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Join the Fun at the 11th Annual

Cumberland Arts Festival Saturday August 17th 10am-6pm

Re-imagined event at charming new location! Shady Trees Inside Facilities Free Admission Free Parking

Unique Artists and Artisans Silly Safaris, Irish Airs & More Silent Auction Great Food Relax & Enjoy a Fun Summer Day

Cumberland First Baptist Church

116 S. Muessing St. • Cumberland

Sundays Noon - 1 pm

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strictly adheres to a plant-based diet. However, Fowler admits he’s faced some ire from people over the years, but the end goal certainly outweighs the bad. “Eventually people find out that what I am preaching is true and they come along,” he says. Fowler quickly learned that educating the public about the value of eating healthy food and taking care of one’s body is something not everyone is readily receptive to, he says. Someone has to go out there and poke the beast and let people know they have total control over their health destiny. “I build people up without finger waving,” Fowler says. “I had to learn that people don’t want you in their face. You must be loving, kind, empathetic and accept people where they are.” Making significant dietary lifestyle changes, is not easy, he urges. “It basically comes down to a single question, ‘Do I love myself enough to end the suffering?’” People don’t realize how much power they have and what they have to gain, he explains. “I don’t really blame people,” he says. “I blame societal programming. For a lifetime, we’ve been told what to buy, drink, wear, and think. We are obedient in our servitude to Big Food and Pharma.” In an era of instant gratification, Fowler says it is essential to slow down, take deep breaths, be mindful, and take charge of one’s life. If there is one message Fowler would like people to know, it is this: You are a unique, beautiful, sacred miracle of creation. “Wake up from sleepwalking through life and realize your power,” he says. “Seize it. But it has to come through what you choose to fuel your ‘Earth suit’: the vessel that gets you through this life. To become the highest version of yourself, during out short time on the third rock from the sun, we must steward our Earth suit because it is the only one you’ll get this time around.” Connect with Chef Wendell Fowler at or on Wendell.Fowler.16. Podcast: #LIVERIGHTNOW #TEAMWENDELL

Profile for Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

NA Indy August 2019  

Children’s Health & Natural Pet Care

NA Indy August 2019  

Children’s Health & Natural Pet Care