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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CREATING LOGO Clients: Ms. Ildi, teacher in SWA MYP Unit question: How important are the Logos for the company? Time Allowed: 5 weeks Specification and limitations: •Designs cycle/Areas for Interaction (5 logos) •IB Learner Profile (10 Logos) Problem The SWA needs a new logos for the Design Cycle, Areas of Interaction & IB Learner profile Solution Creates the three types of logos, but the IB Learner Profile is a must

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

INTRODUCTION Creating new logos for Design cycle, Areas of Interaction & IB Learner Profile. The client for this product will be Ms. Ildi, she is a substitute teacher and I will ask her opinion for the current logo that the SWA are using. And then I will found out what kind of logo she wants and how can the current logo can be improve. From the three topics, it’s a must for me to design and create the logo for IB Learner Profile. The other two types is an option. The IB learner profile logos is in one package, there are 10 IB Learner profile therefore I will make 10 logos and compile them all.

AREAS OF INTERACTION The Areas of Interaction for this project is Human Ingenuity. Creating and designing logo needs creativity from ourself. Before creating this project I also have to interview a client, and I have to make the client satisfy of the logo. Even though we have to full fill what the client wants, the final logo doesn’t have to be exactly how the client wants. Our job is to develop the logo. Our creativity is being tested in this project, because innovating and developing design is not that easy. Th final logo should be unique and appropriate for the using. For an example the IB learner profile, so, in designing the logo we have to be aware of it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Areas of  Interaction: -­‐  Human  Ingenuity -­‐  Environments -­‐  Approaches  to   Learning -­‐  Community  &  Service -­‐  Health  and  Social   Education

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IB Learner  Profile: -­‐  Knowledgable -­‐  Risk  Takers -­‐  Caring -­‐  Reflective -­‐  Communicator -­‐  Principled -­‐  Balanced   -­‐  Thinkers -­‐  Open  minded -­‐  Inquirers

The Design  Cycle: 1.  Investigation 2.  Design 3.  Plan 4.  Create 5.  Evaluate


Mention one logo that is wide well known by the society. Why? Starbucks, because the Starbucks logo can be seen everywhere it is very effective. The Starbucks has introduce the meaning of the current logo, the society has learned the meaning of the logo. So now the ‘Starbucks’ writing is eliminated and people already know what the logo means. It has unique picture, strong characteristic and the product is well known around the world.

What makes a logo successful? The simple the better, easy to read or if possible without any words and recognizable. Before it is recognizable the society has to learn what is the meaning of the logo, so for a new logo it is better to put a word so that the people know.

Choose your favorite logo from (Design cycle, Areas of Interaction & IB learner profile). Why? The design cycle, Areas of Interaction and IB leaner profile is not a logo, they are some kind of billboard. My favorite logo is actually the ib logo, the current ib logo. But if I have to choose from the three I would choose the IB Learner profile, even though it still need to be improved because there’s still words in there, the IB Learner profile should be reflective to the subject.

If the school is going to create new logos for The Design Cycle, IB Learner profile & Areas of Interaction what can be improve from the current logo? Less words, compact design, without explanation just show one or two words. But before the word/s is eliminated, people should learn the meaning of the logo, example: Nike logo. The logo associate to the product, it is important to integrate the word and easy to read. Best simple to read so that the people will remember the design that is associated with the subjects.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CLIENT INTERVIEW SUMMARY From my interview with the client, I now know how can I improved the current logo and what aspects makes a logo successful. Ms. Ildi, the client, opinions about well-known logo for the society is the Starbucks logo. She said, the Starbucks logo is well-known because the product is well-known by the society, the logo is associated with the product. The logo is spread everywhere around the world. That is why it’s well know and it is also very effective. Before the word in the Starbucks logo is eliminated, the society has learned what is the meaning of the logo until the word is eliminated. The picture of Starbucks logo has a strong characteristic. Simple is better, each year the famous logo (nike, adidas, Apple, etc.) is getting more simpler instead of more complicated. So, Ms. Ildi said that simple is what makes a logo successful. Also, before the word is eliminated the society should learn the meaning of the logo. Ms. Ildi didn’t have any favorite logo from the three options (IB Learner Profile, The Design Cycle & Areas of Interaction) because, she thinks that those aren’t logo, they’re some kind of banner. But is she have to choose one, she would choose the IB Learner Profile logo despite it still need to be improved to be a ‘real’ logo. The current logo that the school (committee) have need to be improve by eliminating the word/s however before that we must let the society to learn what are the meaning of the logo that is created. The logo should be associated with the subject, so that is is easily to understand by the people.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brainstorming Minimum, last for 6 months Associated with the subjects Complete within 5 weeks

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Suitable for the target audiences (SWA society)

Design & Create •The Designs cycle/ Areas of Interaction •IB Learner Profile Must design IB Learner Profile and choose between Areas of Interaction or Design Cycle

Software available Colors blending and unique shapes/ stroke

Less words





World Wide Fund (WWF)

Software – hardware

Adobe (Photoshop, Fireworks)

Adobe (Photoshop, Fireworks)

Adobe (Photoshop, Fireworks)


Typical of coffee, logo for Starbucks

Logo for ‘Nike’ shoes

Logo for WWF.

Target Group

The society who wants to buy coffee, drinks etc.

Athlete, sportsman, students

Society, people who are willing to contribute and donate


IDR 100.00

IDR 100.000

IDR 150.000


Simple but effective. Green and white


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Associated with the product, simple.


Starbucks - is very successful. Because it is simple yet very effective. It is more than well known by the society, because Starbucks has been standing for 40 years. The Starbucks logo is created using photoshop or Logo design software. The function of the Starbucks logo clearly is to represents the product in a visual way and to allows the society to identify the products (company), even though the logo itself doesn’t associate with the products, but it is well known by the society already. Nike - The nike logo is a swish. In spite it is simple the Nike logo is well known by the society and its slogan ‘Just Do It!’ The logo is created by photoshop or Logo Design software. The function is to allows the society to recognize the products by the swoosh logo. The target audiences for the Nike products is obviously, athlete, sportsman and students. But generally it is for anyone who want to buy sport shoes. The aesthetics aspect from this logo is only it’s simplicity. WWF - logo is a Panda, which associate with the company. It is very simple but it still has the company name in the logo. The logo is created using Adobe or Logo Design software. The target audiences for the WWF company would be people the is interested in animals and people who are willing to donate, most of it are adults. This logo is successful, it is not complex not too simple either and it shows the company name. There isn’t any particular aesthetic aspects from this logo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Starbucks. The women in the Starbucks logo is actually a ‘siren’. Siren is a sea creature that resembles like mermaid. Sirens is a mythological Greek creature that lure the sailors by their beautiful voice and unfortunately murder them. 1971 - The Starbucks logo was brown, associated to the product ‘coffee bean’. 1987 - The color scheme is now changed from brown to green and white. Some words were removed: coffee.tea.spices. into just “Starbucks Coffee”. The figure of the sirens is being modernized. 1992 - The logo development is getting more simpler, not much changes. The siren figure is zoomed in. 2011 - The simplest logo is simplified again, now the Starbucks logo has eliminated their ‘title’. It makes sense because Starbucks has been standing for 40 years. The society should recognize the logo well after 40 years.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nike has been standing for 40 years. This logo is successful because by looking at the swoosh logo all people already know that it is nike, without any word. It is very simple, no complexity in the logo just a swoosh, one of the easiest logo to create and it is successful. 1971 - The logo is white. The swoosh is overlapping the nike title and the font is ‘old-fashion’ 1978 - The color stayed the same but the font and the arrangements is changed. The swoosh doesn’t overlap the ‘nike’ anymore it is under it. The font of the title changed become bold and written in capital letter. 1985 - The color is changing form white to red. The shape of the logo is a red square with the ‘nike’ title and swoosh inside the square. Now - The word is eliminated and the square too. What’s left is the red swoosh. There weren’t much changes from the oldest logo to the latest logo. But the latest logo is way more simpler than the previous logos.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WWF. The animal in the WWF logo can be recognized easily by the society, it is a panda. And it is associated with the theme of the product itself. 1961 - The first logo, a panda that’s look like that it is hugging an object, even though the object is not visible. There is no word in the first logo. 1978 - The logo doesn’t change much, only the scratch is tidier and a mark on the bottom left. 1986 - The figure of the panda is changed. The panda no longer hugged an object, it is now standing and there is the title of the organization under the panda. 2000 - The size of the panda is reduced and the font is also changed become more ‘modern’ and bolder. There is no drastic change from time to time. The logo of WWF is not complex only a panda figure and a title. But it is very successful

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Logo Maker is an online logo design. There are 3 steps in creating the logo. It is instant, can be done in less than 20 minutes. Step 1 is choosing the type of logo (educational, sports, music etc.) step 2 is to choose either symbol-based logo, letter based or an abstract icon logo. Once the graphic has been chosen we can add text, move items around, make a few color adjustment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Logo ease is powerful at designing business logos or output formats that can be used in web design and office applications. In this web. we can use and choose hundreds of cool and sophisticated images.

Logo yes is also an online logo maker. It is best for creating business logos. Before starting to create the logo we have to choose the types of ‘image’ is it going to be bold, high-tech or flair. Logo Yes provided many different symbol that we could use for our logo.

Adobe PageMaker software is the ideal page layout program for business, education and small home office professionals who want to create high quality publications such as brochure and newsletter. However, it is also possible to create a ‘formal’ logo using this software

Photoshop is basically used to edit photos and gives effects on the photo. But it is also possible to create logo using this software because in Photoshop we can combine different images and words.

Logo Design Software is similar from the previous page. In this web. we can design logo by ourselves and it will have different logo options for us. The only difference is that in Logo Design online, we can have a free trial 30 days, that means, it doesn’t require any internet connection to make the logo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SUMMARY OF RESEARCH My focus on this research is the transformation and improvements of successful logo. First, I choose three successful logos: Starbucks, Nike and WWF. And then I analyzed the three logos and research about their transformation from time to time and how does it changes. I found out that successful logo is very simple. In fact, from the logo transformation instead of getting more complex the logo gets more simple and some of the logo, eliminate the words/title. There are lots of online logo creator. Most of them are best for creating business logo. There are two final software that I’m going to use to create the logos. Logo Maker and Logo ease. I might not use software that’s new for me because it will take some time for me and I have limited time to create the logo. So, I won’t be using Photoshop or Adobe PageMaker unless I don’t have any other option.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IMPACTS ON ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY Impacts on Environment Creating a logo has an indirect to the environment, because one of the equipment to create a logo is laptop. The laptop itself is not harmful to the environment, but charging the laptop it’s the action that will have impacts to the environment. Because we are using electricity when charging and the electricity is powered by the generator that uses fossil fuels to run them. That means charging the laptop (using electricity) has a negative impacts to the environment. Impacts on Society Making a logo has a lot of impacts on the society because the target audiences for this project is a society in the school. The impact might be negative or positive but it will be more likely to have positive impacts. If some society or people disagree about the logo then that is negative impact. Positive impacts is when the society accept the logo. And the product itself (IB Learner profile, Areas of Interaction) will get more well known by the society if the logo that I’m going to create is successful, the product itself will get recognize easily by the society

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DESIGN BRIEF I will design and create a new logo for the IB Learner profile and the Areas of Interaction (AOI). I will use online logo creator Logo Maker and Logo ease. The process of this product will follow the design cycle. Before I’m actually creating the project I have to do the Investigation, designing and planning first. Because I have to master the topic before I’m creating the project. After i finished with my investigation, I will then design the 10 logos of IB Learner profile and the AOI. The creation stage will be done in three session in a week plus homework.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Specification and why?



The software that I’m using is Logo Maker and Logo ease. It is an online logo maker.

To test the result I will compare the result to my expectation and I will ask to my client is my product satisfactory, is it successful?


The total time limitation for this project is five weeks.

Is the project done in five weeks time? Is five weeks effective?


The size of the logo won’t be big because it is a logo. The logo itself will be as big as a glass lid in Is the logo too small/big? Can it be seen clearly? a comparison

Aesthetics (Appearance)

The logo will be simple but attractive. The shape will be the aesthetics aspect because the shape will be unique and also the blending of the color

What is the client opinion about the logo? How many people are attracted to the logo?

Target audiences

The target audience is Ms. Ildi and the society of SWA

What is the client opinion about the logo? I she satisfy? What can be improved?


It will be a logo that represent and associated with the IB Learner profile and Areas of Interaction.

How successful is the logo? Does the society recognize or understand what the logo means?


The purpose of creating new logo is to make the society knows and recognize the IB Learner profile and Areas of Interaction more well

Do more people understands what IB Learner profile and Areas of Interaction are?


Each year the logo will be updated so, the logo will last, at least for half a year

How long will the logo last in reality? Is it more than six moths or less?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SUMMARY OF INVESTIGATION I logos that I’m going to create is 10 IB Learner Profile, one logo for each learner profile and 5 logos of AOI. A successful logo is a logo that is not complex and simple. Also the logo itself associated/ linked to the product. From the interview, my client said that it is better that a logo is shown without words, however before removing the words the society should recognize the logo first, so it will take time. A new logo better use not more than two words. I have investigate the transformation of well known and successful logo (Starbucks, Nike, WWF) and I find out that those logo improved by getting simpler instead of getting complex. This means simple logo is best. I founded many different online logo maker in the internet but I decided to use Logo Maker and Logo ease. Before I decided I asked several people that have used these online logo makers and listen to their suggestions. Investigating the impacts to the society and the environments tell me what’s going to happen to the environment and by then I might reduces the effects of the negative impacts. The specification will help me to guide throughout my creation of the logo the testing will help me to evaluate in the end and found out what needs to be improved.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nabilla-9.3-Investigation stage  

Investigation stage

Nabilla-9.3-Investigation stage  

Investigation stage