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nergy psychology is a powerful 21st-century therapy for maladies ranging from chronic stress and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder. Dramatic relief can be experienced in a single session. Energy psychology is a blend of practices, combining established psychological principles explaining how we think, feel and behave with techniques from non-Western systems of healing. Energy psychology is founded on the principle that psychological problems are due to disturbed energies in the mind-body system. When a traumatic event occurs, biochemical reactions take place in our cells, disrupting the natural flow of electromagnetic frequencies that maintain the body’s equilibrium. This disrupted energy interferes with the body’s natural healing processes. Mental/emotional distress is addressed while engaging the body’s energy systems by stimulating energy pathways with methods such as using fingers to tap on acupuncture points. Energy psychology practices allow us to release stored traumas, disconnect the memory of events from felt emotions, remove feelings of distress and restore balance to the system. Because traumas are often outside our conscious awareness, muscle testing is used to guide the process. Muscle testing allows the practitioner to access information from the client’s energy system by applying pressure to an indicator muscle, typically on the arm. Practitioners develop customized treatments to meet the unique needs of the client, which can then be practiced at home to continue to support healing. Energy psychology assists people in resolving emotional issues more rapidly than conventional therapies while enhancing peak performance and developing higher selfawareness. Energy psychology protocols are currently in use around the world by professional athletes and survivors of violence. The methods are easy to learn and can be practiced by children and adults. Relief from distressing emotions is literally at our fingertips.

Healthy Homemade Infant Food Reduces Kids’ Allergies


study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reports that infants that were fed more homemade foods comprising a higher percentage of fruits and vegetables were less likely to develop food allergies. In assessing youngsters of the same age, researchers from the University of Southampton Medical College, in the UK, followed 41 children that had developed food allergies by the age of 2, alongside 82 non-allergic infants. After tracking the toddlers’ diets with food diaries and conducting allergy testing, the researchers found that infants fed more of the healthier homemade diet had a significantly lower incidence of food allergies as toddlers.



study published in the journal Food Chemistry tested soybeans grown from seeds that were genetically modified (GM) to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup. It compared these with organic soybeans and soybeans from non-GM seeds. The chemical and nutritional analysis of soybean samples from 31 different Iowa farms found the GM soy contained significantly higher levels of the toxin glyphosate, the central chemical in Roundup, than both the organic and the conventional non-GMO soybeans. The organic soybeans contained no glyphosate, plus significantly higher levels of protein and zinc, as well as lower levels of saturated fats.

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