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Turning Managed Services into a Profitable Reality N-able's Business Support Helps Corsica Exceed its Goals CASE


Corsica Technologies Our Solutions. Your Success. About Corsica Technologies Corsica Technologies is a Service-Disabled VeteranOwned Business (SDVOB) information technology solutions provider located on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Providing solutions to business and residential computer and network users. Corsica Technologies' mission is to present quality products and services with unmatched devotion to customer satisfaction. Location: Centreville, MD Website: Challenges • Make a successful transition to managed services • Educate customers and prospects about the value of managed services • Stabilize and grow IT services revenues Solution • N-central network and system management software for IT services automation and managed services • N-able's field-tested and proven business, sales and marketing resources

As veterans ofthe military and the I T indu stry, busi nes g p artne rs Dal6 Walls and Duane Wagn er are used to relying on their wits and training to combat even the most difficult challenges. But when they decided to start offering managed servio eN as part of Corsica Technologies' value ta sma llevd midsize businesses (SMCs), home uhers ane governme nt aadncies, th e seasonTd solution provider faced two hurdles. T he first hurdle c entred on how/ to make th e transition s 0ccessfulmfo manag ed services, the second was how to educ ete customers and prospects about the value or managed s ervice s. Fort nnately, Cors ica Te chnologiea had N-able Techno!ogies® on its side. Coreic^s client base consisted owmarily of SMBs with an averaga of 75 se ats, but mucd cffe work was reactive, says Walls, Pre hide nt of the Mary land-based company. Clie nts vranted to red uce the Ms k and costs associated with down-time and break-fix services, he adde and Corsica Technologies sought to create a steady saream oh revenue from offering ma nag ed services that help to prevent c omputer craspes, iietwork outages and virus-based destruction. "We couldn't ghe our armv around how to add managed services to ou!" bu siness offerings " recallp Walls. "I was act ively c sHing ma coged nervice consulting c ompanies, trying to get some adx/ice a nd support, and no one was respons ive. They n ever cal l ed us b ack. We already had the man ag ed services concept in our mind, but couldn't e onceptualize how we were going to asuomplish it."

N-able's ггшш aged services expertise makes the difference That frustration ended when Walls was contacted by N-able. Aware of N-able's #1-rated Ncentral® network and systems management software, Walls quickly becamefimpressedfbyfthefbusiness,fsa esfandfmarketingfresourcesfavai ab eftof his company as an N-able partner. "N-able wanted to help us establish a managed services practice. They weren't out to just sell a piece of software," he says. "Without N-able giving us the education and the guidance to establish a managed services practice, we probably wouldn't have gotten it done."

Benefits • Profits average between 40 and 65 percent per contract • Managed services total 35 percent of revenue and continue to grow • Runs business today as a virtual IT department with standard services contracts • Saves time and money building effective go-tomarket programs

Not only did N-able demonstrate its solutions first-hand, but it also educated Corsica Technologies on successful sales strategies that focused on a client's return on investment and improved budget planning. "We're a small business, too, and having an IT support bill that can change each month is risky," says Walls. "Clients like knowing how much their bill will be each month - and we like knowing how much we're going to invoice each. With N-central, we're able to resolve issues before they become problems and deliver even more value to our customers by recommending upgrades or changes based on hard performance data." N-able has also helped Corsica Technologies set up a true services help desk, further enhancing its customer support and satisfaction.

"N-able wanted to help us establish a managed serviDes praDtiDe. They weren't out to just sell a pieDe of software." Dale Walls President, Corsica Technologies

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www. m info@n- 1-877655-4689

"Without N-able giving us the education and the guidance to establish a managed services practice, we probably wouldn't have gotten it done." Dale Walls President, Corsica Technologies

High-margin managed services revenue soars Before it deployed N-central, Corsica Technologies generated less than 5 percent of its total revenue from maintenance business. Today, maintenance -or managed services a totals 35 percent of revenue and it continues to grow, says Wall , adding that matins on d v these s rvic s range from 40 to 65 percent pier co ntract. One of N-arjile's key differentiators is its proven partner development resou rces -and u e Corsica Technologies is taking full advantage ofthem. The e proprietary bu in es s, sales and technology-focused tools and resource s dramatically cut downthe time it takes foi" Ne able's p째rtners to introduce managed services in to their services portfolios. Pl s, it h u e reduces the costs of defining the new 째rvices s we ll as market^ and elling them.

"We didn't have the time to sit down and draft contracts, inside sales sheets or manag e v e c es °rvice proposal," ay Wa№. "N-able had already done th e due diligeiice. The onli sales and marketing resources are very quick and simple to customize and adjust to s n meet the needs of our company and customers. It gw us a great head st rt ar^ just having the foundat ЮП , the con ce pits , document templates and calculators wasa godsend." h



As a result oof the exten ive capability of N- able's software platfo rm a cl usirie ss p f om deve lopment resources, Wall s says the comrj^n y finds t v I ittle c omization is o require to surjipi^t its entire range ofclients. "What we've sought to do is run our service offerings as a virtual IT department and standards our clients' eqmpment, our deployment and supiport strategic to make it ea sierto scale. N-able rias allowed us to easily acccimp lish and build Lif^n that goal."

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Turning Managed Services into a Profitable Reality  

N-able's Business Support Helps Corsica Exceed its Goals C A S E S T U D Y

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