency and transparency standards.

To communicate with GDRFA: Location: Aljaffilya - Bur Dubai PO Box : UAE – Dubai 4333 Email: amer@dnrd.ae Toll Free Number: 04 3139999 - 8005111 Working Hours: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM GDRFA-Dubai http:// www.dnrd.ae Dubai Airport Freezone http://www.dafz.ae Dubai Public Prosecution http://www.dxbpp.gov.ae Dubai Municipality https://www.dm.gov.ae

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GDRFA News GDRFA Photographs by: Abdulrahman Abdullah Sanjeev Kochan

Passengers with Emirates ID can now use e-gate at Dubai Airport Terminal 3

UAE News

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P4 Taqdeer Certified Assessors start evaluating construction companies

Honorary President Major General Mohammed Ahmed Almarri Director General

General Supervision Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor Deputy Director General

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Technologies that will transform customer care in next 5 years

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Bali, a tourist’s paradise

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GDRFA completes activation of electronic gate service through Emirates ID at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport

Passengers with Emirates ID can now use e-gate at Dubai Airport Terminal 3


assengers can now bypass long queues and clear passport control procedures within seconds using their Emirates Identity cards through the electronic gates (e-Gates) at the arrival wing of Terminal Three at Dubai International Airport, according to Gulf News report. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) announced on Sunday that it has completed the activation of e-Gate service through the use of the Emirates ID, a service which requires no prior registration. Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Surour, deputy director-general of the GDRFA, told Gulf News that the new service will benefit all residents and citizens who already carry an Emirates ID card. In the first phase it has been activated in

Talal Al Shanqeeti

Terminal Three arrivals, which currently has 28 e-Gates. “The new project has been implemented in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority to further improve our services and ensure a pleasant and smooth experience for all passengers,” he said.

Obaid Muhair Bin Surour

Major General Bin Surour said the e-Gate service using the ID card has a lot of benefits, one of them being the fact that it only requires a single card to travel. “The service will soon be activated in all other terminals as well. As part of the first phase, we have implemented it at the arrival wing of Terminal three, but in the following phases of the project, the service will be activated in Terminals one, two, and three at both the arrivals and departures wings,” he said. He explained that there aren’t any charges or prior registration for using this service, it only requires a valid Emirates ID. Lt Colonel Talal Al Shanqeeti, assistant of the director-general for airport affairs at the GDRFA, had also said the activation of this project is vital as it facilitates smooth and swift entry and exit of passen-

4 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |


gers holding an Emirates ID and achieves high efficiency in handling passenger procedures. Dubai International Airport was the first in the region to implement the e-Gate system in 2002, and the third airport in the world to do so. The e-Gate system reads passport information and captures biometric data, including facial recognition, in 12 to 14 seconds. All these procedures are completed while maintaining a high-level accuracy and security standards, officials have said. Residents of the UAE quickly welcomed the new activation with the e-Gates, saying the technology

paves the way for a faster and more efficient movement of the large number of passengers into and out of the airport and is a step towards encouraging the culture of e-travel among residents, the report added Fayaz S., an Indian expat, said the last time he used the e-Gate was ten years ago when he required to register and renew an e-Gate card, but now with his Emirates ID, he believes it’s a lot easier. “I couldn’t get the e-Gate cards for my entire family and it didn’t make sense to go through the gate alone. With this new activation, I think it’s


great that it now can recognise our Emirates ID cards. We no longer have to wait in long queues and don’t have to go through the hassle of getting a separate e-Gate card. Every expat has an Emirates ID and you just walk out of immigration in a breeze.” Jasem Ahmad, an Emirati, 26, said: “I’ve never tried using any of the e-Gates or smart gates at the airport because they both required prior registration to be able to use them and I just didn’t bother going through that. Personally, I prefer to go through the standard passport control, but now with this service, I think I will give it a try.” 

503 fake passports seized over six months


total of 503 fake passports were seized during the last six months by the Expertise Centre Identity and Fraud Documents, ECIFD, system at Dubai International Airport. During an inspection visit yesterday to the ECIFD, Major General Mohammed Al Marri, DirectorGeneral of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, GDRFA-Dubai, said that out of these passports 332 were forged, two distorted and 169 were identity theft.

the identities of millions of travellers passing through Dubai airport each year.

tion, and training on body language is also very important for passport control officers.

He explained that the training centre of ECIFD develops and maintains a high level of expertise in relation to document checks on national and international investiga-

He added that all the training programmes at the centre are conducted by Emirati trainers, and a total of 316 trainee have completed their courses since the beginning of the year. 

According to Aqueel Al Najaar, Director of ECIFD, said that visitors trying to enter the country using fake identity documents are being easily exposed at the airport, due to the high-tech passport-reading and biometrics technology system designed to identify fraud. He added that the centre, which was established in 2010, helps verify | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 5


GDRFA requests Emiratis to check the expiry dates on their passports before planning their trips

Emiratis asked to renew passports six months before expiry


he General Directorate of Residency and foreign Affairs (GDRFA) has called on Emiratis to renew their passports well before the expiry date if they plan to travel outside the country. Colonel Ahmad Al Muhairi, Assistant Director for Citizenship Affairs at the General Directorate of Residency and foreign Affairs (GDRFA), has requested Emiratis to check the expiry dates on their passports before planning their trips because the majority of countries refuse entry to tourists with passports close to their expiry date. “Emiratis should pay attention to the expiry date on their passport and renew them six months before they are due to expire,” he said, adding that some only get to know their passports have expired at the airport while others figure out that their passports are missing or damaged when preparing to travel. He said the Department of Citizenship at the GDRFA uses the best technologies to make it easier for Emiratis to renew their passports, such as the smart app called GDRFA Dubai. “The app can be downloaded and used to request passport renewal. Users can log on to the services of the department and request what they need by filling the required information, mobile number, ad-

6 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

Colonel Ahmad Al Muhairi

Colonel Ali Shaban

dress, and the way they want to receive their renewed passport. They can then proceed for payment.”

ily Books in the Department of Citizenship, said there should be awareness on how to keep passports from getting damaged and keeping them away from the sun or any place that could cause them damage.

He said users are guaranteed to receive their passport in one working day to the location they want, whether in Dubai or other emirates. “Those requesting passport renewal do not need to visit any of the department’s offices. The passport is sent to them through the department’s delivery service called Sa’ee in one working day.” Col Al Muhairi said passports can also be renewed or new family book issued by visiting the department’s offices in Al Jafliya, Al Manara, Al Twar, or service centre in Terminal three at Dubai International Airport or in Hatta. Colonel Ali Shaban, director of Travel Documents and Fam-

“Citizens should also make sure they keep their passports in a safe place. Some come to replace their damaged passports or request passport replacement a day or hours before traveling. ” He added that such procedures in particular take some time and that the request should be sent earlier since other documents are needed from different government departments. He also called on Emiratis to act quickly in registering their newborn for citizenship to avoid any delays in addition to issuing their identity cards. 



Inspiring leadership


hose working in government departments in the UAE have always been lucky to get the strong support of our visionary leaders, who regularly pay surprise visits to the departments and constantly inspire and guide them to continue working toward their goal, which is to maintain the image that the UAE has, of always keeping its people happy. The recent visit made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to the Dubai International Airport was aimed at inspecting the services offered, facilities being provided and determining the levels of customer satisfaction with regard to the services provided by the GDRFA Dubai . During his visit to different sections, His Highness reviewed the extent of the application of smart solutions and usage of best technologies and programmes to facilitate procedures for the visitors and residents of Dubai. As I accompanied His Highness during the inspection, especially of the GDRFA Dubai counters, I got a deeper understanding of His Highness’ expectations and his vision. Whether it is in relation to enhancing security procedures, simplifying and continually upgrading processes, enhancing our human resources capacities to match expected growth in the numbers of passengers, we are committed to giving our best because we realise that the Dubai International Airport is not only a place for landing and take-off of planes, it is a bridge connecting people from different parts of the world.

We are determined to ensure the DXB is the world’s best airport, not only in terms of international passenger numbers, but also on the level of total passenger numbers, as we expect the numbers to cross over 100 million by 2020. Dear Colleagues, During his visit, His Highness appreciated the efforts rendered by each one of you. This brings to us a lot of responsibility and hence, we have to continue living up to the expectations and constantly progress toward excellence, innovation and leadership to make the access ports of DXB a model to follow, and to make the efforts of our officers and employees a good example for all airport employees worldwide. 

Major General Obaid Muhair bin Suroor Deputy Director General GDRFA-Dubai

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 7

Cover Story

Mohammed bin Rashid visits Dubai International Airport


AE’s Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, today visited Dubai International Airport to ensure passenger satisfaction and facilitations provided to them.

He also inspected safety procedures and comfort of passengers at the airport, which is described as the “Gate of Peace” that links the East and the West, and where peoples of the world get acquainted with the UAE’s people, culture and civilisation. H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,

8 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman of Emirates Group, Khalifa Saeed Suleiman, Director-General of the Department of Protocol and Hospitality in Dubai, accompanied Sheikh Mohammed during his visit to Ter-

minal 3 which is designated for the Emirates Airline. Sheikh Mohammed was briefed on travelling procedures and reassured on travel facilitations of the procedures, especially the assistance provided to all who are in need, particularly the elderly, children and patients.



He and his entourage stopped at the joint operations room between the Emirates Airline and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai, which reflects serious partnership and co-ordination between the two sides for the benefit of passengers and saving their time and effort. He was also briefed by Major General Obaid bin Mohair Al Ketbi, Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, on the importance of this room, which deals with the electronic data of departures in Terminal 3. This system will be applied in the second phase in Terminal 1 and 2.

He, then, stopped at free-market and was briefed about its sections and the competitive prices of goods provided to the departing customers.

Later, Sheikh Mohammed moved to departments A and B at Terminal 3 through the airport’s interior metro, and checked travel and inspection procedures of passengers’ luggage, stamping passports and good treatment provided to them by the concerned staff in all departments of the airport.

At the end of his tour, Sheikh Mohammed expressed his satisfaction at the facilitations provided to the passengers, and said, “The good treatment of passengers would satisfy them, and as we are Arab and Muslim people, our deep-rooted Arab culture which is full of human values urge us to support and show compas-

sion, tolerance and mercy to the poor and sick people.” He also directed officials of the airport who represent a number of government departments, especially H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman of Emirates Group, to translate these values into reality in order to maintain Dubai International Airport as a hub for cultures across the world. 

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 9

UAE News

Major General Obaid: Dubai's construction companies keen on setting international benchmarks in labour practices

Taqdeer Certified Assessors start evaluating construction companies


aqdeer Award Certified Assessors have started the evaluation process for construction companies in Dubai that have applied to participate in Taqdeer Award 2016. The Taqdeer Award, launched under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman

10 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

of the Dubai Executive Council, will enhance relationship between companies and workers by recognising excellence in labour practices and setting new benchmarks

in work practices across sectors in Dubai. Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor, Chairman of Taqdeer

UAE News

Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor, Deputy Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and Chairman of Taqdeer Award, officially launched the website for Taqdeer Award. Developed using the latest web technology, the website (www.taqdeeraward.ae) facilitates online submission of applications by construction companies interested in applying for the Award.

Assessors to start onsite visits to companies from September Award, who is also the Deputy Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, said a large number of construction companies have expressed their interest in participating in the Award. He said: “By showing a strong interest in participating in the Taqdeer Award, construction companies in Dubai have reflected their keenness to set international benchmarks in labour welfare practices. This is the first of its kind award in labour welfare and we are confident it will have a positive impact across sectors of the economy." The evaluation process starts with 'Dekstop Evaluation', which involves assessment of documents submitted by the companies.

The Taqdeer management will continue receiving the applications from companies.

Major General Obaid said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Taqdeer website, which not only gives all information, related to the Award, it also allows companies to submit their documents online.

Following the completion of 'Desktop Evaluation', the Taqdeer Assessors will conduct onsite visits to evaluate and confirm the measures being taken and facilities being provided for workers. The onsite visits will start the month of September.

The website will facilitate a speedy, easy, transparent and efficient process of submitting applications by the companies. The website will also be a source of information to international parties interested in taking similar initiatives.�

There are around 282 companies in this sector in Dubai, providing jobs for more than 500,000 workers. The award will target those companies employing more than 100 workers.

The mobile-friendly website allows participating companies to have dedicated accounts online, while, at the same time, retaining their confidentiality.

During the onsite evaluation, the assessors will check the facilities being provided to workers such as accommodation, safety measures on site and documents. The assessors include managerial level experts from different nationalities

During the soft launch, the website had over 8,500 visitors from all over the world including Gulf countries, US, China, Canada, Australia, France, UK and others.

The Assessors have started 'Desktop Evaluation' for the companies.

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 11

UAE News

and with experience of being associated in assessment procedures and have undergone special training to carry out the assessment procedure for the Award. Taqdeer Award is the world’s first

points-based award programme for recognising excellence in labour welfare practices and seeks to promote international best practices in labour welfare among construction companies alongwith enhancing relationship between

companies and workers and also recognising excellence among workers. In its first cycle, the award has been launched for companies in the construction sector that employ manual workers and the future cycles will include factories and free zones. The companies will be awarded the ratings from one star to five stars. Winners of 5 and 4-star ratings will receive a certificate, enjoy priority in government projects, and will be honoured at an award ceremony. These top ratings will give companies a competitive advantage in bidding for international contracts. Taqdeer Award has been launched in line with the vision of the Dubai’s leadership to ensure the

12 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

UAE News

happiness and welfare of the people regardless of religion or nationality and realise Dubai’s vision of becoming one of the world’s best places to work and live. The award reflects Dubai’s serious efforts in

the area of enhancing employeremployee relationship and aims to enhance awareness among labourers about their rights, protect the rights of workers, while setting international benchmarks in labour

welfare practices. The companies that have confirmed their participation include major national and international companies operating in the building and construction sector in Dubai. 

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 13

Middle East News

Kuwait e-visa part of wide-scale overhaul strategy — MoI


ewly-launched service, e-visa, is a component of the Ministry of Interior’s strategic outlook to revamp security tasks by employing state of art technology, a senior MoI official said, according to a KUNA (Kuwait News Agency) report.

YOUR HAPPINES IS OUR FOCUS The MoI plans further expansion and development of the electronic services soon, said Major General Talal Al-Maarefi, the Ministry General Director of Residency Affairs, at a news conference. He affirmed the approach for full em-

ployment of such high-tech, facilitate the services for citizens, residents and guests of Kuwait.

plained that replies to applications will be during work hours immediately and via e-mail.

Maj. Gen. Al-Maarefi, who made a detailed presentation about the recently-opened e-visa service, ex-

The instant visa is given to citizens of 52 states, residents of GCC countries with residency valid no less than six months. It is also granted to people practicing 13 professions. For his part, Brig. Gen. Ali AlMuaili, in charge of the MoI information systems, said the evisa is available on the ministry website, (www.moi.gov.kw).


Brig. Gen. Adel Al-Hashah, in charge of security information and public relations, affirmed that applicants should have no criminal records or traffic tickets. 

14 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

| Manafez Dubai | April 2016 | 13


| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 15

Middle East News

Expat work contracts could come under Oman’s ministry control


uscat: Expat work contracts could soon have to be registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MoM), according to a Times of Oman report.

Currently, it is compulsory to register work contracts for Omanis, but not for expats, but some companies which employ a large number of expats could find they soon have to have those contracts approved by the ministry, along with the national work contracts. At present, some companies issue two copies of the expat work contracts and get them signed internally by the company and employee without getting any approval from MoM. “We are working with the Ministry of Manpower to make it compulsory for all companies to register both national and expat work contracts in the ministry,” the report quoted Nabhan Al Battashi, chairman of the General Federation of Oman Trade Union (GFOTU), as saying. He explained that such a move will enable the concerned authorities to better monitor the market and track the violating firms. “Once work contracts are approved by the ministry, several issues and violations will be avoided in future. Violations, such as paying expat employees different salaries than the ones stated in the company document will be avoided. This will make the work atmosphere better for everyone,” said Al Battashi, adding that some companies send a statement to the ministry, including details of the 16 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

contract, which will no longer be accepted if this decision is announced. “The rule is still under discussion between us and the Ministry of Manpower as we expect it to be announced after the announcement of the new Labour Law. Such rules are announced in ministerial decisions following the new Labour Law announcement,” said Al Battashi. According to the report, Ahmed Al Hooti, an Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) member, said such a move once regulated will make things proper. “The number of expat workforce in the private sector is huge and such a move will create a better atmosphere for the expat workforce in the Sultanate,” he said. “This also will reflect a good image of the Sultanate when it comes to in-

ternational reports on human rights. The move will reflect the equality between the national and expat workforce in the Sultanate,” said Al Hooti. Vineeth Vijayan, who is working in the private sector, said this move will force companies to show more responsibility towards their employees and will help avoid the mistreatment of labourers. Hussein Ali, a human resource manager at a company, said the ministry’s decision will protect the rights of the two parties, the company and the employee. “Violations are not only committed by the companies. Sometimes employees are also to blame, but this rule will make everything clear to the Ministry of Manpower, once any issue arises,” said Ali. 

Middle East News

INTRODUCING THE NISSAN SMART CAR APP. Control your car through your smartphone – anywhere, anytime.

Standard on all 2016 Patrol & Maxima models. Terms and conditions apply.

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 17

International News

India looks at e passports


ew generation e-passport featuring enhanced security features such as biometric details may soon be rolled out by the government, according to reports in Indian media. Replying to a question in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh said government was in the process of procuring devices for e-passport. The e-passport is likely to secure the data and curb the menace of fake passports. An e-Passport contains an electronic chip. The chip holds the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page, according to a report on NDTV. “The Government has plans to issue e-passports to the citizens. The Government has given its approval for procurement of electronic contactless inlays for manufacturing of e-passports to India Security Press (ISP) Nasik.

18 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

“In this regard, ISP Nasik, has been authorised to float a global threestage tender for procurement of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)-compliant electronic contactless inlays along with its operating system which is required for manufacture of e-passports,” Mr Singh said. He said manufacture of e-passport will commence on the successful completion of the tendering and procurement process by ISP, Nasik. To a separate question, Mr Singh said the MEA has received a proposal from the Ministry of Women

and Child Development for waiver of No Objection Certificate (NOC) required from a father in case a child travels to India on tourist visa. He said MEA and Ministry of Women and Child Development have constituted a committee to effectively address issues like whether it should be mandatory to have the NoC of the father in case the parents are separated. To another question, Mr Singh said as per information available with the Ministry, 78 Indian nationals were kidnapped in the last three years in foreign countries and out of them 33 have been released. 


P.O. Box: 25718, Dubai, UAE , Tel: +971 4 701 9111, Fax: +971 4 701 9100 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 19 Email: info@alphatoursdubai.com , Web: www.alphatoursdubai.com

International News

Port Everglades pilots two passport control programs B

roward County’s Port Everglades and its cruise line partners, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, are working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to launch two pilot programs this summer -- Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks and Mobile Passport Control (MPC) - that are designed to expedite secure entry into the United States following a cruise vacation. Port Everglades is the first U.S. cruise port to test these programs, although they are currently available in many U.S. airports and for cruise passenger preclearance in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Both programs are designed to streamline the traveler inspection process and enable CBP officers to focus more on the inspection and less on administrative functions. “We are working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to launch two pilot programs this

20 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

summer -- Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks and Mobile Passport Control (MPC) - that are designed to expedite secure entry into the United States following a cruise vacation. Port Everglades is the first U.S. cruise port to test these programs, although they are currently available in many U.S.

airports and for cruise passenger preclearance in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. APC kiosks allow passengers to provide their travel documents and customs declaration forms prior to speaking to a CBP officer. The MPC program is the first Smartphone app authorized to expedite a traveler’s entry process into the United States. This first-of-its-kind app was developed by Airside Mobile and Airports Council InternationalNorth America in partnerships with CBP. The app allows U.S. citizens debarking a cruise ship to complete their Customs declaration using their phones, expediting their clearance process in the terminal. 

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 21

New Technology

3D printing market to reach USD 30.19 billion by 2022, says research

Dubai set to become international hub for 3D printing


ubai’s active initiatives toward encouraging 3D printing are set to make it the world’s leading destination in this “additive manufacturing” technology, a leading 3D printing expert has said.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE›s Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, recently launched the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’, a unique global initiative that aims to exploit technology for the service of humanity and promote the status of the UAE and Dubai as a leading hub of 3D printing technology by the year 2030. Dubai has also launched

the world’s first fully 3D printed office. Dominic Wright, Business Development Director at Generation 3D, a 3D printing specialist company, said during his presentation at the monthly CIOMajlis session that Dubai’s initiatives toward encouraging 3D printing will revolutionise its construction sector as well as witness major innovations across other sectors particularly medical and oil and gas.

“Dubai has already taken major steps toward using 3D printing, it’s the world’s first to have a 3D Printing strategy and its measures to have clear plans in different sectors have already laid a strong foundation for the further growth of 3D printing across various sectors including construction, oil and gas and medical,” he said during the CIOMajlis session, attended by more than 25 CIOs from different industry sectors including oil and gas, infrastructure, logistics, finance, energy and IT from across the UAE, at Nakheel Headquarters. Ahmed Al Mulla, Chairman of CIOMajlis, who is also Senior Vice President, Corporate Services at Emirates Global Aluminium, said: “We have already started to see the transformative impact 3D printing is creating. An integration with other technologies opening further wide room for innovation across all sectors and guided by the vision of our leadership, Dubai is set to lead this transformation.” 

22 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

New Technology

According to Canalys, a market research firm, the global market for 3-D printers and services will grow from $2.5 billion in 2013 to $16.2 billion in 2018, a CAGR of 45.7 percent. Factors such as 3D printing evolving from developing prototypes to end-user products, mass customisation, production of complex parts, government investments in 3D printing projects, and improvements in manufacturing efficiency are expected to drive the growth of the 3D printing market, according to another market research, which expects the 3D printing market to reach USD 30.19 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 28.5 per cent between 2016 and 2022. “A significant change has already taken place in Dubai with the initiatives by our leadership. Dubai has the most proactive government, which translates into very proactive society. In terms of fo-

cusing on 3D printing, I would say Dubai is the best place to be. The government has definitive plans. Dubai in 3D printing will be one of the biggest players in the market- everything whether it is market for 3D printers, companies who use the technology,” said Wright. The major benefits of 3D printing, explained Wright, come in the way of cost saving, design flexibility and time effectiveness. “You are not constrained to old methods, you can build shapes and designs that did not seem possible earlier. All you need to have is the design, in the right scenario, you can build something in onetenth of the time and save even up to 80 per cent in costs especially because you save a lot in terms of set up costs involved in manufacturing,” he added. Companies need to start looking where it can be integrated and

whether it is going to be relevant to their industry. Don’t fall behind and let this pass you by but also don’t use it where it’s not necessary. Among the challenges the industry in Dubai needs to be prepared for are technical support and availability of skilled manpower in this new industry. Talking about the shift in the nature of employment, he said: “There will be a higher demand for 3D designers, 3D engineers, 3d printing engineers, hardware engineers. People in the related industries should keep themselves updated,” recommends Wright. Ahmad Al Ahmad CIO of Nakheel, said: “Dubai already has a robust construction sector. Being a frontrunner in using 3D printing for buildings, will further take Dubai ahead of other markets in this sector and set an example globally for others.”  | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 23

24 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 25

Special Report

Chinese air passengers ‘hyperconnected’, Europeans prefer – face-to-face check-ins


irline passengers in China are heavy users of technology both in their everyday lives and throughout their travel journeys. Nearly one quarter perceive themselves as ‘hyper-connected’ – they value efficiency and use self-service technology more frequently. Airlines are meeting their needs with 80 per cent adopting connected aircraft and 100 per cent investing in mobile-based services and the Internet of Things.

ferent types of passengers. The Careful Planner, Pampered, Hyper-Connected and Open-Minded Adventurer profiles each uses technology in different ways.

European airline passengers, on the other hand, like to use technology and 80 per cent book their flights online, a higher rate than other parts of the world. In contrast however, when it comes to check-in Europeans do so face-toface at the airport more often than the global average.

China has the highest proportion of ‘hyper-connected’ passengers worldwide with 24 per cent compared to the global average of 14 per cent. These passengers tend to use technology, such as mobile devices to book, check-in and manage their trip, more frequently than the other profiles.

use it rather than interacting with people. This is particularly evident in China where SITA reports 98 per cent of passengers carry at least one mobile device and 49 per cent carry a tablet. They also score very highly on an index of online and mobile service usage in their everyday lives at 7.1 out of 10 and increasingly are using mobile services for travel. Today nearly 17 per cent of these passengers check-in using a mobile app and airlines are predicting a jump in adoption over the next three years.

In the 2016 SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey, IT provider SITA analyzed the behavior of four dif-

Airline passengers across the globe are so comfortable with technology today that they are choosing to

Having the ability to make the passenger experience a fully-connected one with connectivity on

26 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |



91 per cent of airlines invest in cyber security With the connected world of travel becoming a reality 91 per cent of airlines plan to invest in cyber security programs over the next three years.

the ground and in the air is vital. Today Chinese airlines are leading the adoption of connected aircraft because of their comparatively modern fleets. In fact, 80 per cent of Chinese airlines already fly, or are just taking delivery of connected aircraft versus a 45 per cent global average.

that the key benefit of connected aircraft will be improving the passenger experience and 100 per cent plan to invest in wireless inflight services for passengers over the next three years. Already in China 58 per cent of passengers use their mobile devices onboard for in-flight entertainment.

May Zhou, Vice President, SITA China said: “In today’s connected world of travel passengers prefer to use technology. SITA’s research shows that they expect to be connected and have services delivered to their mobile devices at every step of their journey, including during their flight.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is also high on the agenda of airlines in China with 100 per cent planning to invest in IoT over the next three years and 78 per cent are planning major programs. Currently the only IoT initiative already implemented at Chinese airlines is fuel/engine monitoring and this by just 10 per cent of airlines. The main areas of focus over the next three years are smart bag tags, asset tracking and monitoring the aircraft cabin environment.

Today we see that airlines in China are responding to the needs of these ‘hyper-connected’ passengers by focusing their investments in connected aircraft, mobilebased services, and the Internet of Things. With this strategy they can meet passengers’ growing demands for information and services to their mobile devices.” SITA’s survey shows that 40 per cent of Chinese airlines believe

SITA’s survey shows that 85 per cent of passengers globally had a positive travel experience, up from 80 per cent last year. Noticeably, passengers are happier at the steps of the journey where they have more choice and control in how they manage their trip. At book-

The survey discovered that cyber security at airlines is progressing. Three years ago less than half of airlines (47 per cent) said they were making advanced preparations to manage cyber risks -today this has doubled to 91 per cent. The focus on cyber security also reflects the move to the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in which a vast number of physical objects will become connected to the internet. This enables tracking, data collection, analysis and control, which necessitates more security. An overwhelming majority of airlines (68 per cent) are investing in IoT programs in the next three years, up from 57 per cent this time last year.  

ing, which they can do online, using a mobile or with an agent, 93 per cent had a positive experience. Passengers experience the most negative emotions during the security screening, passport control and baggage collection steps of the journey, peaking at nearly one third of passengers at security. These are also the steps with the least number of self-service technology options.  | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 27

Customer Service

Two way videos, virtual assistants to be important customer service tools in near future

Technologies that will transform customer care in next 5 years

28 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |




new report from Forrester says leveraging emerging technologies to deliver premium customer service experiences will significantly drive competitive differentiation over the next five years. With that in mind, companies need to start planning now for tomorrow’s technologies when thinking about their customer service strategy. The report looks at technologies such augmented reality, two-video and messaging applications that are expected to transform customer care in the near future, according to a report in luxurydaily.com. Customers are increasingly driving new service experiences – such as social customer service and SMS customer service – and savvy businesses should start exploring now next-generation technologies such as two-way video, augmented and

virtual reality, virtual assistants, messaging and connected devices, said the report. “Contact center decision-makers with a focus on driving evergreater cost efficiencies have been highly risk-averse and slow moving,” the report quoted Ian Jacobs, an analyst at Forrester, and co-author of the report as saying. “But the change of pace inherent in the age of the customer will no longer allow contact centers to simply take cost out of the business,” he said.

“Emerging technologies can drive the types of customer service experiences that better cement customer loyalty as well as advance new revenue-generating opportunities.”

Two-way video

While many organizations are not likely to widely deploy the technologies highlighted by Forrester for several years, the research company urges the to begin now to plan for and test them, according to the report. With many consumers now equipped with a HD-video-capable smartphone, Forrester expects two-way video chat to become a workaday feature of customer experience. For businesses, this can help identify which product a consumer is talking about that needs service. In industries where customers have high trust demands, such as banking, two-way video enables cus| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 29

Customer Service

tomers and agents to look at each other.

AR and VR

As costs come down on reality and augmented technology and consumers ence them more, customer

virtual reality experiservice

agents will be able to project their presence into consumers’ worlds and be with them in their moments of need, the report added. Forrester recommends businesses start internal trials of AR and VR.

From here, businesses can move onto consumer-focused use cases, such as offering a VR- or ARbased introduction to the process of applying for a mortgage.

Virtual assistants

While there are a number of virtual assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, the technology is currently limited. However, improvements in speech recognition, natural language understanding and machine learning is likely to bring a new class of virtual assistants that will be conversational, enabling a customer to ask a series of questions diving deeper into a topic. They will also be contextual. Businesses should explore companies such as SoundHound that offer embeddable, speech-based virtual assistant platforms that brands

30 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |



can insert in their apps. Wearables and connected devices could also benefit. Eventually, businesses could allow virtual assistants to take actions on a user’s behalf, such as to open a trouble ticket. Also, expect vertical-specific virtual assistants to become available and for virtual assistants to easily transfer their interaction to a live agent at the appropriate time.

Messaging apps

Forrester expects that messaging apps such as WhatsApp will become a customer service workhorse by 2021. While these apps have become mainstream with consumers, customer service professionals have just begun experimenting with ways to use these tools. A key benefit is the ability to embed other channels and functions, such as virtual assistants or shipping trackers – into messaging.

To take advantage of persistent channels such as messaging, businesses will need to learn how to deal with sessions that can span multiple back and forths over days.

Connected devices

As connected devices continue to grow, consumers are going to start expecting a more preemptive idea of service. Brands may be able to shift to a subscription model by regularly collecting data from connected devices to improve customer service. This information can also help businesses arm contact center agents with tools for more precise troubleshooting, said the report. Businesses should start now to prioritize their investment in these technologies, per Forrester. Companies should also consider a more expansive view of service as these technologies can significantly improve onboarding and post-sales customer service. “New modes of customer service powered by new technologies require new processes,” Jacobs said. “Recognize that your business needs to experiment to find the best processes and experiences.  | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 31


Bali, a tourist’s paradise


ith its pounding surf, emerald-green rice terraces and exceptionally artistic culture, the small volcanic island of Bali – population 3.1 million– has long been Indonesia’s premier tourist destination. Visitors can witness coming-of-age ceremonies, as well as enjoy sundowners, first-rate dining and chic shopping. Bali’s original charm is still much in evidence, its distinctive temples and elaborate festivals set off by the mountainous, river-rich landscape of the interior. Bali’s most famous and crowded resort is Kuta, an eight-kilometre sweep of golden sand, with plenty of accommodation and the best shopping and nightlife on the island. Surfing is fun here too, but experienced waveriders head for the surfing beaches on

32 | Manafez Dubai | August 2016 |


the Bukit peninsula and along Bali’s southwest coast. Sanur is a fairly sedate southern beach resort, but most backpackers prefer the tranquil island of  Nusa Lembongan, the beaches of peaceful east-coast Amed, Candi Dasa and Padang Bai. Immensely rich sea life means that snorkelling and diving are big draws at all these resorts. Dolphin-watching is the main attraction in Lovina on the north coast, while Bali’s major cultural destination is Ubud, where traditional dances are staged every night and the streets are full of organic cafés and arts-and-crafts galleries. In addition, there are numerous elegant Hindu temples to visit, particularly at Tanah Lot and Besakih, and a good

number of volcano hikes, the most popular being the route up Gunung Batur, with Gunung Agung only for the very fit. Transport to and from Bali is efficient: the island is served by scores of international and domestic flights, which all land at Ngurah

Rai Airport just south of Kuta, as well as round-the-clock ferries from Java, west across the Bali Strait from Gilimanuk, and from Lombok, east of Padang Bai. Pelni ferries from ports across Indonesia call at Benoa harbour. 

| Manafez Dubai | August 2016 | 33

Profile for Nadd Al Shiba PR & Event Management

Manafez Dubai | August 2014  

26th Issue of the Monthly Newsletter issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai

Manafez Dubai | August 2014  

26th Issue of the Monthly Newsletter issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai