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The people of Cecil live on a lake that used to produce abundant quantities of wild rice. Menominee means ‘the people of the wild rice’. Shawano is the Menominee word for below. Shawano Lake was named this because it is below Keshena Falls on the Wolf River. Since the people of Shawano dammed the river and started dairies, the lake smells like swamp gas and grows only algae. But, the sunsets on the lake are very colorful. The residents take pontoon boats out on the lake all summer. They ignore that all of beaches are covered in bird shit because everyone has a boat. The Menominee Forest is an ecological marvel, it’s world renowned for its health and diversity. Forestry professionals from all over the world visit Menominee to observe their selective harvesting practices. The Menominee territory used to span from Green Bay south and west to Chicago. All of the Wisconsin farmland south of here was then a vast, dense, rich forest with woodland buffalo. Now, you know you are approaching Cecil because the air smells of cow manure. They don’t really like me here and I don’t really like them either. The women look like sluts from ten years ago. It was a bad look then and it’s no better now. The men are racist, sexist, homophobic jerkoffs and the women are too. They think that a woman’s uterus is open for public comment and debate. The residents say things like, “You don’t look like you’re from round these parts, little missy”, I had wanted to put up a sign that says, “Why come back?” facing the village. That way, perhaps someone on their way to work would read the sign, change their mind and drive off, never to return. But then they may infect others. No, its best they remain here. They get into enough trouble as it is. Cecilites helped to reelect a governor who doesn’t have a college degree. Beyond stripping worker’s unions of their collective bargaining rights and women of many of their reproductive rights: He is trying to make the Department of Natural Resources an advisory board for the governor and fire all its scientists, because they don’t like his mining plan. And people go along with it. They go along with it because they are radical idiots.

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