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M s. Dzwonek, Principal M s. Vicario, Asst. Principal M s. DeLeon, Asst. Principal, IA

February 2017 PS 239 Our Fourth Grade News

Ms. Baker, Ms. Barber, Ms. Britto, Ms. Foley, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Maguire



Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Value of the Month: Caring: Unless someone like you cares a lot nothing will get better

February 16th - World Read Aloud Day February 17th - 100th Day of School Celebration February 20th -24th - Winter Recess (School Closed)

A Month of Learning


Your child will learn about how we can show community spirit. They will learn about friendships, helping the community, how one person can make a difference and how words lead to change. They will also learn about how advances in science can be helpful or harmful. At home, encourage your child to read every day and to write about what they have read.


Your child will learn about fractions. They will learn about equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions. At home ask your child to find examples of fractions and have them write the equivalent form.

Social Studies

Your child will continue to learn about Native Americans. They will learn about their culture, beliefs, traditions, and government. At home, discuss how the culture of the Native Americans is similar and different than our culture.


Your child will understand the characteristics and properties of electricity and magnetism. They will focus on simple circuits, conductivity and magnetic force. At home, ask your child to describe a simple circuit and how it works.

Ho mework Help‌Dial a Teacher ( 212) 777-3380 4-7 PM ( Mondays – Thursdays)

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