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A dos centĂ­metros del suelo At two centimeters off the floor Duo by Nabeirrarua Danza Madrid Spain - 2008 creation

“Different adjectives come to my mind during the piece, but two that I want to underscore: risk and coordination. Both, from my point of view, can define this work. Also both are very related because it is risky to create a piece that demands so great rapport in development during most part of the time.” Julio Castro – laRepú “This is a work of real quality and refined movement from two accomplished performers”. Lyndsey Winship - Aerowaves 2010 “Nabeirrarua Danza's London debut left me with a taste for more! The work is emotionally charged yet subtle, drawing you in unawares”. Katie Fish – Aerowaves 2010

A dos centimetros del suelo © Vincenzo Pioggia - Anuska Alonso - Mar López

A dos centímetros del suelo At two centimeters off the floor ”Time is in my hand while the wind covers the veil of the escaping skin. Remind me to cry,.. everything happens at two centimeters off the floor.” “A dos centímetros del suelo” is the first piece by “Nabeirarrúa danza” in which Anuska Alonso and Mar López have started to investigate their own contemporary language. From this creation the company has confirmed a very well defined team. “At two centimeters off the floor” arises from the curiosity of two dancers firmly gathered to find a common place. The experimentation, listen to, respect and emotional experiences give form and define the meaning of this piece. This work is based on images, movement, time and space everything through individual and collective stories. Beyond the feminine story, there are many stories. All of them based on a relation of one pair; the one who hugs and the other one who lets to be embraced, the one who pushes and the one who is pushed, the one who gives and the one who takes. This is a story of two... A story of some unavoidable connections: when the scale bends to one side, how to keep the balance, to love and to let be loved, the respect for each other and not let ourselves apart. The floor and the spine as an ally, a slip to another scale even moving near to the fall. The body weight and counterweight as a relationship. Choreography - interpreters Scenery - costumes Lighting design Photography 2008 Production

Anuska Alonso - Mar López Anuska Alonso - Mar López Sergio G. Domínguez Nerea Goikoetxea - Vincenzo Pioggia 10/10 danza (Madrid)


Outdoors version: 14 min. Full piece: 45 min.


During the same programming, we can perform both in a venue and outdoors on a clean street ground, on the grass.

Mar López Choreographer and dancer, born in Vitoria, 1979. Interpreter for many years in Spanish companies as: Compañía Infantil Marta de la Vega, La ligne folle, 10/10 danza, Arrieritos Flamenco, Compañía de Danza Daniel Abreu, and collaborations with Carmen Werner (Provisional Danza director). After completed her studies at the Higher Grade Dance in Madrid, she has founded the company Nabeirarrúa Danza with Anuska Alonso. She develops her own researches in between dancetheater. She works in parallel as a visiting dance teacher in studios, schools and with other companies (as a current project with Sol Pico).

Anuska Alonso Choreographer and dancer, born in Vigo, 1983. In the past, she was interpreter for the Spanish companies as: Losdedae, 10/10 danza, in a Macbeth Opera by Carmen Werner (Provisional Danza director). After finishing the Higher Grade Dance in Madrid, she is a regular member of Daniel Abreu and Nabeirarrúa danza companies in Madrid. In parallel, she has created her own pieces: “Un Minuto de Tierra Trágame” granted by Certamen Coreográfico de Carmen Senra – “Por un lado bien y por otro major” presented at the Festival En Pe de Pedra – “5.00 a.m.” for the network MOVS 2008 and “Desde aquí me tiro”.

About the company “Nabeirrarua” is a term from North Spain reminding the native land of this duo and meaning “to move on the edge of the street”. The company merges the work by Anuska Alonso and Mar López . Since 2008, five pieces have been created, from the first duo “A dos centímetros del suelo”, till the latest solo “Elisewin, this company allows them to experiment their own creations focusing the potential of body expressions from a feminine sensitive perspective. Their pieces bring together researches from contemporary dance to other elements of performances and physical theater (text speech, acting attitudes, memory feedback, body reflex). As well inspired by contemporary arts and writers, they summon the viewer to dive into inner perceptions as cinematic, urban and musical surroundings. This team comprises Sergio G. Domínguez, in charge of lighting and stage design, Anuska Alonso performer and co-creator, Mónica Runde as producer, and Mar López as artistic director.

Nabeirrarua Danza | List of creations 2008 A dos centímetros del suelo (At two centimeter off the floor) Dance - Duo by Anuska Alonso, Mar López. Grants: Spanish Alternative Theater Network 09/10 Aerowawes London UK 2010 – Tour in Italy 2010 2009 Dicen las paredes (The walls say) Dance theater | Performance about male violence for 5 interpreters 2009 Coordenada cero (Zero coordinate) Dance theater solo by Mar López, upon texts by Rodrigo García. Awards: 23th Choreography Competition | XXIII Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid Residency Grant in Bassano di Grappa Italy 2010

Uno (One) Dance - Duo by Anuska Alonso, Mar López Artistic direction: Mar López - Assisted by Elena Córdoba Coproduced by AGADIC and the Galician Choreographic Center


Elisewin Dance performance - Solo by Mar López - creative assistant: Elena Córdoba Production Paloma Chueca Management – 10/10 Danza (Madrid)

Press Reviews Excellent coordination work by Mar López and Anuska Alonso The piece "At 2 cm off the floor" opens the season of dance festival in Madrid. Teatro Lagrada Madrid - Julio Castro -03.09.2009 The dance flexibility created by Anuska Mar Alonso and Lopez opens the Second International Dance Festival “Miradas al cuerpo” held at the Lagrada Theatre in Madrid during the next five weeks. Different adjectives come to my mind during the piece, but two that I want to underscore: risk and coordination. Both, from my point of view, can define this work. Also both are very related because it is risky to create a piece that demands so great rapport in development during most part of the time. As mentioned in their presentation, this is not a unique story, but several, and the components of this duo, seem to make it clear in the interpretation, which is composed of many different ways to express the different feelings that link every short set, you will observe it from the closer contact, in which the bodies and wills are driven through the desires of each one, till the individual scenes showing a sample of view of a different concept. But in between further nuances are running, from the "simple" coordination to work together but marked distinctly in a full range of expressions they could afford. Also are included some absolutely static scenes as flashes, the lights allow to see some still images, just enough to make you realize and let you see the retinal capture and appreciate it. I'm particularly impressed by the closer work in the union of form and movement, showing the confusing desire of the one, facing the adaptation and reception of the other, in order to rest on the body of the opposite, adapting it to the will and anatomy of the dancer, either on the floor or in a chair, like resting on the branch of a tree that becomes one arm. No sudden movements, the movement is fluent and never ends within each segment of the work.

Aerowaves – January 2010 – London Uk In Nabeirarrua Danza's A 2 centimetros del suelo, Spanish choreographer/performers Anuska Alonso and Mar Lopez have created a quietly potent work about partnership and its indefinable essence. Fading in and out of scenes, the pair may be together or apart but they're never truly connected. A repeated motif sees one jump into the other's arms, needily hanging from her shoulders while the ‘supporting' dancer stands blank and motionless. But just as you feel the emotional distance might be untraversable, the whole work coalesces in a final scene full of heart, where infectious smiles tickle at the corners of the girls' mouths and a telling song strikes up: ‘I don't know why I love you, but I do.' This is a work of real quality and refined movement from two accomplished performers. By Lyndsey Winship As one of only six Aerowaves companies, Nabeirarrúa Danza's London debut left me with a taste for more! The work opens on a quasi rural Spanish dwelling with warm yellow light spilling onto the stage, empty but for a lone tin bucket. From this Mar López draws water, wetting her long dark hair into a ponytail, her actions simple yet entrancing. She is joined by Anuska Alonso, and in turns they jump, crawl and climb upon each another, hinting at the intimate nature of their liaison. This is made manifest as both give vent to private passions, Alonso crouching against the wall and López lying face down a distance away. The movement's physicality is somewhat softened by long sweeping legs and rippling torsos. In one section, López envelops the surrounding space with sinuous arms, and almost flamenco-like hand motifs. The work is emotionally charged yet subtle, drawing you in unawares. By Kate Fish

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A dos centímetros del suelo - English  
A dos centímetros del suelo - English  

At two centimeters off the floor - contemporary dance and performance, duo by Anuska Alonso and Mar López, 2008 creation (Madrid, Spain).