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Civic 公共建筑

Civic 公共建筑

Jiangxi, China


Shangrao Art Museum 上饶美术馆,江西上饶

Client: City of Shangrao Function: Civil Building Size: 163,000 sqm

业主: 上饶市 功能: 公共建筑 建筑面积: 163,000 平方米

Scope of Services: Master Planning Concept Design Schematic Design

服务范围: 总平规划 概念设计 方案设计

1. Three provinces blend into one harmonious culture: Shangrao north of Anwei, eastern Zhejiang, southern Fuzhou. The essence of the three provinces form one culture, harmonious community. 2. Three mountains and one lake beautiful landscape Shangrao is a city full of natural beauty. Close to the world's natural and cultural heritage of the three major mountains: Sanqingshan, Guifeng and Lingshan (Wuyi Mountains is part of), and the country's largest lake Poyang Lake. 3. Shangrao is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Hercynian Economic Zone, Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, three interchanges, due to the unique location of the economic advantages and rich natural resources, Shangrao in Chinese history As "superior and rich, P Plus thoroughfare" of the land. The concept of architectural design comes from the distinctive characteristics of the Shangrao in the above: three representative provinces, three famous mountains and three economic zones, three similar to its flank structure constitute its cohesive architectural form, and in it The center creates an outdoor sculpture garden. Dynamic architectural form and flowing architectural space is very appropriate To convey the spirit of the city.

1.三省文化的交融 江西上饶市北接安微,东邻浙江,南靠福州,优雅的把三省文 化之精髓融为一体,形成了文化构建和谐的社区特色。 2。三山一湖的美丽山水 上饶是一个充满自然美的山水城市。紧邻世界自然文化遗产的 三大山川:三清山,龟峰和灵山(武夷山脉的一部分),和全 国最大湖泊鄱阳湖。 3.上饶位于长三角经济区、海西经济区、鄱阳湖生态经济区三 区交汇处,由于得天独厚的区位经济优势和丰富的自然资源, 上饶在中国历史上被称为“上乘富饶,八方通衢”之地。 建筑设计概念来源于上饶鲜明的特点:代表着三个省份,三座 名山,三个经济区。 三条类似于其侧翼的结构构成了其具有 凝聚力的建筑形态,并在它的中心创造出一个室外雕塑花园。 动态的建筑形式和流动的建筑空间十分贴切的传达了城市的精 神所在。


Civic 公共建筑 Architectural design concept comes from two aspects: One Shangrao distinctive geographical features: the main building modeling spiral upward spiral for the three, meaning the harmony of the three provinces of Shangrao City, a harmonious culture and three mountains and one lake beautiful landscape. Huan-moving three-wing synthesis of the central meaning of "all directions" Shangrao. The second is the traditional Chinese culture and the spirit of aesthetics: three streamline body block spiral into a circle, meaning three things. "Road, a life, two, three, three things". The aesthetic creation is the form of "avenue" and "great beauty" of Chinese aesthetics. It is a combination of heaven, earth and human being, inclusive and harmonious coexistence.

建筑设计理念来源于二方面: 一是上饶鲜明的地域特色:主体建筑造型为三个旋臂向外螺旋上升,寓意为上饶市三省 交融的和谐文化和三山一湖的美丽山水。欢动的三翼围合成的中心意喻着“八方通衢” 的上饶。 二是传统中国文化和美学的精神:三个流线体块螺旋交合而成一个圆,象征三生万 物。“道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物”。这一审美创造正是对中国美学观念“大 道”与“大美”的形式表达,融天、地、人于一体,包容并蓄、和谐共生。


Civic 公共建筑

Fuzhou Youth Center, Fuzhou, China 福州海峡青年交流营地 Planning and design concepts are based on the concept of “harbor and gathering”: In history, Lang Qi bay was one of the starting points of the Silk Road on the sea, Haixia Youth Center should become a harbor that is full of passions, hopes and warmness, embracing friends from mainland China, Taiwan, and around the world, to gather in a place of shared memories. Reflecting the traditional houses in Fujian that are created to form living communities with harmony, the strong gathering layout brings visitors together into a family of buildings. The design provides an easy and continuous open-space environment that stimulates young people’s awareness of innovation and exploration. It is a camp where young people get prepared and ready to fly. The main buildings include a Conference Center, Innovation Center, Culture Street, Sport Center, And Student Housing/ Hotel, for a total of 140,000 square meters. All functions are independent of each other, but also highly integrated and complementary.

规划设计理念源于“港湾与欢聚”:浪岐的出海口历史上是海上丝 绸之路的始发点之一,海峡青年交流营地应是一个充满激情,希望和 温暖的港湾,拥抱着海峡两岸乃至世界各地的青年朋友们,给人宾 至如归的感受。而传统福建民居都是创造一个外实内融的人居社 区,强烈地聚向性布局把整个大家族和谐地联系在一起,利于营造 一个优美轻松,连续开放的空间环境,以激发年轻人的创新和探索 意识。一个让年轻人整装待发,展翅欲飞的大本营。 主要建筑物包括海峡青年会展中心、海峡青年创意中心、海峡青年 文化街、海峡青年活动中心、海峡青年公寓/酒店。合计14万平方 米。各使用功能既相互独立,又高度融合互补;


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑


Civic 公共建筑

Lanzhou Yellow River Landmark 兰州塔, 兰州, 中国

Dragons in Art and Architecture Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water in popular belief. They are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas. Dragons have been depicted in Chinese art for thousands of years. In this way, this design inspiration connects to the cultural history of Lanzhou, the Yellow River, and China. Design Concept: The Lanzhou Yellow River Landmark Tower is an icon that represents the rich culture and history of the city of Lanzhou. Soaring 525 meters above the city, the form of the Tower represents 3 main cultural aspects of the city. Its fluid form is reminiscent of the traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance that has been performed for more than a 1000 years in this region. The curvilinear form also reflects the fact that the Yellow River, the mother of Chinese civilization, runs right through the city. The third aspect that the design represents is the great Chinese Dragon. Architecture for

龙在艺术和建筑中的形象 龙被认为是移动的水体, 是瀑布、河流或海洋的统治者。 与民间信 仰的水密切相关。千百年来,龙被中国的艺术和建筑所描绘, 不仅成 为了我们设计的灵感,也同时连贯了兰州、黄河和中国的文化历史。 兰州黄河地标塔是个一个具代表性的建筑, 它体现了兰州市丰富的文 化和历史内涵。高耸525米,地标塔的形式蕴含了兰州市的三个主要的 传统文化。首先,洋溢的外形来自于中国西北流传千年之久的彩绸舞; 其次,委婉的曲线代表着蜿蜒流动穿梭于兰州市的黄河-中国文化的摇 篮。 最后,那气势如虹的整体设计代表了飞舞中的神龙。


Civic 公共建筑

World Renowned Destination: There is a vast array of functions incorporated into the Landmark Tower design. The tower consists of a five star hotel, banquet facilities, office space, outdoor gardens, revolving restaurants, and observation levels. At the base of the tower, connecting to the existing park and riverfront amenities, there is a retail center, roof top park, and boutique hotel. On the riverfront there is a grand plaza with retail and waterfront restaurants.

世界著名的旅游目的地: 地标塔的设计建立了多元性的功能。该塔由一个 五星级酒店、宴会设施、办公空间、室外花园、 旋转餐厅和观景台组成。塔底通向现有的河边公 园和一些商业设施, 零售中心、屋顶公园和酒 店。另外,河边的广场侧边有不同风格的零售店 和水上餐厅。


Civic 公共建筑

Lanzhou, China Function: Bridge Span:

Convention/ Recreation/ Retail/ Entertainment/ Hotel/ Offices 247,960 s.m.

Scope of Services: Site Feasibility Study Program Analysis Master Planning Concept Design 中国 兰州 功能: 会议/ 商业/ 娱乐/ 体育/ 酒店/ 办公/ 公寓 建筑面积: 247,960 平方米 服务范围:

基地可行性研究 功能分析 总体规划 概念设计


Civic 公共建筑

Xi'an Automobile Experience Pavilion 西安大明宫汽车体验馆 A specialty museum destination to display automobiles. The project includes an LED facade with images of cars drive around the exterior skin of the building creating a vibrant and eye catching feel. The spiral ramp on the corner creates a jewel for the entire development. The area provides platforms for auto displays, coffee shops, gathering areas, etc. The ramp ascends to the roof where visitor can test drive cars on a track on the roof under the grand trellis

此建筑项目为汽车专业展览馆。展览馆 的外观被LED屏幕所环绕,展现汽车飞 驰的同时也制造了动态十足的气场,吸 引众人的关注力。室内螺旋的坡道是整 个设计的核心,提供车辆展示,咖啡小 馆,纪念品商店等功能和充足的休闲空 间。这个旋转的坡道一直延伸至屋顶, 参观者可以在架子搭成的跑道上体验和 试驾各款汽车。

Team roles while employed at MG2: Ming Zhang: Design Partner Peter Sherrill: Senior Designer


Civic Xi'an公共建筑 Automobile Experience Pavilion 西安大明宫汽车体验馆


Civic 公共建筑

Ordos City Planning Exhibition Hall and Museum 鄂尔多斯城市规划中心 It is an 8 stories and 2 basement local government project that hosts city planning exhibition and a permanent museum. The project area above grade is about 50,000 sm. The lower portion of structure are 30,000 sm. of exhibition and museum. Central city construction archive which occupied additional of 10,000 sm. On the upper levels, there are city planning related offices and city GIS center. The aesthetic design concept is based on one of the local dance. While dancing and spinning , the local traditional costume also spin around the body of the dancer. The fabric are dancing with the person but in a slower spin creating the form and revealing part of inner layer of the dress.

此项目为地面8层,地下2层的城市规划中心和永久性博物馆。地面 以上面积为五万平方米,下部为三万平方米的展厅和博物馆,城市 规划档案馆占据了另外一万平方米。 建筑的上部为规划办公室和 GIS中心。建筑的整体造型灵感来自于当地的舞蹈。当舞者旋转时的 舞裙随着音乐律动,形成了多层次的裙摆形态。 Work performed by Kant Chutikul while employed at Wisdomen Architecture


Civic 公共建筑

Redmond City Hall 美国雷德蒙市政厅

Team roles while employed at MG2: Ming Zhang: Design Partner Kant Chutikul: Senior Designer


Civic 公共建筑

Located in Redmond, Washington, this site is surrounded by the headquarters buildings of Microsoft. The number one architectural challenge was to create a building with the functionality of an office complex with the look and feel of a public showcase. Efficient office space with natural light was created in the east and west wings of the building, then connected by a glass atrium to express the importance of the public space. This atrium space functioned as the community living room, holding many public events here by public. The building was designed without a back door to reinforce a sense of openness. The design team planned for the loading docks and service functions to be a part of the design rather than an after-thought so every angle of the building can be seen as a work of art. Awards: “Public Project of the Year”, NAIOP, 2006 The Best Public Architecture of 2006 awarded by US Corporate Architecture Institute

这座市政府办公楼位于微软总部所在雷蒙市。首要的建筑设计挑战是使其既具有建筑 办公的功能性,同时又有建筑展示的可观性。最终设计造就了有效的办公空间,在东 西两翼有充分的自然光线,由一个多层天井中庭链接,此处为举办各项城市活动的“ 客厅”,为社区和市民提供公共活动场所。 明确展示了公共建筑的重要性。办公楼不 设后门以加强公开性。设计不光在公共功能和外观上取得成功,并且在实用细节上加 以考量;例如将卸货码头和其他服务功能加入整体规划,不仅使建筑的每一个内部功 能得到便利,也塑造了每一个外观角度的艺术形象。 所获奖项:2006年 “美国工业和办公建筑学会” 年度公共建筑奖 2006年美国西北建筑与工程协会年度最佳公共建筑设计奖


Civic 公共建筑

Tacoma Convention & Trade Center 塔科马国际会议中心 Tacoma, Washington 214,000 Square Feet 51,000 m2 Square Feet exhibition hall 25,000m2 Square Feet ballroom or meeting

华盛顿州塔科马市 25,734 平方米 建筑 4,738 平方米 展厅 2,322 平方米 宴会厅、会议厅

Team roles while employed at MG2: Ming Zhang: Design Partner Kant Chutikul: Senior Designer


Civic 公共建筑 “Public Project of the Year”, NAIOP, 2005 2005年美国工业和办公建筑协会“年度公共建筑奖”


Civic 公共建筑

Space Needle Podium 太空针墩台

Seattle, WA/Space Needle Corporation/ Master Planning/Schematic Design/Design Development/Construction Documents/ Construction Administration

华盛顿州西雅图市/太空针集团/总 体规划/方案设计/设计开发/施工文 件/施工管理 Team roles while employed at Callison: Craig Davenport: Project Manager



Civic 公共建筑

International Community College 国际社区学院

Work performed by Kevin Sutton prior to joining MZA.