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One of the biggest challenge facing many architects is to create designs that respond to its environment. Being in the profession for about 7 years, I have known few architects who have done massive deforestation in order to build eco-park instead of incorporating the environment into their design. These kind of behaviours causes long-term damages to the earth and I with a conscious desire to be part of responsible design practices became associated with up-coming advocates of green building design. I feel that architects should oblige to green codes in full honesty and step back a few steps to study the concept of ecology and sustainability in architecture. Realising my knowledge is limited, I need to pursue my education and my colleagues have recommended your prestigious university for me to develop my understanding. Submitting a dissertation paper titled ‘Retrofitting of existing buildings in Brunei using light gauge steel frame’, earned me a 2:2 Honours degree in BSc Architectural Design and Technology from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2011. Since my degree was under the government’s scholarship, I was bonded to work with them for 5 years. Name Birth

Nur Hafizah Mohammad 27 / 08 / 1989

Nationality Bruneian Email Contact

+673 8676967

Not long after my graduation, I joined the government sector in Brunei as an Architect. Throughout the progression of my career, I have attended numerous trainings and seminars related to architecture and construction management such as the Architectural Identity & Culture, Leaderships for Millennials, Total Quality Management Workshops, Project Financial & Evaluation, and Facilitation Skills Workshops. I have also attended few conferences in the neighboring countries on the subject of sustainability where the speakers shared case studies on gold and silver-rated projects from their country. In most events, I learnt about architectural and construction trends, new products and creating network within the industry. I am proficient at designing using softwares such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, Revit, Lumion, Photoshop and Indesign. Apart from conceiving innovative designs, my responsibilities include managing projects and administration. I have been involved in various projects from high profile, refurbishments, new buildings to recreational such as park and even ponds for tigers.


Few highlights were designing the first national housing apartments, involvement in the fastest mosque construction in Southeast Asia and working closely with a select team in designing the royal chariot for His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei’s Golden Jubilee anniversary of ruling the government celebration. In December 2016, I spent a few weeks in the remote areas of Brunei, volunteering with a charitable organisation in helping those people in needs. I work alongside a team of inspiring individuals and thoroughly enjoyed helping the poor who needs help to repair their houses which were mainly cause by heavy rain. The experience of renovating houses in the remote areas where building regulations and industrial materials were not applicable allow me to explore the use of humble materials such as bamboo. Early this year, I had a call from the Human Resources Department informing that the government is considering my master application. I have passed the interview and have submitted my proposal on “Architectural intervention to Kampong Ayer”. To become a fully Qualified Architect, is a career goal and obtaining RIBA Part 2 is naturally the next step. As a potential international student studying at your esteemed institution partnered with my qualities and experience as outlined and supported with the relevant certificates and portfolio attached, I believe that I have the necessary skills to be considered into your Part 2 Master of Architecture programme.

September 2008 - July 2011 (3 years)

EDUCATION University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom BSc Architectural Design & Technology

January 2006 - November 2007 (2 years)

Berakas Sixth Form Centre, Brunei GCE ‘A’ Levels

January 2001 - November 2005 (5 years)

Berakas Secondary School, Brunei GCE ‘O’ Levels

September 2016 January 2016

Millenial Leadership Progam Health & Safety at Work Geographical Information System “GIS” Database Training

September 2015

Appointed as a Judge for School and Office Gateways throughout Brunei during His Majesty’s 69th Birthday

October 2014

Architecture and Identity Seminars

October 2014

Project Financial Evaluation & Management

Nov 2013 - Current (4 years)


November 2015


INTERESTS #Urbanism #architecturalsketches #calligraphy #BrushLetterings #gardening #foodphotography

L A N G U A G E S English & Malay G O A L S

To become Chartered Architect

P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E S Public Works Department, Ministry of Development, Brunei Project Architect National Community Service and Training Centre in Temburong (completed) - Designed Preliminary Drawings - Prepared Tender Specifications & Assessments - Developed Technical Drawings - Managed Construction Works

Refurbishment of Fish Market in Gadong (feasibility studies) - Designed Preliminary Drawings - Developed Technical Drawings Refurbishment of Canteen in Berakas (completed) - Designed Preliminary Drawings - Prepared Tender Specifications & Assessments - Developed Technical Drawings - Managed Construction Works Vehicle Inspection Centre in Temburong (completed) - Managed Construction Works

Royal Chariot for His Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Parade and Procession (completed) - Developed Technical Drawings

Mar 2012 - Oct 2013 (1.8 years)

Nov 2011 - Feb 2012 (4 months)

Housings Development Department, Ministry of Development, Brunei Project Architect Vertical Mass Housings in Lambak Kanan - Developed Preliminary Designs - Developed Conceptual Models Park Development in Rimba - Liaised with Local Authorities and contractors - Managed Construction Works 350 units Housings in Tanah Jambu - Developed Technical Drawings - Site Visits PDO Chartered Architects, Brunei Architectural Assistant

- Developed Technical Drawings - Developed Conceptual Models - Site Visits


In Practice 1.

Mirrored Vernacular A r t G a l l e ri a


Dome and Arches Mosque


Mass Housings Apartments


Ecological Mangrove Tower

Under graduate Works 5.

S t ud i o


O t h e r W o r k s Sketches


MIRRORED VERNACULAR Art Galleria [Brunei] Concept, 2016

SITE ANALYSIS Site is located on a hilly area along the quiet road of Jalan Babu Raja next to the State of Mufti Office. There is only one way road to enter the site.

The proposed Art Galleria was designed to have ‘modern vernacular’ touch. Vernacular Architecture has been the traditional identity for Brunei’s development since 1950.

Site is surrounded by mature trees which needs to be reserved.

This task enabled me to explore the possible spaces within a complex structured building. I used different types of cladding such as composite aluminium panel and perforated aluminium to get away from the traditional look.

Dense Traffic

Proposed Site

Proposed Site

Less Traffic

A mixture of skylight and glazing wall was chosen to allow natural light and to express modern aesthetic view. Roles / Tasks: 1. Analyzing the site together with the Land Surveyor 2. Developing the concept with guidance from Executive Architect and Structural Engineer. 3. Choosing materials together with approval from Executive Architect. 4. Developing 3D models and rendering together with the chief draftman.


Program Space


Building Enclosure


Separating Galleries and Public Area


Galleries as central space and Administration as an independent area


Simple Pitched Roof Roof in respond to the Local roof and Climate Basement Floor Plan

Shifting of Roof Ridge according to the program organization

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Enclosing the Roof

Mirror the roof to shape of the space under the roof Islamic Gallery

Adjusting the height of the space

Malay Art Gallery

Redefining the edge of the roof


Royal Monarchy Gallery

Enclosing / Opening

Re-connecting Auditorium

Redefining the face of the roof

Embracing separate programs with skylight for natural lighting.

Folding of the Ground to link the elevated space and to open up more space at basement.

Office & Administration

Perforated Aluminium Cladding

Perforated Screen Skylight





Mentiri Mosque [Brunei] Finalist Concept Competition 2017

Setback Site is located at the centre of residential area along Mentiri Main Road which experienced heavy traffice everyday from 7AM to 5PM.

Mosque is a centre structure of Islam. Majority of the people in Brunei believes that the dome reflects the greatness of Islam, thus incorporating it as part of the design.

Site ground is generally flat with few vegetation growth.

The building is celebrated with Honey-comb pattern (6-gon) as it reflects the Six Pillar of Faith. Excessive decorations are avoided to keep the function as it is a place of worship. Another important element is the VIPPorch. Since Brunei is a monarchy country thus most buildings in Brunei do have the elements that was designed specifcally for the King.

Dense Traffic Proposed Site

Public Circulation

Less Traffic

DESIGN CONCEPT what is kiblat? Kiblat or Qiblah is an Arabic term means the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salah prayers. It is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. Most mosques contain a wall niche, known as mihrab to indicates the Kiblat.

Roles / Tasks: 1. Developing concept with guidance from the client especially on the rules of designing a mosque. 2. Develop 3D concept and Rendering 3. Develop Technical Details with the Drafting team.


Seggregation between male and female areas


Building Mass is oriented facing the Kiblat direction

Islamic Features

VIP Circulation










15 19






1 Building Mass

Extrusion for VIP Porch

Dome is added as Islamic Feature


8 2







Annex buildings are added, creating more corridors to allow ventilation. The neck of the dome is also elevated to allow natural lighting

The reformation of the minaret’s design. Columns added for support and aesthetic.

Minaret is added and elevated to reach 2/3 of the total height of the building mass





1. Mihrab 1a. Mimbar 2a. Male Prayer Hall 2b. Female Prayer Hall 3. VIP Entrance 4. Minaret 5. Male AblutAion 6. Female Ablution 7. Male Washroom 8. Female Washroom 9. Male Classroom 10. Library 11. VIP Holding Room 12. Female Classroom 13. Imam Office 14. Staff Toilet 15. Bilal Toilet 16. Counseling Room 17. Kitchen 18. Motivation Room 19. AHU Room 20. PA Room









e rab e N m ih m Do M Do



H er




MASS HOUSINGS Lambak Apartment [Brunei] Project Architect, 2016

The Vertical Homes - spanning 15 ha, consists of 10 six-storey buildings where each building consists of two blocks with five units each storey separated with multi-storey car park in between accommodated with sporting and leisure facilities on its rooftop. Each unit was constructed using prefab concrete which were manufactured offsite in advance and later assembled onsite to save time and reduce discrepancies.



Site is located at highly populated area of Lambak Kanan hub along the very busy main road especially from 7am until 5pm. The site is pretty flat adjacent to the Lambak Kanan Mosque and riverside.

Mosque Proposed Site

existing main road

Dense Traffic Less Traffic

This project was part of the government’s initiatives to reduce land usage and to convince the public on the comfort of living within a high-rise dwellings. Roles / Tasks: 1. Analyzing the site problems including traffic control together with the Road Department. 2. Develop concept design (100%) 3. Getting approval from the Building Control Department. 4. Develop technical drawings with the drafting team (40-60 work ratio) 5. Produce final 3D renders (100%)

proposed new road

Proposed Site proposed inner road



G.F.A - 170 m2 per unit


- each unit was oriented so it can have its own view. - no shared walls - own communal area for gatherings etc

Entrance from the common Lift / Staircase

COMMUNITY - community hall - shops / ATMs at Ground floor - Leisure activities at Car Park’s rooftop

Living Room

Bedroom - 1 ensuite + 3 bedrooms

Bathrooms - 1 ensuite / 2 shared

Balcony - For gardening etc


Utility - Laundry / Storage



Water Harvesting System Rainwater is collected from the roof to the water tank located at the top of the common area to be recycled for toilet flushing. Cross Ventilation The common area and car park features 100% cross-ventilation for the building to be naturally cooled. Public Green Space The car park’s rooftop features green landscape and spaces for leisure and sporting activities. Green Balcony To allow activities such as gardening which will help to purify the surrounding air. Bike Passage & Pedestrian To allow people to travel through the block safely.



ECOLOGICAL Mangrove Tower, Riverside, Brunei Bay, 2018

The project is a visualization inspired from one of the main tourist activity in Brunei which is the Proboscis Monkey sightseeing usually carried out along the riverside at Brunei Bay. Proboscis Monkey of the Long Nose Monkey is mainly found in the northern part of Borneo. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see them wandering around causing the tourists to feel frustrated. The main concept of the tower is a tree-trunk to reflect the nature element. the whole structure will depend on the Bakau Piles or famously known as Mangrove Piles. A mixture of glazed walls and timber cladding that is shaped to follow the mangrove roots are chosen to reflect the overall concept of a Mangrove Tower.


Site is chosen due to its popularity among tourists as a home for Proboscis monkey.


Early sketch of the tower.


‘B A K A U ’ S T R U C T U R E


1. Hawthorn Primary School, North Llandaff, Cardiff (Selected Third Year Project - 2011)

2. Conversion of Dual Chapel (Selected Second Year Project - 2010)

3. St Fagans Visitor Centre, Cardiff (Selected First Year Project - 2009)

COTTON CANDY PARK A visualization of having cotton candy at park during summer.

Thank You For your consideration.

Portfolio for Part 2 Application  

Selective Works

Portfolio for Part 2 Application  

Selective Works