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The Best Metaphor about Wealth

The Parable of The Pipeline 管道的故事

To Become a Millionaire is not an Opportunity

The Parable of the Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno Are you a bucket carrier or building your pipeline?

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Exchange Time for Money or Having Residue Income?  Bucket:

Exchange Time for Money

Trap Bigger Bucket?  Pipeline:

Residue Income Financial & Time Freedom 3 网络行销正当时

Power of Pipeline  Power

of Money Leverage

 Power

of Time Leverage


Money Leverage  Typical

example of Money Leverage is to invest in the shares market

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Time Leverage  People

Pipeline (Relationships)

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The time we spend on other things in our life  Eating……………....6

yrs  Waiting in queues....5 yrs  Cleaning……….......4 yrs  Cooking………….....3 yrs  Returning calls……..2 yrs  Looking for things.....1 yr  Opening junk mail….1 yr 22 Years disappear in your life ! 7

Value of Networking 

Metcalfe’s Law : financial value of a network = (no. of users)2

Economic value of networking is based on exponential growth

Direct Selling Business = Franchise Business = Network Marketing The principle of Metcalfe’s Law is to copy or duplicate what we do


Network = Pipeline  Time

Leverage  Money Leverage New Zealand



Hong Kong



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Four Quadrants  Which

Quadrant Are You In?


B I 10 网络行销正当时

The Value of a Successful Person  Friends

and their cashflow quadrants E S


E – Security & Certainty are the core values of most people S – Independence & Freedom are their core values – Leaders in their own industry B – Value team work & have outstanding leadership – looking for leaders to join their team I – Pursuing Financial Freedom is their core value



A change from one quadrant to the other is in fact the change of the core value of a person.


The main reason why Direct Selling Business is difficult for people to understand and to accept, is that not many know a lot of people in B Quadrant. Most of their relatives and friends are in the E and S Quadrants.


What is Wealth Work is not for Money: 

Money and Wealth are different concepts : The standard to measure one’s wealth is TIME. Wealth means when you stop working, how long you can maintain your life.

Money is from work and assets : People in E & S Quadrant concerns incomes & expenses. People in B & I Quadrant concerns assets & liabilities.


Choice 

Spare Tire Theory

Our Choice is more important than Efforts


Parable of Pipeline帕保羅管道的故事  
Parable of Pipeline帕保羅管道的故事  

你現的工作可以讓你達到你想要的財務自由和生活模式嗎?你以自己的時間、健康以至家庭­生活換取金錢嗎?這個有趣的小故事提供其他可能更好的方法,讓你達到你的財政目標。 Is the tool you are using can actually bring you to the fi...