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We offer you to return to the heart of the flower. Where the early alchemists fell in love with the essence of nature. No pretensions, no arguments, without complications. Just enjoy the moment at which we aspire and breathe.

Be welcome to the world in which sensations become protagonist, the world of nature parfumes and botanical essences, which give you the possibility to reacquaint yourself with your memories and your senses.

NATURAL ESSENCES MENU The fresher smells, inebriating and inspiring of nature. Naay Botanicals brings them to you. Enjoy them. Green Tea. Apricot. Tangerine Watermelon. Peach. Raspberry. Strawberry. Jasmine. Musk. Violets. Sandalwood Roses Lilas Grape Lemon Vanilla Banana Coconut Cocoa

WIDE RANGE OF FORMATS We are a flexible laboratory that suits customer needs. That's why we offer a wide variety of packaging, labeling and packaging accessories at your request.

STANDAR FORMAT Glass bottle 30 ml with spray bomb Total weight: 70.5 gr Total height: 90 mm Total widht: 35 mm Prices on the price ist attached

ON REQUEST 50ml and 100ml FORMAT Glass bottle 50 and 100 ml with spray bomb Total weight: 152 gr and 292 grs Total height: 122mm and 166 mm Total widht: 35 mm and 39 mm Prices upon request and depending on volume

ON REQUEST PACKAGING In order to take care of the enviroment we usually offered our product without box or packaging but we can provide it upon request. Plasticized, colored or with natural shine. Prices upon request and depending on volume.


EXWORKS Prices for exportation. No minimum purchase. Do not include special packaging requirements Ask for special prices in volume. Sample products subject to negotiation.


多Any doubt? We can help you. +34 983 272 582

Rustans´s scents of the world  
Rustans´s scents of the world