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Who would be the audience for your media product? On the left-hand side is a representation that roughly depicts the typical member of my target audience and conveys the interests in fashion styles that interest them. Looking at stereotypical members of my target audience:

Demographics Gender– Female Age- 16-18 years old Class - Upper middle

Demographics Music trends – R&B, Jazz, Pop etc

Shopping tendencies – New Look, vintage stores, Top Shop, Quiz and various others where individual styles can be found Films of interest – Frozen, Hunger Games, Devil wears Prada, Wild Child, Mean Girls, Harry Potter, Grease etc – specifically a mix that convey values of suspense, humour, excitement or/and emotion (either positive or negative). These conventions seem to represent the expectations of ‘today’, conforming to modern day social morals.

My product is aimed particularly at teenagers, aged 16-18 years old who have a passion and aspiration for fashion as well as being interested in music, specifically their own preferred taste. My magazine is catered for a niche in the Magazine industry which will increase the target audience appeal and potentially benefit the likeliness of them purchasing it. Researching the various magazine styles in the market, mine is the only particular type of this product on offer which could suggest that my target audience would feel more enticed to purchase it. Also, the way I’ve incorporated the concepts in my magazine is designed to be shaped accordingly in cohesion to the preferences and interests of my target audience. Furthermore, it expresses its Unique Selling Point by discussing aspects of vintage fashion that may not have been demonstrated and mentioned in other magazines. I have included certain style-specifics in co-ordination and reflection to the data collected in my target audience research survey. As my figures show, the majority of my target audience have stated that they prefer the genre of ----, to which elements of this are implied within the product so they would potentially feel more inclined to buy my magazine.

To create more revenue, I’d consider including advertisements for specific companies that are of value and interest to my target audience.

Companies Clothing stores, brands & online shopping New Look Topshop Quiz River Island Vintage boutiques

Clothing & accessories Dresses Skirts Jeans Blazers/jumpers/cardigans Handbags Shoes Sunglasses

Technology retailers HMV Apple iTunes Food and beverage sellers Starbucks McDonalds

Jewellery Necklace Bracelets (e.g. Pandora) Earrings Technology Smartphone (e.g. iPhone) iMac

Cosmetics & Hair-care Perfume Foundation & blusher Lip gloss Eye ‘essentials’ – e.g. Mascara, Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Fake lashes etc Hair colour

Individual products

In regards to the companies, they could potentially be interested in purchasing a space for their own advertisements within my product because they provide things that would be of particular interest to my target audience. When detailing the products

Target audience  
Target audience