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Katherine Harmon’s paper, “The Reform of Holy Week in the Roman Catholic Context in the 1950s,” detailed practices of Holy Week and the Easter Vigil. It showed ritual at the level of the people and an extraordinary look at cultural application of these rites. Calvin Lane presented “Reformation of Pentecost,” showing the liturgical importance of that feast and the liturgical reform associated with it. Kent Burreson shared his work “Luther the Liturgist,” focusing on the proper historical use of Luther with regard to worship. Sarah Mount Elewononi shared “The Liturgy of 19th Century New England Methodist Camp Meetings,” a chapter from her dissertation. This chapter focuses on her methodology and provoked good discussion. Kevin Moreoney’s second offering, ”The 50th Anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium: An Anglican Perspective” turned the seminar back to discussion of the Liturgical Movement.

Other Work and Plans for the Future The mission of the seminar was then discussed and a method for revising the mission statement over the next year was agreed upon. Plans for the meeting in Minneapolis in 2015 were discussed. In addition to discussing several papers the seminar agreed to consider Katherine Harmon’s book, There Were Also Many Women There: Lay Women in the Liturgical Movement in the United States, 1926–59.

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North American Academy of Liturgy Proceedings 2014  
North American Academy of Liturgy Proceedings 2014  

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