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HEVW II.VC 1130 - R134a Introduction The units belonging to HevW B range are water cooled packaged water chillers, equipped with semihermetic screw compressors, available in 18 sizes and in the following versions: HevW B C Water cooled packaged water chiller. HevW B H Water cooled packaged water chiller for heat pump operation by reversing the water supply from the condenser and evaporator to the plant. HevW B ME Condenserless unit to be connected to a remote condenser. HevW B are available in a wide setting up ranges, in order to guarantee a high satisfaction level for different plant applications.

Energy applications Setting up D: units equipped with an additional heat exchanger fitted on the compressor discharge line, in series with the condenser heatexchanger. This solution allows to get a desuperheating heat recovery as around 20% of condensing heating, useful for sanitary or others applications. Setting up R: units equipped with additional heat exchanger, fitted in series to the condenser heatexchanger. This solution allows to get the total condensing heating (obtained by adding the cooling capacity and the compressor power input thermic equivalent), useful for post heating, sanitary and other applications. NOTE: Settings up D and R are available only in cooling mode and not available for the condenserless units ME.

Casing made with heavy gauge structure in galvanised steel. The powder paint anti-corrosive treatment over the entire frame provides long lasting resistance, even in aggressive environmental conditions. Its design allows these machines to be suitable for easy maintenance and service

Compressor of semihermetic screw type, equipped with a last generation built in oil separator and oil filter, both of them with an increased efficiency. Such compressors are double rotor type directly driving the male rotor, which in turn drives the female rotor. The forced lubrication system is pump free. The fully inspectable motor is suction gas cooled, peculiarity that allows to extend the limit operation r ange up to the worst running conditions. According to the different sizes, in order to reduce the starting current can be available with PW and star / delta starting methods. The project of these units has been studied in order to increase the COP of more than 5%. These compressors allow the unit to work within a very large running limits. Thanks to the very small number of moving parts, comparing with the reciprocating compressors, these compressors require a reduced maintenance and service. Their special features such as compactness, low sound level, completely lack of vibrations and pulses ( that make unnecessary the fitting of spring antivibration mounts beneath the compressors as well as the flexible connections on both the discharge and suction lines) allow to reduce the discharge line stress and maintenance. The noise level is very low and its peak is concentrated at high frequencies, so that it is very easy to cut, allowing these compressors to be suitable for installations where the noise factor is essential. As standard they are equipped with: - suction and discharge service valves; - capacity control with more unloading steps; - rotation check; - unloaded start; - carter electric heater; - check valve on discharge line; - over pressure safety relief valve; Additional unloading steps are available on request. The compressor stop procedure is carried out by unloading the compressors itself and then stopping it through the pump down. In order to allow them to run even at the limit conditions, the compressors are equipped, as standard, with a liquid injection system.

Evaporator direct expansion shell and tube type. The steel shell is complete with flanged water connections and externally insulated with closed cell anticondensation neoprene layer. The U bended inner copper tubes are mechanically expanded onto the steel tube-plate and complete with water buffles in order to improve the thermal exchange. The evaporator is protected against freezing through an antifreeze protection electric heater controlled by a thermostat, fitted around the external of the shell beneath the insulation and it is supplied complete with differential pressure switch against water flow lack.

Condenser shell and tube type with steel shell and nest consisting of copper tubes with fin stok mechanically expanded to the tube plates. The headplates are removable for tube inspection. The water connection are available for use of tower water or well water.

Desuperheater and Heat recovery Desuperheater (setting up D) and Heat recovery (setting up R) are shell and tube heat exchangers with steel shell and copper tubes.

Refrigerant circuit The units are equipped with independent refrigerant circuits entirely constructed with copper tubes, each supplied by its own compressor. Each circuit includes: - expansion valve; - filter dryer with replaceable cartridge; - sight glass; - liquid line solenoid valve; - liquid line shut-off valve; - high pressure switch; - low pressure switch; - relief valve on high pressure line; - high/low pressure gauges;


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HEVW II.VC 1130 - R134a Electrical panel complying with CEI 44-5/IEC 204-2, complete with: - safety locked main switch; - fuses for compressors; - contactors for compressors; - automatic circuit breakers for 220Vac auxiliary circuit; - automatic circuit breakers for 24Vac auxiliary circuit; - transformer for 24Vac auxiliary circuit power supply; - low-voltage user terminals board; - economizer, wich allows to obtain highter efficiences up to 5% more than standard compressors; made by: plate heat exchanger, sight glass filter and expansion valve. All the versions are controlled through a 16bit microprocessor with a 2MB flash memory, real time clock for alarms storage, multi- language control software. The controller is designed to be used in a local network for the multi-circuit units management by reading one only probe for the power regulation, with several signals for the condensation control and alarms which can stop only the circuit where they have occurred and not the whole system. The masteraddressed card manages all the power steps suitable on the cooling unit and all the general alarms. The slave-addressed cards manage their own compressors following the timings decided by the master card, their own condensation and the local alarms. Using one only terminal with 6 keys and LCD graphic display one can manage each card in the net and can: - change the setpoint of the whole chiller; - monitor the analog state variables of the system (in/out water temperature, pressures on each circuit); - monitor the state of the compressors, capacity control valves, heaters etc.; - read the text and the code of the occurred alarm; - turn on/off the whole unit and change its mode (summer/winter for the heat pumps); - modify the following parameters by inserting the right password: - proportional band for the power steps regulation; - on/off compressors timings; - defrost timings (for the heat pumps with cycle inversion on the gas side); - antifreeze threshold; - water pump pre-starting time. There are three types of alarm: - serious alarms: managed by the master-addressed card, they deactivate the whole system, give a text alarm on the display, activate the buzzer and the general alarm output relay fitted on the master card. They are: - no water flow across the evaporator; - serious alarm signal given on the master card by digital input (see accessories for detalis); - circuit alarms: they deactivate only the circuit where they have occurred, give a text alarm on the display, activate the buzzer and the general alarm output relay fitted on the master card. They are: - high/low pressure; - compressor thermal protection; - fans thermal protection; - temperature or pressure probe failure; - signal-only alarms: they only give a signal text on the display and activate the buzzer and the general alarm output relay fitted on the master card. They are: - unit maintenance time; - compressor maintenance time; - water pump maintenance time; - net self-control failure: for the multi-card cooling units, this means that one ore more slave-addressed cards are off-line. By means of standard contacts in the electrical panel terminals board, one can manage the cooling unit in the following cases: - remote on/off selection; - remote summer/winter selection (for the heat pump versions); - additional water flow control (external flowswitch); - fine-setting of the setpoint using an external 4-20mA or 0-1Vdc signal (for leaving water temperatures >-4째C please refer to the ACCESSORIES section); - external water pump on/off signal; - general alarm relay contacts; - on/off compressors status; - signal for remote unit fluid circulator (for condeserless units), for example fans or water pump on the remote unit. The electronic controller can be interfaced with a supervision software on a local or remote PC that uses a manufacturer communication protocol, or with complex BMS systems using ModBus, BACnet, LonWorks, Trend, Johnson Metasys protocols.


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Cooling Capacity Compressors power input




COMPRESSORS Refrigerant circuits Unloading steps


Fluid type Fluid temp. in/out Condenser number Water flow Pressure drop


[kW] [kW]

4,07 Total EER


Energy efficiency class in summer

--1 1 3

[°C] [m³/h] [kPa]

Fluid type Fluid temp. in/out Evaporators number Evaporators water flow Evaporators pressure drop FLI maximum FLA maximum SA maximum



Sound level pressure at 20 m (ISO 3744) Sound level pressure at 10 m (ISO 3744) Sound level pressure 5 m (ISO 3744) Sound level pressure 1 m (ISO 3744) Sound power level (ISO 3744)

[kW] [A] [A] [A]

63 63






Water 30,0/35,0 1 27 32

[m³/h] [kPa]

Water 12,0/7,0 1 21.7 26

[kW] [A] [A]

53 83 303

[db] [db] [db] [db] [db]

58 63 68 77 95


ELECTRICAL DATA (not included pump)

Hz [db]

126 31



Spectrum of sound pressure at 10 m INDICATIVE DIMENSIONS


Length Width

[mm] [mm]

3655 Height 1210 Weight

[mm] [kg]

1841 1800

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HEVW II.VC 1130 - R134a


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