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Papers and Presentations Joint Session with Emerging Critical Resources for Liturgical Studies Seminar

Kristine Suna-Koro presented “On a Dislocated Liturgical Spirituality: A Diasporic Magpie Goes through Worship,” in which she reflected on the ways in which her own identity as a migrant, diasporic, dislocated, and relocated person shapes her liturgical spirituality and experiences of worship. Jennifer Davidson presented “Dislocated Liturgical Spirituality: Negotiating Online Spaces as Liturgical Practice,” in which she drew on the work of social theorist Zygmunt Bauman, specifically with regard to the question of the annihilation of space and time in Bauman’s concept of liquid modernity. Davidson suggested that a concept of gaseous or vapid modernity may now be added to Bauman’s theory, in which the permeability of space might better capture the multiplicity and instantaneity of time/space that characterize online and app-based liturgical/ spiritual practices. Joint Session with Ecology and Liturgy Seminar

Ben Stewart presented “Observed Spirituality and Natural Burial: Tensions and Promise,” in which he identified a number of prominent themes in observed spiritualities of natural burial. His paper proceeded in three sections: briefly setting some historical context for natural burial in North America; identifying significant tensions that arise in current spiritualities of natural burial largely stemming from their departure from current dominant cultural norms; and proposing four patterns of spirituality in natural burial as spiritually and theologically generative. Diane Stephens presented “Evening Prayer: A Celebration of Creation and Creativity,” in which she described the renewal and revision process of an evening prayer liturgy developed by Stephens in February 2013 for use on Wednesday Evening (Day Three) of the eight-day Presbyterian CREDO Conference/Retreat for Presbyterian pastors. In addition to the description of this revision process, Stephens led the seminar through the liturgy, then engaging us in dialogue. Joint Session with Feminist Studies in Liturgy Seminar

Khalia Jelks Williams presented “Embodying Grace: A Womanist Understanding of Liturgy, Spirituality, and the Body,” in which Williams placed the work of Emilie Townes, M. Shawn Copeland, and Toni Morrison in conversation with Louis-Marie Chauvet’s concept of symbolic exchange. In doing so, Williams advocated for an embodied liturgical spirituality that counters the oppression of black female bodies and affirms the interconnectedness of community that serves as the foundation for ethical living.

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North American Academy of Liturgy Proceedings 2014  

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