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N-Gage Strategic Plan 2013-16

A word from the CEO

“It started with an exclusion� Having personally experienced being permanently excluded from mainstream school, I know the challenges that this can lead to in later life. At N-Gage we are all passionate about helping young people to achieve as much as they can in life. Christie Spurling


At N-Gage we are passionate about helping young people. It’s in our DNA. That’s what we were set up to do. In an ever changing world it is N-Gage’s mission to help be a part of the solution. Working with often complex individuals we hope to be an organisation that “enables young people to reach their full potential.” We are developing this plan in the midst of difficult financial times which have seen a wide ranging cut back in essential community support services. This strategic plan seeks to spell out our vision and our plans for the next 3 years during which we hope to be able to continue to reach even more marginalised young people.


Every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential


To create opportunities for hard to reach young people to be able to:  Develop  Learn  Progress Using a variety of programmes and placing emphasis on the individual young person, tackling educational failure, anti-social behaviour and youth crime.

Our promise to young people 

To view them as individuals

To listen to them and respect them, their views and opinions

To be honest with them

To make new opportunities available to them

To challenge and encourage them

To offer support to them

Our DNA: At N-Gage we are 

 

Young person centred – we put the needs of the young person first in our practice and seek to keep them at the forefront of everything that we do. Motivated by our faith and experience to see young people’s lives transformed and society impacted as a result of this. Ready to go wherever young people are, focussed on outreach and flexible and innovative ways of identifying and meeting the needs of young people Committed to working with the most difficult to reach particularly those who do not engage with other services Keen to challenge stereotypes of young people and raise their expectations of themselves and their peers Champions of young people – committed to telling good news stories Committed to early intervention in young people’s lives Committed to giving young people a voice to challenge and change their lives, communities and the wider society Advocates of young people, helping them to tackle the root cause of their issues. Not for profit, but committed to becoming more sustainable to ensure continuity and growth and consistency of our services. Good stewards of the funding we receive. Relational – we value our relationships with young people, our team and our partners highly In pursuit of excellence – we are committed to providing quality youth work that keeps getting better

Our Priorities /Strategic goals for the next 3 years: 1. Education - working in Primary and Secondary mainstream Schools – to increase both the quantity and quality of our work in schools during the school day and after school too 2. Alternative provision – to complement our work in mainstream schools we will seek to provide alternative provision off site as well as on 3. Community detached youth work – to work more strategically in specific locations and feed our detached work in to more developed opportunities 4. Experiential opportunities - e.g. Transform, YLP, Revolution. To give opportunities for new experiences and skills to be learned

5. Centre based youth work – a new approach for N-Gage to deepen relationships 6. Impact and profile raising – to position ourselves to respond more quickly to local and national priorities, to have more of a voice in this area 7. Training – to play a part in training up youth workers for the future 8. Partnership – to extend what we can offer and increase what we are able to do.

Our Hopes and Dreams... 

   

 

To work with more young people across Greater Manchester and the North West in schools and in their communities To increase the quality of our work with those young people we are already in contact with – to be reflective and flexible to adapt our work To capitalise on new opportunities that will help us to reach more young people To tell more good news stories about young people and champion them publicly To partner with other agencies/organisations in order to look at the whole young person To increase our impact in the wider sphere of setting policy and practice and to be able to respond to local and national priorities To increase our capacity to deliver services and develop the organisation to facilitate the work To increase our team of committed passionate youth workers who will carry this vision forward

N-Gage Strategic plan 2013 16