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Nathan Aarons • Senior Project • Professor Buitrago • LAND 4900 • Spring 2013

Property Coordinates Northwest Corner: 18 degrees 09'19.88" N - 65 degrees 21'22.20" W Southwest Corner: 18 degrees 08'58.56" N - 65 degrees 21'29.68" W Northeast Corner: 18 degrees 08'54.20" N - 65 degrees 19'45.99" W Southeast Corner: 18 degrees 08'32.07" N - 65 degrees 19'52.69" W

Plat Description: My site is located on the North side of Vieques. The site extends along the coast line from Pta. Goleta west to Puerto Diablo and includes Laguna Puerto Diablo in the South east corner. I chose this site to try and incorporate the Westerly Trade Winds that blow in to the North side of the island. The area is relatively flat but does have a little elevation change throughout. The are a few marshlands scattered along the coast but can be incorporated in to the design.

Potentials: Existing Road Poncena Clay (0-12% Slope)

Constraints: Marshlands Endangered Animal Species

Loamy Soil Inland Rock Complex (12%+ Slope) Existing River & Lake

Design Concept:

• To create an resort that helps revitalize the land through environmental and sustainable design ideas. To use additional tourism to provide economic prosperity to the island of Vieques without further damaging the island or losing its’ “sense of place.”

Design Objectives:

• Eco-Resort Ideas • Establish environmentally friendly activities. • Use renewable energy and environmentally sensitive water and waste disposal systems. • Offer many opportunities for interaction with local owners, managers, staff and guides. • Offer a variety of excursions and educational materials to natural and cultural sites. • Economic Prosperity • Use local, sustainably harvested and/or recycled building materials. • Purchase food from local farmers, ranchers, or fishermen. • Employ and train local workers.

Site Concept 1

Site Concept 2

Site Concept 3

Hybrid Site Concept

This hotel concept map is located on the north west side of the site. The parking lot is split in to a covered section and an uncovered section. I cut out half of the parking lot and added tennis courts. The pool area is divided in to seating on the north side with the shower in the middle. The pool bar and restroom have been moved to the other side of the pool. The spa is divided up in to the main building and an outdoor seating area. The hotel and the fitness center remain the same.

This concept map focuses on the market area of the resort. There are parking lots on either side of the development. One is next to the local grocery store and the other is next to a few restaurants. I moved the gas station in to the parking lot of the grocery store. The restaurants will include everything from a sports bar to fine dining. The grocery store will provide locally grown foods. The shops will provide souvenirs, local clothing, and snacks and ice cream. Outdoor seating, a restroom, and a bicycle/golf cart parking bay will stand opposite of the shops.

This concept map focuses on the private villas of the resort. These villas will be part of the hotel but located a few miles to the east. They will have their own private road and access to private beaches. Wetlands flank both sides of the property and give way to beautiful views out in to the water. The villas are right across the main road from the market area with easy access to restaurants, shopping, and groceries.

Senior Project: Bieke Plantation  

This is the presentation I used for my Senior Capstone Project at the University of Georgia. It deals with the island of Vieques off of the...

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