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SLPowers Lowers Support Costs and Opens New Doors with N-Central CASE STUDY

Profile Guaranteed Networks™ is not just a catchy name for SLPowers' flagship service product, it's their mission. SLPowers, an IT professional services firm based in West Palm Beach, FL, makes sure their clients' systems are proactively maintained and challenges are quickly addressed via remote monitoring and management systems. SLPowers' "GN" clients, which include law firms, healthcare providers, manufacturers and not for profit organizations, all have monitored and expertly managed networks so they can focus on their work, not their networks. "We understand that our clients' computer systems are crucial to their business processes," said Rory Sanchez, President of SLPowers. "With N-central, our service department keeps a virtual eye on all of our clients' systems, 24 hours a day, and allows us to provide them with maximum uptime."

Situation Since 1985, SLPowers has been serving the South Florida market, but it was in mid-2002 that they started working on ways to reduce the costs associated with the travel and time technicians spent on-site. SLPowers also wanted to provide better response times and ramp up their ability to proactively and remotely, detect and address their customer's network troubles. Although their clients ranged in their required support - there was one agreement across the board - all clients want their problems identified and addressed before they become critical issues.

"We don't want to bill customers for their problems. We want them to pay us a flat monthly fee to make sure everything works, all the time. If they have network troubles, it's our problem - not theirs. And with the money we're saving on travel time and un-needed site visits, this solution pays for itself." Rory Sanchez, President SLPowers


In 2003, SLPowers implemented ConnectWise PSA, a professional services automation package, which took control of their internal trouble ticketing, sales processes and allowed for web-based interaction with their clients. They were so pleased with the benefits of the software package that they quickly decided to move forward in adding remote monitoring and management systems and found N-central to be a seamless fit with ConnectWise. N-central's remote network monitoring capabilities allowed SLPowers to grow their business, reduce travel time and better utilize their service personnel. It was an ideal situation. "Before, we visited our clients regularly just to get an idea of what was happening on their network. With remote network monitoring, we now have a constant view of our customers' networks and it is updated every few minutes. This ensures that we can detect issues either before or as they occur, but usually before they cause problems for our customers."

Opportunity SLPowers took a close look at the other offerings that were available for remote network management. A wide variety of options existed - but nothing seemed to suit them as well as N-central. Other products were either too expensive, too simplistic, didn't provide enough support or, as Sanchez described, "were lacking vision of the industry". N-central combined the one-two punch of technology plus company support that would help them to deploy, market and sell the solution.

SLPowers Lowers Support Costs and Opens New Doors with N-Central CASE STUDY

Solution Fast Facts ► Partnership Level: Platinum

► Location: West Palm Beach, FL

► Business Focus: IT professional and managed services & network security

► Target Market: SMB

The first step in providing N-central, which SLPowers branded as GN Central, was to deploy new technology to existing Guaranteed Networks customers. These customers each received remote network management capabilities in their service package - and instantly saw the value. Now, on a moment-by-moment basis, SLPowers has updated information on their customer's servers, databases and other key network elements; and their service personnel are alerted in the event of potential problems. This solution is as valuable to SLPowers as it is to their customers. Technicians now spend less time on the road, but know more about their clients' networks than ever before. N-central also gives SLPowers a door-opener with customers who have their own in-house IT staff and traditionally did not use their services. Sanchez's sales team positions N-central's ASP-model as a way for companies to supplement their IT team and then offer them additional services or expertise that might not be available in-house.

# Of Employees: 19 ► Web:

About N-able: N-able Technologies™ is a leading provider of service management software that manages information technology and security services from a business perspective. Our product line delivers availability, performance reporting, security event and business service management to multiple customers or locations through a central Web console. N-able's product line is distributed through a global partner network of system integrators,

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evolving IT services from reactive to proactive to managed.

outsourcers and value-added resellers

Benefit N-central's dashboards and reporting engine allows SLPowers to easily demonstrate the value of their services. Instead of saying "we spent, five hours a day fixing problems", they can show, "you achieved 99% optimal service for the past month" - and that is what their customers want to hear! "We don't want to bill customers for their problems," said Sanchez. "Under Guaranteed Networks, we want them to pay us a flat monthly fee to make sure everything works, all the time. If they have network troubles, it's our problem - not theirs. And with the money we're saving on travel time and unneeded site visits, this solution pays for itself." One of SLPowers' first clients to benefit from the services was a busy South Florida title company. If their servers are down, real estate closing documents won't get printed, customers are inconvenienced, recalculations have to be done and productivity is lost. One Sunday night, a technician from SLPowers received a page noting the hard disk space was full and the server was on the edge of a crash. The technician was able to address the problem remotely and implemented a temporary fix which averted a Monday morning tragedy. By way of N-central and a savvy technician, SLPowers was able to save their customer thousands of dollars in lost productivity. That's great customer service!


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SLPowers Lowers Support Costs and Opens New Doors with N-Central  

SLPowers Lowers Support Costs and Opens New Doors with N-Central C A S E S T U D Y Profile SLPowers Rory Sanchez, President service product,...

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