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Greetings from Rural America! Please allow me to introduce you to Cecil, Wisconsin. Cecil is a town of five-hundred people with two churches, two gas stations, one post office, one laundromat, one town hall, one fire station and six bars. All of these businesses are on ONE street. People here drive huge trucks without using them for anything. And they stand outside these trucks and yell, “You look better walking away,” at two girls walking home. Who reply, “Go fuck yourself.” Tiny bridges over paved creeks have No Loitering signs posted for anyone who might dare stop and inspect the water. The people who live here act as though they had never seen a leather skirt in real life before. They drink beer that looks like piss while watching the Green Bay Packers. They live for it. They also enjoy hunting, riding snow mobiles and ice fishing while drinking this piss beer.

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