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Adjetives ending in –ed/-ing

-ed • Describe a feeling • I am tired of my job.

or reaction. He is frightened of snakes.

-ing • Describe the cause

of the feeling.

The museum is fascinating.

This is the most terrifying tale ever written.

Let’s practice ! • This wet weather is so ……  Depressed  Depressing

• I will be very ..... if she does well in her test.  Surprised  Surprising

• I come home extremely ..... at the end of each day.  Tired  Tiring

• Did you hear the ..... news about the accident?  Shocking  Shocked

• I'm not very ..... in sport.  Interesting  Interested

Complete the sentence • Grammar rules frustrate me. They're not logical. They are so …... They frustrate me but they don't bore me. I am never …… when I study grammar. Normally a language class stimulates me. Of course, it depends on the teacher. With some teachers I don't feel ….. If teachers want to interest the students, they must use ….. material.

Describe the picture

Activity • Write a paragraph with 5 sentences about the independence day in Chile.

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Adjectives Ending in ED/ING  
Adjectives Ending in ED/ING  

Created to teach the uses of adjectives ending in -ed and -ing