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the same pronunciation but different definition,follow the representation of alien in the movie scenes. There are some closely social relations. The labors are the marginal group of people, they always the people’s attraction, kick them out off the mainstream and been seperated from Tai Yai have come to Thailand and being alien without begging. The freak alien from other planet in the film sequences are slandered to be evil that come to destroy our cities and bring the disaster with them. A few people that come with friendship and happy ending, same as Tai Yai, they’re cursed by majority people the same as freak’s accusation, occupation blocked, resident block and do not served the right as other. In the middle of the lush green garden while afternoon sunlight reflecting on water, ‘Hom’ Tai Yai woman, who left her country three years ago to be an agriculture labour, was carrying her six month child while telling the story of her life in Shan State. During her childhood, she got a chance to go to school, so she can read and write Tai language fluently. She said Tai Yai state is mostly now in Burma, she is so called Burmese, nevertheless she count herself as a Tai Yai. Most of Tai peopleare dependent on agriculture. Like the others,Tai send their children to school, but someday, on the way to school, there can be bullets from the war between their government and Burmese attack them. War has become a part of their lives. Otherwise, they flee to be labours in Thailand.Tai who are able to work hard are sent to Thailand to work and send money back home. Indeed, to come to Thailand, they need to spend a lot of moneyto come. Hom said this amount of money is worth if she can make more money.

Tai state is still abundant of natural resource, but the civil wars of minor ethnics never allow them to live peacefully. There are many of Tai smuggle into Thailand by walking through the forest and work in far away area to keep them from police. Thai government sometimes, open for alien registration, still the employers might not allow them to because of 5,000 baht of registration fee. This amount of money costs them their monthly paid. They try to work hard to collect money to send back to their family. Alien registration will state them as a construction worker or agriculture worker which means if they want to work in the other kind of jobs; they need to be re-registration. This registration paper is normally kept by the employer. To keep them not to get the new job and to bind them to work until the fee is paid back. Most of them live in a small rental rooms near to their site. Normally, if their child is born in Thailand, they will be Thai automatically. But the problem is they don’t understand the system of Thai Law and Thai language, on the child birth certificate doesn’t identify the nationality, so that they cannot claim any privilege as others. But what else they can do but living their lives as illegal, uneducated and treated as second class citizen as their parents are. Working in the garden or field or being a construction worker is one of not many choice they have. Life with very few chances has never been easy for them. In their own country, they need to live among civil wars, while in Thailand they are treated badly. To smuggle is not everytime successful and very dangerous. Many of them have died during the way to get through the border. One can survive who is lucky enough will get an Alien Registration, but to change their mind to turn back home, there will be the price to pay even to visit their country.

The amount of money that they need to pay can be spend while travelling comfortably around South East Asian Countries. To be nationalityless and live in an unstable state with civil war, these effect directly to their lives. Even they are counted as Burmese, still they cannot settle down anywhere. How can they get good standard of life, if there is no home. This will be never ending story of the minor ethnics. The leave their hope with the new generation who will become Thai citizen, will get a chance to go to school.

The leave their hope with the new generation who will become Thai citizen, will get a chance to go to school. This ugly cycle will be ended. But in reality, in a bad environment and very bad standard of living, not many of them are educated then become the problem of the society as the other people have blamed and never admit them as a part of the society. There, come back again to the ugly cycle of second class citizen who can expect none even the freedom or the place called home.


marginal in Thailand