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WORDS OF WISDOM FROM AYP STUDENTS Near the end of their time in America, we ask Academic Year Program (AYP) students a series of questions on their final Monthy Contact Reports (MCRs). These questions range from what they loved about their host families and schools to what they'll miss most about the USA when they leave. We also asked them what advice they'd give to future exchange students coming to America for the first time. These are some of our favorite responses, which we think show the quality of students our partners send abroad. Thanks again for another great year, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

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speak English, to id ra f a e b "Don't ing but works n in eg b e th in it's hard on't be afraid." out in the end. D l -Enzo from Brazi

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“Appreciate the time you have thi s year…I didn't realize how fast it would go .” – Dzhanara from Kyrgyzstan there ugh, remember that "When things get to u." le willing to help yo are so many peop ain -Gonzalo from Sp


July 2018

“Do not wor ry if it is har d at first. It will get be tter. I had a calen dar that was counting do wn the days to go home. I threw that out!” -Maria Jose f rom Venezu ela

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

NOD MOVES TO NEW OFFICE IN ST. PAUL After a decade in Cray Plaza, we moved to a new location just a few blocks to the west. We have moved our office! After weeks of packing and anticipation, we finally moved into our new space on June 15!

Please note that our phone and fax numbers are still the same, but please save our new address so we still receive any mail you send us.

Our new address is:

101 5th Street E. Suite 1900 St. Paul, MN, USA 55101

We are happy to be in our new building with more room and wonderful views of the city from the 19th floor. We look forward to your next visit to the NOD national office!

NOD national office staff enjoy the open floor plan, abundant light, and great views of St. Paul from our new space. Our new location is also closer to the heart of downtown, providing easier access to hotels, restaurants, and shops in the skyway system.

An exterior photo of Nacel Open Door's new office building, located on the 19th floor of the US Bank Center in the heart of downtown St. Paul.


Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

ADVISOR'S ANGLE: TECHNOLOGY By: Cory Brathall, NOD Student & Host Family Advisor As the internet has become more accessible on a wider range of devices, issues such as illegal downloading, plagiarism, and safety issues, such as cyber-bullying, sexting, and awareness to our physical surroundings, are also more salient issues for youth. Nacel Open Door and our partners abroad address each of these topics during student orientations before and after their arrival to the U.S. Each of the above topics are also covered in handbooks given to students and host families. Addressing and preventing cyberbullying and sexting whenever possible is an important task to ensure student safety while on program. For a variety of reasons, students may be nervous or shy to report sexting or bullying when they witness or experience it. If a student does report such an incident, they should be reassured that they did the right thing, and that bullying and sexting behaviors are not acceptable in the USA. The student’s claims should then be shared with NOD and/or school staff. Because NOD has policies against bullying and sexting, NOD students who choose to initiate or engage in these

behaviors are placing their time on program at risk. If an adult observes or learns of these types of behaviors involving an NOD participant, the issue should be reported to NOD (coordinator, local representative or student advisor) and/or school staff, as soon as possible. On occasion, texting, watching videos, or listening to music, can be so distracting that students may disregard walkway obstructions, street traffic, or other people, and may place their physical safety at risk due to their lack of attention. If an NOD student is disregarding their physical environment due to electronics use, it should be addressed with the student in a supportive manner. If it is a continued behavior, then it can be brought to the attention of the local rep or student advisor. Fortunately, on a daily basis most NOD participants make good decisions in how they interact with technology. In the event that a problem does come up, earlier intervention will lead to better outcomes for those involved. Please take some time to review NOD Handbooks on technology use and discuss these topics with your student(s) as needed. Questions or comments? Send an email to:


Senior Management Team Dr. Frank Tarsitano, PhD – CEO & President Mr. Jean Burdin – President, Nacel International Mr. Roy S. Nilsson – CFO

Advisory Board Mr. Jean Burdin – President, Nacel International Mr. Pierre Coudry – Interclass Brazil Ms. Toni Cowles – Retired, Lauder Institute at the Wharton School, UPENN Mr. Jaeho Eohm – International Language Forum, Korea Dr. Abraham Ho, DA – Nacel Asia Ms. Marie Jose Huc – CLC Newsletter Production Staff Shannon Christle, MAPA – Director of Marketing & Communications Shane Koob – Marketing & Communications Content Developer Tate Vaughan - Marketing & Communications Project Specialist


July 2018

Board of Directors Dr. Frank Tarsitano, PhD – Chairman Mr. Steve Murphy – Secretary Ms. Alice Murphy – Treasurer Mr. Gerard Avundo Mr. Francois Jean Huc Ms. Hilda Jaffe

Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

KEEPING UP WITH NOD PROGRAMS PRIVATE SCHOOL PROGRAM (PSP) We are accepting late applications! Space is limited, so please contact regional managers to ask about these remaining open spots. A few reminders for you as we approach the start of the 2018-19 school year: please conduct a pre-departure orientation session with students. If you need any materials for this, please contact PSP Director Vicki Pelletier at the email below. Also, remind students to be fully vaccinated PRIOR to their arrival to the U.S. Many schools will not allow students to attend classes until they are fully immunized. For more information about PSP, contact Vicki Pelletier at

SHORT TERM PROGRAM (STP) From Los Angeles to Philadelphia and everywhere between, our reps and host families are busy welcoming groups of students and chaperones to the USA for their Short Term Program experience. We've received some excellent pictures of their adventures so far, and we'll share more soon on the NOD blog and Facebook page. For more information about STP, contact Chrysanne Manoles at

ACADEMIC YEAR PROGRAM (AYP) Thank you for sending us applications for the 2018-19 school year! We look forward to meeting your wonderful students and are very excited to see what the new year will bring. Our team is working very diligently to find quality host families for your students, and we appreciate your patience and support during the busiest part of our season. For more information about AYP, contact Erin McGregor at


Nacel Open Door Partner Voices

2018-19 CBYX Vocation Scholarship recipients at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C.

CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG VOCATIONAL YOUTH EXCHANGE (CBYX) The 2018-19 CBYX scholars were in Washington, D.C., June 26-29, for their Pre-Departure Orientation, where students participated in several cross-cultural sessions to help them prepare for their year of living abroad. A highlight of the orientation was a visit to the U.S. Department of State, where they met with interesting and knowledgeable speakers. The group was then escorted to Germany by our Open Door International CBYX partner and a past-participant alum mentor. Students spend their first two months undertaking intensive German language classes in Bonn, Germany, before going into host communities throughout the country. We wish them an enriching and rewarding year! For more information about CBYX, contact Sue Franck at

NACEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM (NISS) We continue to make progress on our new SPP Scholars Program at Hill-Murray School in Maplewood, Minnesota. Enrollment for the program is going well and nearly full for fall 2018, so get applications in as soon as possible! No applications accepted after July 27. NISS also signed an agreement with Bethlehem Academy (BA) in Faribault, Minnesota, to open SPP as a STEM program on their campus. BA is working hard to prepare the STEM space for SPP, and we look forward to officially launching the partnership as soon as final SEVIS approval is granted. For more information about NISS, contact Gina Robertson at


Nacel Open Door Partner Voices


RAE LENWAY DIRECTOR OF NACEL OPEN DOOR Our longtime partners already know her quite well, but we are pleased to place the NOD Spotlight on the Director of Nacel Open Door, Rae Lenway. Rae was named Director in July 2017, but her history with the organization goes back to January 1997. She was first hired as a High School Presenter/Recruiter, but was named an Academic Year Program Coordinator within a few months. Rae also helped out with Short Term Programs and filled in as a student advisor when needed, along with work on the Private School Program and St. Paul Prep in her final year before leaving NOD in the summer of 2004. But after seven years as a university administrator, Rae returned to NOD as the Operations Manager in the fall of 2011 and has helped guide our organization ever since. Rae was born and raised in the Twin Cities "and never left." She is married and raised twin daughters, and now has a grandson, "who I love to show off whenever possible!" Along with her vast experience in exchange programs over the years, Rae also holds multiple degrees, including a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Communications from Northeastern University. Rae said she loves her work, and her experience and her passion for student exchange programs are evident on a daily basis in the NOD national office. "I love the contact with so many interesting and kind people, and the varied ways that cultural differences come out during our students programs," Rae said. "I love the variety of work, and the fact that we are helping to shape the perspectives of young people around the world. I love learning and growing and challenging my own perceptions by the constant information I am receiving from our employees, field staff, students, and foreign partners. There is never a boring day, and I feel like I am constantly learning and growing by being exposed to so many different people, ideas, and situations."

Rae with her grandson, Cal. While she never had the opportunity to study abroad herself, Rae has enjoyed her travels to meet with partners in many countries over the years. Rae said if there's some advice she'd give to partners to help prepare students for life in the U.S., it's to tell them to keep an open mind. "Be open to all different experiences and situations. Misunderstandings can easily occur when so many different cultures/backgrounds/communication styles are involved. Students and parents need to remember that everyone involved wants our students to be successful, and address any misunderstandings or questions by communicating openly and respectfully with the appropriate people." There's also one last thing you should remember about Rae: she is a PASSIONATE Minnesota Wild fan. So next time you speak to her, ask how her favorite hockey team is doing!

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NOD Voices - July 2018  

A quarterly newsletter for our partners.

NOD Voices - July 2018  

A quarterly newsletter for our partners.