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Landscape Architecture Portfolio

Nathan Aarons

Nathan Aarons University of Georgia College of Environment & Design

Table Of Contents Introduction to Graphics Subdivision Layout Plummer Residence

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Campus Design Pocket Park The Fine Arts Park Caldwell Corridor Redesign

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Community Development Dream House Design Mixed Use Community Cleopas R. Johnson Park

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Construction & Engineering Construction


Study Abroad Brisbane & Carnarvon Gorge Fraser Island & Lady Elliot Island


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Introduction to Graphics

Subdivision Layout Hand Graphics

The Subdivision Layout was an introduction project given to me in my second year. Its main focus was to see how well I followed directions. The plan was given and I was required to trace everything and apply color. Throughout the project, I was taught the basics and different techniques of how to color, shade, and texturize landscapes.


Plummer Residence Hand Graphics

These three drawings combined were the first illustrative plans that I rendered. I was given the site with the circles to represent the plantings, and my job was to apply my own plant symbols and textures. At this point, I also learned the basics of hand graphics. First came the concept diagram and the reasoning and importance for their creation. The next step was the introduction of texture and shading with a pencil. And finally, I was taught to color render the project with basic techniques.


Plummer Residence Computer Graphics

This project took the same site I had done in a previous class but applied computer graphics from AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and Google Sketchup. In AutoCad, I made plant symbols, boundaries and hardscape patterns to create a base map. I then imported the base map in to Photoshop and experimented with the program, applying colors and textures to create a finished looking product.


Finally, I took the 2-d AutoCAD base map into SketchUP and created a 3-d Model of the site. I could import objects in to the site (trees, chairs, cars, etc.) to add to the depth. The program also allows the user to create views of different sides of the site. You can also add different types of textures to the designs as well.


Campus Design

Pocket Park Athens, Georgia

The assignment was to take a 20’ x 100’ alley in downtown Athens and turn it into a small park. I had to choose a professional Landscape Architect and base my design off of his/her works and preferences. I chose Tadao Ando and represented his geometric designs by incorporating circles and squares in to my design. We were limited to using a neutral color palate when rendering our design.


The Fine Arts Park Athens, Georgia

This was the first client oriented project given to me. I was assigned another student from the class and we were required to design the site for each other. The site was located in down town Athens on the street between City Hall and First American Bank & Trust. My client wanted to represent the Greek Athens and incorporate a fine arts theme in to the design.


Caldwell Corridor Redesign Athens, Georgia

The Caldwell Corridor Redesign project was the first complete project I completed. I was required to take ideas from a client, complete a site inventory and analysis, and decide what plants I was going to use based off of appropriate zones and texture qualities. The area behind Caldwell Hall was mainly controlled by cars and I wanted to change that by narrowing the streets and adding speed bumps to make the site more pedestrian oriented. The site also allowed us to provide an elegant scene around our college.



Community Development

Dream House Design Grading became the main focus of the projects during my third year. For this one, I was given the opportunity to create my “dream house� on a 13 1/2 acre site with all the amenities I wanted. I had to grade everything I put in, while being Consciences of the amount of cut and fill. During the project I learned the basics of ADA requirements, vehicle turning radii, and how to effectively grade a road.



Mixed Use Communtiy This project took the same site as before, but instead I had to create a mixed used community development. The requirements were to have 112 apartment units, a 10,000 sq. ft. commercial building, adequate parking, and proper grading. I used a radial/curvilinear design and put the commercial building at the front. I grouped my apartments in to 14 separate buildings and used walls to allow for the required grading



Cleopas R. Johnson Park Atlanta, Georgia For this project, I was required to design a park for the surrounding neighborhoods. I included five types of playgrounds, a tennis and basketball court, an administration building, and a set of walking paths. My goal was to create a park suitable for the kids’ enjoyment while also allowing for movement through the park.




Construction Drawings My second year construction class focused on drawing accurate plans and sections of different kinds of hardscapes with different materials. I was taught the basics of how to construct these hardscapes and show the different materials used to create them. Those included decking material, concrete, asphalt, modular materials, and stone veneer materials.

Deck Plan

Deck Structural Section 23

Stone Wall

Stone Wall Section 24

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Over the summer of 2011, I traveled to Australia for a study abroad program in ecological sustainability. The program opened my eyes to the problems created outside of the United States. My first stop came in the city of Brisbane where I was taught most of the lecture material for the course so that I could enjoy my time at the different sites, I then traveled to Carnarvon Gorge in the outback where I was able to hike the many trails through ancient forests. I learned a lot about the Aboriginals and how they used but also enjoyed/ respected the power of nature to live in a equilibrium with it. The idea is that humans need to retain the equilibrium if we want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet.



Study Abroad Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

My next stop was off the coast on Fraser Island. This island is completely made up of sand and is the largest such island in the world. It also contains a significant portion of the country’s subtropical rainforest. The island is home to the dingo and many other special animals that can only be found in this area of the world. The final stage of the trip was Lady Elliot Island. This island is made up entirely of pieces of coral and is the most southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. I was able to snorkel and get a first hand experience of one of the world’s greatest creations. But it also showed me that humans have a lot to lose if we continue down the current path that we have set for ourselves.



Resumé Objective Seeking a summer 2011 internship in the Landscape Architecture preofession that utilizes and enhances my design knowledge and hand & computer graphic techniques.

Education The University of Georgia, Athens, GA Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, May 2013 Lassiter High School, Roswell, GA Honors High School Diploma, May 2008 GPA: 4.20/4.00 Study Abroad in the South Pacific, Queensland, Australia General Studies in Sustainability, May – June 2011

Work Experience Settindown Country Club, Woodstock, GA Grounds maintenance, summers of 2010 & 2011 • Preparation of golf course • Interact with members to ensure quality experience Cherokee Town & Country Club, Alpharetta, GA Cart Attendant/Range Attendant, September 2006 – August 2009 • Preparation of golf carts • Maintained and organized driving range • Ensured quality experience of members and guests

Activities The Georgia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture, Fall 2010 - present Intramural Softball, Fall 2010 - present Intramural Basketball, December 2008

Skills Proficient in AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop & InDesign, Google SketchUP

Honors and Awards HOPE Scholarship Dean’s List 2008, 2010, Fall 2011

Landscape Architecture Portfolio  
Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

This is my portfolio detailing my work as well as progress throughout my years at the University of Georgia