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October 2009

City govt urged to help boost sports on campus

Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi

Vol 1, Issue 1

By Naureen Aqueel

KARACHI- The University of Karachi has an ambitious development plan to expand its existing sports facilities and infrastructure to meet the future requirements of its students but help by the city government would be needed to meet the gap in its financial resources. This was stated by Abida Shaheen, Director of Physical Education, at the University of Karachi, in an interview. Roughly around Rs 3million-3.5 million are spent on sports annually, she said. A sum of 2.5 million comes as income from student fees from the faculties of the KU and its affiliated colleges. “And the gap in income and expenditure is met through compromises on things like office expenditure, etc.” There is little or no sponsorship available to fund campus sports facilities or events, ex-

Aiming high: an athlete at a shot-put competition

tre under this scheme. Ms Shaheen said the university had plans to build a gymnasium exclusively for female students. Other development projects to augment facilities at the campus include the construction of a synthetic track on the grounds, the laying of an astro turf in place of the muddy or grassy surfaces in the hockey and cricket grounds, the building of new tennis, squash and basketball courts, and cementing the cricket pitch in the Walika ground. “The Sports department has outlined the plans, now


Abida Shaheen

cept for what comes from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), she said. During 2004, the HEC prepared a scheme, ‘Improvement of Sports in the Universities of Pakistan’ costing Rs.27.125 million. The KU received funding for a hockey ground and a fitness cen-

Sports Round-Up

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INSIDE Star Trek

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it is for the university to arrange the funds to implement them,” Ms Shaheen said. Tenders for the construction of a new gymnasium, fitness centre and for the rehabilitation of the cricket ground and squash court have already been approved and issued.

Existing Facilities

The university has one gym, two football grounds, three cricket grounds, one outdoor for double games, and two squash courts. The existing infrastructure, however, is plagued by

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Heroes from History

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Prepared by: M.A. Final Year(Print media) class under the supervision of Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi



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neglect and lack of awareness about the facilities among students. “Many students are unaware of the existence of the second basketball court and cricket ground. In addition to that, existing courts and grounds have problems like uneven surfaces that hinder play, lack of lighting, lack of changing rooms or washrooms, and lack of markings and nettings,” said Farah Anwar, a student at the Department of Physical Education, who worked on a project to survey sports facilities on the campus. “The grounds are also muddy and lack the astro truf surfacing which has become an essential feature of modern day sports grounds. Besides, a single basketball court is often put to multi-purpose use for handball and volleyball games,” she observed. “There is no proper place for Table Tennis and students just put up the tables whenever they want to play. As a result, if one game is being played in a certain area, the other cannot be played at the same time due to lack of space. Furthermore, although the KU has representation at the national level in swimming, it does not have even a single swimming pool on the campus,” she said. Farah, however, said that her survey revealed that certain facilities which were available were not being utilized due to lack of awareness among the students. For instance, the gymnasium has facilities for gymnastics, yet very few students are aware of this. “My point of view is that facilities are there but there is no proper use of them,” she said. “Students want to play, but they have no trainers.”

Sports hostel needs help

A major problem facing the Directorate of Physical Education is the use of its already limited facilities by non-sports personnel. The Directorate of Physical Education is located at present in the Sports Hostel building, which was built to provide boarding and lodging facilities to visiting teams from other universities during tournaments. “We also give the rooms on rent to staff and guests visiting the university for seminars etc,” says Abida Shaheen, Director of Physical Education. However, the condition of the hostel makes one wonder who would like to stay there? As one enters the premises of the hostel one can see water stained walls with the cement peeling off and carpets and clothes hanging to dry on the terraces. The scene is far from that of the hostel in an academic institution. Another area which needs improvement is maintenance. Many existing facilities are awaiting renovation and proper maintenance. Out-of-date, inefficient and low quality facilities just give students an excuse not to participate in sports. Plans for the renovation of the existing gymnasium, which was

And the main reason for this is that students are not the ones living there. Some 30 to 40 rooms of the hostel are at present are occupied by the Karachi University security personnel. Many of them are l i v i n g with their families. W h e n s p o r t s t e a m s from outside the university come for tournaments, they too are accommodated in the same building leading to many probClockwise: Clothes hanging from hostel lems. Augallery, carpets hanging to t h o r i t i e s dry in the gallery, cement need to take peeling off the hostel build- early action to shift the ing walls. security staff to some other premises and renovate the hostel. - NA built in 1962, have also been announced many times, but students have complained that nothing concrete has been done to implement them. “There is no reason why students will not participate if they get proper facilities, infrastructure and training,” Farah added.

Special quota for university admission

By Maheen Haq

A QUOTA of two per cent is offered to students with sports background for admission to any faculty under the University of Karachi’s policy of promoting sports activities on the campus, according to Admissions Office. Admission forms are available at the office of Deputy Registrar (Academics). The forms can be obtained on payment of the prescribed fees. Candidates are required to qualify the tests. Selection is made by the university on the basis of their performances at the national or provincial levels. The selected candidate is required to furnish documents justifying his selection. In the next phase, the candidate is required to undergo performance test, physical exercise and interview.

University students playing a hockey match

The final selection committee approves the admission to the respective department after scrutinising the prescribed qualification and performance of the candidates. The KU’s patronage of talented students in the sports field has helped it produce some national level players. Sameer and Imran Warsi, two hockey players, have attracted the attention of the Pakistan Sports Board, which has included both players in the national team.

Scholarship Programme

During the course of the year, the Gymkhana Committee makes a selection of top class sportsmen and sportswomen for grant of an annual scholarship of Rs10, 000 from university fund. Scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates on the basis of their participation and performance on national, provincial and inter-university levels.


STAR TREK Players of class

By Haya Fatima Iqbal

THE University of Karachi has produced a galaxy of sporting stars. These young men and women have created a niche for themselves in various games and won top positions in tournaments at provincial and national levels. Here are profiles of some of these young champions.

Qurat-ul-Ain Zaidi

Studying in the final year of Mass Communication, Qurat-ul-Ain Zaidi is a table tennis star of the University of Karachi. She represented KU and won the first position in the team event at the Sindh Sports Gala 2006. At the Inter Universities Championship in March 2006, Qurat-ul-Ain helped the University of Karachi team secure the 2nd position in the team event. Qurat was the winner of the 36th Karachi Table Tennis Championship 2008 in the single’s ranking matches and currently ranks as ‘Karachi Champion’. To groom her skills further, she was lucky enough to be a part of two national table tennis camps in 2008, wherein North Korean expert coaches trained players. Apart from playing for the university, Qurat has also represented her hometown, Karachi in various tournaments and acquired the gold medal in the team event of Sindh Games 2008. Additionally, she represented Sindh at the Pakistan International Invitation Circuit Tournament 2008, the Master Circuit Tournament 2008 where her team won the third position, and at the Master Circuit Tournament 2009, where she ended up in 11th place in the single’s event.

Suleman Saadat

Suleman Saadat is a freshman at the Dr Feroze Ahmed Institute of Mass Communication at the University of Karachi. A skilled swimmer, Suleman has played water polo and done swimming for KU. In June 2009 at Faisalabad, KU’s water polo team won 3rd position under Suleman’s cap-

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Mariam Khan taking oath at a tournament

Honour students for feats in sports, says best athlete THE university authorities must honour students who have performed feats in sports if they want to boost their performance, says Mariam Khan, a star athlete of the University of Karachi. A student of 3rd year at the Department of Visual Studies and studies Textile Design, she has taken part in athletics, hockey, basketball and volleyball. Even before entering university, she used to do swimming, play badminton and display her talent in cycling, riding, gliding and baseball.


Mariam has been the Best Female Athlete of KU for consecutive two years during 2007 and 2008 and gave an excellent performance at the athletics nationals for the KU. While playing in the forward left position in the All Pakistan Inter-Universities Hockey Championship in 2008, Mariam was part of the KU’s runner-up team. She also played in the Intercollegiate basketball, volleyball and athletics tournaments in 2007 and 2008 for University of Karachi. Mariam has also represented the department of Visual Studies in various sports during the inter-departmental tournaments within the university in previous years. Mariam said that scholarships were a good way to attract sporting talents but the problem was that disbursement of funds was delayed. Mariam herself was awarded a scholarship in 2007 and 2008 for the best deserving sportswoman at university, but she is yet to receive

the funds. “This should not happen to anyone because sporting students sacrifice a lot of their time and energy to show better performance in games,” she said. Mariam said that the players were disappointed if they were not compensated as promised. She also expressed her dissatisfaction over the university’s system for managing sports and physical training. She was so unhappy over the working of coaches that she decided to quit as a player during the current year. . “What our coaches only do is that they call up students just one week prior to a sporting event and inform them about it so that a team can be formed,” she said. “They have no concern whatsoever with what they have been taking in their diet, how have they been training and exercising up to now, and whether they are physically fit to play or not.” Another major problem facing the players was the “involvement of other colleges and their teachers” whenever a team comprising players of the university and its affiliated colleges is formed. “The problem occurs when no teacher from the KU accompanies the team on a sporting trip to another city,” Mariam said. “It is always a teacher from some other KU-affiliated college who goes with the team. Since students do not know him they feel alienated. This creates problems of understanding and discrimination affecting the overall morale of the team.” --H.F.I



provided to our players. Our aim is whenever a team goes to Peshawar students Inter-University portation tours aim at increasing friendship versity is even very particular about the trans-

Peshawar University has no sports hostel, so

By Fizza Hassan

KARACHI UNIVERSITY is trying to promote interaction and friendship between sports teams of various universities by facilitating inter-varsity tours, according to Abida Shaheen, Director of Physical Education. “Players from Karachi University go to other universities to take part in sports events and similarly KU welcomes players from other universities and colleges to participate in sports events at its campus,” she said. The university takes care of the requirements of sports teams visiting other universities as quality services in this connection are considered equally important with the teams’ performances and scores. “We fully support our players when they go on tours,” Mrs Shaheen said. “We are proud to say hat we give the youngsters travelling al-

Posing for a picture in the fields

lowance, porter charges and a first class ticket.” “We give them camp allowance worth Rs 300 daily in addition to sport kits. The uniCont’d from pg 3

Karachi University students arriving for the Inter-University Peshawar tournament

to facilitate students so that they can become players of national level,” she said. The University does not only provide maximum facilities to its players but also to youths of other universities who come to play at KU campus. They are provided transport, hostel accommodation and water and electricity. The Physical Education Department takes care of these affairs. Whenever, a team visits the KU campus, the university administration holds a dinner and a picnic to welcome and honour the guests. “Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice Chancellor, appreciates such get-to-gathers as these provide an opportunity to local players to learn from the experiences of our guests,” Mrs Shaheen said She, however, said that students going on a tour to other places should take with them necessary items, including beddings because they could face problems at places where there was no hostel facility.

complain about the non-availability of accommodation, told an official of the Physical Education Department. “Whenever there is a tour we notify players to take their beddings along with them. But students ignore such notifications and at the end of the day they suffer,” the official said. Sadaf Hafeez, a player of hockey and badminton who has gone to many such tours, says another important problem which players face on these trips is the non-availability of coaches. “Others problems can be tackled but the absence of a coach can affect our performances.” Officials, however, feel that the university is trying to provide as much facilities as possible within the meager budget for sports. But these facilities can be improved if HEC increases its allocation of funds for this sector.

Star Trek: Players of Class

taincy. He was also a member of the university’s swimming team which finished 2nd in the same championshipat the Faisalabad Agriculture University. On the individual level, Suleman won one gold medal in the relay event and two silvers in the 100 metre and 200 metres breaststroke there. Before starting university in 2009, Suleman made three records at the Pakistan Junior Swimming Meet 2006 in the 50, 100 and 200 metres breaststroke events. Also in 2007, at the Sindh Open Swimming Championship Suleman created five records out of which three were in the Under-18 category whereas two fell in the Open Age category. Furthermore, Suleman holds the honour of being the undisputed swimming champion in Sindh from 2002 to 2008, and the undisputed junior champion in Pakistan from 2003 till 2006.

Darakhshan Ehsan Elahi

Darakhshan Ehsan Elahi is a Master’s student at the Department of Health & Physical Education at the University of Karachi. She has been playing for KU for the past six years now in various sports such as hockey, basketball, badminton and handball. In 2009, Darakhshan represented KU at the All Pakistan Inter University Handball Championship in Lahore and also at the All Pakistan Inter University Basketball Championship in Sargodha, where her team fetched the 5th position. She was a part of the KU winning team at the Inter collegiate Basketball Championship held in Karachi in 2008. Also,

Darakhshan was team captain when KU came in 2nd at the Inter collegiate Hockey Championship, Karachi in 2008. At the prestigious All Pakistan Inter University Hockey Championship in 2008, Darakshan was captain of the university’s team, securing 2nd position in the tournament. She grabbed the runner-up’s title for KU at the All Pakistan Inter University Badminton Championship in 2007 and on the national inter-university level, her team stood 2nd and 3rd in basketball in the years 2002 and 2003, respectively. The champion has represented Karachi at the national level in hockey and basketball and has also won top prizes in these sports while playing for Sindh Sports Board and Pakistan Hockey Federation. Darakshan also serves as a technical official in hockey, badminton, table tennis, basketball and athletics events. Cont’d on pg 5

Heroes from history PAST FORWARD


versities team in 1969-70. During 1964-65, Azhar Fasih won a Silver in Table Tennis Singles. The university’s table tennis team at present comprises Sarmad, Fahad and Umair. Umair performed very well in last year’s The girls table tennis team was trained by a Japanese coach. The girls team, comprising Urooj, Sadaf and Qurat-ul-Ain, grabbed the 2nd position in an All Pakistan University Competition during 2005-06. ATHLETICS

Sohail Abbas being honoured at a university function by Dr Muhammad Ali Shah , Governor’s Adviser for sports , and Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice chancellor, KU

By Sadaf Hafeez

THE University of Karachi (KU) has served as a cradle of fame for a host of youngsters who earned a name in various sports. Their talent was groomed during their stay on the campus and they won laurels for their university as members of its cricket, hockey, badminton, basketball, table tennis and athletics teams over the years. Some of them made their way to Pakistan’s national team and represented the country at international level. This article is aimed at paying a tribute to some of these great players. HOCKEY

Hockey, being the national game of Pakistan has always attracted talented players on the campus since the beginning of the KU. In 1954 - 55, the KU Hockey team won the second position in All Pakistan Universities competition. Hulail Ahmed was declared the man of the series. Ever since, many of the KU players have risen to national and international levels. Azhar Samdani and Sohail Abbas are considered heroes. Sohail was the star full back of Pakistan national hockey team. He will always be remembered as a great penalty corner expert and a prolific goal scorer in international hockey. Recently Adeel Hussain played national championship, he also represented the varsity in HEC. The 2008 KU team includes some excellent players such as Imran Khan, M.Yasir M.Amir, Israr, Sohail Kashani, and Imran Warsi. In Women’s Hockey, Shahida Waheed made her mark. During 1977-78, she was the captain of KU’s first women’s hockey team.


Cricket is loved more than any other game in our country. At the KU, it is played from day one, since the establishment of the university. It has produced some distinguished players such as Jalal-ud-din and.Arshad Shami, who were well-known at inter-university level. BADMINTON

Shamshad khan was the first badminton player who played for KU during 1954 - 55. Farhat Wajid was the captain of the first badminton team. In LETICS, a girls badminton team came into being. Nargis Gorya was captain for girls and Anis Shareef for boys. The KU badminton team has been doing well ever since and its many players have performed excellently in various events over the years. Adeel Siddiqui is a Pak Juniors player. The KU won the All Pakistan Championship during 1999. The team included Adnan Siddiqui, Akif, Adeel Siddiqui, Ali uz Zaman, and Ali Mehdi. Ali is still part of Pak Junior. BASKETBALL

:Kamran Ahmed Khan was the first person who won a position in a basket ball game in1954-55. Feroz khan won the Man of the Match award in the match. During 1983-84, Nasira Kaleem became the first women captain. TABLE TENNIS

Table tennis is part of sports events on campus since 1954 - 55. Saghir Ahmed was the first table tennis player of KU. Farida Ali represented KU as captain of an All Pakistan Uni-

Ehsan Elahi, a sprinter, was the first person to win any position in any athletics event in 1954-55 although the facility was there since beginning. Parveen Bano was the first girl to make a mark in athletics by winning a competition during 1969-70. She also became a captain. Girls have been doing quite well recently in various athletics. Some of these ace athletes are Shazia Rashid, a gold medalist since 19992001 in 100 & 200 metres. She has won 19 medals in athletics. Mariam (Sprinter) and S.M Rafiq are also medal winners.

STAR TREK Cont’d from pg 4

Sharjeel Khan

Sharjeel Khan, a student of University of Karachi for the past two years, happens to be a fine player. An all-rounder in the game of cricket, Sharjeel was a part of KU’s cricket team at the Inter-Universities Cricket Tournament in 2008 and in 2009, where he and his team played till the quarter finals stage. Also in 2009, he was a part of the university’s team in the Inter-Faculties Cricket Tournament and won the cup beating Jinnah College in the final match. Alongside playing for the university, Sherjeel has also represented the Karachi region in all junior level teams namely Under-15, U-17 and U-19. In zonal cricket, Sharjeel has been the captain of the Under-19 team of Zone 3 and the Under-17 team of Zone 4. So far, he has played 14 cricket tournaments at the junior level, out of which his team has twice been the runner-up and once ended up as semi-finalist. Sharjeel has won the Man of the Match award in 12 of these matches. He was given the Best Fielder award five times.




KU hosts sixth National Beach Handball Championship '09 By M. Ammar Bin Yaser

The winning team’s cup of joy

THE 6th National Beach Handball Championship '09 was hosted by the University of Karachi under the auspices of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) during May. Leading government organisations took part in the mega national event which was held at the seafront. The event gave a much-needed boost to our usually dull national athletic scene and provided a bright opening for the game of Beach Handball in the province of Sindh. The twoday championship was a big draw as a large number if people came to watch the game. It clearly shows the immense potential beach handball has in a city like Karachi that is situated by the sea. Abida Shaheen, Director of Physical Education at the University of Karachi, supervised the event as its organising secretary. “It

KU wins Inter-University Chess Championship '09

Pondering the next move: a battle of wits

THE University of Karachi won the InterUniversity Chess Championship defeating UET, Lahore by 3-1 in the finals here during April. The championship was organised in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Earlier in semi-finals, Karachi University thrashed NED 3-0, while UET, Lahore overcame Islamia University,

Bahawalpur by 2-1. The Championship was held at the premises of Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Karachi. Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice-Chancellor of the university, was the chief guest. He later distributed prizes to the winners. Senior faculty members of the university were also present. ---M.A.B.Y

was truly an honour for the university to host such an event of national scale and we thank each and every one who made the event possible,” she said. Asked about Sindh’s ‘minnow-status’ in Beach Handball, she acknowledged that the game did not get adequate attention in Sindh. She commended Punjab’s efforts for promoting the game despite the unavailability of natural beaches. She, however, said that the event had generated huge interest in Beach Volleyball and authorities had noticed the public excitement over the matches. She expressed the hope that a strategy would be mapped out soon to popularise the game in the province. Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, was the chief guest at the game. He along with other dignitaries distributed prizes to the participants. Wapda clinched the top spot beating Pakistan Police in the finals. The third and fourth positions were won by the HEC and Punjab teams.

Inter-University Girls’ Athletics

IN January 2009, the University of Karachi in cooperation with Higher Education Commission (HEC) organised the Inter-University Athletics Championship for girls. It was the first major sporting event of the year on the campus. The event, which was attended by girls from leading universities of the country, drew wide acclaim for meticulous planning and arrangements. Punjab University took the first position, followed by Faisalabad which stood second. The hosts clinched the third place. The universities participating in the event included Islamia Bahawalpur, NED, Sindh Jamshoro, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Mehran University, AgricultureUniversity, Faislabad and Peshawar University. --M.A.B.Y

A winner receiving a medal in the Inter-University Girls’ Athletics 2009


The first issue of a newsletter produced by final year students of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi

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