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* M s. Dzwonek, Principal M s. Vicario, Asst. Principal M s. DeLeon, Asst. Principal, IA

February 2017 PS 239 Our Fifth Grade News

Ms. Gausman, Ms. Greenockle, Ms. Henriquez, Mr. Leibowitz, Ms. Matrochano, Ms. Pereira & Ms. Puleo



Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Value of the Month: Caring: Unless someone like you cares a lot nothing will get better

February 16th - World Read Aloud Day February 17th - 100th Day of School Celebration February 20th -24th - Winter Recess (School Closed)

A Month of Learning


Your child will learn about what good problem solvers do, investigating questions about nature, and what motivates people to accomplish a goal. At home, encourage your child to read and write about what they have read.


Your child will learn about fractions and decimals. They will learn how to find the Greatest Common Factor and the Least Common Multiple. At home, find fractions and practice changing fractions into decimals.

Social Studies

Your child will continue to learn about westward expansion and understand reasons why families moved to America. They will learn about daily pioneer life and the Civil War. At home ask your child to research China and to share with you what they have learned.


Your child will begin to learn about scientific methods. They will learn to design and conduct investigations. At home ask your child to draw and describe an investigation that they have conducted in class.

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