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Band Promotion Nabilla IT 9


Band Promotion Who is the client? My client will be a band from Indonesia called 驶Sheila on 7始 it始s quite an old band. It is popular on the year 2000. I personally like their songs, and I will promote their songs and, probably concert. MYP Unit question Does how we look and appear influence what people think of us? Time Allowed 1 quarter 8 weeks Specifications and Limitations Problem Make a band (Sheila on 7) promotion that is catchy and attractive so it will attract people and inform them about the band Solution Make a promotion that full-fills what Sheila on 7 wants. Attract people, attractive, eye-catchy so that people will get attract to it and easy to access.

Band Promotion Introduction My Client will be the band itself that I promote. The band that I promote is called ʻSheila on 7ʼ this band is famous during the beginning of year 2000. I will try to contact the band through face-book or e-mail. Then if I get to contact the band I will asked them questions. But if I canʼt meet the face-to-face, then I will have to send a letter. This letter will be send to the ʻSheila on 7ʻ directly or my letter will go-between the Kort magazine. Kort magazine is a music magazine, I donʼt read this magazine but my friend have this magazine. So later I will send a fan-letter to the magazine, with that I could easily asked what ʻSheila on 7ʼ wants. My second client will be a person who likes ʻSheila on 7ʼ. It will probably be my cousin. When I finish the Band Promoting, I will show the result to her/him and ask an opinion. For ʻSheila on 7ʼ I will ask them question, such as - How would you like your promotion be? What form (websites, poster, banner etc.)would like it to be? What stuff would you like to promote? - My promotion should be attractive and unusual. Because this ʻSheila on 7ʼ band mustʼve been promoted because theyʼre an old band, so I have to make something that is different than their old promotions. As for the audiences it will be my cousin I will later on asked what kind of Band promotion is their favorite and why. How would they would a promotion attract them? What are the aspects (color, audio, themes, etc.)

Band Promotion Using Technology to solve the problem Target Audiences The target audiences for this band promotion is Teenager, young adult, adult and Sheila on 7 band. The Sheila on 7 band will also be my target audience, whether the promotion full fills what they want. How does it benefits the society? The promotion will benefits many sides. First the band itself, peoples and myself. Making a promotion for Sheila on 7 will benefits the band because more people will know more about Sheila on 7 band and more people will watch their concerts. It also benefits teenager, young adult and sheila on 7 fans. They know more information about Sheila on 7 and for those who don始t know anything about Sheila on 7 they now know and those people - teenager, sheila on 7 fans - can keep updated. As for me, if its in real life I will get pay for making the promotion. Technology used I will use a website to make a blog such as blogger, tumblr or weebly. Another technology that I始m going to use is poster making software such as pages or iWeb. I might make the poster so if I have to create the poster manually is stationary such as pencils, eraser, pencil color, marker, ruler, A3 paper and crayon. My product will be a blog with Sheila on 7 information and concerts.

Areas of Interaction (AOI) Human Ingenuity The AOI of this project is Human Ingenuity. Most of the time promoting AOI is Human Ingenuity, because last year I did an advertisement and its AOI is also Human Ingenuity. Why is it Human Ingenuity? I think itʼs because creating a promotion needs imagination and creativity. Creativity and Imagination is very essential because when Iʼm creating this project without my creativity or imagination then my final result wonʼt be attractive, unique or eye-catching and it will be really plain. This project is also about ʻDesire to create, develop or change thingsʼ And it will reflect on ʻThe impact of innovation and creation on individuals, communities, societies and the worldʼ And just like I say before it take action on thinking creativity.

Why is the problem important? Without a promotion the fans of Sheila on 7 wonʼt be able to access Sheila on 7 information easily they canʼt access stuff that they want to know. The Sheila on 7 band is popular but people who donʼt know wonʼt get to know them because there is less and limited Sheila on 7 promotion.

General Equipment • Stationary (pencil color, eraser, crayon, A3 paper, etc. ) - I will need stationary to create my poster manually and to design the product. I might also just create my product by hand not by software. • Laptop for researching - I will need laptop because I will do many researching in order to create satisfying product and I research to see other examples of band promotion • Software/hardware to make the promotion. To make the promotion I will need the software to create it. The website that Iʼm going to need will be either blogger, weebly or tumblr. And for making the poster Iʼm going to need pages.


Attractive graphic design

appropriate to the budget


Big and bold block writing

Simple & clear explanations about the band

Band Promotion

Easy to read, clear fonts

Strategic places, so it will be easy to seen/read by people

Full fills the client wants

Design Specification 1

It must promote about Sheila on 7 band


The form of the promotion will be either a blog or a poster


It should have complete information about Sheila on 7 (Informative)


The design should be attractive, eye-catchy and showing Sheila on 7 photos


Easy to access by people


Language is understandable by many people



I will make a blog with a poster to promote the Sheila on 7 band. I will use weebly or tumblr to make the promotion with complete photos of Sheila on 7. I will design the poster manually with crayon and color pencils.

Alpha and Beta Tester For my Alpha and Beta tester I will ask a yes and no question and some elaborating questions for my evaluation. In both alpha and beta tester I will ask a few people to answer it.

Alpha Tester Is the language/writing understandable? Is the font readable? Is the color match with each other? Does it have aesthetic? Is it easy to access? Is the blog address easy to remember? Is the blog organized?

1. What is the aim of the promotion? 2. Who is the target audiences? 3. How many languages provided in the blog?



Beta Tester Is it promoting about Sheila on 7? Is the form either a blog or a poster? Is it informative, informing all about Sheila on 7? Is the design attractive and eye-catching? Can it be access easily? Is the language understandable?

1. What can you get from the promotion? Many or little? 2. What do you like the most from the promotion? 3. What do you need to improve from the promotion?




Research Interviewing the Client - Sheila on 7 Sheila on 7

1. How would you want your advertisement be? The easier is blog. I think we would like our advertisement to be a blog with our information in it.

2. Whatʼs your budget, usually to make a promotion? Well it depends on what kind of promotion we make. If weʼre having a concert and we have to make a big banners, to be put on the roadside. In total it reach Rp. 1.000.000. Because weʼre not only making one banner we have to make up-to 8 banners to be placed in many different locations. But if youʼre trying to make a blog, the budget is none, itʼs free. 3. What do you really want to promote from you band? We really want to promote about our new Albums and their songs. So that the society know more about out Albums and we got more benefits because they but our Album 4. What do you think the best way to promote your band? There are many ways, but the best way I think is a blog or an advertisement in TV, because people watch TV a lot.

5. Do you have any demands on the amount time of process? No, not really, as long as itʼs not a year. Actually it also depends on the situation, if we have a concert next month but the amount time of process is two months then thatʼs no good. So, depends on the situation. But maximum for promotion making is two months

Client Interview Summary Sheila on 7 Sheila on 7 preferred blog for their band promoting. The budget for making a big banners and placing it on the roadside reach Rp.1.000.000 because theyʼre not only making one banner they had to make several. So, the budget is depends on the promotion or advertisement theyʼre making. They also said that making a blog doesnʼt need any fees, itʼs free. Making blog is the easier and the form of promotion that they want. They want to promote more about their newest Albums. So, more people will know the Album and buy it. That means more benefits for Sheila on 7 band. Sheila on 7 donʼt have any particular best way to promote the band, once again it depends on the content that is promoted. But Sheila on 7 preferred blogs than any form of promotion because itʼs easy and itʼs free. Doesnʼt require any fees to make a blog. For the time demands, they donʼt have any time demands. The maximum time for making the promotion is two months.

Research Band Promotion - Sheila on 7 Existence of Problem This Band promoting problem does exist. Because me myself has some difficulties on searching the information about the Sheila on 7. I also found difficulties in finding their contacts. So, the Band promoting problem does exist. My solution is to make a blog so that people could access it easily without even signing up first. Content needed to Solve problem • Who is Sheila on 7? • Band promotion types • Advertising Techniques • Technologies used (equipment, software/hardware Above are the content that I need to research to solve the problem of advertising Sheila on 7 band.

Who is Sheila on 7? Started at 6 May 1996 Sheila on 7 is a bunch of High-school students from different school. It begins with 5 students, Duta (vocalist) from SMA* 4, Adam (bass) from SMA 6, Eross (guitar) from SMA Muhammadiyah I, Sakti (guitar from De Britto High school and Anton (drums) from SMA Bopkri I. They agreed to form a band and brought the songs from different bands such as Oasis, U2, Bon Jovi, Guns Nʼ Roses etc. At that time they already have their original works and tried to introduce to the society. At the start of the group their Band is called Sheila soon they add ʻGankʼ after sheila so it becomes ʻSheila Gankʼ. But because of the sense they changed their name into Sheila on 7. 7 means the music scales (do,re,mi...) Sheila on 7 Albums • Sheila on 7 Selftitled, 1999, Sony Music • Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki, 2000, Sony Music • Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan, 2000, Sony Music • 07 Des, 2002, Sony Music • 30 Hari Mencari Cinta, 2003, Sony Music • Pejantan Tangguh, 2004, Sony Music • Pria Terhebat, 2004, Sony Music • The Very Best Of Sheila On 7: Jalan Terus, 2005, Sony Music • 507, 2006, Sony BMG • Sheila on 7 Karaoke Hits Vol. 1 (VCD), 2007, Sony BMG • Menentukan Arah, 2008, Sony BMG • Berlayar, 2011, Sony BMG *Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) : High school

Analyzing Product Blog & Poster










Website maker software (iWeb)



Promote the 驶Incubus始 band that will be held in Jakarta

Promote about the 驶Ting Tings始 band

Promote Kelly Clarkson concert in Jakarta

Target group

Mostly teenagers age 17 and adults


Adult and teenagers


Around Rp. 500.000

Rp. 100.000

Rp. 100.000


Photo of the band itself and big block writing

The graphic design

Shocking red color and photo of the singer

Incubus - The band promotion that I like most is the ʻIncubusʼ Band poster. Itʼs clear, show photo and informative. It shows time, location and slogan ʻIf not now, when?ʼ. The Incubus band promotion will attract more because of its block writing and the photo. The suitability of the color and design will also effect the attractiveness. From the three promotion I think the most suited design is the incubus. The Ting-Tings - promotion is actually quite interesting for people who want to know the band more. But it has too much writing in it and smaller picture. But the Ting-Tings promotion is okay because it is actually a website so itʼs normal with many writing on it. Kelly Clarkson - The next promotion is Kelly Clarkson promotion. This promotion is red, but not shocking red, itʼs quite attractive. In my opinion what need to be change is the color and the photo. I think the photo should cover almost the whole page, the title ʻKelly Clarksonʼ should be colored with bold color instead of white. Other than that ʻKelly Clarksonʼ promotion is okay, it has date, location and slogan ʻAll I ever wanted tourʼ.

Analyzing Techniques Making blogs Technique Graphic Design Design Graphic or Graphic design is a form of visual communication through images to present images or message as effectively as possible. It is very important for making promotion or advertisement. In graphic design, text are also considered as the result of abstract. Symbol and text can also be sounded. Graphic design is used in communication design and fine art. Graphic design can also become the attraction for a product, most advertisement use graphic design to design their advertisement. Such as brochure, video clip, blogs and poster. The themes in a blog is using graphic design to design it. To make a promotion attractive, the promotion should have a creative and interesting graphic design. That始s why graphic design is an important part to make a promotion.

Photo Collage This photo collage is the collage of Nirvana band, it始s an old band. Photo collage is a technique of sticking and arranging photo to make it looks good and attractive. Photo collage is a technique that usually used in making scrapbook. Photo Collage can be combined with graphic design for the title. As you can see on the left the 驶Nirvana驶 band photo collage have their title. That title is design using graphic design skills.

Be Organized! Organizing blogs is also an important technique. Without organizing our blog, then people wonʼt be able to understand our blog easily, then because of that they might not be interest to our blog. Here are some ways to organized blogs that Iʼve researched. Make a category: Make sure the category is based on the topic of the post. Donʼt give a category “Uncle John” when its contain about a Windows XP tips from uncle John who once has worked at Microsoft. Make sure to limit the total number of category. Donʼt make a new category for every post and not all post need to be categorized. Make sure that the category fit in one page, because itʼs annoying for the reader to scroll down just to see the complete list, the readers might forgot already when they gets into the bottom. Try to put post in one category only. Display the number of post in each category, if the blog platform allows us to do

that. This feature will make the reader knows what to expects when he/she clicks that category Tags: Tags is more like an index page of a book. A list of keywords people will use to search for specific items. Tags is also as important as category. It will help people to found what they want. The difference between tags and category it that category is well-structured but tags is not.

Technologies Software iWeb ! - This software is usually used to make portfolio here at school. This software belongs to the apple. But you can publish it as a website. With this software we design our website, offline. And then publish it later in the end. The conʼs in this software is you got limited layout.

Pages - This software also belongs to apple. With this software we can make many different kinds of work such as reports, newsletter, letter and many other sorts of things including poster. The con’s of this software is also similar with iWeb, it has limited layout. With this software you can’t design graphics your design will be limited and you have to stick on what the software have.

Picnik - Is an online web that can help us edit picture. This might help me in editing my poster. Picnik has many different options of editing, here we can make photo collage, photo strips, black and white etc. We also can adjust the contrast, brightness and color. And it’s also free to join, later on we can save our edited photo and download it.

Technologies Blog maker websites Tumblr - Tumblr is a blog maker website too. Just like blogger and weebly. Tumblr is usually used for personal blogs. In tumblr we could follow people and the people will follow us back. Sometimes the people that you follow post a post and you can like it. Most post in tumblr is unusual and interesting, most of the time you agree to that post. Tumblr is very easy and simple to use. Unlike blogger, but blogger is a web blog that mostly used as advertising.

Blogger - blogger is commonly heard everywhere. Blogger is different to tumblr. For me, blogger is more complicated to use than tumblr, tumblr is so easy. In blogger I’m not sure that you can directly upload a picture, the dashboard setting is also a bit complex, for a person who first time use a blog.

Weebly - Weebly is different to blogger or tumblr. In weebly we can also make a website, but with weebly name addressed on our address. In weebly we can also make a blog, the theme options is quite variety. We can also put a picture that we upload as the theme. In weebly it will allow us to drop different page elements, such as images, photo, test, interactive contents etc. Weebly is also easy to use because what to do is just to drop and drag.

Impacts on environment and society Impacts on Environment I don始t think there is direct impact on the environment. Impacts to the environment that I can think of is the carbon emission release. Because when people watch concerts they go there by car or other vehicles that releases carbon. Of course this will impact the environment even though it doesn始t impact that much. But it supports the greenhouse gas effect. And it will causes the earth get hotter and a problem that is called global warming, which is already happening since a few years ago.. Also paper, designing the projects use paper and printing the banner also on the paper. This impacts the environment because paper comes from tree by using paper, indirectly we use that tree that has been cut. Impacts on society This band promoting project will impact mostly to the society because the band itself is part of a society. How does it affect? Well when people see the band promotion some of them might be interested to the band and they will buy their CD始s or watch the band concert. Impact to the band - Sheila on 7 - they will get the benefits because more audience will watch them and buy their CD始s then of course the Sheila on 7 bands will get more incomes, more money. Also with the promotion people know different kinds of band and it will show the people who never heard of Sheila on 7 before. So, this direct and indirectly impacts on society.


Specification and why?



The software that I’m going to use is a blog maker website. It’s going to be either weebly or tumblr

How is the final result? Is it the right software yo choose?


The project will be done in 1 quarter and 8 weeks time.

Is my project done? Do I do it effectively in1 quarter 8 weeks time?


My advertisement will be a blog or poster, it will contain an information about Sheila on 7 and their Albums and song

Is it accessible? Can it be shared easily? Does it need to be a little smaller or bigger?

Aesthetics (Appearance)

In my blog I will have Sheila on 7 photo and I will put an interesting and matching graphics.

What do the client think about your blog design? How colorful/attractive it is?

Target audiences

The target audiences is the Sheila on 7 fans and some people who want to know more about Sheila on 7

Is the target audiences attract? Are they satisfy with the blog that I’ve make?


The function of the blog is to inform people about Sheila on 7 and for the fans they can get Sheila on 7 latest update.

Does the advertisement attract the audiences?


To attract the target audiences and to make a blog promotion for Sheila on 7

Does people get to know more about Sheila on 7? Is the number of fans increased?


This blog will last until the Sheila on 7 band broke up. If they don’t broke up, that means my blog will exist for a long period of time

Is it last for more than 5 years?

Summary of Investigation Promoting Sheila on 7 Band What Iʼm investigating is an investigation about Band Promotion. The unit question is “Does how we look and appear influence what people think of us?” The problem is to make a Sheila on 7 Band promotion, attractive, eye-catchy so it will attract the audience and inform them further about the Band. The Areas of Interaction (AOI) is Human Ingenuity because this project has direct relation to the society. The solution to the problem is to make an attractive, eye-catchy blog that is informative and easily to access. The target of audiences is, of course the Sheila on 7 band. I have interviewed their band indirectly through e-mail and found out what do they desire for the promotion. I also took one minor client, my cousin. I asked her about the advertisement/band promotion she liked. And what are the aspects to make a band promotion become interesting. She answered that the most interesting aspects in a promotion is the topic itself. I researched about Band promotion types, advertising techniques and technologies used (equipment, software/hardware) I find three types (form) of band promotion and analyze it, and the same for techniques of making blog. For the software used I researched 6 different software that is possible for me to use to make a band promotion blog.

Design Brief I will design a band promotion for the Sheila on 7 band. I will make a blog for the Sheila on 7 band. The blog will contain information about Sheila on 7, when is it found, who are the members etc. Then I will post their complete album and probably a few of their songs. To make this blog Iʼm going to use a web-maker blog, I have two option tumblr or weebly. Iʼll choose the theme and I will put Sheila on 7 band photos. Before I make the actual blog I have to design first. The concept of my blog is sheila on 7, it will have complete information about Sheila on 7 and their songs. I might provide two languages for the blog English and Indonesian, but itʼs just the plan. Because I donʼt know for sure how to make a blog with two different languages.

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Design 1 - Poster Pro始s - Promotes about Sheila on 7 band - It is a poster - Eye catchy and attractive - Easy to access by most people - Easy to share Con始s - Doesn始t have complete information about Sheila on 7 - Not Informative

Design 2 - Blog Pro始s - Promotes about Sheila on 7 - A blog - Informative, have complete information about Sheila on 7 - Language options English or Indonesia - Organized - Attractive and eye-catchy design Con始s - Not easy to access by all people - Need many sources (pictures, photo, information, etc.)

Design 3 - Poster Pro始s - Promotes about Sheila on 7 band - It is a poster - Attractive and eye catchy - Easy to access - Easy to share or copied - Big and bold writing - Organized Con始s - Language isn始t understandable by a few people - Doesn始t have complete information about Sheila on 7

Design 4 - Blog/website Pro始s - Informative. Complete information about Sheila on 7 - It始s similar like a blog - promotes about Sheila on 7 - Language is understandable, it has options - Attractive and eye catchy design - Organized Con始s - More difficult to make than making a blog - Not really easy to access by most people

Design 5 - Poster Pro始s - Promotes about Sheila on 7 - It has a form of poster - Easy to access - Organized - Big and bold writing Con始s - Not informative, doesn始t have complete information about Sheila on 7

Design 6 - Short video clip Pro始s - Promotes about Sheila on 7 band - Informative have complete information about Sheila on 7 - Attractive and eye-catchy - Language is understandable (subtitles) - Organized Con始s - Cannot be shared easily - It始s not a blog or a poster - Difficult to make need many sources


Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6




Aesthetics (Appearance)

Target audiences




Summary of Designs Peer comments I have chosen a peer to comment on my designs and let her choose which are the favorite designs. She chooses the favorite more than one. “I like this design 2 and 4 because, the pictures is clear and had a big size. Have a different languages. Good background and colorful. The title font is good and big size. All clear information there. Complete photos and updates. Albums of the band and about the band itself. Great picture of the band that was jumping while holding their instrument.” Design 1 - Design 1 is a poster. I started with the simple one and what I have in mind I wrote it down. Design one is simple and attractive it has bright and colorful colors. But it didnʼt full-fill the specifications. Itʼs not informative, it doesnʼt inform anything about Sheila on 7 except for the title, recording and year released. The proʼs of this design one are the graphics design. It has an interesting and matching graphic design it also have members of the band photos. Design one also meet the target audiences. What I like from design one is the attractive and eye-catchy graphic design. However it doesnʼt full-fill the specification so I cannot choose this design. Design 2 - Design 2 is a blog. So far, design two is the only design that full-fills the specification. In my specification I do mention about the language and about the form of my advertisement is either blog or poster. Design two is a blog and it will have complete information about Sheila on 7 there will be also categories so the visitors/audience can direct themselves easily. For the language option that is ʻprobablyʼ because Iʼm not really sure how to create a blog with two different language. I will find out about it. The weaknesses of design two is researching and finding the resources. The resources might not be easy to find online. Design 3 - Design three is a poster, again. Same type like design one but this time with different graphic design and style. In design three the photo of the band members will be ʻroundʼ different photographs point of view. It will require a lots of editing, because I also applied a border surrounding the photos. Despite of easy to share, design 3 is not informative at all. Similar like design one, it only shown information about albums title, recording and year released.

Design 4 - Design four is a website. Website is more difficult to create than blog, because in website the address of website is personal. Without the provider name shown on the address, such as it shows the provider name ʻblogspotʼ. Most of the time websiteʼs address is direct, not showing any provider names and the process of making is not as simple as blog. It might requires coding and stuffs. Nevertheless in a website we can provide two languages, I saw that kind of options in most website. Website is also more advanced than blog, it has more alternative and options. The design can various, if Iʼm an advanced technologic person I might choose to make website rather than making blog but making website need specific skills. Design 5 - Design 5 is another poster. Similar like design one and three, just the design that is different. Most of my poster design has an appealing graphic design, themes and title. Indeed itʼs accessible and can be shared very easily. The only problem on a poster that itʼs not informative at all, because when I put lots of writing less photos people wonʼt even bother glancing at it. Because, from the definition of dictionary it says that poster is a large printed picture, notice or advertisement displayed. So, poster is not the right choice to place ʻinformationʼ, only for short sentences. Design 6 - Design six is a short video clip. Itʼs completely different than my design previously, I consider about putting a short video clip inside my blog. So I compose a story board for the video clip. This video clip is definitely informative. It informs about Sheila on 7 until the roots, from the history of Sheila on 7 until now. It is accessible if I upload it to youtube and show it as a advertisement in local TVʼs. The weaknesses of this short clip is similar like design 2 - blog. Researching and source, in fact making short clips will need interviews so it will be more difficult. From all the design, the design that full-fills the specification is design number 2. That means I will create my product based on design 2 and design 2 is the design that I choose.

Modification on designs! I choose design 2 for my final design, I choose it because this design meets all the specification despite of weakness of finding the resources. This design also meets the time limitation. I modify some elements and abbreviate the Band name. To make it easier to remember by people. I changed the color of the main page become yellow and black, the color that I chooses previously was green and blue.




Step-by-Step 1. Log in.

2. Click Edit.

4. Write the Article

5. Go to pages

3. Drag elements needed 6. Add pages and title of page

7. Click on Albums

10. Add Sheila on 7 concert schedule

8. Add pictures and Album title 11. Click Photos

12. Add photos 9. Click on Latest update


Gantt Chart

Evaluation of Plan • Is your plan smart? Yes, my plan is smart. I have planned my project well, I have the Gantt chart that shows me the time I will spent on each of my work.

• Does this plan seem to be in logical steps? Yes, my plan is in logical steps, it is in order. The step-by-step of making blog is in the right sequence, no miss-out. I list out what possible websites I could use and Iʼve already decided, which is weebly. Beside smart plan is quite detailed, the step-by-step, people could follow my step-bystep of making website because the photo is clear and it also have description of the photo and what to do.

• Modification to the design. I modify my design on the design stage. I didnʼt change or modify anything in planning stage. I modify my design to make it simpler and easier to make. So, I didnʼt modify anything to my design.

• Concluding the Evaluation of my step by step. I should be able to follow my step-by-step easily because I made it and it is in logical order. Other people should also be able to follow my step-by-step easily because I provide photos and I also written a few descriptions of what to do. I will do my work just as itʼs written in the step-by-step. Unless there are ʻtechnical difficultiesʼ or some problems. I should be able to follow the time arrangements and complete the deadlines that is written in the Gantt Chart.



Evaluating My performance at Each each Stage of the Design Cycle Investigation I use the sample Investigation from Technology Guide website, I think my performance in Investigation stage is good enough, because I use the sample investigation from the Website as a template. However, I need to do further research on the Technology - blog maker website, in order to found the best blog maker website. I think, I need to improve my “technologies used” research because in the end, I found out that there are more better blog maker website than weebly. Iʼm not an techno. up to date, I didnʼt notice that there is a “blog maker website” called wix. This means I havenʼt research well and I need to improve that skill. Design I designed six designs for the product. Since Iʼm not a good drawer, so, the design that I made is very ʻroughʼ design. I just sketch it, next time I should put more detail in my designs and, especially the final design, such as fonts size, color, photos and draw the design a little tidier. Also for designing the blog I should design each page of the blog, to be more detailed. I didnʼt design each page of the blog only the home-page. I also need to be more critical on commenting the design. I donʼt think my comments is critical enough, I only brought up the ʻbasicsʼ, I mention in most of my the conʼs is not informative. I should consider my design before I made it, because in the end I have to modify quite a lot from my original design because I cannot create the designs that Iʼve made. Plan I need to improve on my step-by-step. It is not really easy to create or illustrate the step-by-step if I havenʼt know the websiteʼs template and form. So, thatʼs why in this planning stage, I work on my creating first then I screenshot the result and arrange it as the step-by-step. I like to plan but planning with writing instead of making the step-by-step. Next time I should do the planning stage chronologically.

Create There is one important thing that I have to improve from create stage: Time effectiveness. I havenʼt use all the time effectively because I wasnʼt focusing. I didnʼt do much in each lesson. Actually I did this so I can make 10 blog-post (documented evidence), because if I did a lot in one lesson then I canʼt make 10 blog post. My work actually doesnʼt necessarily need 10 post. Another thing is that Iʼm not really satisfy to the “blog-maker website” that I chose, but I canʼt change because I was halfway. Another thing that I need to improve beside time effectiveness is my effort. I think I can do better than what I did, but I need a different “blog-website maker”, I need a different provider than weebly. Evaluation

Testing: Meeting Specification Title


Successful or not?


How is the final result? Do


Is my project done? Do I do it effectively in1 quarter 8 weeks time?


Is it accessible? Can it be shared easily? Does it need to be a little smaller or bigger?

Aesthetics (Appearance)

What do the client think about your blog design?


Target audiences

Is the target audiences attract? Are they satisfy with the blog that I’ve make?


Does the advertisement attract the audiences?


Does people get to know more about Sheila on 7? Is the number of fans increased?


Is it last for more than 5 years?

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Nabilla's presentation  

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