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Tutoring in

The ace lab has


provided me with

Academic Center of Excellence

test my abilities of

multiple opportunities to effective

communication. When students do not understand a concept I must be patience and try to explain the material in a different way. It is necessary to practice communicating effectively because communication

ACE Math Lab

is always changing. To keep up with the changing communication, both students and teachers need to engage in communication outside of the content in order to understand one another inside the content. The ace lab has also helped me polish my skills of communicating specific algebraic and statistical concepts. Students often struggle communicating with precise vocabulary and specific context. Both vocabulary and context must be included to communicate successfully. To communicate in mathematical terms, means to allow student to make connections to the content and understand at a deeper level.

During my time as a tutor in the ACE lab, I helped organize a math lab. Before finals, I opened the ACE lab late for a special math study session. During this math session, I was responsible for tutoring the students that came in to get extra help. This has helped me learn how to engage students who are stressed or feel lost. It is important for students to make connections with what they are learning, but not to dwell on a certain concept in order to have time to review for their entire final. This time constraint allowed me to work on my time management when instructing.

English Second Language Learners While working in the ACE lab, I have had the opportunity to work with a few ESL students. This has tested my ability to communicate effectively and differentiate instruction. With the language barrier, I have to rely on my patience and persistence when tutoring. This opportunity has prepared me for teaching students who are English Second Language Learners and understand what to do when the language barrier interferes with learning.

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