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Comrade Kim Jong Il was born in the secret camp on Mt Paektul (Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province) on February 16, Juche 31 (1942), in a historical period when a new advance was being made in the development of the Korean and world revolution. Comrade Kim Il Sung's family was a patriotic and revolutionary family in a way unprecedented in history.

His father, Comrade Kim Il Sung was the father of Korean nation, the founder of socialist Korea and the leader of Korean people. Comrade Kim Il Sung was a thinker, theoretician, politician and military strategist who performed outstanding exploits for the Korean and world revolution, as well as for the times and mankind. His mother, Kim Jong Suk, was a communist revolutionary fighter who, under the guidance of Comrade Kim Il Sung, devoted her whole life to the struggle for the restoration of the country and the freedom and happiness of the people. his grandfather, Kim Hyong Jik, leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement, was a pioneer in shifting the direction for the nationalist movement to the communist movement in Korea. His grandmother, Kang Pan Sok, his grandfather's younger brother, Comrade Kim Hyong Gwon, his uncle, Comrade Kim Chol Ju and his maternal uncles, Comrade Kim Ki Jun and Kim Ki Song were also revolutioinary fighters who dedicated their lives to the cause of national restoration. His patriotic and revolutionary family, all of whose members had fought for the country and the people through generations, became the foundaton which rendered it possible for Comrade Kim Jong Il to grow acquiring the traits of a people's leader from his early years.

appendix how I became charming likeable and delightful i sleep very late. I commit suicide at 65%. My life is very cheap, it's only 30% of life. It lacks arms, strings and a few buttons. 5% is devoted to a state of semi-lucid stupor acompanied by anaemic crackling. This 5% is called DADA. so life is cheap. Death is a bit more expensive. But life is charming and death is equally charming. A few days ago I was at a meeting of imbeciles. There were a lot of people there. Everyone was charming. Tristan Tzara, a small absurd and insignificant individual was giving a lecture on the art of becoming charming. He was charming, at that. Everyone is charming. And witty. It's delightful, isn't it? Everyone is delightful, at that. 9 degrees below zero. It's charming , isn't it? No, it isn't charming. God isn't up to it. He isn't even in the directory. But even so he's charming. Ambassadors, poets, counts, princes, musicians, journalists, actors, writers, diplomats, directors. dressmakers. socialists, princesses and baronesses are charming. You're all of you charming, very subtle, witty and delightful. Tristan Tzara says to you: he's quite willing to do something else, but he prefers to remain an idiot, a practical joker and a hoaxer. Be sincere for a moment: what I've just said to you - is it charming or idiotic? There are some people (journalists, lawyers, amateurs, philosophers) who even think that business, marraiges, visits, wars, various conferences, limited companies, politics, accidents, dance halls, economic crises, fits of hysterics, are variations of dada. Not being and imperialis, i don't share their opinion. I believe, rather, that dada is only a divinity of the second order, which must quite simply be placed beside the other forms of the new mechanism of the religions of the interregnum. Is simplicity simple, or dada? I consider myself rather likeable. Tristan Tzara

What part of USA would you give up? Realistically, given the numbers, it would be impossible to have an all White USA. Many people are preparing for the breakdown by moving to PLEs (?) and especially the PNW (pacific northwest). Which part of the States is best for handing over/leaving behind in pursuit of a White Nation? __________________ [haVoc and unleash the dogs of war] A Venger Werewolf who protects the family wakened to no work the dog requires a master after all. B.K.K. SUPERBIA IN PROELIA lord flints volunteer is offline Reply With Quote Old 12-01-2015, 08:17 AM #2 tiny62 "Friend of Stormfront" Sustaining Member tiny62's Avatar Join Date: Aug 2015 Location: Ohio Posts: 928 tiny62 has a spectacular aura abouttiny62 has a spectacular aura about Default Re: What part of USA would you give up? Maine is the best bet IMO tiny62 is offline Reply With Quote Old 12-01-2015, 08:32 AM #3

blond chick Forum Member Join Date: Jun 2015 Location: up north in an area that is 98% white. Posts: 404 blond chick has a spectacular aura aboutblond chick has a spectacular aura aboutblond chick has a spectacular aura about Default Re: What part of USA would you give up? I would say the south west. We need to be as self suficiant [sic] as possible, and the lack of water and good soil makes the land in the south west less useful. We can keep the bread basket, the forest lands, the water, and the mineral rich mountains. The mud can have the deserts. blond chick is online now Reply With Quote Old 12-01-2015, 09:02 AM #4 Sackett "Friend of Stormfront" Sustaining Member Sackett's Avatar Join Date: Jan 2012 Location: The Twilight Zone Posts: 2,431 Sackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to beholdSackett is a splendid one to behold Default Re: What part of USA would you give up? Being a Southerner, I would hate to give up the South, but due to the large black and mestizo population in the Southeast and Southwest, I think it would be in our best interest to temporarily retreat to the PNW. Whites could establish a WN territory in the PNW and over time as more and more Whites relocate to this area, we would become strong and prosperous. At the same time, the South, with their non-white population, would become weak and dysfunctional within a short time. It would be easy to retake these areas at a later date.

I wish Trump would propose an all White territory. People would listen to him. __________________ "The truth shall set you free, but first it will make you miserable" James A. Garfield Sackett is offline Reply With Quote Old 12-01-2015, 09:20 AM #5 Andy Yates Forum Member Join Date: Nov 2015 Posts: 225 Andy Yates will become famous soon enough Quote: Which part of the States is best for handing over/leaving behind in pursuit of a White Nation? None. America is a white nation - all of it. None of it should be handed away. But, just to play along, there is one state. It is absolutely the best one out of the fifty to give away. Doing so would leave the important part of America lily-white, maintain the integrity of our borders, and offer the best climate, farmland, mineral deposits, and sea coasts to maintain our military, flanking both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Therefore, the one state that we could safely shove all the groids and beaners and chinx in and let them fend for themselves is....

O, my Father, despicable you. I shield my castle erected in the fields to you before the west can storm it. Old Man, puppet on a silver screen that I will not allow myself to see— For you, I let defect the ghost ships, disposable them. O, Father! My Father! Do not rage against the dying of the light; Stay in the ground with your honor and my reign. Disposable jest, you let a world laugh and held the people's hand, the tearless power of a king unhinged. How I have to pick up the pieces of you in every headline, Daddy, your old, nuclear heart I've weaponized.

Little Red Riding Kim surveyed the forest before him. A wolf howled in the distance but Kim felt not trepidation. The wind blew an icy gale and though birds fell dead from the sky Kim felt only the searing determination of the mighty Korean people. He glanced down at the basket of Taepodong 2 missiles he would deliver to his grandfather and found his resolve once more renewed. Little Red Riding Kim set forth and though the snow was deep it could do nothing to fetter the inevitable onward march of socialism. The forest, once dark, was now illuminated by the elucidating intellect of the Great Successor and all shadows of reactionary cynicism were vanquished. Without any shadow of capitalist lies to hide behind there now appeared a wolf.

“Why, Little Red Riding Kim, where are you going at such an hour in this weather?” inquired the wolf. “In the name of the Korean people I will faithfully execute my duty to deliver this basket of missiles to my grandfather, the Great Leader and Eternal President Kim IlSung, so that we may exterminate the rabid dogs of capitalist-imperialism, that we would chase them back to their holes and bury them alive; that the streets of America shall run red with their blood, red as the ever advancing banner of communism.” “But Red Riding Kim, would your grandfather not also like a basket of girls from the next village?” prodded the wolf. Little Red Riding Kim pondered a moment and agreed for the revolution cannot succeed without concubines. As Little Red Riding Kim was conscripting teenage girls into the service of the people the wolf rushed to Grandfather Kim-Il Sung’s cottage and through great treachery and deceit entered the cottage and promptly ate Great Leader. Shortly thereafter Little Red Riding Kim arrived at the cottage and knocked upon the door. “Who is it?” asked the wolf. “It is your grandson, Supreme Leader Kim JongUn. I have a basket of ICBMs and one of virgins for you.” “Annyeong haseyo! Come in,” replied the wolf. Little Red Riding Kim admired the wolf a moment.

“Why grandfather, what big ears you have.” “The better to hear the glorious battle cry of the valiant Korean people against the neocolonialist aggressors.” “Why grandfather, what big eyes you have.” “The better to keep vigilante watch over the great Korean nation against capitalist spies and saboteurs.” “Why grandfather, what big teeth you have.” “The better to eat you, you pinko-commie-gukmotherfucker! God bless America!” roared the wolf. But the decadent lifestyle of capitalism had made the wolf fat and slow and Little Red Riding Kim quickly detonated one of his warheads which instantly vaporized the wolf but left Little Red Riding Kim unharmed who, in addition to being a perfect bowler, is impervious to physical harm. Out of the pile of ashes grandfather Great Leader emerged and thus spoke, “Well done, grandson. You have freed me from the shackles of capitalist oppression most foul. Let us now celebrate with the concubines.” Little Red Riding Kim bowed his head, “I regret grandfather, that all the concubines were destroyed when I liberated you.” “Fret not child, for we have the inexhaustible fecundity of the Korean people to ensure there will be more.” THE END

Š 2015 Rockwell Press Collective, Seattle, issue 31

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Nada4 31 - The Manual of Kim Jong-il  
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