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Plot Summary Richards reign of terror has caused the people of England to fear him, as if he was a monster, he has almost all the control in the court. A rumor begins to circulate, about a man who is going to challenge the throne, and is gathering forces in France, noblemen defect in droves to join his forces, because n nothing can be worst, and they will not lose anything trying. The challenger is the earl of Richmond, and descendant of the Lancaster family. Richard tries to get even more power, he tries to consolidate his power because he wants to be the strongest. He has his wife murdered, so he can marry Elizabeth, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth and King Edward. She is his niece, but if they marry it would secure his claim to the throne. Richmond invades England. The night before the final battle, Richard has a dream in which the ghosts of the people he has killed appear and curse him, telling him that he will die at the battle. Sadly, Richard is killed, and Richmond is crowned King Henry VII. In order to have peace, Richmond and young Elizabeth marry and this way the houses of Lancaster and York are united.