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Nathan Treman

Topics -History -Types of Wine -Health -Drinking Techniques References -Wikipedia

History • Originated in Israel, Georgia, and Iran • 6,000 BC • Roman Catholic Church used wine for mass • Germany banned beer, wine was fine • Monks aged wine in caves • Wine was forbidden in Islamic world

Types of Wine -Red -White -Sparkling -Fortified

Types of Red Wine Grapes -Syrah -Merlot -Cabernet Sauvignon -Malbec -Pinot Noir -Zinfandel -Sangoivese -Barbera

Syrah -Pairs with meat -California, Australia, France -Flavors of black-fruit -Toffee flavor from oak barrels

Merlot -Easy to drink -Softness to the wine -Pairs with any food -Romania, California, Chile‌. -Flavors of black cherry, plums, and herbal flavors

Cabernet Sauvignon -World’s best varieties -Goes best with red meat -Bell Pepper flavor

Malbec -Pairs with all meat -Origin of France -Easy drinking -Flavors of plum, berries, and spice

Pinot Noir -Noble wines -Difficult to grow -Excellent with grilled salmon, chicken, and lamb -France, Austria, California and Oregon -Soft Wine -Cherry, strawberry and tea leaf and worn leather

Zinfandel -World’s most versatile wine grape -Pairs with tomato-sauce pastas -California -Zesty flavor

Sangiovese -Pairs with Italian and Mediterranean foods -Italy and California -Medium Bodied

Barbera -Similar to the Merlot -Goes with many dishes -Italy and California -Flavors of black cherry and plum -Has a silky texture

Types of White Wine -Chardonnay -Sauvignon Blanc -Riesling

Chardonnay -The most popular white wine -Has a variety of styles and flavors -Produced al over the world

Sauvignon Blanc -Green skinned grape -Originates in France -Normally crisp, dry and refreshing

Riesling -Grown in France, Austria, Germany and Italy -It is an old grape -Ranges from sweet to near dry

Champagne -Sparkling wine -Made my fermenting twice -Can be made from both white and red grapes

Rose -In-between a red and white wine -Normally is pink/ sometimes orange

Health Lowers risk of Heart Disease Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Lowers risk of Lung Cancer Lowers risk of hear attacks 30%-50% Raises HDL Cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) • Lowers LDL Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) • Prevent blood clots and blood vessel damage • • • • •

Drinking Techniques -Between 60-65 Fahrenheit -No need to spend more than $15 on a bottle -Fill glass about Âź full -Wines have different scents and flavors -Basic characteristic of wine: dry or sweet -Classified as full, medium, or light bodied


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