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1. Ran’D Shine

2. Silent Fit Club

Real Magic for Real People.

Less health club, more nightclub; blending fitness with technology and music.


Everything But the Mime Booth 508-510, 220-222 @Ran_Magic Home Base: Philadelphia, PA Single Date Price:.............................$2,100+ST 3 Dates in 5 Days (Block Price):....$1,900+ST 5 Dates in 7 Days (Block Price):....$1,800+SRT Contract On-Site Discount:............N/A

Ran’D Shine is known for a “Different Kind of Deception.” His psychologically engaging illusions and sleight of hand have amazed audiences in over 20 countries and hundreds of American cities. He was even invited to perform at the 44th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC. He was also featured on the CW Network’s “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” was seen on The BET Network, and he’s one of few magicians to perform on the Guantanamo Bay Military Base in Cuba. Over the past few years, Ran’D has become one of the MOST sought-after magicians in the industry because his show is highly entertaining and can be performed in small, large, indoor or outdoor venues. As one audience member put it, ”He is so much more than a magician he’s CHARISMATIC, FUNNY; he is an ENTERTAINER! and he will blow your mind.”


Fast-paced, action-packed, highenergy comedy hypnosis show. Hoffman Entertainment Booth 111 @HypnoHype Home Base: Toronto, ON


Degy Dance Booth 202-208,209 @SilentFitClub Home Base: Providence, RI Single Date Price:.............................$2,900 LRMT 3 Dates in 5 Days (Block Price):....$2,100 LRM 5 Dates in 7 Days (Block Price):....$1700 LRM Contract On-Site Discount:............N/A

Who says fitness can’t be fun? At Silent Fit Club, we’ve developed a new concept that blends elements of yoga and Zumba with technology and all the energy and fun of a clubbing experience. It’s a workout for the mind and the body, sound-tracked by our resident DJ’s selection of only the very best in party anthems. Less “health club” and more “nightclub,” each journey starts with a session of yoga before we raise the tempo during our fun, cardio, dance-based workouts, re-capturing the exhilaration and excitement of a full-on party! And it all plays out through our cutting-edge, wireless headphones. Our customized headphones help create the amazing dynamic that make our event unique. Rather than broadcasting our range of classes through a PA system, we broadcast directly into your ears through our immersive wireless technology. This improves connection with your instructor and replaces distracting outside noise with direct, in-ear communication.

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Single Date Price:.............................$2,600+SLRMT 3 Dates in 5 Days (Block Price):....$2,200+SLRMT 5 Dates in 7 Days (Block Price):....$2,000+SLRMT Contract On-Site Discount:............N/A


Asad Mecci’s jaw-dropping performances have captivated audiences worldwide. He has performed in front of over 1.5 million people live and millions more through mass media. You might have seen Mecci on “Entertainment Tonight,” MTV, Maxim Online, HGTV, YTV, or talk television, or read about him in publications like The New York Times, Huffington Post and Maxim Magazine. Away from the television cameras and radio waves, Mecci has amazed crowds at Canada’s Wonderland, Skydome, GE Theater and The Just for Laughs comedy festivals. Even within the confines of major companies like Remax, IBM and Rogers, Mecci has been invited to entertain and motivate employees and management. Asad Mecci’s show HYPNOHYPE has rocked hundreds of colleges across the US and Canada. Get ready to be blown away!


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NACA® Mid Atlantic 2018  

October 11-14, Buffalo, NY

NACA® Mid Atlantic 2018  

October 11-14, Buffalo, NY

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