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Others do not believe
 but he knows, he will live. 

Lying on the hospital bed 
 he has a hope. 

He is semi-conscious. 
 He is eagerly waiting 
 for the time to walk home. Soon. But, the doctors say -

After a few days 
 he will be declared dead.
 His near and dear ones 

have braced themselves into the exercise 
 of feeling his absence.
 But, in his semi-conscious stage, he’s thinking -
 I will go home from this hospital 

and will live my life
 like a right man. 

He thinks - 
 I will rekindle all those relationships 
 that had broken during his past and will add sweetness to it and collect enough

insights of love. 
 I will care my old dog 
 and will bring another pup home.
 I will try to understand the 
 love that binds human and animals. He thinks

As soon as I reach home 
 I will remove the coat of dust settled on the covers of my books. 
 I will wipe its spines
 with a clean cloth and place them into the shelf. Especially; 

those books of stories, essays, poetries and memoirs 

so that they are readily available when I need them.

And I will buy selected books and add them to my collection. 
 And will place all the books close to my eyes. 

He thinks - 
 After I go home
 I will enjoy every evening. every morning.

And will touch the flower buds of the morning
 and young flowers of the evening. 

I will go to those mountains that carry 
 snow, frozen rivers, waterfalls 

and will meet those hills, mountain tops, valleys after going home. 

He thinks I will listen to all those songs and music weaved by pure hearts and melody
 but after going home.

A poem by Rajab Translated by Nabin Kumar Chhetri

* Rajab is an eminent Nepali poet.

A poem by rajab  

Mukul Dahal, a dear friend, a dynamic poet and a graduate from the University of Glasgow introduced me to Rajab Dai. ‘Ghar Gayepachi is one...

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