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"Do as I say and not as I do!", is often used when a parent does not want to be called to the carpet regarding his or her lackluster behavior. Unfortunately, that saying is easier said and rarely ever done. From the the very first moment that a child lays eyes on his or her parent, they start to mimic observed behaviors. Christians sometimes feel that simply reciting Bible scriptures and verses will be enough to keep children on the straight and narrow path. The Bible also instructs parent to train up a child in the way that it should go. Plenty of adult children who have committed crimes and have done terrible things through out their lives, will more times than not, make the claim that they learned to behave that way because of how they were raised. That is a debatable claim, but it is often testified to nevertheless. In such cases, children also were told to do the right thing but probably rarely witnessed it being done. There is no guarantee that a child will be a God fearing upright law abiding citizen, but he or she has a far better chance of succeeding at living a proper Christian life than not if the parents are walking the talk. In fact, setting a Christian example is sometimes difficult to do because a parent has to constantly monitor their own behavior every minute of everyday. For example, just because a movie rating suggest that the viewer should be at least seventeen to watch, does not mean that it is appropriate for Christian parents. A child may think that no matter what it is, as soon as he or she is of age, it will be fine for them to part take in it. In the end, "Do as I say and not as I do", will result in priceless words that produces costly actions.

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