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Assistance in Recovery

Assistance in Recovery

Assistance in Recovery


in recovery Improving lives together


This is a process, and we are in this together. At AiR, we believe it is essential to ask for help, take action quickly and commit to a course of action when faced with behavioral health illness. Our primary three services: consulting, intervention and long-term care management have successfully helped organizations and families manage, treat and recover from behavioral health related illness. In simple terms, our goal is to help individuals and families become “unstuck� and work towards recovery.

Individuals and families suffer in silence, afraid to ask for desperately needed help. Lack of knowledge leads to fear which leaves individuals and families paralyzed, waiting until a crisis forces them to seek a solution. We understand, and we can help. Every individual struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, an eating disorder or mental health concerns deserves the same quality of care available for any other illness. It is our job to educate our clients about their situation, empower them with solutions and direct them into action.

Once you are informed, doing and saying nothing is no longer an acceptable choice. Behavioral health issues can affect an entire family or organization, and all those affected deserve equal attention, compassion, and understanding. AiR’s programs are designed to address the needs not only of the struggling individual, but the questions, fears, and concerns of their family, friends and employer. We believe that of the approximately 30,000 days we each have on this planet, we should spend fewer days suffering from a treatable illness and more days living a fulfilled life. We are committed to empowering the clients we work with and providing the necessary tools to live betters days, one day at a time! This is AiR.

BHCM Behavioral Health Case Management What We Do AiR provides a full range of behavioral health case management services that are proven models for chronic disease care. They are a beneficial addition to the treatment of chemical dependency, mental health and eating disorders. For the millions affected by behavioral health illnesses, the tasks of identifying, understanding and treating these conditions present significant challenges. Too often these challenges prove to be overwhelming and the opportunities of treatment and recovery are postponed or missed entirely. At AiR, the implementation of case management has proven to significantly improve outcomes for our clients. This increase is a result of consistent support for the family or organization and ongoing advocacy and appropriate clinical support for the individual. Identification, education, early assessment and treatment are essential. We have the power and tools to improve lives: together, we can do so.

RAS Recovery Access Services Consulting Consulting services are for those seeking guidance on how and when to address a growing concern. AiR’s team of consultants, coaches and clinicians have recovery experience in all aspects of behavioral health. This gives us the expertise to respond to your call with compassion, empathy and knowledge. Intervention Intervention services are the most immediate and effective way to help struggling individuals access recovery. AiR’s clinicians recognize that behavioral health crisis can be frightening, confusing and debilitating and that sometimes people just need to be rescued. Transportation Escorts AiR offers travel companions for individuals traveling to and from treatment or from one clinical facility to another. A travel companion is recommended whenever family or an employer is unable to travel with the individual or when a higher level of supervision or medical support is needed.

RMS Recovery Management Services Recovery Assistance Program (RAP) RAP is a comprehensive, 1 year, behavioral health case management program. It is designed to provide support and accountability through ongoing contact with the participant, collateral contact with their support team, toxicology screening and reporting. RAP is structured to identify the potential for relapse before it happens, offer peace of mind to parents, significant others and employers, and produce dramatically improved rates of recovery. Individual and Family Coaching Individual and Family Coaching are 90 day – 1 year programs for those who can benefit from having an independent support team to provide guidance and support. Individual Coaching provides participants with an ongoing resource trained to address the issues and obstacles particular to recovery from behavioral health related illness. Family Coaching serves to alleviate the stress, fear and challenges families suffer when trying to help one of their own recover. Not Home Alone (NHA) AiR provides a companion who will pick up the participant following a hospitalization or a stay in treatment, travel home with them and help guide them through re-entry into their home environment for 3 to 5 days. The NHA program helps the individual realize the goals of transitioning safely home and successfully launching their recovery.

Breathing life back into lives

AiR provides the most comprehensive tools available to improve rates of recovery and quality of life for organizations, individuals and, of course, families.

AÂ R assistance in recovery


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Improving lives together

AÂ R Assistance in Recovery

National Headquarters 400 Selby Ave. Suite D St. Paul, MN 55102 National Call Center: 800-561-8158

AiR Assistance in Recovery  

Assistance in Recovery (AiR) has become the leading provider of behavioral health consulting since its inception in 2002. By focusing its at...

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