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Liturgical Theology

Convener: Timothy Brunk (associate professor of theology, Villanova University, Villanova, PA) Seminar Participants: Lorraine Brugh, Timothy Brunk, Hans Christoffersen, Arlo Duba, Jon Gathje, Barb Hedges-Goettl, Fred Holper, Kevin W. Irwin, Martin Jean, Todd Johnson, Bill Johnston, Judith Kubicki, Gordon Lathrop, Martha Moore-Keish, Patricia A. Parachini, Matthew Lawrence Pierce, Neal D. Presa, Diana Dudoit Raiche, Teva Regule, Ann Riggs, Jette Bendixen Rønkilde, Melanie Ross, Don Saliers, Tyler Sampson, Philip Sandstrom, Rhoda Schuler, Thomas Scirghi, Gláucia Vasconcelos Wilkey Visitors: Emily S. Andrews, Jan Rippentrop, Stephen Shaver, Mark Lloyd Taylor, Becca Whitla

Papers and Presentations Jette Rønkilde presented a paper on Danish theologian Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783–1872). Of particular interest was Grundtvig’s notion of experience and how that notion of experience can inform liturgical theology and practice. Rønkilde situated earthly liturgy in the heart of the perichoretic Trinity; the diagram she drew to illustrate her point led to sustained conversation. Judith Kubicki presented a work in progress on images of redemption in Christian hymnody. Discussion centered on the prevalence of atonement theology in certain classic hymns and whether/how hymns that focus on the theme of Christus victor might supply an important corrective. Members suggested a number of hymns and hymnbooks that Kubicki could consult. Stephen Shaver presented a paper on language in liturgical theology, particularly the role of metaphor. Members discussed the important polyvalence of metaphorical language, which, while helpful in talking about God, can also be subject to underextension and overextension (i.e., being applied too narrowly or widely).

North American Academy of Liturgy Proceedings 2014  
North American Academy of Liturgy Proceedings 2014  

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