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Mar 2012

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Robert Rabbin


Each of us has a unique gift that, when shared with love and courage, can make our world a better place. We each have a distinctive voice, and a message that others need to hear.

note from the editor

It is with pleasure and awe that I take on this new role of editing Equal II Magazine. It's a pleasure, because as you probably have read elsewhere, the written word is my particular passion; and I am in awe, because as I am getting to know the magazine's contributors, I am deeply impressed by the wealth of experience and the breadth and depth of knowledge held by Mz Margz's circle of clients and colleagues.

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My appreciation for Mz Margz herself dates back quite a few years, to the days when she was just starting her coaching practice, embarking on the journey to discover her true voice. I marvelled at her resilience, resolve and just plain pluck as, time after time, she picked herself up, dusted herself off, and persevered in her drive to help her fellow Natural Therapy practitioners along their own paths to success. It would have been so easy, I thought, for her to go back to the corporate world, where she'd already tasted success. It must have been so hard to, I thought, for her to face each new day with the dogged determination to make the day count, to make a difference. To keep on keeping on. Now look at her: a successful coaching practice; courses and programmes that have reached and benefitted so many; an online magazine to bring the Natural Therapy community together. Mz Margz understands -- because she's lived it -- that when you find your true voice and discover your true path, success will follow. The world needs you. And it would seem that the world especially needs you right now. Mz Margz and Catherine Fyans have in this issue spelled out why it's time to speak with one accord, and they

do so eloquently and convincingly. I encourage you to listen. Catherine isn't the only 'guest' author in this issue. We were delighted to receive submissions from no less than ten separate authors – submissions that each reflected an individual voice, and all that shared important messages. As an animal lover, I resonate deeply to what Angela Anderson says about speaking up. I was moved by Ros Betts' recount of discovering her voice through song. Who can't finish reading Rainbow Gold's story without a smile on their face? Pamela Sadler offers some wonderful advice to counter the stresses of speaking in public. Grace Ambrook's guided meditation is simply brilliant. Robert Rabbin speaks from his vast experience, encouraging us to be as little children in our fearlessness. Helen Frys tells how even the shyest individual can learn to speak up. Diane Jackson reminds us of our voice by quoting a wellloved songwriter. And Denise Daffara's art is as powerful as any words could ever be. It is a rich issue! We have already set the Equal II bar high, and I am excited about what is to come. If you have not yet submitted an article to the magazine, there will be plenty of opportunity. I look very much forward to working further with those of you I've met already, as well as many, many more of you. After all, this magazine is all about you. And it wants – and needs – to hear your voice. Peace.

Welcome to the First Edition of

Equal II with a vision to evoke and inspire radical potential in Natural Therapy practitioners and their practices

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Note from Mz Margz Welcome to the first edition of Equal II. WOW what a journey to get this li'l baby down the birth canal and into the world! There was a moment earlier in the week when it just about went back up the tube to float in the womb of 'what the eff if no one reads it' insecurities. But I am very pleased to say I've stuck to my birth plan, worked through the urge to retreat back into obscurity, and stepped out into the ether. It's one thing to put your own writing up for scrutiny. But it's a whole 'nuther ball game to be a guardian to the words of others. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Bob Dylan What so many don't realise is that every step up, every new project, every time we walk onto new ground, we get an energy expansion. It can be a little scary in the silence of that white space between everything you know in the comfort zone and the new boundary you set for yourself. This time around the discomfort was different. I have begun to feel a higher vibration of discomfort – it's the discomfort of the dream coming true – not the discomfort of failure. Ten years ago I'd never have believed it if you'd told me I would be creating an online margazine with ten of the finest, most courageous human beings trusting enough in my vision to come on board to write with me. And that some of those writers would be speaking of the new path I'd helped them shine a light on long enough to get their courage legs up to walk it. Who thought I'd be presenting an interview I did a week earlier with Lee Carroll, the original channel of Kryon and

author of the ten or so dog-eared and marked-up books sitting on the shelf of my spiritual bookcase. To think I'd have an editor with the experience and expertise of Patricia Mackenzie. She went way beyond the call of duty to get this out and it really wouldn't have happened without her. The authors have consistently been amazed at how much better they sound once Patricia’s red pen has worked its magic. The depth of gratitude that exists within my heart can't be expressed in words (you'll need to edit in the right ones, Mz Patricia!) AND she wouldn't let me write twat only twit :-) And to top it off who would have thought I'd be stepping onto a Virgin jet at Easter and flying directly to New York City to attend 10XNYC alongside and Equal II some of the greats of my industry as we learn from Brendon Burchard. Imagine how delighted I was to hear this week that Michael Charest is going to be there, too. The universe sends little signs when you are on the right path. I used to sit on teleclasses in the middle of the night and cry down the phone to Michael. Next month we'll be right in the middle of Times Square New York surrounded by the brightest signs outside of Vegas! Sadly, many never get to see their signs light up because they are way back down the road waiting for the sign to appear. I say, write your own sign and get on with it! Enjoy the first edition and the courageous words of my extra-ordinary people who found their voice when they stepped past their discomfort and spoke up for the first time.

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I Find My Voice Through My Art by Denise Daffara

All Images Copyright to Denise Daffara with special thanks for the angel escaping the cage photo from www.adoristudios.com.au

Sometimes I find my voice through my art.

There are times when life is all a bit overwhelming and, like so many others, I've experienced difficult bouts of depression.

As an artist I have become acutely aware of the colours relating to each chakra, and when I paint in blue I am always reminded of our throat chakra.

It is at these times that I call on friends, spiritual tools, healers, meditation and any number of other wonderful resources in my life to get me through.

Last year, I was given the opportunity for a unique photo shoot created for the purpose of sharing my story of ‘Overcoming Adversity’.

It’s a daily thing.

The ultimate photo created was of me wearing a turquoise blue dress, and made to look as though I was flying out of a cage. It broke me open and inspired me to create a mixed media painting to represent the meaning of my self-imposed cage. As humans experiencing life in the Western world, I think this is the story of so many of us.

The cage has a door. ...Self love is the key. with love Denise. © 2012 Denise Daffara All Rights Reserved

e d u l c in d l u o e c g a c the n 'What if…?' o s d r Wo !


! !

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et g l 'l u o 'Y

!' urt


'Undes ir



lazy.' o s e 'You'r

ul Fearf

easy.' e b to t n a e Longi n't m s i ng e f le 'Li b a v o l d, un e r a c ity, s p f l , se h.' g g n i u h o t n loa ood e g Selft o 'Stay small…' 'N off!' g n i how s p o 'St

tter' a m t ' 'I don

ak!' e w e 'You'r

ink.' h t u at yo h w cares e n o 'No 'I am too tired.' k?' n i h t they l l i w 'What do!' o t t wha w o n ken?' k o r t ' b n this 'I do t e g did I w o 'H oat.' b e ! h ck t o r t ' 'Don 'What m akes you Dram think yo a u're so special? ?' e it.' k a m ver e n l l ' 'You

e??' r a u nk yo i h t you o d o aid.' 'Wh r f a 'I'm

lf e S

ey K he t is e v o L

Image Courtesy of Adori Studios



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I Would Love Your Help Please Out of the blue, one of my beloved speaking mentors, Robert Rabbin, emailed to say he had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that had already spread to the bone. Way back when I was starting out, he is one of the handful of people who believed in me unconditionally. To be honest, the news hit like a freight train, because the last time I saw him, he was a shining example of health, one of the most vibrant and 'in touch with self' people I know. Watching him turn straight to the messages within the silence of his soul was a pretty aweinspiring lesson in itself, especially when most would have gone to pieces. He is standing as a magnificent pillar of truth and authenticity as the lessons roll for him, and from each lesson, thousands of people on his list are benefiting and learning so much as he blogs his daily thoughts and actions. As I do when I don't know what to do, I went to my 5 Reiki Precepts and the 22 Principles of Attraction. In the precepts I found 'just for today – refrain from worry' and 'honour your parents and teachers'. In the Attraction

Program I found 'over-deliver', 'add value just for the joy of it', 'build a super reserve' and 'show others how to please you'. I knew I didn't have the super reserves of cash he will need to survive the medical system in the USA. But I also knew that, even if I could, just throwing money at him wasn't the answer. In my heart I wanted to honour him and his work, PLUS make a significant difference for him in the cash department as well. So I thought about how I could help with honour. Eventually I got my head around it and sent him an email offering him something I am rich in – technology. Robert will teach his Authenticity Accelerator program in a six-week teleclass series. Participants will get him live, sharing how he is using his five Principles of Authenticity now, and teaching you what it takes to achieve authenticity by going down the burrow with ten small words. The cost is $49 He is one of the most honest and truthful people I have encountered on my journey and you can be sure that, if you travel with him on these calls, he will reveal things at a depth that

will give you insights into life and death rarely available anywhere. I seldom ask for much. But I feel very deeply about this – and this is where 'show others how to please you' kicks in. I have set the bar high on this one and I would love your support. If we can get 500 people registered for the teleclass series at $49 each, Robert will get close to $25,000 to spend on his treatment. I would consider that a significant difference and a 'win with honour' for everyone.

If you can help in any way to get the message about the teleclass out to friends, family, colleagues, and to your list, I would be most grateful. I know many of you tell me I have given you value beyond what you have expected. This is a way you could honour me, if it feels right for you. His website to share with others is here. To register for the teleclass series click here. Thank you in advance. Margaret Gill


Grace Ambrook - The Queen of Possibilities

Programs Grace has done with me include:

• Sore to SOAR • Sanctum for the Soul • How to Build a Business with Love • eProduct Expert Ease 1:1 Coaching Grace Ambrook of Azozea

Click here if lost Grace Ambrook is the creator of Essence of Possibilities vibrational essences and symbols, and more recently SpiraLight and TerraLight Essences. She runs Azozea, a Wellness Practice in Anglesea, Victoria, along the Great Ocean Road, where she offers healing through kinesiology, and spiritual awareness courses. Grace is also the founder of the Bring Love Ceremony. Azozea provides services, tools and programmes to vitalise wellbeing, connect and deepen the relationship to our own heart to our own centre and to Mother Earth, and to build respect and

love of our uniqueness. This is when our life really unfolds and we feel the alignment and satisfaction of our success.

At first that conversation, for me, was through the wonder of kinesiology, which talks to all parts of our being and holds marvelous clearings, healings and awareness.

This is Grace's story of how, in finding her voice, she took herself and her practice to the next level. So I was communicating clearly

through kinesiology, but I had a growing awareness that there were some ‘other things’ within me that I entered the healing world about twenty years ago (OMG!) through are a part of my journey in this life, that I was not communicating. reiki and various forms of My body was sending my all sorts wonderful massage. Over time I came to the realization that, to be of signals: a stiff neck, poor metabolic rate, tight jaw and true to the full me, I needed to include healing conversation in my reduced hearing. The time had come for me to listen to myself. repertoire. ~~~~~

And we were all in awe at each other’s voice. I love how the right things come along at the right time. Back in 2001, a forgotten store of money had allowed me to secure my place in a kinesiology course at Kinesiology Connection. That was a significant step in my journey of life.

Over the Soar to Soar weekend, I uncovered, explored and allowed a deeper part of me to be expressed, that part that had been screaming so loudly that my hearing had become affected. Listening, as well as speaking, relates to the throat chakra.

Then in 2010, the opportunity came to take the Soar to Soar programme offered by Margaret Gill, of Abundant Private Practices. I was already busy with one-to-one appointments, but I knew (and know) deep within my being that I had more to share with the world.

I had been listening to my insecurities and fears more than my passion and my truth, so no wonder my neck was stiff and my ears blocked. My fear of my ability to create had blocked the expression of my creativity and alignment with Divine Will, and my body was telling me.

Over that weekend, in a safe and supportive environment, I 'ummed' and 'erred' and fluttered around with others doing the same in their own way, and we laughed and cried together as we each shared our story. And we were all in awe at each other’s voice. Each of us had treasures to share, and when I left, I continued that journey with joy and love and concerted effort.


Grace Ambrook The Queen of Possibilities My voice that emerged was The Essence of Possibilities, eight Vibrational Essences and symbols that have opened up a whole new aspect of my journey to wholeness. The Essence of Possibilities allows the calls of the heart to beat strongly enough to quieten the smaller version of life created by the mind.

obvious, but quite often when we speak to others individually or in groups, we feel we have to be someone other than who we truly are.

I encourage you to leave that perception, and the perception that you have to know everything, far behind you. Certainly know 'your stuff' and have the resources in In March 2012, I am running the place to gain new knowledge as fifth Essence of Possibilities (EoP) clients bring you challenges (and workshop. Each workshop comes they will). But also learn how to together in its own unique way, say, 'I don’t know', and create and and people leave more open, model truth in communication. aligned and enthusiastic to the We will always ‘not know’ more possibility of fulfilling their potential in life. This is my part in than we will ever know. So relax and communicate what you do communicating Divine Spirit on know with love, passion and Earth at this time. compassion, with the sure But I have received an extra, knowledge that your true message unexpected bonus from working will benefit all those who hear it. with the Essence of Possibilities. Short courses have emerged on developing spiritual connection and understanding. I discovered another magical essence called TerraLight, recently joined by the birthing of a second essence called © 2012 Grace Ambrook SpiraLight. With Mz Margz, I All Rights Reserved have taught Teleclasses on How to Build a Business With Love, as well as teaching an independent Teleclass series of my own called Journey to Wholeness. And I know 2012 holds even more magic. After finding my voice at the Soar to Soar weekend, one of the major keys for me has been to ‘keep myself real’. This may sound

Greetings Dear Ones... I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words ... in books ... in live event channellings ... listening to channellings on my iPad in bed ... listening to channellings on my 'puter ... Kryon is a trip, and it's something you either take to or not. I AM a Kryon junkie in the nicest possible way. The message of Kryon has touched me deeply over the years. It was my great pleasure to interview Lee Carroll, the original channel of Kryon, and the messages for healers were powerful.



Every So Often... Click here if lost

by Margaret Gill

I was sitting at the back of the room observing. I let the silent tears roll down my cheeks because it seemed appropriate to not interrupt the flow. What was unfolding in front of my eyes could not have been more perfect. We were housed in the womb of Sanctum for the Soul and the energy in the room had been building over the morning. Now mid-afternoon, the energy was at a very high frequency. Everyone in the room felt the shift, as the cold grey winter clouds of Daylesford that had been hanging ominously and promising rain all morning parted, sending bright white shards of sunlight streaming through the north-facing windows onto the Avenue of Love heart-shaped stones that were encouraging participants to embark down a new road. It was like God was smiling on this small gathering of people who were opening their souls to all that was available on this expressway of love. As I watched Grace Ambrook bathed in a spotlight of sunshine, taking the baton of trust that I had passed her, working with the participants of Sanctum for the Soul with great honour and, well, grace, it was a very moving experience for me.

I’d listened intently to Grace execute a perfect example of an 'Earn the Right' at the start of her talk, just as I’d taught her in Sore to Soar. But then when she reached within, shifting the thing up into warp drive, and delivered something from the left field of her soul that I could not have imagined, I was delighted. Particularly because when we talked about this section of the event it was only a glimmer of an idea based around an Avenue of Light that 'I reckoned she could work on and deliver'. When you have the privilege, as I do as a coach, to walk beside people as they go to the depths of their soul and courageously face their true purpose, drawing out more of themselves than they ever imagined existed, it is exhilarating to be there to see the results. So often I only get to see the one side of the equation. I see all the planning and budgets and ideas flowing through in the early days. I mop up the fear and sadness as something along the journey comes in to test. I kick butts till noses bleed to get products released. I challenge concepts until the idea is way bigger than it started out to be. But I rarely get to experience the outcome of all the work this intimately.

On Grace’s project I had been privileged to be the first 'outsider' to see the symbols that, with such belief and trust in her ability, were passed to Grace from spirit, to watch as she deciphered the tangle of spaghetti-like messages she was receiving and moulded them into something cohesive. The first time I opened the symbols as they embarked on their first earthly journey in an ordinary pdf file, they nearly knocked me off the chair. I could tell even from the first early sketches that this was very special and deeply sacred information that was being called forth. But to actually see Grace dance down the Avenue of Light she had created, with the sunlight pouring in on her, her essences brewed with so much love and her cards with the symbols all laid out on the avenue, her arms held high above her head imitating a tree and twirling and swirling as she went – it was truly one of those coach moments that rewards you for all the tough times on the rocky roads. The group were encouraged to enter the avenue that Grace had introduced through theatre and dance, using all sorts of wonderful creative messages to explain what each symbol represented and what it

That’s what drives a coach, to see a client in her glory.

There was only one word to my message ........... thanks! would help us with if we worked with its energy. Well, the one that was shouting at me to come on down and play was the card that promises to straighten you out and put you on your journey. After what I’d been through in the last ten years I SO didn’t want to hear the message it had for me. I really didn’t feel like a big download of new stuff for me to be working on, so I conveniently avoided it. But like any message spirit wants you to hear – it has a way of getting loud enough that you can’t ignore it. I exhaled a big sigh and caved in, and headed to the bottom of the avenue to receive my message.

As I dropped the essence of possibility under my tongue and then placed the card over my heart chakra, a warm wash of love moved right through my body. There was only one word to my message ... thanks! More tears! It was a moment of confirmation for me. To think that this concept was now not only alive and well, it was also able to single me out of the crowd and thank me for my partnership in its creation. For the first time I really got that these symbols and essences are living entities, not just a product or system. What a privilege to be the birth partner at their point of creation.

As a coach, I share my client's journey. We laugh together in the good times, we cry together in the scrapes, and we celebrate the wins loudly when they finally arrive. But it is the client who does the work and takes the public glory. That’s what drives a coach – to see a client in her glory. So to see the fruits of this project, to feel the culpable love the essences and symbols were generating in the room, and to see Grace so in the moment and in her power...well, let's just say it was a proud coach moment and my heart sang with joy.

© 2012 Margaret Gill

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same time each day or week. Well, thanks to my autoresponder, when those emails rolled out I could have been sound asleep, or giving a seminar, or travelling – indeed, anywhere at all besides at my computer pressing that 'send' key.

Those are pretty basic uses of an autoresponder. Yes, their purpose is to send an email on your behalf without your having to press the 'send' button. But the fact is, they're MUCH more useful than just to let your contacts know that you're 'away from your desk'!

Just imagine the kind of freedom that could give you in your business. Not having to be there when somebody new signs up on your website. Sure, at some point you'll want to establish an individual relationship with that person. But in the early days, their subscription is really their way of saying 'I want to learn more about this person before I commit myself further…'

A better example of an autoresponder doing what it's meant to do would be if you did my 90 Day Challenge or the Attraction Program. You might have marvelled at my efficiency in getting the emails out to you at the very

When I was in corporate I had an annoying little saying, 'let the machine do the work'. That actually came from my Nannie Gill, whose concept of 'men's work' covered anything she didn't want to do. Autoresponders are the

perfect machine to do the 'men's work' on your list and just churn the information out. Autoresponders make you look a whole lot more efficient than you really are. They are highly flexible, and allow you to do a lot of the work up front. Then that work just keeps rolling out to new people on your database without your having to lift – or press – a finger. The gold in all this is, by using an autoresponder, you create the work once and yet each new person who signs up with you gets the WOW factor right away. So they start to get to know you, they're hearing your message, they're figuring out who this stranger is that they just happened to find on the internet. Do you worry that using an autoresponder inauthentic?

I don't believe it is, because you created the material that's going out. It is your message and your voice – all the machine does is send the message. To me, it's no different to the move from hand-written letters to group emails. A machine is simply doing the grind work.

awesome knowledge from you. Do you reckon that might encourage them to trust you enough to purchase something from you in the future?

what your people have chosen to receive.

For instance, eventually you only be getting the level of emails from me that YOU decide on. Some of my readers can't get enough and devour everything I put Autoresponders can make out – I know because I hear strangers into friends. you quoting me! Others of Considering Natural you just want a little Therapies is an industry If your message is teaching interaction. My something or adding autoresponder will value in some way, then let me segment and it's just another way you send different things each new person who signs up with you can help more people, to meet different gets the WOW factor right away. authentically. people's needs throughout the Chances are you have month. that generally needs to build the bulk of what you can use a lot of trust in somebody already in some form – for How mind-blowing is before they will work with instance, the newsletters, that? us…well, can you see how tips and articles that you've an autoresponder can help If you already are using a sent to people already on with that process? It sure program that has your database. All of that can! autoresponders, like hasn't been seen by NEW MailChimp, 1shoppingcart, people and, bless those In the early days of the aweber, Constant Contact, autoresponders, they won't technology, an you might like to book a send it to your OLD people autoresponder was complimentary assessment unless you want them to. expensive. These days, session with me and we can however, if you're using Okay, so using an figure out if you are getting something like MailChimp, autoresponder doesn't take the most from the then you already have an a lot of work. BUT they DO autoresponders you already autoresponder available to force you to create product have. you. They've gotten a lot – and that's a good thing. easier to use, too…more Even if you don't have any You wouldn't want to get about that in a moment. of these programs yet, why stagnant, would you? not book in to see if you Once you've mastered the The golden rule is this. Give have enough in the back basic level of using an value. You don't want to catalogue to make them autoresponder in your send out just any old thing work for you! business, you can move on – that could have the and make them do pretty It's yet another way of reverse effect to what you're much anything you'd like making your voice heard. seeking. If you give value, them to. A system like then you will be training Infusionsoft can be Click here to book into your audience to expect automatically set up so that Clickbook, my online diary. good-quality information, names are moved around reliable service and your database depending on © 2012 Margaret Gill All Rights Reserved Click here if lost

Click here if lost

Vibrating With Fear by Pam Sadler Once you take on something you find challenging, it will never be as bad as the first time.

He was quite literally vibrating. If I'd leaned a little closer to the man sitting next to me, I could have had a massage on that side of my body. His big speech was over, and now reaction had set in. His adrenal reaction was caused by his own mind, and was as intense as if he'd been fleeing a wildfire. This man had always been extremely shy. A pharmacist by trade, the simple act of calling someone’s name to let them know their prescription was ready had been a big step for him when he was younger. Now, he had successfully made a speech in front of 500 people. He had spent hours agonizing, as agitated as a hornet whose nest has been disturbed. Surprisingly, when he gave the speech, the audience had no idea he was so afraid. They couldn't see his speech papers shaking in his hands. When it was all over, his whole body began shaking. I was an RN, but at the time I had no tools that I could offer to help him deal with these emotions.

The only way I knew to help him was to keep out of his way before the speech, and lay a comforting hand on his arm afterwards. Later, I learned more about five keys that can be of help anybody who fears public speaking. Taking action, prayer, homeopathy, herbs, and nutrients can all be used to counteract stage fright. 1.

Take action. Though speakers like the pharmacist may never be entirely comfortable with an audience, this man can now talk in front of a group with no one being the wiser about his difficult path to get there. How did he overcome this fear? For him, the most important step was just doing it. Once you take on something you find challenging, such as public speaking, it probably will never be as bad after the first time. So pick an easy topic for you, write down everything you wish to say, and “just do it”.

Taking ac)on,  prayer,   homeopathy,  herbs,  and   nutrients  can  all  be  used   to  counteract  stage  fright.

There is one important side effect of learning natural approaches to health......you will have fun! Pam Sadler

2. Meditate. The following simple two-step prayer or meditation releases negative thoughts and emotions and replaces them with positive ones. Fear, jealousy, inadequacy, rejection are examples of negative emotions that might hinder you from public speaking. First, visualize a ball of light in front of you, put all the “badness” you feel into the ball, and then slowly lift that ball up to God. Let it go. Then, ask God to replace it with feelings of confidence, peace and joy. Visualize yourself in that calm place where you can accept comfort and positive emotions, and feel yourself filling up with them. 3. Use homeopathy. One little-known thing about homeopathy is that you can put a drop of homeopathic liquids on the pulse point of your left wrist to reduce anxiety. Rescue Remedy is the most well-known product used in this way. Whether you have a fear of flying, taking tests or public speaking, this is one remedy that may work for you. I have even witnessed it lowering the blood pressure by 40 points in just minutes. Homeopathic Graphitis is another fabulous remedy. I sing, usually with a group but I have also sung duets, and I've never had a problem singing with others. Then one day I sang a solo and my body and voice vibrated with tension. The next time I sang a solo I took Graphitis and had no extra vibrato showing up at all. In fact, was more at ease then I had ever been.

4. Herbs, such as chamomile tea, can be very effective against anxiety. Drink some of this tea and you will find yourself chilling out. Be careful though, because if you are not too anxious it might put you to sleep! Get to know how your body responds to things like chamomile tea before you need it in a stressful situation. It seems to be particularly useful in calming anxiety characterized by repetitive thoughts. 5. Are you low in supplements, especially B Vitamins or magnesium? While I am not a fan of mega-dosing vitamins, these are two that often need to be corrected to handle the physical response to stress. I have had people in my office that were shaking for no apparent reason. That kind of anxiety can often be relieved by raising the levels of these key supplements. If you suffer from general anxiety, take a B-Complex 100 daily for a couple of weeks and see if you feel calmer. Magnesium that is chelated, or attached, to a protein (amino acid) is one of the most absorbable forms of this “happy mineral”. Both of these supplements may just give you the calm you need to succeed at public speaking. I grew up with the pharmacist in my story. He is now a leader in his community and church. Although he doesn't love public speaking, the fear of it will never again get in the way of what he would like to accomplish. May you also gain such success. © 2012 Pamela Sadler All Rights Reserved

Next Course 24 - 25 March 2012 Prahran Melbourne Only Six Tickets Available

Katherine Smith

speaking intensive

“Wow!! What an amazing weekend.”

sore to SOAR Jan Winslade

Early Birds!

“The Sore to SOAR weekend was a profound experience of speaking about my story. It helped me to understand myself on a deeper level.  It has inspired me to share my passion and love to assist others to connect and be true to themselves, and follow your dreams.  I did it!!!!

Gina Tucker

Early Bird Pricing Runs out Sunday 11 March 2012



Following my talk to a room of around 35 people, I was approached by at least 5 people who wanted to tell me how much they appreciated my story, how much it resonated for them or how it related to their own circumstances in some way.  

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Speaking One’s Truth by Helen Frys

I was always such a shy quiet child. When I first started school, I never wanted to be seen or heard. That way I knew I would never get into trouble. Even if I knew the answers to the teacher's questions, I wouldn't put my hand up. That was way too scary, and I certainly didn't want to take the risk of being ridiculed and laughed at. No, I was never going to bring attention to myself. Wow, how things have changed! Far from being reserved, I now want to speak up and to teach. I've become an author; I run workshops and share my message. So how did I go from one extreme to the other?

found myself unable to breathe, I felt very uncomfortable and began choking and coughing. This was when I realized I had some serious issues here. So I breathed. I got in touch with my inner child. I used crystals and I meditated – all to help me let go of this fear that had me quite literally gripped by the throat. I studied the throat chakra, and found it was about expressing ourselves, expressing our truth, allowing spirit to have a channel for the energy to come to us, giving us physical vitality and energy to accomplish our purpose in life.

It was by going within and having a good, hard look at myself, at all those parts of me I didn't like or even loathed. By doing this, I gave myself the best gift ever. I gave myself the gift of self-love. But I've jumped ahead a bit here. So let's take a step back, to where it all began for me. It was in 1989 that I first discovered the power of the mind in a weekend seminar, how thoughts can become things and what we think about all day long is what we manifest. I was blown away by this new knowledge, and thus began my journey into personal development and metaphysics. Not long after that, I began working with a rebirther who became my friend and mentor for the next two years. She basically held my hand as I journeyed into the deepest, darkest parts of myself, and she gave me the courage to let go of such deep pain and replace it with love and light. My next phase was studying for a certificate in Spiritual and Holistic healing. My teacher became my mentor over the next four years. This was where I learnt about the chakras. And this was when I realized I had one incredibly blocked throat chakra. During a throat chakra meditation I literally

I also challenged myself to get up and speak in front of others. I was given the opportunity to teach the classes I had been taking, with the support and assistance of my teacher and mentor. I was so excited, but also so scared. The first class I was to teach, you wouldn't believe it, but I actually lost my voice. AAhh, repressed fear coming

up and taking complete hold of my throat chakra. When you're led to believe that speaking the truth is not accepted, and to hide your true feelings and make out all is okay, of course it becomes challenging to talk about who you really are and what you really think. Time for my next mentor to appear in my life, whom I met at my very first solo speaking engagement. Unlike in the class I'd taught, this time I was to speak in front of an audience I'd never met before. I had it all worked out that there would be around seven to ten people, just a nice size, I thought, for my first time. Not to be. They had a guest speaker that night and the numbers doubled, if not tripled. That guest speaker was Margaret Gill of Abundant Private Practices. Once I heard Margaret speak, that was it, I knew who my new mentor would be. It was her gentle, loving, humorous guidance that has really pushed me to break out of the confines of my own fears. She gave me loving, gentle but determined advice to stop hiding, to come out from under the covers and be seen and heard. It was when I began speaking my truth that I discovered my power. Speaking the truth paved the way for my healing, and to overcoming my low selfesteem. Now I am a published author, thanks to Margaret's advice, encouragement, and belief in me. Now I am ready to share, teach and impart all that I have learnt to others. Š 2012 Helen Frys All Rights Reserved Helen Frys designsuccessnow@gmail.com Certified Spiritual and Holistic Healer www.DesignSuccessNow.com Taking you from Distress to Success. Helping women design and plan a magnificent life using the deliberate law of attraction.

Have you ever noticed h o w s o m e p e o p l e a re m o re naturally attractive than others?



Some years ago Coachville and CoachU founder Thomas Leonard created the Attraction Program by recognising 28 principles and actions that when consistently implemented, cause people to become naturally attracted to you on all levels - not just the physical. Margaret Gill is a licensed Attraction Program Teacher. The Attraction Program is about 28 thought-expanding, surprisingly practical, and highly effective principles, linked to each other like facets on a diamond. These principles will help you shape your life, career and relationships in the most selfsatisfying and profitable way possible. The Attraction Program is great for people seeking more ... but don't know how to find "it"

To celebrate the launch of the Margazine - The Attraction Program Home Study eCourse will be half price until Sunday 11th March 2012

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You’re The Voice

by Diane Jackson

Self expression ..... My understanding so far. Some years ago now, John Farnham wrote and sang a song: "You're the voice, try and understand it Make the noise and make it clear We're not gonna sit in silence We're not gonna live with fear."

As women, we sometimes find it hard to live up to that ideal. As women, we owe it to ourselves to do just that. Expressing ourselves in a way that is truthful can be challenging. How often do we sugarcoat or even totally bypass the words within us that we know really need to be expressed? Not feeling heard is humiliating and disempowering to anyone, not least a woman. As women, we know well that expressing our true feelings and points of view can unleash various undesirable emotions. Fear of upsetting anyone, fear of not being approved of, fear of not being understood, all have contributed to my journey so far as a woman trying to find her voice. Working with women has enabled me to see this is not a solo experience. The more women I talk to, the more I understand that this issue of being heard in a way that does not cause conflict is common amongst us. How do we overcome it? My Throat chakra is my barometer. I use it as a gauge to determine whether or not I am communicating what I need to. Then the solar plexus, my abdomen area really lets me know when something is not sitting quite right. These are my weakest links. And on my journey thus far, I am learning to listen more, first to myself, and then to others. To understand the power of intent. To see the energy behind our words and how we use them, and from what source that energy comes. Trying to come from the heart when we are angry, frustrated and just sometimes lost for

words, takes patience and compassion for ourselves. But it is a skill well worth developing, because when we come from the heart, we can truly be heard. Fear is a feeling that contracts our energy. Instead, I try to use words that build energy, mine and others. I try not to personalise – or fear – others' conversations or gossip. I remember to breathe. I will not deny it takes practice and support from self, but it's total bliss when we get it right. Now, back to John Farnham's song. I believe it holds a message that is very relevant to our topic, that of finding our voice. "You're the voice, try and understand it ★ Go within and ask yourself what it is you're wanting to say.

Make the noise and make it clear ★ Express those unspoken words. Speaking or shouting into a pillow can be a great way to do it, or alone in a car. Make note of how you feel after you release those words: you'll feel lighter, I guarantee it!

We're not gonna sit in silence ★ Give yourself permission to be heard. Always take a moment first to gather your thoughts. A response is kinder and more effective than a reaction.

We're not gonna live with fear." ★ Be EMPOWERED and feel YOUR WORTH. Worthiness is a word I endorse totally. So be in worthiness, and enjoy the experience of truly finding your voice. © 2012 Diane Jackson All Rights Reserved

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trust - Trust - TRUST!

by Margaret Gill

Three days into the New Year and I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business (quite literally), planning out the year. I had decided in late 2011 that lying low, getting superorganised and consolidating would be a good thing for me to do in 2012. Then all that changed with a sales email from a guy named Brendon Burchard. He trains speakers and coaches, maybe you've seen his videos that teach all manner of 'how-to's' on the internet. This is what I

thought I was opening, another 'how-to', but oh how wrong I was!

His email hit me straight in the heart chakra and I just knew I had to travel to Times Square New York City at Easter to attend his 10XNYC event. After wandering around the house feeling sick to my stomach for 24 hours, I still without doubt knew I had to go. (The “sick” feeling hasn’t gone away yet!)

At the time the email came in I really didn't have the budget to go but somehow it all came together with the help of a friend who has believed in me enough to lend me large chunks of cash before. And before I knew it I was booked with flights that my friend still swears are one way, not return, they were so cheap! But they're return tickets; I AM coming home! I had to sign off a declaration that stated 'This is for SERIOUS people who want to become the highest-paid

authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online marketers in the world; those who want to build a real empire and become titans, icons, legends, and LEADERS in the experts industry and the world'. Jeez Louise, I am still integrating all of that statement. To be honest, on the one hand I am scared witless but on the other hand I'm seriously excited about drinking straight red cordial for three days in the heart of Manhattan and learning what it takes to step onto a global stage from someone who has already well and truly done that. I have always wanted to travel the world teaching and speaking so this squarely and quite literally puts the money where my mouth has been!

Be careful what you ask for, huh! You'd think I'd be like a dog with two tails. On one hand I am but on the other hand I'm seriously uncomfortable. I now have to have the same trust and belief in myself that my friend has in me, to turn what I learn into something meaningful to take to the world. I shared with Patricia earlier that I needed to 'fess up to you guys, so I'm held accountable. It was wonderful to have her unwavering support, because like me she understands when you publicly state things, you gotta do them. For me it's the next logical step, but it is also a massive

leap of faith. I know on the inside now that when I trust I will be supported. I always am when I trust, and my biggest leaps of faith have always bought the greatest personal growth. Plus the big personal growth for me has always occurred in the USA because they think way bigger up there and the flight up automatically takes me out of my comfort zone!

have not only been too far out of my comfort zone, I wouldn't have understood half of what Brendon was talking about. But since taking the leap of faith eighteen months ago to install Infusionsoft and living through the growing of pains of implementing that beast, I know EXACTLY what he is talking about. There is definitely power in staying in the game!

If the last ten years of the journey is anything to go by, I know it will take a fair bit of time to integrate before I send you all back-stage passes to Madison Square Garden. But at least this is one (smallishly huge) step in that direction.

Third, if Michael and Michelle are going, you can bet it's going to be good, So it gives me comfort that I'm learning at a level that honours the trust my people put in me when they pay for my mentoring and training.

In Sore to SOAR I teach the participants to stand on the shoulders of giants because who you hang with is what determines your potential reality. The more you associate with the people you want to be like, the more you will become like them.

Plus, I get to hang with the fabulous Cathy Towle, the Abundance Cheque astrologer, in Central Park over the weekend and then have lunch with Michael at a New York Deli – SERIOUSLY EXCITING!

So imagine how delighted I was when I found out that one of my giants, Michael Charest, is going to be there with his old business partner Michelle Schubnel from Coach and Grow R.I.C.H. First, because it means my mentors are still constantly striving to better their knowledge and understanding at cutting-edge levels. Second, because it means the little kid in the nappies is catching up to her big brothers and sisters. Most certainly it's a scenario I could never have envisaged ten years ago when I first started out. Even twelve months ago this event would

Postscript by Patricia. Mz Margz didn't say I could write a postscript to her announcement but I'm taking the liberty to do so. In reading her confession, made deliberately as she cuts off any escape route from what the universe is offering to her, what occurred to me was this. If I know anybody who can step up into her full greatness, it's absolutely, definitely, Mz Margz. Watching her journey thus far has been fascinating; I have an inkling that fascination is about to ramp up 10X. Remember, friends – we knew her 'when' - and we'll know her 'then'!! We all need someone like Patricia trusting us! Mz M

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Found My Voice

by Catherine Fyans

All new truths are first met with ridicule, second with vehement opposition, and then eventually they are seen as being self-evident. Truth is, the world – including the world of healing – is in a constant state of change and growth, and those who don't keep up will inevitably be left behind. We have now entered the vehement-opposition stage regarding acceptance of the teaching of ‘complementary therapies’ in universities, and those who now oppose it will, in the end, lose their voice.

Does the term ‘scientific proof’ assume that every scientific study is flawless, and beyond context and human bias and interpretation? Of course not. Science is not an entity unto its own. It is a term used for a bunch of people in a bunch of disciplines doing a bunch of experiments and collecting data to ‘prove’ something. We have made science a god beyond reproach, sacrosanct.

Mainstream health care was not too concerned when natural therapies were taught in little colleges tucked away out of sight somewhere, but fear and indignation is rising in response to universities threatening to run courses to teach these therapies. Ridicule did not work; now the 'threat' to the mainstream is real. The narcissistic core of the ego has indeed been threatened in those who hold faithfully to the patriarchal, exclusively left brain, intellectual paradigm of health care. The big argument is that natural therapies are not ‘scientifically proven’, that they should be ‘evidence-based’. What, precisely, does ‘evidence-based’ mean, beyond being the latest catch cry and oh so politically correct? In terms of health care, healing, and the general promotion of well-being, what are we measuring, and who decides what the acceptable evidence is? In fact, who decides what ‘healing’ is, and who has the right to dictate their definition to anybody else? Healing is a very personal thing. No one group could justifiably claim ownership of healing. Do statistical analyses and agreedupon outcomes necessarily point us in the right direction? I would think that history has proven otherwise. We all know that scientific endeavour has its brilliance, and has developed wonderfully useful and life-enhancing technologies. But we need to see it in its correct perspective.

Blind faith in science is actually an emotional response and is by its very definition – 'blind', meaning 'sightless', and 'faith', meaning 'complete trust or confidence' – unscientific. In our culture we have developed the intellect at the expense of other more subtle, though equally powerful, aspects of human consciousness. We have also attached our collective egos to our intellectual prowess, and have tended to invalidate other qualities such as intuition and emotion. These other aspects of our consciousness are deemed more nebulous, more feminine, and somehow less relevant than intellectual aspects. We have given away our innate ‘knowing’ at the altar of hard scientific facts. The paradox is that complementary health care courses will no doubt be inclusive of scientific studies/data to promote their validity. I suspect

In the ideal world, different health care disciplines truly complement each other; each offering their areas of expertise, each acknowledging their own and the others' skills in an atmosphere of positive exchange and learning.

that they might run the risk of choosing to join the world of ‘evidence-based scientific proof’, to keep the guernsey, so to speak. Those who are suspicious of the world of 'snake oil' should be happy, because their standards might well be applied. So, which is it then? Either ridicule natural therapies as being ‘unscientific’, or embrace their entry into the bastion of the intellect and science. It can't be both ways. Why are we so hung up on proving things, anyway? What is – is, regardless of ‘proof’. Collecting a whole lot of data is not going to change what is. Yes, there should be reasonable safeguards and standards, with good care and safety of clients being a clear priority. But there is a difference between upholding standards and fear-fuelled paranoia. A lot of fear regarding health care outcomes is a reflection of a universal fear of death, a denial of the reality of our mortality. Mainstream health care is heavily regulated and controlled, reflecting that fear of reality. It is also tainted with a victim-blame mentality. Whom can we blame when something goes wrong? And how can we get compensated? This mentality is based upon the fundamental misconception that an individual has no personal responsibility for what they might experience. It is the duty of the health care practitioner to provide the very best of information and health care skills that they

have available to them. But the responsibility for one’s health should rightfully be returned to the client. And why don’t we look for the good before the bad? Why don’t we actually open our eyes to see the great benefit that many gain from holistic health care and natural therapies? When did mainstream health care decide to trust new-to-nature molecules over natural substances? When did we decide that we had to be reliant on pills of unnatural chemicals to get through life? When did we forget our innate capacity to heal and decide that health care had to be so dramatic? Please show me the logic in that! In the ideal world, different health care disciplines truly complement each other; each offering their areas of expertise for the overall benefit of the health care consumer, each acknowledging their own and the others’ skills in an atmosphere of positive exchange and learning. I look forward to a time when we have this integrative, cooperative, win-win system. This is not a fanciful vision. The time will come when we have just that. For me personally, it is time to find my voice, to express what I see as some glaring truths that have been hidden for far too long behind smoke screens.

© 2012 Catherine Fyans All Rights Reserved

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What is A “Leave With It Done” Program I believe as we move more into our practices we get a greater understanding of what we do for our clients. A gift I bring to my workshops, is that most of people leave with the product they are learning to create DONE!

The programs in the Leave With It Done Categories •How to Run Workshops

So when you do a speaking workshop with me - you speak before you leave. If you want to run a workshop, well each week you not only learn an aspect of setting up a training workshop - you actually get all the tools to DO that step. I can’t make you take the step, but the energy of the group generally helps most people take the steps. What happens then is that you’ve done all the work and once the course is finished - you just implement the plan or steps you have put in place. I love teaching this way because it means I see results in my participants and they step up really fast and want to do more with me

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•Sore to SOAR If you don’t leave with it done, it simply means you haven’t done the homework.

Leave with it Done Program

If you want to get your message out to more people in a Fun - Fast Furious, Cheap and Easy Format ...... then learning to run a Teleclass is for you!

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Voicing Possibilities by Grace Ambrook 'Uuummmm . . . Eeeerrr . . .' Lost you? Not surprising. A healthy throat chakra means you: • Have your words with you, • Speak the truth, • Speak the truth in your own style – • And Love doing it. The throat chakra is the centre of Will. The journey of the throat chakra is in moving your expression from personal will, to being an instrument of Divine Will. Through trust in the Divine Will, communication from your personal will creates words and visions people are eager to hear. Being clear in yourself and knowing what you have to say and offer and how you want to offer it – your unique style – is important. Sorting this out within your inner self first is vital. Via the resulting clarity, effective communication is created. There are an enormous number of communication

pathways now. We've moved from telephone, to email, twitter, facebook, texting, etc. I think it fair to say, not all of them are being used in alignment with Divine Will. Nevertheless, symbolically it is saying to all of us that we are able to share communication quickly and easily. Just be clear in your intent. It is up to our free will, to choose how we use these communication tools. And it is up to us as therapists to be mindful of how we communicate the wellness pathways for people. Those of us who choose to be involved in facilitating wellness naturally, have passion and insight that is waiting to be heard. The importance of an aligned and open throat chakra is pivotal. My version of a healthy throat chakra is one that emanates clear, inspiring, and confident communication from a place of Love. It is lightfilled, informative and empowering to the individual. When you are clear and sure within yourself, it is obvious both in your delivery and in what you have to say. Know what you

know and, just as importantly, know what you don’t know. I’ve noticed a quality in people with a healthy throat chakra. It is the value the person holds within themselves, in what they are saying. You’ll be waiting a long time to feel heard if you don’t really own and value what you are communicating. Remember you always own your own story. There are some ‘naturals’ with this skill, but many of us benefit by finding a healing space within which to try this out, learn how best to do this, in our own way. The throat chakra houses your Will, your personal expression of you in your wholeness. Being able to fully communicate your ideas, feelings, knowingness from a place of Love and equality is awesome. Gift it to yourself. In that flow of communication, I share with you this layout from my Essence of Possibilities workshops, to open, clear, enlighten and strengthen your throat chakra. Enjoy.

What’s Possible for You?

By clicking here, you will be able to download images of the three symbols involved. You are able to read the meditation below, and I have also supplied a link to my webpage, where you will be able to really get the full benefit by listening to my 15-minute guided meditation. A full series of chakra meditations using the EoP symbols will be available in May, 2012. Fly over to the meditation here.

Open, Clear and Strengthen Throat Chakra Meditation We will be using three of the eight symbols from the Essence of Possibilities. Openness. The energy of this symbol facilitates opening. Openness allows for both releasing and receiving. Being open allows possibilities. Affirmation: I allow myself an open, clear voice.

holds you in the diamond alignment with Divine Will for the living of the true you. So when you speak, you are centered in the trueness of your being. Affirmation: The sounds of the true me are heard from my throat chakra. Let us begin. Place yourself in a quiet environment. You might like to have some very gentle meditation music in the background. Take some deep breathes, and place the Openness symbol on your throat chakra. Breathe in her energy for a few moments and, when it feels like time, place the Clarity symbol on top, or adjacent to her. Breathe Openness and Clarity in through your throat chakra. With these breaths, your muscles relax, and a sense of light will sparkle into emergence. Allow this opening and healing and clearing to work its magic.

Clarity. Clarity provides a platform for greater understanding. It allows light to shine through. It is a direct channel to Possibility.

And in a moment or two‌

Affirmation: I clear in order to speak with clarity and light.

The Clarity and Openness of the throat allows for the rise and fall of the heart energy to soften and flow freely.

Sincerity. This rings true, sounds true. This symbol

this energy cascades to the pool of Love at your heart chakra.

To open its treasures up to you. And with this Openness and Clarity, the energy from the heart gently ascends to the throat chakra, soothing, informing and healing, uniting with love and truth. Relax and feel the comfort and strength in this connection. And as you float in the wonder of this union and opening, you will sense the light from the crown chakra gently sliding down to meet the heart energy at your throat chakra. This meeting of Divine Will with your heart energy expands and clarifies your messages of Love. Sit with this for as long as you desire. And when you are ready, bring your awareness back to your feet and your hands, and give them a little wiggle. Enjoy a sigh or two and, as you come back with an energized throat chakra, gaze for a moment or two at the Sincerity symbol and feel its energy surround you in golden white light within a grounded diamond, and know that your unique place in the world is being communicated through Love. So it is. ....... Enjoy. Š 2012 Grace Ambrook All Rights Reserved

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Time to Be Heard by Margaret Gill

War against natural medicine “Around 400 high profile doctors, medical researchers and scientists recently joined forces to form lobby group Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) in order to have "alternative medicine" degrees removed from Australian universities. Chiropractic, osteopathy, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, iridology, kinesiology, reflexology, homeopathy and aromatherapy are some of the courses on their blacklist.” 21 February 2012

Sarah Schwager The Drum TV

“No one has the right to take away the choice of another”


It is very timely that this news was breaking as the first issue of Equal II is birthed.

gleefully sharpening what they see as their weapons of war.

I can’t honestly even say where the concept came from, or why anyone in their right mind would create as much work for themselves as one unsuspecting editor with their hand held high in Tasmania. I can’t tell you how amazing and awesome it is to have Patricia Mackenzie back in the editing chair with me. Patricia edited the very first newsletter I ever did. Truly it was rough as all get out but Patricia, with her gift for moving a few words here and there and adding a few commas and full stops in the right places, can make even the shabbiest first attempt look glam.

If this looming shit racking isn’t scaring the BEJESUS out of you ... be warned: it's only going to get worse.

So when Patricia decided to come out of retirement and put her hand up to edit this glimmer of an idea, I can’t tell you how happy I was. Suddenly Equal II has direction, purpose and vision, and it has launched in the same month as all this nonsense raises its ugly head about banning natural therapies from universities. The gloves are off, and you only need to read the comments below the article from the quote above to know every knocker and witch burner from thousands of past lives back are coming out of the woodwork and

I believe the time has come where our voices need to be heard. Another coincidence – perhaps – that the first issue of Equal II is about speaking up and being heard. The answer here is not for us to begin to fight. That’s the old way, and it would be a hollow victory if we settled this issue this lifetime using 'the same tactics as those who are feeling threatened by us. I believe our best strategy is to be noticed and to be heard. Noticed and heard in glory, not in anger. Our voices need to shout our greatness, not shout back in defiance. Our practices need to be so different and so successful that those on the 'other side' want to jump ship and begin to copy what we have created. This time last year dictatorships in the Middle East were overthrown using Facebook and Twitter to rally their supporters.

We need to embrace technology so that we can become more efficient at what we do, using it to get our message heard, not to suppress us and keep us in silence. We need to come up with shining examples that can be held high, of the successes that natural therapy brings to our clients. We need thousands of stories printed, talks completed and tweets twitted. We need shouting from clients about how they didn’t get side effects, how the therapies helped them, how disease was cured that western medicine couldn’t touch. If we make western medicine the enemy, we've already lost the war. Instead, let's figure out how we can work in complementary unison for the greater good of the client. Let's tell some heart-warming stories about how western and alternative medicine, working together, got awesome results for a client. We need to show the faces of the healthy babies conceived naturally, and tell the stories of the parents that once carried the shame and guilt of the 'failed' stamp on their foreheads. We need to move into the mainstream and become more contemporary in the way we communicate our messages so that we aren’t seen as a 'bunch of herbtoking drug-smoking hippies who like to sit by the fire and sing Kumbaya' (you’d be surprised how many people still think this is what our industry entails). But most of all, we need to stop playing small. We need to stop pretending we aren’t as awesome as we really are at helping people find wellbeing and balance in their lives. We need to educate ourselves in the ways of business so we can attract all the clients who want and need to work with us. We must stop being the butt of jokes by actively creating a seriously professional attitude about what we do.

We need to create serious practices that create seriously good results for clients AND ourselves. We need to accept that the gifts of healing we were given were meant to be used to heal many. All too often we ignore our gifts out to fear.

work together as a collective group, let alone work together with the medical establishment as one group with the sole intent and focus being on the person who needs healing. But I believe we will see that unity in our lifetime.

More than anything, we have to stop the scarcity mentality that pervades the industry. We need to stop fearing money and start embracing the concept of true abundance on all levels within our business and life. With money we can do many things; with money and passion we can do many GREAT things.

I believe we will see a time when only the needs of each and every individual client drive a healer.

Now is the time to rise up in love. To rise up and be heard not in anger, but in our full power.

Let's put away the petty differences and start working together toward the greater horizon of peace, balance and healing for all.

Now is the time to make natural therapies a serious force to be reckoned with, and to stand steadfast in our belief that every human who CHOOSES to work with us should be given the basic human right to do so. No one has the right to take away the choice of another. Legislating natural therapies out of existence destroys the basic human right of each individual to choose. I chose the name of the margazine to be 'Equal II' because I believe that is what we need to aim for. Not to be better than, not to be less than, but to be seen as truly equal to any and every modality. Every healing approach, whether eastern, western, southern or northern, 'alternative' or mainstream – each needs to be seen as equal and equitable partners with the others.

It is really only a small group of people that are binding together to fight us. There are many more of us. Let's start walking our talk and living and acting from love.

We need to get up off our knees and stand fully in our power – to bow to no one except in honour. We have a chance this time around to lead by example. To be the change we want to see in the world, as Gandhi stated. At this time we can choose Fear. Or we can choose Love. My money's on love, and the greatness within you all to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that people have the right to choose to heal naturally, and to live balanced and healthy lives. • Our voices need to be heard, • Our votes need to count, • Our signatures need to be gathered

Equal II = two equal forces standing together in unison.

• Our comments need to be garnered

The only way that will happen is for us to start joining together in community. To start celebrating each other's success. To be heard as one voice. To work together.

• AND we need to stand equally next to the naysayers.

At a time when some modalities have multiple associations because they can’t even agree within themselves what is right, you have to wonder how on earth we can ever

Most of all, our messages need to be clear and concise, so that those who need us – and there are so many – can find us. © 2012 Margaret Gill All Rights Reserved


To celebrate the launch of the Margazine The Practice Building Success System Home Study eCourse will be half price until Sunday 11th March 2012

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The Horses Speak UP by Angela Anderson

'The horses  have  been   quite  angry  today.  They   tell  me  that  you  need  to   start  dealing  with  your   anger  instead  of  taking  it   out  on  everyone  else.'  She   cringes  at  what  has  just   come  out  of  her  mouth.

On a morning like any other at the stables, she reports for duty and starts the normal routine. She enters the first box, greeting the horse and starting to rake up the night’s droppings. She thinks she hears a voice: 'Get out'. She looks at the horse standing in the corner, but he doesn’t seem too bothered, so she recommences raking.

Box 10, down the far end. Finally, a horse speaks up: 'It starts at the top and works all the way down to the bottom'.

Once again. 'Get out!' The horse’s tail is starting to swish, but it still doesn’t look like much to worry about.

She experiences a gut-wrenching feeling that the only way to help this situation is to say something, at least to the foreman. Somebody must own or resolve the issue. Otherwise, the anger will keep on projecting down the chain, amplifying at every level.

'Get out! NOW!' This time, a set of teeth. She grabs the bucket and gets out, shutting the door as a set of hooves crash into it. Box 2. The usually friendly filly is not feeling so friendly today. Box 3. Another agitated response. Box 4....... 'Okay, what's going on here today? Why is everyone so angry?' But it seems that none of the horses is willing to talk today, not until she gets to

'Has the trainer been angry this week?' 'Yeah, worse than usual. Going off at everyone', a passing stable hand replies.

She mentions to the foreman that all the horses are acting up because everyone is feeling angry, and that it would help if everyone did not react to or take on the trainer’s anger. Does the foreman get it? Or, does the simple act of voicing create the wave of energy that passes through the

stable? As the energy moves into the surrounding paddocks the horses started galloping, playing and kicking up their heels. Everyone stops to watch, smile, marvel at the beauty, then goes back to work. The spell has been broken; the horse are more relaxed. With a sigh of relief that it is all over, she gets on with her work. The foreman asks her to take a horse off the walker and to the grass area, and wait for the trainer. The horse has a foot abscess, which can be due to unresolved and suppressed emotions – specifically, anger. Seems to be the theme of the day. As she is trying to keep the horse still whilst the trainer is preparing the foot bath, the horse keeps nudging her with his head. 'Tell him.' She ignores him; he nudges, again and again, almost childlike. 'Tell him. Tell him. TELL HIM.' 'No. I can’t say that to him, he'll think I’m crazy.' The horse nudges again. 'He already does. Tell him.' With a confident air she does not feel, 'So....not a good week for you?' The trainer mutters and grumbles about the week, much of which she can't work out. She continues. 'The horses have been quite angry today. They tell me that you need to start dealing with your anger instead of taking it out on everyone else.' She cringes at what has just come out of her mouth. The anger is clear in his voice. 'The horses tell ya, do they? Well, it’s all bullshit. I'm not angry.' Neither of them says anything else. She watches as the trainer pretends to tend to the horse. He seems deep in thought. The horse has stopped nudging her and stands quietly, looking pleased with himself, one foot resting in a bucket.

The impact that our emotions can have on others is palpable. Animals and children in particular often absorb and surrogate the emotions around them, so it is of the utmost importance that we take responsibility for our own emotions and learn to express ourselves appropriately. We also need to have the courage to speak to others about this when necessary. You never know to what level it can make a difference. Speaking up is not about getting into other people’s business, or demanding change, but simply opens the door to awareness. Speaking up is not about winning acceptance or changing others' opinions. It is simply allowing the possibility of a new thought or action to be seeded. The effect that courageous, heartfelt words can have on others can be miraculous. © 2012 Angela Anderson All Rights Reserved

As you know, this issue of Equal II is all about finding one's voice. We have articles with how-to tips, stories of how individuals have found their unique voice, and calls to use our voice for the benefit of the Natural Therapies. One of our guest contributors, Rainbow Gold, wrote an interesting piece several years ago on the natural development and function of speech. In it, she also addresses the speech and language disorders, such as stuttering, that might act as a barrier to a person's ability to share their message. Her writing reminds us that many people cannot take speaking for granted because of physical limitations. I encourage you to read it, at Natural Therapy Pages. Thank you, Rainbow, for sharing this excellent and important information with us.

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Voice of Value

by Rainbow Gold

A brave man by the name of Greg was almost 50 when Cherie became his new support worker. Greg needed daily support because from the age of 12 he had suffered from an auto-immune condition that seriously affected his muscular integrity, including his tongue. This made his speech indistinct and hard to understand. It took real concentration for Cherie or, for that matter, anybody to make out what he was trying to convey. As time went by and Cherie got to know Greg better she discovered his great passion for his family. On each visit Greg would get out his box of photos and show them to Cherie one by one, telling her all about the details in each picture. Cherie started to document his stories, and as they started to accumulate she printed them, along with the relevant photo, onto a pink card, for pink was Greg’s favourite colour. As the ‘book’ grew, Greg became increasingly excited. He was finding his voice! His favourite meal was fish and chips, and so 'Fish and Chips' became the title of his book. Each 'chip' represented a vivid story. Greg always made people laugh with his jokes and pithy observations, rather than giving in to his physical restrictions with depression and despair. Cherie felt that his lifelong battle with a debilitating condition should be acknowledged in some way to honour his courage, so she collaborated with his church and plans began for Greg’s 50th birthday party. Music was Greg’s other passion, particularly playing the drums. A young man in his church gave him regular lessons, and Greg was quite a proficient drummer. This drumming teacher compiled a marvelous power point presentation celebrating Greg's life; the church was decorated with balloons; and the church ladies prepared a variety of tasty treats. Greg himself organised a huge chocolate Cointreau cake that required two men to carry it into the church! On the big day Greg dressed with care and went with Cherie to the church, where he was met by a warm and excited crowd numbering over 200 people. The high point of this special Sunday’s service was Greg’s drumming solo to a full

church: the rich pulsating tones reached to all corners and reverberated back into the centre in a rolling wave, bathing everyone in divine love. There was much laughter and conversation while people ate delicious snacks and came back for second helpings of the chocolate cake, served on bright pink serviettes. Greg was surrounded by well-wishers who looked at the lovely pink book that had become his Voice. He had overcome, with determination and humour, the severe obstacles to his ability to communicate with his voice. Although people could not understand the words he spoke, they could certainly understand the stories he showed them in his valuable book. It was a fantastic party. Cherie took home a very tired but happy birthday boy who had been blessed with seeing his 50th birthday. Greg's brother had died at the age of 48 of the same condition. Since that memorable occasion, Greg has seen two more birthdays! Based on a true story. © 2012 Rainbow Gold All Rights Reserved

! Greg’s D N U O

Voice F

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Talking Tall Poppies Robert Rabbin “When you find your voice, your life takes on grace.” M. Night Shyamalan

I had never heard of the “tall poppy” syndrome before moving to Australia from the United States in 2005. My first direct experience of this tall poppy notion came one morning in a workshop I was leading. I wondered aloud why a few of the participants danced so delicately around an issue they wanted to discuss. They demurred, suggested, inferred. They did everything but speak plainly. I encouraged them to speak more boldly and directly. In our subsequent conversation, they said they had learned to not be bold or direct. They said that it wasn’t right to speak out too loudly. They didn’t want to stick out, or stand above the others. They told me about the tall poppy syndrome, which I’ve come to understand as a kind of cultural suppression of creative self-expression. The tall poppy syndrome is a topic that comes up in every one of my workshops here in Australia. It is a fire-walk that many have to take in order to break the hold of this socialization, their learned reticence to stand up, stick out, and speak

brilliantly, powerfully, passionately, authentically! When I asked one of my Australian friends to give me her definition of the tall poppy syndrome, she said, “Let’s not get too high and mighty, let’s not get too carried away with our self. We don’t want anyone getting too full of their own talent or accomplishment. If they do, why we’ll just cut them down to size. We’ll have no tall poppies in our fields!” Another said, “Australians are carrying a national consciousness of unworthiness, stemming from our roots as a convict colony. When one of us tries to move into the bigger world, to dream a bigger vision, we briefly project all of our personal unmet ambitions onto him. When it turns out he is human and experiences a moment of failure, or is in our eyes somehow not good enough or undeserving, we pull him down justifying our own choice not to have at least tried to expand our horizons. Just like the elephants tied to the chains who don’t realise they are bigger than the chains, we are re-creating our convict history via our tall poppy syndrome,

I am talking about our right to own our own voice and vision, about our right to fully express our own aliveness, as only we can. To do so is not arrogant or self-centered, but natural.

believing ourselves to be prisoners simultaneously worshipping, fearing, and resenting the ones who break free.” And another friend talked about the “cultural cringe, a peculiarly Aussie malaise, a leveling attitude that seeks to keep people chained to mediocrity: in thinking and doing and dreaming big dreams — but most of all, in speaking. We’re just not supposed to speak up. That would be big-noting and arrogant. That’s for the Americans.”

dismay of all grown-ups, we realize we can make music by banging with this on that! The poet Derek Walcott surely wrote this line for children, and anyone, in the throes of discovery: Feast on your life! Expressing our self in uniquely creative ways is natural.

It is the feast prepared for us at the moment we were created. And it is also natural to want to be appreciated and recognized for our creative expressions, for they represent our very I am not speaking against essence of being. Look at the modesty, nor am I speaking gleam and glow of any child on behalf of wild arrogance as they rush to show a or the unwarranted elevation parent or teacher their of others as in the vulgar picture — all excitement, joy, worship of “celebrities,” one and pride! The only, I of the United States’ cultural repeat: the only, appropriate pathologies. I am talking response is overwhelming about our right to own our appreciation and own voice and vision, about encouragement. If we in any our right to fully express our way ignore, disparage, or own aliveness, as only we dismiss their work, we do can. To do so is not arrogant the same to them, we will or self-centered, but natural. have hurt and wounded, perhaps fatally, their selfI think of how natural it is image and self-esteem, their for children throughout the enthusiasm and joy, their world to exult in discovering confidence and courage. their creative and expressive powers! Once we can make a Since I have always been sound, we start gurgling, interested in the humming, singing, crying, transformative power and wailing — wow, look, we can inspirational potential of make sounds! Once we can public speaking, I began to crawl, and then walk and extrapolate this tendency to skip, you can’t keep us underachieve. If people were penned in! And then, we can guarding against authentic draw! We can create with self-expression and selfcolor, with pencils, pens, censoring heartfelt crayons, paint — on sentiments, if people were everything! And then, to the aiming for the lowest

common denominator, if people were afraid to be vulnerable and transparent, to connect intimately with others … what happens to people’s soul? How would this cultural leveling mechanism restrict and repress a person’s urge to rise above mediocrity? What happens … ? What happens when you begin to speak in unauthorized, powerful, poetic, passionate ways? What happens when your speaking sets you apart, because you are clear, confident, compelling? What happens when you begin to speak the unspeakable, which rocks the status quo, or which gives shape and texture to new possibilities, new freedoms, new solutions? What happens when you speak dreams and visions from other levels of consciousness, from other dimensions of being? What happens if you question a public official’s rhetoric? … Hey, that’s enough!! Stop right there! Who do you think you are to say such things? You have gone far enough. Now be quiet, mister, or you are going to find yourself in a world of trouble. In a Sydney workshop, one woman told of standing in front of her class, I guess she was about seven years

old, to show her picture. Everyone had been told to draw snowflakes. This woman proudly showed a picture of multi-colored snowflakes, not a single one was white! How original! How imaginative! How colorful! Oops, no. The teacher had apparently lost too many important brain cells. What happened was that the teacher raced forward, grabbed the picture, held it aloft and began almost screaming: “Look at this! Children, look at this! This is wrong! Snowflakes are white. Everyone knows that! Have you ever seen colored snowflakes?! No! Now go back to your seat and do this over, and do it right.” In the midst of this public shaming, this poor little girl just then and there decided for all time: I am not good enough. I can not draw. I am stupid. I will never again dream, imagine, or do anything different. These self-limiting decisions in the face of life events are the beginning of what I call diminished capacity, which is the major, if not singular, cause underlying our inability to lead truly authentic, happy, creative lives of intimacy and originality. Once we shut down and close off, we are cut off from the very life-force we need to be whole, to be powerful, to be passionate, to be

productive, to be successful in whatever way we want. The tall poppy syndrome, especially as it pertains to speaking, is not proprietary to Australia. It is universal. Every society and each culture has sought to regulate speaking with bribes and intimidations. We all have to learn to speak our truth from the depths of our being, heart to heart and eye to eye. We all have to transform diminished capacity into ferocious and fearless speaking and truth-telling. This is where and how we connect with our life-force, how we inspire ourselves to dream big dreams, to take on unimaginable projects, to bring forth fire, and to learn to love the Earth.

© 2008 Robert Rabbin All rights reserved

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With a theme around the throat chakra, my thoughts go back to my experiences at a few workshops over some few years of time. The first one where I began looking at finding my voice, 'You Are the Message', was given by Robert Rabbin. After that I had the pleasure of going to a very early 'Sore to Soar' held in Adelaide. More recently I have attended two 'Sanctum of the Soul' retreats in Daylesford, Victoria, also hosted by Mz Margz. Although it was quite a long time ago, Robert’s workshop was instrumental in changing my perspective on life. I came away from there with a better focus on my inner being and on speaking authentically. 'Sore to Soar' was next up. It was one of those workshops that I had thought was going to be a breeze, because I really don’t mind getting up and speaking in front of people. In my younger years I had done some lay preaching within my Church environment, and had also been President of the Parents & Friends

group at the local school. I felt that with that kind of experience behind me, really all I needed was to learn a few more pointers about public speaking. It was going to be so easy! Well, what actually occurred couldn’t have been further from my expectations. With a wonderful group of women present, we were asked to go deep within and present our ‘Earn the Right’. What were they talking about? What was my story to ‘Earn the Right’? Being put into that space was scary, since it challenged me to really think and dig into my inner being as to why I was taking the workshop. I discovered that I held an inner belief that I wasn’t being heard by my family, and most especially my husband. I was moving through separation and into divorce, and my emotions were scattered. I was speaking and no-one was listening!

I wanted to yell out to the world:

'I AM HERE! I AM NOT INVISIBLE!' I had been holding this in so tight, it was tough to let go. However, the journey had begun. Then in October 2010, I took part in one of Mz Margz’s 'Sanctum of the Soul' retreats. What an amazing adventure! It began with a wonderful road trip (over six hours driving to get to Daylesford), with lots of throat chakra exercise in the amount of chatting that Mz Shaz, who was my travel/retreat buddy, and I shared. To arrive at Tasma House in Daylesford, get set up in our accommodation, and meet the other participants was really exciting. Neither of us had any idea of what was ahead. Dean Frenkl was there, a world-renowned throat singer. I had taken along my Native American Flutes and my Medicine Drum ('just in case'), and it was amazing to play along with Dean as he did his throat singing. Then he asked me to play with him while he sang at our Concert that Saturday evening! Well, letting my flute speak as my voice certainly opened up more of my throat chakra energy. It was a truly beautiful experience for me, and a huge honour to play with Dean.

I knew I was on my right path. My second 'Sanctum of the Soul' was in July 2011. Since I'd been to one before, I knew some of what I could expect. And yet it wasn’t like the first experience; it was even better! Although Dean wasn’t at this one, the experience was in another realm. The healings were out of this world. The sharing was deeper, and the mix of people was different, but there were a few other repeaters besides me. The highlight for me was near the close of the weekend. It was so profound and I shall describe it as best my memory serves me..... I can’t remember the exact question that Mz Margz asked, but it was along the lines of 'Could you share something of your experience here?' As it came to my turn, I had no idea what I was going to share. I felt the bile rise in my stomach as I became more fearful, because Mz Margz was not asking the same question of everyone!! What on earth was I going to do? My mind began to work in panic mode. Some of the others were sharing some pretty personal stuff, where they were in quite vulnerable places with tears flowing and emotions quite high. Nearly my turn, and then I was up! Each person before me had hit on their emotions. I couldn’t do that! I don’t cry, especially not in public! My knees shook, and as I stood with the fear

roiling in my tummy, I didn’t really hear what Mz Margz said as she asked me to share, because I truly can’t remember it. I knew I had to ask her again. My mind was frantically trying to escape to a different place, and it went completely blank. Mz Margz told me to do what I do best, to find my voice. And I did – I sang a song. Standing in the centre of our circle, I took a deep breath to bring myself to my soul centre, asking that inner being what I was to do. I put my right hand on my solar plexus, and I opened my heart and my eyes to look at the person before me. With love flowing out of my heart, I connected with their eyes and I sang to them. And then I turned to the next, and sang to them, and to the next. The feeling within me was an overwhelming cosmic connection, it is just so hard to describe. Singing words that I knew were just there was like a personal connection to each person as I turned within that circle. When I had finished my song, I felt unreal! Beautiful. Whole. I found my centre and I found my voice. I sang, and sang. And it was wonderful. I really had found my voice! Thanks to Mz Margz for challenging our boundaries and guiding us to challenge our beliefs. © 2012 Ros Betts All Rights Reserved

The Writers in this Margazine Choose Not to Go It Alone

They Got a Coach www.Abundant-Private-Practices.com

Blessed to Tears Last week I scheduled a day to die. My day was Wednesday. The task was set by one of my beloved mentors, who has been lent a pair of glasses that give him the ability to see a clearer potential in the day he will die. I say potential, because he can change the potential and remove the crystalclear lens on death that cancer gives to a human. By the end of Wednesday I had looked back at my life, I had cried, I had revised, I had few regrets and I had many amazing memories. As the day closed, a curious sense of calm enveloped me. I gained the ability to look through my kitchen window at the setting sun, and to be as blessed to tears by the beauty in every last ray as if it were the last sunset I would ever see. In knowing my day to die, what I really became clear about was that there was no other path for me. I was where I wanted to be. I didn’t need to rush out and book a ticket to a new soul's destination. I know I am where I am meant to be. I have given myself the greatest gift any human could bestow. Somewhere on this crazy journey of mine in the past twelve years I have manoeuvred myself into a position where I see people who have been internally broken by the past, not only come out of themselves for a few minutes or a few days, but completely heal the fear they have been holding inside. These incredible human beings have been pretending to be so

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small. Pretending they have no voice. Pretending to be someone else for so many years, they have been pushed down so hard and so far that they themselves have forgotten why they came to this planet. They have forgotten the time their spirit sat and agreed to be truly remarkable on this place called Earth that has been so lovingly created for humans. Today I feel blessed to tears to launch Equal II, the online margazine for 'my people' by 'my people'. It is special because ten years ago I never dreamed I would be worthy enough to have 'people'. But what makes it mindblowingly remarkable is that the people writing in this first issue at one time never considered they had a voice. They never considered anyone would want to hear their words. They never considered anyone would want to listen. But somewhere within, they knew their voice had to rise up through the layers of fear and be heard if they were to meet their purpose for being here. I asked my SOARers and past and present clients if they wanted to be part of my crazy online margazine project. The word that consistently came back was YES. Then the submissions started to arrive. With each deposit in my inbox I cried. When I met these people, sometimes for the first time at Sore to SOAR, they honoured me by sharing their stories, not just any story but their rock-bottom story. Stories flowed of abuse, of family crisis, of love gone horribly wrong, trust broken – tales of shame, guilt and remorse, the frustrations of trying to

deliver love within healing while working in mainstream institutions, or being thought just plain weird for views they held at a deep level of creation to be true. Then, they spoke their words to a safe and secure audience. Today they speak to the world. There is no way of knowing how many people will read this humble little online margazine that urges people to be Equal II – 'equal to' everyone else – not better than, not worse than – simply Equal II. But what we do know is these people have found their voice and now there is no stopping them. The only reason I have been blessed to know and humbled to see so many humans SOAR is quite simply that, just like them, in a crazy moment 'I thought I could' – 'I thought I could have a go' – 'I thought there was more for me'. One day there won’t be more for me; I will die. It won’t be a pretend day to die; it will real. I will sit with spirit and offer congratulations for the sunsets they created so lovingly and all the other beautiful things given so freely for us to marvel at and mostly ignored. But with blessed tears in my eyes, the thing I will report back that gave the most beauty I could ever describe or imagine is to have the privilege and honour to see a human soul SOAR. I trust you enjoy and share with others the stories of 'my people' – the brave souls who stepped out and who found their voices and are now Equal II. © 2012 Margaret Gill All Rights Reserved

C a n Yo u H e l p ? As I do the 15 minutes of fame calls I hear story after story of people who can’t afford even the most basic of help in growing their business. They want to make a difference but due to many obstacles and lack of knowledge - just can’t get off the ground. I would like to help but I am totally alone and I have limited r e s o u r c e s o f t i m e a n d m o n e y.

So I wondered if anyone out there might like a volunteer position or knows someone studying event management who may wish to help launch a couple of ideas to get more information in the hands of the right people.

1. Mentor Program Mgr

2. Design Person

I have over thirty people with their hand up to do a guest mentor spot for a low cost entry level mentoring program - but the program needs a volunteer manager.

This would ideally suit someone who wants to make their mark and rack up some experience for their portfolio. Patricia and I need someone to lay out Equal II

I would be volunteering my time to host calls three times a month but someone needs to manage the back end - communicate with the mentors - set up the times etc - keep in touch with the Margazine editor to ensure everyone knows what is going on etc

It would involve setting out the articles and advertising space into a document that can be converted to PDF Eye for details and experience with online media would be key.

Minimum commitment for both roles is 12 months

The role would be on a volunteer basis Let me know if you might be interested in helping or have any bright ideas info@margaretgill.com

Contact Details for Margaret Gill Office Phone: 03 5348 2552 (within Australia) Intl +61 3 5348 2552 Postal Address: PO Box 574 Daylesford VIC 3460 Australia Email Address: info@margaretgill.com Websites: www.margaretgill.com www.abundant-private-practices.com

Contact Details for The Editor Patricia Mackenzie Email Address: editor@equalii.com

The Lost Dawg’s have asked their “People” to let you know that no Lost Dawgs were hurt or injured in the making of this Margazine.

Profile for Equal II Margazine

Equal II Margazine  

Equal II Magazine is published on-line six times a year to: Evoke and inspire radical potential in Natural Therapy practitioners and their p...

Equal II Margazine  

Equal II Magazine is published on-line six times a year to: Evoke and inspire radical potential in Natural Therapy practitioners and their p...

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