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n an effort to improve communication and support for the various members of the international Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) community, you will now be receiving a quarterly newsletter from the National Office in the U.S. These newsletters will serve as a tool to share our collective passion for international understanding and language education. They will contain stories of student success, industry updates, alerts of important changes, and an exchange of cultural information. We will share updates from our many programs and introduce you to individual members of the vast NOD community (this month, we introduce you to the Private School Program Student Bloggers). Our advisors will also offer advice on common student and Host Family issues. This new initiative is part of something much bigger: an entire rebranding effort, discussed in depth on the next page. NOD is excited to share with you a few changes we’ve made in an attempt to better serve you - our Partners - as well as your students, their parents, our Host Families, and our own staff throughout the United States. We hope you can share in our excitement! We hope to provide you with the highest-quality information and service, and we welcome your ideas and requests. We look forward to sharing the many voices of NOD with you.


April 2013: Issue I

In This Issue:

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices



ver the past several months,

Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) has been taking a closer look at who we are and how we serve our Host Families, students, Local Representatives, Foreign Partners, schools, and all others who support us. What we learned was our image didn’t truly convey who we are as an organization and our strength in the industry. To better present ourselves and help convey the connection between our various programs, we’ve taken on a multiphase rebranding effort.

Phase 1 – Logos

The first step in our rebranding was to update our logos to better unify our variety of programs and establish a consistent color palate. Both the logos and the colors were developed based

on existing logos, styles, and colors utilized across the Nacel International School System. The new NOD and program logos resemble a seal. Inside the seal is a globe representing our worldwide

Phase 2 – Updated Materials

We are currently redesigning our materials to reflect the changes made in Phase 1. This means you will begin seeing newly formatted documents. Rest assured that other than making all of our documents look the same, the actual information on the forms has not changed.

Phase 3 – New Website

The final phase will be the complete overhaul of our website! This will be a fresh and unified site that offers so much more than our current site. partnerships. Atop of the globe is a book with rays of knowledge streaming out of it to signify the understanding everyone involved in the exchange gains through their experience with NOD.

As we move forward with the next phases of rebranding, you can expect better support material from the National Office as well as to your students from their Local Representatives.

Advisors’ Angle: Introduction

Welcome to the Advisors’ Angle! In this first issue of the newsletter, we’d like to introduce the Advising Department. In the next issues of the Advisors’ Angle, we will discuss some of the challenges that international students face and some tips for helping students and Host Families prepare to meet those challenges.

Our team of advisors brings years of experience to Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD). Sandra Morgan is the Director of Student Advising (Academic Year Program, or AYP). Sara Lien is the Student & Host Family Counselor for The Private School Program (PSP) and St. Paul Prep (SPP). Christa Shannon is the International Education Administrator for PSP, AYP, and Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange. Alena Stewart is the International Student Advisor for AYP and PSP. Each member of the Advising Department works with students and Host Families to assist and support them as they adjust to the various changes and challenges of life

as an international student. We work closely with students and families to help them understand and resolve situations and conflicts. These include situations where students struggle with academic performance or cultural adjustment, as well as dealing with a wide array of emotions that are all normal and understandable when traveling so far from home. We encourage students and Host Families to let us know when they need support, help, or advice. We do our best to assist everyone in becoming a healthy, happy part of the NOD program. We rely on our Partners for your valuable insight and support, as well as your thoughtful communication with students and their natural parents. We welcome hearing your thoughts or concerns as they arise. Please feel free to contact the Advising Department at:


Nacel Open Door Partner Voices


The SLEP test will no longer be accepted beginning with the 2014-2015 school year. The SLEP will be permanantly replaced by the ELTIS (English Language Test for International Students), according to the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). Nacel Open Door will continue to accept the SLEP test or the IPT only until the fall of 2014.

Remembe r All AY P S t u d ent Applicati ons Deadline is

April 15th!

Announcement from CSIET about ELTIS: Click here More information about official test materials and pre-purchasing materials at a discounted price: Click here

FOLLOW US! NOD IS ON SOCIAL MEDIA In order to better communicate with our worldwide community of employees, Foreign Partners, staff, Host Families, and students – across multiple media and in a more timely fashion – Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) is expanding our social media presence. You will now have multiple resources for information about our company, our programs, and our students. Blogs A blog is like an online journal. It is similar to a website, but it is more interactive and is usually updated more often. Readers can leave comments on the content of a blog and start a conversation with anyone else who wants to contribute. The Academic Year Program (AYP), the Private School Program (PSP), and St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) offer blogs to share updates and resources and to make announcements

quickly and easily. The blogs can also build community within programs. Host Families and students can learn from each others’ experiences, and NOD Student Advisors offer advice and support throughout the year. Facebook Nacel Open Door, AYP, and SPP are on Facebook.

Facebook offers an opportunity to share quick announcements, advice, and links to relevant information. Host Families, students, and Local Reps have the opportunity to interact by asking questions, giving suggestions, and sharing their own experiences. Twitter AYP, PSP, and SPP have Twitter account to share news and udates, Retweet relevant information, and share cultural resources. The Twitter feeds for AYP and PSP can also be found on the home page of each respective program’s blog. -3-

Follow us! Each social media platform makes it easy to stay updated. The home pages of the blogs feature a “subscribe” option to have new posts sent directly to your email. Facebook has a “Like” button, and Twitter has a “Follow” option, both to send contact directly to your newsfeed. Blogs: AYP: PSP: SPP: Facebook: NOD: NacelOpenDoorInc AYP: NacelOpenDoorAYP SPP:

Twitter: AYP: PSP: SPP:

April 2013: Issue I

Information-sharing across the globe has never been as easy as it is today, and we plan to keep up.

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices



Soon! With the launch of the


new Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) website fast approaching, we want to give you a quick glace of what’s in store! • First and most exciting will be that all NOD programs will be accessible from the main page. This may seem like it should be a given, but as many of you know, our current site does not provide this ease of access to all NOD programs. Now this new feature will eliminate any guesswork on how to find the information you are looking for. It will simply be right there on the home page! You will be able to read a little bit about what each program offers or click on a link to go to another page, where in-depth information will be available. • CultureNotes are a short description about a specific country and its culture, in addition to offering basic demographic information. This information is utilized by Host Families in deciding which student might fit the most naturally into their family. CultureNotes also aim to highlight some of the cultural differences Host Families might encounter in order to help them better prepare for the cultural-exchange experience. CultureNotes are not a new tool. NOD has been using them since 2010, but they have not been accessible from the website before now. In 2012, NOD added these CultureNotes to the Academic Year Program blog. After seeing how popular they have been on the blog, we are excited to make CultureNotes available through the website. You can look forward to a sharp, fresh website that reflects a key goal of our rebranding efforts: to better present ourselves - with current, relevant information - and help convey the connection between our various programs. -4-

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

Soon To A Website Near You Dear Partners, I am very happy to announce that we are in the process of

redesigning the Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) website. This will be a fresh and unified site, offering links to all of our programs and

opportunities directly from the home page. The look of the site will follow that of the recent rebranding campaign, with our new logos and colors prominently displayed throughout the site. The new site

will highlight the strength and variety of NOD’s program offerings, as

well as give viewers quick and easy access to the information they seek most often. There will also be re-directs from our current websites that will seamlessly take our audience directly to pages they may already be familiar with.

The new website will roll out in stages. First, we will be launching in mid-May with information on the background and philosophy of

Nacel Open Door, information on hosting, and NOD program pages. Program pages will include the Academic Year Program, Private School Program, Short Term Programs, and Nacel International School System. The second phase will be to update the St. Paul

Preparatory School (SPP) website, which will be linked to the main

NOD site. Once the initial phase is launched, work will begin on SPP’s site. Both websites should be completely updated by the time our fall students arrive.

We hope that this new and updated website will be a solid tool that will support your recruiting efforts as well as make information gathering easier for students, families, schools, and communities.

We also hope that it will be a site that you will be proud to be as-

sociated with. If you have feedback on what you would like to see, please feel free to forward that to me at any time. Although the initial launch will happen this spring, it will be a work in progress that will have frequent additions and updates. Best Regards,

Nacel Open Door

Director of Operations


April 2013: Issue I

Rae Lenway,

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

Keeping Up With NOD Programs


acel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) offers multiple programs in the United States and abroad to meet a variety of cultural and academic goals for all students. These programs range in duration from one week to multiple years. The focus of some programs is a complete cultural immersion and exchange, while others are focused more on college preparation.


Students on PSP are working hard to finish the year on a strong note. They are studying for finals, completing service hours, and making sure everything is checked off their end-of-year “to do” lists and that graduation requirements are being met. Juniors continue to study for and take the SAT, and our 164 seniors are receiving college acceptances – many to their first-choice schools. Many students are planning trips over spring break to visit colleges or to relax with their Host Families. Some Local Representatives are working to organize year-end picnics and graduation parties for their students. Students planning on attending prom are beginning to look at dresses and tuxedos. Soon, they will be arranging to have items sent home and to sell back textbooks. As a program, PSP is currently accepting applications for the 2013-2014 academic year. PSP schools offer a wide range of tuition to fit every budget, and students choose from more than 100 schools across the United States.

NACEL OPEN DOOR EXECUTIVES Board of Directors Dr. Frank Tarsitano, PhD – Chairman Mr. Steve Murphy – Secretary Ms. Alice Murphy – Treasurer Mr. Gerard Avundo Mr. Arnold Franco Mr. Francois Jean Huc Ms. Hilda Jaffe Senior Management Team Dr. Frank Tarsitano, PhD – CEO & President Mr. Richard Banasikowski, MA – Vice President Mr. Jean Burdin – President, Nacel International Mr. Roy S. Nilsson – CFO

Advisory Board Mr. Jean Burdin – President, Nacel International Mr. Pierre Coudry – Interclass Brazil Ms. Toni Cowles – Retired, Lauder Institute at the Wharton School, UPENN Mr. Jaeho Eohm – International Language Forum, Korea Dr. Abraham Ho, DA – Nacel Asia Ms. Marie Jose Huc – CLC This newsletter is a publication of Nacel Open Door, Inc. For more information on NOD programs and opportunities, please call 800-622-3553, or visit our website at Newsletter Production Staff: Director of Operations: Director of Marketing & Communications: Marketing Communications Assistant:


Rae Lenway Shannon Rausch Karina Rajtar

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

As AYP, PSP, and SPP wind down for the school year and begin looking toward the fall semester, the Short Term Programs are preparing for the start of their exchange season. Students from China, Taiwan, France, Spain, and Germany will arrive in the United States for anywhere from one to four weeks during the summer. While in the U.S., students will participate in ESL programs, tutorial programs with groups of four students, or immersion homestay programs. Each program will allow students to practice their English language and immerse themselves in the culture of the U.S. Short Term Program Coordinators are looking forward to a great summer!

NACEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM (NISS) NISS is currently moving forward with the second phase of the Antalya, Turkey school opening with the addition of a high school program. The school system also plans to open four additional schools in Turkey with Final.

ST. PAUL PREPARATORY SCHOOL (SPP) SPP, a member of NISS, has had an eventful 2012-2013 academic year. The math team placed 3rd in the St. Paul City division, and the robotics team completed another successful season building a working robot. The Art Department has seen numerous successes as well. Three SPP students placed in the 2012-2013 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards. Three students received awards for the Dream@50 Art Competition honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; their artwork will be featured on billboards and transportation in the

coming months. Finally, three students were selected as part of the “Best 100” of more than 800 entries in the Les Farrington Best 100 Juried Art Exhibit. Ignacy of Poland went on to win a Merit Prize among the 100 finalists. SPP participated again this year in the Guthrie Theatre’s “Schools on Stage” program, in which students worked with local artists and performed their own original piece of theatre on March 27 at the professional venue. The school is also piloting an internship program this semester in which students intern in local businesses for real-world experience. As for future plans, SPP is excited to offer a new Global Studies course in the fall. This course will focus on a specific part of the world and culminate in a trip over spring break to the area studied. The 2013-2014 focus will be Ireland and Scotland. -7-


In addition to reviewing student applications and vetting Host Families for the fall semester, AYP is making many updates and improvements this spring. Documents and handbooks are getting makeovers to match the new brand image and to create more consistency across programs, and improvements are being made to the National Office database for easier document tracking. In addition, program administrators are preparing Pre-Departure Orientation materials to be sent out this month. Updates to the student application are also being made. These will go into effect beginning with January applicants. Most notable is the new Match Abroad packet for students. This packet will include more information about the Host Family and host community to help students better prepare for their time in the United States.

Prede O r i e pa r t u r e n i n f o tat i o n rma will tion b ema iled e soon . Wa t c h Fo r It In Yo u r inbo x!

April 2013: Issue I


Nacel Open Door Partner Voices



American FUN FACTS


• The U.S. has no official language.


• The state of Alaska is 429 times larger than the state of Rhode Island, but Rhode Island is much more populous.

One of the purposes of the program blogs is to allow students the opportunity to share their experiences in the United States. They are encouraged to submit stories and photos as often as they would like. One unique opportunity currently available to Private School Program (PSP) students – and soon to be offered to Academic Year Program students – is the Student Blogger internship.

• Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport. • Although it is considered an icon of New York City, the Statue of Liberty is actually located in the state of New Jersey.


• Half of all U.S. citizens live within 50 miles of their birthplace. • More than 20% of the people living in California were born in other countries. • 18 acres of pizza are eaten in the United States every day.


Student Bloggers apply at the beginning of the semester by submitting a sample blog post. Those selected are expected to contribute to the blog at least one time each month for a semester, sharing their international encounters first-hand. The PSP Student Bloggers for the spring semester are 1. Yunwoo of South Korea 2. Myung Jin “Lucy” of South Korea, and 3. Yiwei “Amanda” of China. This is Yunwoo’s third semester as a Blogger. Read their posts at

• U.S. citizens spend about $500 million each year on ketchup.

• The shortest river in the world is only 200 feet long and is found in the U.S. state of Montana. • More ice cream is consumed in the United States than anywhere else in the world. • Delaware was the first State in the United States.

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• Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popcorn annually.

NOD Voices - April 2013  
NOD Voices - April 2013  

Nacel Open Door quarterly publication for our Partners - April 2013